Aguilera, Christina - Sing For Me Lyrics

Sometimes when I'm sitting on my bed
Feeling so, so lonely
Wishing someone hold me
All I have is three little notes playing in my head
Outside I can cover all the scars
Inside lie the words just pleading to be heard
'Cause all I have is three million melodies to kill the hurt

And now I'm ready
Now I'm gonna sing 'em all out
Sing 'em out just for myself
I don't even care what the world thinks about how I sound

'Cause when I open my mouth
My whole heart comes out
Every tear I wanna cry is satisfied
I'm singing 'til I'm winning
Imma sing all night
'Cause when I open my mouth
There's no place to hide
Everything that I've been feeling runs wild and free
I'm singing 'cause I'm winning
Imma sing for me

I stand and believe in who I am
Take shots at my heart
But who am I to give up
Everybody needs a melody to set their souls free
My stage is the greatest in the world
Give back to the ones who struggle with me stay true
Reminding me to see my only chosen destiny

And now I'm ready
Now I'm gonna sing it all out
Sing it out just for myself
I don't even care what the world thinks about how I sound

'Cause when I open my mouth
My whole heart comes out
Every tear I wanna cry is satisfied
I'm singing 'til I'm winning
Imma sing all night
'Cause when I open my mouth
There's no place to hide
Everything that I've been feeling runs wild and free
I'm singing 'cause I'm winning
Imma sing for me

Sing for me (sing for me)
Sing for myself, sing what I believe
Let my heart, heart come out
Right here, right now let the rain come down

Sing for me (sing for me)
Sing for myself, sing what I believe
Let my heart, heart come out
Right here, right now make my own, my very own sound

'Cause when I open my mouth
My whole heart comes out
Every tear I wanna cry is satisfied
I'm singing 'til I'm winning Imma sing all night
'Cause when I open my mouth
There's no place to hide
Everything that I've been feeling runs wild and free
I'm singing 'cause I'm winning Imma sing for me

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Aguilera, Christina Sing For Me Comments
  1. Daniel Glæsner

    outside i can cover all the scars, inside lie the words just pleading to be heard, cause all i have is three million melodies to kill all the hurt ❤️❤️
    i mean this lady just know how to put words on self esteem things, and sing it out with her whole heart.
    this song is right after beautiful imo. ❤️👌

  2. DPRD JZ

    This song was a response to Bionic's "failure" and her joining to The Voice, might as well as her choices to 2010-2012 career options when actually she was trying something to challenge her listeners. She was AHEAD of her time and challenging her loyal fans.

  3. Councillor Maria Coward

    this song means so much to me! every word descibes many feelings of 1000s of ppl around the world

  4. Fiana Heidari

    I won't lie I'm one of those fans that didn't like how rough her high notes sounded even though I love the climax at the end of a song. She just needs better technique. BUT she's the most soulful singer and performs with so much emotion and power. I also respect her for ghose brave she is. No artist is perfect.

  5. Clara Elia

    From álbum Lotus.

  6. Thiago Carvalho

    Cantora poderosa, voz poderosa, letra forte. Eu amo você, Christina Aguilera 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  7. Atso Cos

    Y’all need to look up the original version by the songwriter - Ginny Blackmore. It’s better! I said what I said❗️

  8. Julia Vargas

    When you love those beautiful notes when i open my mouth. Setting shit straight. No comps juzt doing what i love without the approval of others. Aye you you're a winner go get em.

  9. eugene Libres

    This is my favourite song of Christina Aguilera

  10. Fantôme Noir

    I’ve been singing the chorus... ‘cause when I open my blouse, both my tits come out...

  11. Argelis Torres

    I never heard a voice like this in my life and I pretty sure I wont because she is unique. .. that feeling in her voice is just perfect and unique... thanks God cuz I was born in this time And I can appreciate a real one like Xtina..... There is not one like her!!! FACT

  12. River B

    Love this song🙈❤

  13. Liam

    i like this version but knowing ginny actually wrote it for herself originally makes this version seem empty. listening to ginny sing it feels more real.

  14. QTee

    when will you ever sing to me, just for me...

  15. Don't Hate Just Appreciate


  16. Ittzo May

    Si tuviera un auto pondría esta canción sin dudarlo, día a día rumbo al trabajo...

  17. Victor Mans

    I'm sorry Ginny who because Christina brought life to this song I listened to both versions Christina Excellent Effortless Sensational Masterpiece Beautiful Voice she has power rangers control her runs are rediculous the song is called "Sing For Me"!

  18. sharrington9410

    Love it

  19. Jackie Allphin

    This song hit home for me. And I just broke down. I suffer from deep depression and song is just the thing I will do from now on in life and sing it all out she could not have sang it any better!!

