Aguilera, Christina - Oh Holy Night Lyrics

Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, ooh yeah

Oh holy night
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth, oh yeah
Now long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appeared and the soul felt it's worth
The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn

Fall on your knees
Oh hear the angel voices
Oh night divine
Oh night when Christ was born
Oh night divine, oh night, oh night divine

Our Father, who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy Name
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
Lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil
For thine is the kingdom
The power, and the glory
For ever and ever

Fall on your knees
Oh hear the angels voices
Oh night divine, ooh
Oh night when Christ was born
Oh night divine, oh night

Oh, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah
No oh, oh yeah

Oh ooh, oh ooh
Now ooh, oh ooh
Oh yeah

It was a holy, holy night
Ohh, oh ooh, oh ooh
(Oh holy night)
It was a holy night when Jesus Christ was born
(Oh holy night)
Holy Jesus, Jesus Christ
(Oh holy night)
And the power, and the glory, yeah
(Oh holy night)
When Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
(Oh holy night)
He was born on this night, on this night
(Oh holy night)
Jesus Christ
Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever
(Oh holy night)...

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Aguilera, Christina Oh Holy Night Comments
  1. Bohemian Pilgrim

    This is borderline blasphemous. Horrendous.
    Aguilera is odd; she has an excellent voice but she can't *sing*.

  2. Elaine Douglas

    The intro is how you know it’s horrible.

  3. Grace Hampton

    She sounds like she is in a confessional after the 'big night" - makes my teeth hurt.


    Simply superb. 🎶🎶🎶🎼🎼🎼🎼🎄🎄🎆

  5. gokarengo


  6. Angel Espiri

    I like the Mariah Carey's version better.

  7. Glory2 TheHighest

    I Love the Fathers Prayer in this Song🙏
    Christina did that one🕊

  8. Chelsea Shaffer

    She is irritating...can you just sing the dont have to do all them damn runs...

  9. jay-r manacmul

    Wow...i will cover this song on my channel 😍

  10. Wilson Eusebio777

    Great album, Great voice!! 💗😊😇🙏

  11. RosaMejiaMusic


  12. Ricsi O

    Maybe an unpopular opinion but Mariah's version is the best ever.

    ali Space

    Its a very popular opinion sir

    Alexander Rodriguez

    Mariah IS The BEST


    Back when all mall retail clothing stores like #thegap were playing the whole cd on repeat in the background

  14. Silvester Llemos

    Tuldok haha

  15. labellav1103

    I'm here I'm here!! 9/11/19 never to early! <3 Sang Queen!

  16. Torgo Nudho Raj

    Idk y she gotta make her voice sound like Mariah's with the adlibs and stuff like, GURL! We know your *REAL, POWERFUL, RAW* voice.

  17. Joseph McLane

    Good song but horrible singing.

  18. MsMarifee

    Christina really is too good to be overdoing it like she does here. Some songs are just meant to be they are...let your voice and the melody complement one another rather than over singing it. Mariah Carey does this song on her Christmas album and while she does give it some oomph and make it her own, it's still in keeping with the reverence the song requires as a religious standard.

  19. zlameli

    Makes me cry every single time. Makes me wanna go to church. Makes me wanna dance. Makes me happy. Makes me nostalgic. It's everything. Perfection.

  20. Mega moo


  21. Frankie Teardrop

    Most self indulgent version of this song ever recorded, happy birthday Jesus hope you like shit!

  22. Jinaya Murray

    i love this so much

  23. Gunnhild Edwards

    Ohhhh oo ahahahaha aoooohhhhh hooo aaaa uuuhhhheeee ao-ooooh pause l yyyyyyyyy aaaahh ooohh pause niiiiiiii aaaahhhhh ggghhhhttt oooh

  24. Cee-Cei Thomas

    So many people are going say she did to much but this is truly my favorite Christina Aguilera Christmas song.. She took this song to church...I love was raw and beyond soulful. She felt that thing...

  25. Eclipse

    The power in her voice....luv the prayer in the middle of the song. My prayer.

  26. dixie todd

    this is one of my favs for the holiday season. I stumbled onto this album in july lol while weeding my garden lol. Merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year. Go ewu eagles all the way to another national championship!!!!

  27. Jeo Sioson

    I like Christina’s version of the song, but I think she did too much. She should let the song and her voice just flow along with it to capture the essence of the Christmas spirit and the meaning of this song. I’m not comparing in any way, but Mariah’s version is the best. Mariah brought the gospel to the song and you could actually cry while listening to her singing it.

