Aiken, Clay - Bridge Over Troubled Water Lyrics

When You're Weary Feeling Small
When Tears Are In Your Eyes I Will Dry Them All
I'm On Your Side Oh When Times Get Rough
And Friends Just Can't Be Found

Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water
I Will Lay Me Down

When You're Down And Out When You're On The Street
When Evening Falls So Hard I Will Comfort You
I'll Take Your Part Oh When Darkness Comes
And Pain Is All Around

Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water
I Will Lay Me Down
Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water
I Will Lay Me Down

Sail On Silver Girl Sail On By
Your Time Has Come To Shine All Your Dreams Are On Their Way
See How They Shine Oh When You Need A Friend
Well Look Around I'm Sailing Right Behind

Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water
I Will Ease Your Mind
Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water
I Will Ease Your Mind
Your Mind, Ease Your Mind

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Aiken, Clay Bridge Over Troubled Water Comments
  1. Kelly Anderson

    Can I still vote for him? LOL

  2. Barbra Maes

    What a great voice.

  3. Dennis G

    Rubin who???

  4. Pam Johnson

    OMG, this was incredible!!!!! here in December 2019!!!

  5. Tayler Daye

    Y’all talking about how good this is as if he didn’t hit multiple out of key notes 🤨 also, best? Ever heard of Candice Glover? Cmon now....

  6. Roberta Taylor


  7. Diane R-D

    Clay, you are the absolute best singer!! No one is even close! Yes, this was when A I was worth watching. Great great job my friend!! THOSE JUDGES CANNOT BE EXPERTS AT THEIR JOBS....YOU SHOULD HAVE WON AND IN MY HEART YOU DID WIN!!!!

  8. Brendon W

    how he did not win is beyond me

  9. jack treadway

    My husband was dying of Cancer when Clay Aiken's sang this song. God Bless him.

  10. Robyn Hawkins

    Nice attempt

  11. Gary Ball

    SHOULD HAVE WON 10000%%%%%

  12. Deborah Swanson

    Gotta love Clay! That voice!
    Wish he would put out some new records!

  13. Laird Jones

    Joshua ledet jar of hearts

  14. L. Mc

    I remember this performance to this day..yes definitely one of the best

  15. Jemoja77

    Not necessarily the best, but one of the best.

  16. J Copp

    Great song! Great voice. Terrible arrangement.

  17. Coco Parker

    I was devastated when he didn't win

  18. Carolyn Kahskelii

    Brilliant! ...Best of the Best!!! Beautiful!!!
    God Bless You!!!

  19. Hagaydigi Lagauriyogo

    The best version ever!!!!!

  20. Guy Will

    GURL! Your head pops are ON POINT! So are your eye brows!

  21. Comeatme Bro

    I revisit this often to show people how a real singing competition contestant does it, and we compare who they believe is best.... they always change their mind after seeing this

  22. Linda Erdey

    Every time I here this I am more amazed! You will always be a fantastic singer! Love you Clay from Louisiana!

  23. Jukka70

    Absolutely the best performance ever, proving why this show was fake, as he didn't win

  24. Connie Murphy

    one of the best voices out there today as well :)

  25. Randy R

    Still a very moving performance and amazing singer..

  26. Emmanuel Zanders

    2020 anyone?

  27. Gage Oliver

    I saw Clay and clicked so fast hahaha I love this song, I love clay he was amazing. How did he just vanish???

  28. Elliot Johnson

    I actually hate this. this is not the kind of song that simon and garfunkel we’re going for. this is a mockery of the artistry of paul simon and art garfunkel

  29. Angelo.C.

    Away before Adam Lambert there was Clay Aiken

  30. Sandy Gravel

    It was rigged!!! I never watched it again!! Simon Cowell was an ass!!!!!!!! I think this was the only time he was nice to Clay

  31. retluoc

    The reason Rueben won was because the producers thought he was more marketable than Clay. And no they didn't rig the the fine print in the end credits... the producers can do whatever they want...screw the votes. I'm serious, check it out.

  32. Tiffany Marks

    Best performance my ass! Gayest? Yes. Most feminine? Yes. Most egotistical? Definitely. Best? Not even close.

    I remember seeing him introduce Reuben, who beat him in American Idol. It went something along the lines of here’s the man who took took from the one thing I ever really wanted. What kind of introduction is that? Wholly inappropriate, jealousy-laden, mean-spirited, sour grapes ridden crap of all time!

  33. Robert St Don

    When you sing a song Elvis sang an of course Simon an Garfunkel sang an wrote .He should have won .now you dont hear about any of them .

  34. Guy Will


  35. njpavid22

    Still incredible.....

  36. MBFLA45

    When I saw this one I thought "This guy nailed it down for sure." Then he lost to Ruben Studdard. I haven't watched it since.

  37. Roland Willis

    Beat that no you dont!

  38. Bored

    Looks gay

  39. Gaylord Chesterton

    Too bad he's a leftist douchebag now.

  40. Isabel Ramos

    Bonita Música .

  41. ruben ken

    [email protected]
    Just got blown away. Gone with the wind😁🕊️

  42. Keith Garrett

    He should have won

  43. Ronald Abel

    There is a true American idol. No one deserved being a more true American idol ever. Most definitely should have won.

  44. Pétur Sigurðsson

    This actually sucks balls!

  45. Deborah Swanson

    Most beautiful voice! Range tone. Can't be beat!

  46. M U R F

    I love him but this is such a terrible version.. he sings it way too fast.