  20. Junith Jalosjos

    If GOD stands beside YOU no one can Stand AGAINST you. Falling down is part of LIFE getting back UP is LIVING. EXPERIENCE is what made YOU so its going to be a matter of CHOICE always.
    I will not let the World change my smile instead
    My Smile change the World:-)

  21. labellav1103

    Every time i hear that run start at 3:35 it reminds me of her Xmas album <3

  22. Daniil Trokhimenko

    Those runs give me such a huge Mariah Carey vibe. The song is incredible though

  23. Nora G

    I love Christina’s voice, just not for this song! Too rough!


    when is r album coming out uplaod a videw now

  25. Miranda Lor

    I love Ginny version better. Ginny is so soft it’s just a different song all together. Christina you’re a wonderful vocalist but it’s too powerful just for me.

  26. Alyssa Aunkt

    ✌🏽 🌈Beautiful song🎤 stay strong 💪🏾 and safe💫💞 Olbas Lozenges castor oil I hope you get your voice back I love you💗💜💙 good luck

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  29. Realshittttt

    Tedd let me guess YOU ARE BRANDO! AS IN HANNAH'S DADDY

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  32. Septian Hung

    I prefer lotus to bionic honestly.. 🌼🌼🌼

  33. Richie

    lol Screamtina the banshee is actually trying to justify her screaming and shouting with prue throat and ZERO belting??? hahahhahahahaa Shes trying to justify screaming with these stupid lyrics hahahahah i msorry honty but even with these touchy lyrics you cant change the fact that screamtina shouts and screams all her mid and upper range! She cant belt! She never could! She yells in her regular voice to hit the right pitch of the note but hitting a pitch with shouting is not a belted note! Its like when a baby cries and hits whistle like notes! Even though it may sound like whistle notes, they arent!! Thats what screamtina does starting from A4 to C5 cuz she can barely go any higher without cracking!! She starts shouting from A4 up to c5 cuz she doesnt have an actual belting voice!

    sian gurney

    mage13011988 how stupid are you??😂😂. This isn't her justifying how she sings. This is her saying she doesn't care about what people like you think of it. Your comment was incredibly stupid. ❤️

  34. Alicia Wright

    When I need a song to help me through I listen to Christina

  35. dgaller06

    OMG I'm so obsessed with her ad libbing at the end.

  36. Liz Scully

    "the ones who struggle with me stay true" .. that's for sure, I don't know if I'd still be here without Christinas inspiring songs
    this song explains the exactly why I've been belting her songs for the last 14 years

  37. Jenna Z

    honestly the only song off Lettuce that I care about lol

  38. Summer Goodman

    Never stop being a diva you are your true blessing to other girls

  39. Ernesto Willian Cedeno Mesa

    Everybody have something different to give .that is the beauty and the power of music.

  40. Ernesto Willian Cedeno Mesa


  41. B R

    Not gonna pretend I'm a fan of hers but I do like this one song. I do prefer Ginnys version because to me it's a bit sweeter for the ears but this is nonetheless an amazing version too.

  42. Alain Di Giuseppe

    k speel niet
    maar k heb je verwittigd
    niet op hun manier of op jouw
    Sorry ik had jou gezegd
    sorry hier blok ik je ook dan
    dag en ja tis sijtig
    tot ...tja
    nooit meer

  43. Laranda Baldwin

    she is my favorite singer ever she did amazing to this song!!! love ya girl keep doing ya thing....

  44. Candy Miller

    Who the f is Ginny? It's a xtina song!. This is such an underrated song. So uplifting

  45. Linda Leisey

    Love your voice and the depth of her music....she is definitely a diamond with many many facets!! I treasure your gift to the of the most talented ladies in the now!!

  46. k p

    it's 2017 and i still like Ginny's version better.

  47. hiatus mode

    This is bomb...Her vocals hit straight unlike Dat Ginny who?

  48. XxooxxX XxxooxxX

    I love this song, it's a perfect response to all the trolls out there. keep singing for YOU Christina and your TRUE fans will love whatever you do. But keep in mind that your TRUE fans want some new music lady, it's been way too long, the music industry desperately needs you!

  49. Elijah Ealy

    I'm so happy she covered this song. It really fit her voice. Love you X


    Elijah Ealy I didn't know this was a cover, who sang this originally?

    Elijah Ealy

    @XxGigifabulousxX A girl named Ginny Blacmore(I think that's how you spell her last name😂). She wrote the original words to the song, but Christina changed a few parts and added some stuff(key changes, note changes, more runs, vocal effects, etc.). Ginny released the real version(2013) a year after this version came out(2012)

  50. Ca Ka

    There should be a music video for this with the concept pointing towards the critics Christina's received through out her career of over singing, bad technique, too much makeup, sexual and eager work's content; and how she ignores all of that and stays authentic to her artistic aesthetic, art, passion and individuality. Emphasizing the message of no matter what people say, their mean words cannot keep you down, just be yourself and do your own things and one day you'll rise above all that mud like a LOTUS flower. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A DOPE ASS SINGLE.

