Ahn, Priscilla - Vibe So Hot Lyrics

You've got a vibe so hot
You're really, really turning me on
Swimming in your parking lot
I'm singing in a camp on your lawn

And everyday without you is just a waste of time
You're the first thing on my mind when I wake up
You're the last thing that I think of when I go to sleep
I'm throwing you my love, so pick it up

And you can have me anytime you want
You can have me really anytime you want
You can have me anytime you want
You can have me really anytime you want
I want you now
I want you right now
I want you right now
I want you right now

I wanna hook you up
Boy, I'm gonna set you on fire
I wanna turn your volume up
And listen to you all day long

Now every other station's just a memory
I tuned you in and then broke off the dial
Isn't it funny how you just keep running into me
I've been listening to your music for a while

And you can have me anytime you want
You can have me really anytime you want
You can have me anytime you want
You can have me really anytime you want
I want you now
I want you right now
I want you right now
I want you right now

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Ahn, Priscilla Vibe So Hot Comments
  1. Irfan Adhi Candra

    Udah lama gk dengerin :)

  2. Nomad

    This song hides in mind for so long. It finally shines.

  3. helloo moto

    18 people have the vibe so cold

  4. lee.s

    Everyday i can't leave my ears from her such a gorgeous angelic voice

  5. Arif Sujana

    nice ! :)

  6. less gut

    crl_s list

  7. Hanooian

    She kinda looks like JaidenAnimations. Is it just me?

    anthony olavarria

    HanooiAnimations Ehhhhh, you're on point.

  8. Vale Tophy

    😍 why isn't she popular... ??! if I hadn't heard her song in When Mernie was there... my ears will never be in love like this.. hahah

  9. Iin Dria

    shes Face such Raisa

  10. SIAFE134

    She looks like Han Ga In :D she is so beautiful

  11. Stef Relayo

    So beautiful 😢

  12. Athirah Rosli

    aaaaa i love this <3

  13. Ganzorig Bayarsaikhan

    my dream girl:)

  14. Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!

    Wow... so underrated

  15. farhan haski


  16. José Reyes

    Will you marry me? <3

  17. Earl McEarl

    Some parts remind me of Holiday by Vampire Weekend

  18. RG Bennett

    Great ear candy, swing on girl.

  19. Hary Chan

    Priscilla, the vibe is not so hot, it's you and your voice and everything about you is so hot.

  20. The Average Skylar

    do a cover of la vie en rose

    emmanuel sico

    +Skylar Moreau She did!

  21. Tigerex966

    Would love to hear her sing Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" It would be almost identical to the original. :)

  22. True2Live

    Norah jonesy?

  23. Priscila Styles.

    Chara, Soy Pri! Song zzz i! 

  24. llllllllllllllllllllllll

    Song! Chara Pri!

  25. The Vinyl Broadcaster

    As cute as the video is, and as beautiful as her voice is, the song itself is, well, kinda dirty..."You can have me any time you want.  I want you right now."  Sung by a pop princess, and it's controversial.

    Not that I'm complaining at all, I'm not.  But it's just a thought.

    Kuze Kav

    It doesn't have to be an innuendo. "I want you" doesn't explicitly imply sex. It also means "I want to be with you", which also can be taken the wrong way. 

    John Murray

    Also, sex doesn't have to be dirty. She most likely means both.


    Just seeing the video i understand that she feels so lonely, and far away from her boyfriend.
    That's why the cold ambient, and she wants hug him (vive so hot)
    But no matter how many time she calls him he does not come, so she begin a travel to be with him.
    In the end, she have a female duck to the manely duck, that mean her boyfriend's company
    "You can have me really anytime you want (by your side)" I understood thats.

    Qriminal 1:64

    I'm sure that the original intention, as written by the great Benji Hughes, was in fact dirty. You should check his original if you haven't already. He is a blast live.

  26. enuu

    standing up introduced me to her. only a day later and i love all her songs

  27. ᄆᄉᄋ

    Beautiful song and video!