  47. Clipschip2020

    Gosh hindsight is a mother..... Its so easy to see Clay is AI GOAT but at the time Ruben was so popular also. Wrong man won though. Clay is the greatest ever on Idol.

  48. Anna K

    SUCKS,never HEAR him on radio or tv
    He is ocupide with his ass 💩💩💩💩💩

  49. Zach Redner

    Clay has a great voice, and he is very cute (& hot)...
    but he should have at least combed his hair before he went on National television to perform before millions of people!

  50. Scott Wallace

    11 years later. I still remember this vividly. So good. Love the arrangement. Love the accompanying choir. Love his performance. And that ending and last note. Goosebumps!!!

  51. Jim Daddato

    Sad he didn't win and sad adam Lambert didn't win. But I think it worked out better for them. Like jennifer h, Kelly p. Etc...

  52. Ed Murphy

    I heard a lot of people sing this song even the king Elvis. But Clay put it dowm


    Rubben was just another overrated big fat BLACK PIECE OF SHIT that has no right to live what so ever!!!


    You need Christ.

    Sam Byrne

    You sir are an idiot

  54. Dominique L

    unbelievable that That Stoddard guy won .. never shoulda happened., He was Never heard from again .. 
    . Clay deserved it !!!

  55. Junryl Molina

    Greatest Idol performance ever!!!

  56. Victor Frankenstein

    Always liked Clay’s voice. Fantastic performance, and under pressure no less.

  57. proud2bpagan

    I'm from Alabama,same as Big Reuben, but Clay should have won!

  58. Linda Erdey

    He gave us chills!

  59. Linda Erdey

    I agree awesome!

  60. Sun Shine

    He was everything. A cutie, great voice, is 2019 and I have the urge to vote for him lol

  61. Joe Burinskas

    Clay was robbed. Reiuben was meh


    I totally agree. Very talented

  63. Whoopsie

    This man is awesome. I'm related to him actually :D He came to my house and he sang it and it was awesome! His son Parker is hilarious too!

  64. Robin Romine

    He's really good!

  65. Stankervision

    Who’s listening in 2019... Fuck yeah

  66. faith naidoo

    Born to sing.😃

  67. nancy havens

    Absolutely beautiful!

  68. Donna Lewis

    He was cheated the win. His voice is great.

  69. Squabble Lime

    what do u gotta do to impress simon

  70. yit kim lee

    He didn’t win because of his hair. ha! ha! ha!

  71. John C

    They say the best singers sing without showing too much effort, he definitely gets an A+.

  72. ZR1

    Best American idol performance EVER! Back when American idol was worth watching.

  73. tmlcrosbyfan

    haha i totally forgot about Ryan's frosted tips

  74. Pat burrier

    I will remember this forever, the best I ever heard. ❤️

  75. Seth Winters

    Is it too late for me to put my vote in?

  76. William Torian

    How did he not win?

  77. Carol Houseman

    Thank you for using your gift. I listen to you when the pain is bad and it helps. Your awesome. Again, thank you. Keep singing

  78. The Mayo Prince

    Just checking random AI videos, i think this guy has the best performance and voice among all of them. And he is quite handsome too 🤣

  79. Alladin Lanim

    ...damn.. I keep coming back watching this epic performance...

  80. youngbuck0911

    Randy setting black people back 100 years every time he spoke.

  81. greenbeagle13

    My mother and sister loved this guy (I never watched American Idol)...., RIP to them both. Hope to see you guys....miss you, and love you.

  82. Sunshine8740

    This is the season when American Idol really got it wrong. He was robbed from winning but like Jennifer Hudson he is still thought to be the best singer of that season. Not always the winner is the one who wins the prize. To all of us who listened to you sing that season we knew that you were and are the winner Clay Aiken!

  83. prosoloist

    YEAH, THIS WAS PROBABLY GOOD back in the day...I mean, 2008? PPfffftttt... Check out the new kid in town, Kodi Lee. No, he doesn't have a band and choir backing him. Just solo, his voice and a piano.

  84. Linda Autry


  85. beans

    Simon's always fucking spouting BULLSHIT.


  86. d e

    One of the best voices the world has ever known. Complete travesty that he wasn't the winner. He definitely was the winner as far as all who know better would say.

  87. Keisha Iz Awesome

    Baby Clay Aiken sung the shit out this song! I like Ruben Studdard but Clay should've won this whole thing. His voice was incredible.

  88. 77 Nizzova Who would've thought!!!!

  89. Carol Grooms

    im obsessed

  90. Elite10241 Elite

    Clay was likeable he had charisma and charm and personality and a not so bad voice. He had everything. He should have won but nevermind still Gold in our eyes

  91. Justin Time4action

    Clay looks like Oliver Hardey in March of the Wooden Soldiers.

  92. Shannon Helterbridle

    Those choir singers did not help, he still sounded awful.

  93. Jennie Clement

    He should of won!

  94. Steve

    Best AI performance ever!

  95. Joshua Thayer

    I still remember this moment. Still the best. Beat Reuben by a ton.

  96. alisha oneal

    wow wow wow

  97. Cord Bullard

    Its funny how he doesn't make gurgling sounds when he sings on account of all the sperm in his throat. Ha ha!!!

  98. Daniel Anderson

    There has never been nor ever will be a homosexual win American Idol, there have been several very talented gay people on this show! America is too bigoted to ever allow that. Very sad, Clay is amazing