  51. brooke

    I seriously did not know she sung this song omg!!!

  52. Kaarisa Caridine

    She doesn't get half the props she deserves as a vocalist.

  53. Mike lee

    My Word...Who sings WHAT BETTER THAN??? Thought you who are honest even the kids who know so little but agree.....everyone sings (DIFFERENT) like whoever you are listening talking just be quite you sound pitiful

    Aliya Lewis

    Still my favorite ever

  54. James Merkel

    flier pick, comm#127
    2912 post
    473 622 views
    1068 subs
    4 Katy/bug

  55. Kristy Green

    Her song "BLANK PAGE" is the most amazing song that I've ever heard. I love you Christina thank you for your amazing voice. one of many your BIGGEST FAN KRISTY GREEN. FROM YUCCA VALLEY,CA

  56. Danny Baunsgard

    Christina Aguilera - Sing for me (2012) Ginny SFM (2013). I listen Ginny not bad but I prefer Christina Aguilera why because she got soulful angelic voice. Xtina 💕💜💋

    Gunnhild Edwards

    The straining sounds more devilish than angelic.


    the straining comes from a place of pain. the song is about finally being free after being broken for a long long time. it has emotional rawness that only people who have really been through it understand. the way she sings this song is beautiful. the straining simulates screaming for freedom.

  57. Eliana Verdades

    I loved Christina's songs, but teh new songs are too comercial, wanna go back in time and listen to some Hurt!

  58. Giampiero Mazza

    Christina I love you

  59. لَيّلىَ قُطبٌ


  60. CaapriceTube

    Beautiful song!!

  61. Dee Dee Larson

    omg i love this woman

  62. takeabreath5

    This song should have been HUGE! This is why so many connect, respect & love her. She's one of a kind and she so special and I can't wait for her new material. This new era I feel it's going to be so special.

  63. Hine Mason

    this is ginny wigmores original song !!

    kiri.elliott 001

    wigmore or Blackmore?

    Hine Mason

    yeahr i mean blackmore lol

  64. h3ll0gudbye

    Lols, I didn't even realise Christina had a version. Still as good as Ginny's <3

  65. Alexandra Dinu

    omg I love this melody

  66. Christina Stoudt

    Why isn't she on the ready much anymore? She's just as flawless and real as always 💖

  67. Shauna Wachtel

    I love this song I can't stop listening 2 this song love it

  68. Ghee Yoh

    nah, ginny haha

  69. sara

    It's like... you know she can sing her ass off. She's completely amazing and up there with the Celine Dions and Whitneys in her own right. But... her vocal tone is just fucked up to my ears. It always sounds like you can actually... literally hear her stomach. Always felt the same with Leanne Rhymes. Their vocal tones, its quality by itself is just okay. Very unlike Whitney's operatic gorgeous falsetto, Christina's falsetto is loud...

    Ramon S.

    I respect your opinion but maybe you should listen to her head voice in songs like Save Me From Myself, Loving Me 4 Me, also in Silent Night (Noche De Paz) she has a bright piercing tone when she sings ooooohh Christ the Savior is born.

  70. Kirsty Cameron

    Did Ginny Blackmore write this for Christina?? Just googled, crazy! She did! Woohoo. Ginny's version is way more natural though, Christina sounds forced.

  71. Its Ruby

    This song was my anthem for a while. The lyrics are so powerful and so true. I feel like that sometimes when i have to sing. I don't care what others think about me i know who i am and this song boosted my confidence. Thank you Christina for this song!

  72. Joanne Hopson

    It really touches me i love this song:-)

  73. chalethiaparker766

    Like if you think this should have been the first single from Lotus <333
    I'm pretty sure it would have won her a Grammy :)

  74. chalethiaparker766

    Cannot stop listening to this song<333

    Hans Moukeka

    @chalethiaparker766 this is good....and tex me!


    I know righy. Isn't she just such an amazing singer && okay @Hans Moukeka

    Hans Moukeka

    @chalethiaparker766 yes i guess she can get her props...


    Lol guess ???? Lol @Hans Moukeka

    angel luis henriquez chacon

    @chalethiaparker766 igual yo corazon

  75. Alejandro Villalobos

    "I'M SINGING OUT JUST FOR MYSELF, I DON'T EVEN CARE WHAT THE WORLD THINKS ABOUT HOW I SOUND..." That only sentence invalidates all your bad comments about this song. I love you Xtina <3


    Exactly <3

  76. Eleanor Bowers

    Ii love christina. But she really does need to bring out some new music. her voice is brilliant, the songs she makes are so moving and easy to relate too, i just hope shes planning on bringing some new stuff out soon!!