  28. Boy Levendis

    An Ahn binge is sooo healthy  :)

  29. Cinique LeNoir

    Weirrd video. Awesome song. I'd pluck you right up, Priscilla - with those little dimples, lol.

  30. errorproxy

    Professional Duck Matchmaker.

  31. 파르지발


  32. Danielle Faith

    So you can do better?

  33. Sara R.


  34. AngryKoala Insane

    WOW, a duck made me smile a lot in the end!!! wtf.

  35. tisdaleshane

    ...They just had to zoom in on that wedding ring, didn't they?... >:(

    All joking aside, very talented musician; love all her stuff

  36. youcancallmeKIRK

    I'll take Benji over this any day.

  37. laila076

    Perfection :D <3

  38. Samya Salal

    I love you, Priscilla ♥

  39. Débora Carvalho

    Oh, gosh... How can someone be so lovely and cute and so captivating?! The more I hear you or see you, the more I love you, Priscilla! Your songs will be near me as long as I live. <3

  40. Oscar Jimenez Ortega

    my best friend has die 1 year ago. she was you fan, now you are all i have of remember of she. i love you music.

  41. easilyamused20

    I am sooo about to steal her entire outfit haha it's so cute!

  42. Alfonso Espinosa

    Sometimes i believe.... Priscilla lives in a happier world than us. Not kidding.

  43. errorproxy

    Priscilla Ahn, Singer/Song Writer, Duck Whisperer.

  44. archie977

    i dont know how i found this but im glad i did haha love it

  45. Najihah Suhaily

    awww . you so captivating !! :)

  46. Raliandai


  47. likeaRocknRoll

    Why is so sweet? Goddam.it!

  48. poophappens

    This song is so fun! Impressive! :)

  49. niner102

    *then sheldon copper come out playing the train* bazingga!

  50. niner102

    oh god, her eyes! can't resist!

  51. Alfonso Espinosa

    Her smile is so PERFECT.

  52. Angela Lau


  53. janelle ge

    i lived how her bangs looked on her years ago. cut em

  54. Sharayer

    this is a lame song. disappointing.

  55. LP Thanh Uyen

    This deserves more views, seriously..

  56. Nell Worden

    I'm kinda glad she's not "Famous"famous,mainstream would take away from her somehow. she deserves fame,because she's incredible,but if everyone was listening she wouldn't be quite so cute and in

  57. passion-fruite

    Omfg when she looks into the camera saying "i want you right now".. i'd be lesbian for her @[email protected]

  58. Aphrodisiacvii

    With a right script and a decent director, she can easily be a sensational movie star as much as being a musician.

  59. Sabrina Nur

    korean + american = gorgeous angel :)

  60. Bonnie Lam

    Is she engaged??

  61. Robbie Stokes

    i would fuck the shit out of this bitch

  62. Karol95lh

    I love her clothes! She´s so beautiful... And her voice ♥

  63. jennifer marquez

    I love the end with the ducks


    Yes I seen a Union Pacific Boxcar!!

  65. elektrikmessiah

    Not quite as much OOOMPH as the Benji Hughes original, but still sweet.

  66. wmlarch

    this is crazy sweet

  67. Mohamed Atia

    @savannahwilliams0 if I'm gay I would become straight for her

  68. Anjali J

    Shoot the chef! Or in this case the musician this music it too good. XD

  69. Irishandproud101

    I want Priscilla Ahn right now

  70. Nadi Mi

    what a beautiful and talented youg woman !!!

  71. Aloha KiKi

    Really fun video & cool song ;D

  72. scapegoat25

    I want you right now my singing angel

  73. MrDirtyBo

    I liked Benji's version better

  74. luca formenti

    yes it is

  75. luca formenti

    yes it is...

  76. Rea

    I want chu right now :)!

  77. mash

    Isn't this the same song by Benji Hughes?

  78. kacang rumus

    pretty :)

  79. Moe

    comfortable song!! ♥

  80. yashou

    And this is probably my favorite song in the new album !

  81. yashou

    This is an amazing music video Priscilla, YOU are amazing :)

  82. sunrise1219

    so cute Priscila~♥

  83. martejohn2

    this must be the cutest song and video ever!