  77. arianao29

    why isnt christina making her own music now..

  78. donotdeleteit

    It feels great every time I sing this song.

  79. Gage Schuman

    I love how everyone is comparing Ginnys to Christinas through the words like cords, emotion and other words. We are all different people. We all connect to a song differently. We show our emotions in different ways. Ginny just had a different type of emotion. That does not mean Christina does not lack emotion in this song. Ginnys has way to much editing to it. Christina is the only one who will hit this song perfectly.


    this started off as a nice comment about respecting both Ginny's song and Christina's cover and ended with you doing the same thing ur criticising.

  80. Leila Davis

    Who originally sings this song??

    Edwin B

    Christina's is the only official version. The other one is a demo recorded and sent to the Christina's label

  81. Leah Chanel

    I Love it <3 No words, Blown Away <3

  82. Jay Seever

    Love this song so much

  83. Natalia Ramírez Corona

    Singing this in tears out loud... heals me everytime :')

  84. Jon Cerda

    I don't even care what the world thinks about how I sound

  85. Idk

    Lol! I love how some of you are critiquing this song like you are top shit and know every detail of xtinas life...when in all reality you COMPLETELY missed the point of the song. It's pathetic. She doesn't care what you think of her singing. She sings for herself. Yes someone else wrote the song but XTina wouldn't sing the song if she didn't relate. And Some of you call her vain when all reality she is a grown ass woman that knows what she wants out of life, knows how to get it and is confident. It's so sad that other women can't just be happy for other women. It's not completely your fault that's what society teaches us. It's just too bad some of you haven't caught on yet that all your doing is setting us all back. Smh.

    Jalen O’Grady

    Khaleesi 8

  86. Emma Cherie Larson

    Its a great song, but Ginny Blackmores version is so much better. emotion lacks in christinas screaming session, I'm normally always a christina fan, but this time, no, just no. 

    Mohamed Chellouf

    I don't even care what the world thinks 'bout how I sound...

    Cassandra Muzik

    I felt lots of emotions each time I hear Xtina's version. We all have our taste

  87. Santos Biddle

    both Christina and Ginny do an outstanding  job with this song!! But i think it suited Ginny's voice a bit more!!!

  88. Olive Bushett-Williams

    honestly, i love xtina with a passion, This song was written by "Ginny Blackmore" for xtina, but Ginny deffinately trumps this by a mile.

  89. Crisy Sapounakis

    Christina's voice is amazing, strong :) I'm not going to compare her to Ginny like everyone else is -.- 

  90. Mohamed AZZOUZ

    Don't mention you shity favorits in xtina posts ; ginny who !!

    Jalen O’Grady

    Mohamed AZZOUZ the amazing girl who started, wrote and sings better than Christina in this song

    sian gurney

    J GO but she didn't 😂 she wrote it but probably knew she wasn't good enough for it so she gave it to someone who was.

  91. MrFfs1954

    that fierce vocals are just full of bravery.
    her voice alone -it was like "bomb!" exploding on the mic.

    love the lyrics, btw: "I don't even care what the world thinks 'bout how I sound..."
    rings so damn true (considering how harsh people often criticize her over her "oversinging"-ness)

    #thank you, girl for being yourself no matter what!# 

  92. tedd morales

    I just heard Ginny's version, I actually dig that version because I can actually feel the emotion of the song unlike Aguilera's version where you can just hear vanity singing. Aguilera has a very very good voice, but honestly I haven't heard an emotion from her in any song because all I can hear is her always trying to showcase her vocal abilities, which is GOOD, but I just can't feel the emotion. VERY GOOD THOUGH!

    melissa stella

    i love you

    Shawn Hall

    tedd morales you have terrible taste xtina sounds amazing! soulful and just stunning

    kleverson j d s r

    You seriously dont have a clue what emotion is

    Nora G

    Agreed! Ginny’s voice sounds soft and vulnerable, hence bringing through the emotions. Xtina is a brilliant vocalist but her voice is too harsh and rough for this song.

    Jayvie Supertramp

    man youre apathetic.

  93. TheMaleAvenger

    This was just...awful....

    Shante Woodson-Mundell

    u awful!


    @Shante Woodson-Mundell ...Wow.


    @Shante Woodson-Mundell Lmao wowwwwww

  94. Reecy Baapes

    This version is soo good! So raw its amazing. Ginny does do the song justice thou. But man they are both powerhouses. Kiwi represent!

  95. Carol Freitas

    amo muito  muito sou sua fã Christina Aguilera  diva das divas :))