  28. Ana Tenorio

    That time of the year again

  29. Dan Stephens

    Thank you Jesus !

  30. Ettenyl56

    So much natural talent and tonal beauty of voice, she should just stop with all of the acrobatics, frills, trills, and arpeggios because it almost sounds sultry and like a woman in bed having an orgasm; sorry to say. No need for all of that.

  31. April Preston

    I love this song

  32. Marian Niscov

    *never too early for listening christmas songs*

  33. özgün can demirhan

    Melisma poisoning

  34. Siobhan Short

    She sings with so much passion in every song she sings her voice is incredibly I'm gutted she don't sing any more

  35. fco nav

    Que fuerza de estos pulmones!!!

  36. Sophie Kouchoo

    Love how she prayed the our father prayer, good on you Christina!!

  37. Ali Rios

    Still loving this in 2017

  38. Nathasya Lexyana


  39. H Z

    Christina, in my opinion, has the single most beautiful female vocal tone, amazing range, crazy strength, and everything else a voice needs to be pure perfection. I just wish she wouldn't oversing and go too far with the vocal frills and acrobatics. It takes away from the perfection that her singing could be. It's like a beautiful woman who cakes on waaaay too much makeup and actually needs to tone it down to show her beauty. I wish each time she oversings a song, that she'd sing another version with fewer acrobatics. I wouldn't listen to anything else all day, every day.


    Totally agree!

    Tony D

    My thoughts exactly. Great voice but the oversinging spoils it. Kelly Osbourne said it all.

    Jorge Forbes

    @Tony D kelly osbourne jajajaj one of the most ogly bich that was ever born...jajjajaj what a joke..xtina is a legend...kelly is a nobody

  40. rob cooke

    over singing it



  42. Adrian Flemings


  43. Allan Filmmaker

    OVERSINGING OR NOT!! Her voice is powerfull, most of the singer nowadays would wish to sing like she does... SHE'S AMAZING


    With a voice like that she can oversing all she wants right now.


    I do not think she oversings

  44. Eka Pratama

    03 : 01 - 03 :07 no one can belt beautifully on this like christina, lot of singers use whistle tone like mariah, its beautiful too. but this version really can make me orgasm... ups! 😀😍👍👍👍👍

  45. Suburban Queen

    What even is this lol

  46. Sam Burrows

    Christina was never properly trained. And she calls it singing with soul. I like her voice but soul singing doesn't mean destroying your voice. After seeing some of her earlier performances during her debut album, her voice then was starting to deteriorate. And it would appear that her voice peak unfortunately happened pre-debut album due to her oversinging. I don't care what anybody says about it; she "colors" her voice. Her oversinging is the reason why she blew out her voice by the end of her Stripped tour. Have you ever noticed how she can sing much higher notes in the studio, but never live without strain or dodging them? Well if you watch one of her documentaries, that came to light when she said that she records a song multiple times and then picks out what sounds the best. And then it's all mixed together.

    Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj

    Sam Burrows You realise it's her fans that say she sings with soul not her. Either way she is one of the most soulful singers wether you like her voice or not. She sings the way she loves while not caring what anyone else things so complaining about it won't change anything

  47. Menelik Charles

    That was beautiful! It was like jazz, gospel, soul, and pop combined.

  48. Kao Joshua

    hope this song was longer

  49. Edward Li

    Mariahs version is terrible compared to this.

    Coburn Ferrus

    You're very delusional

    Gunnhild Edwards

    Mariah's version is one of the best ever released. This is turd

    Sammy Pasa

    Nice try and although Christina's is very very beautiful, it doesn't come near Mariah's iconic version.

  50. Rosyta L.O


  51. Michelina Caligiuri

    She Sings like an Angel ...  I appreciate Beautiful Voices such as. <3

  52. Tanisha Simms

    I love Christina and her amazing voice. no need to compare to other artists renditions of the songs. this is her Christmas album and her version of the songs she likes. if u don't like it stop listening and watching the videos. point blank period.

  53. Sheehan Nicole

    she my favorite songs she rock!

  54. Janett OHara

    her voice gives me chills

    Rick Norris

    That is the Anointing from God!

  55. Gabriel Donizete

    Amo esta música Christina é perfeita ! Bom trabalho

  56. Danial Amri

    if the live version was so stunning, what more do u want.. u can hear the other singer version that just can lip sync.. who give a fuck to xtina beautiful live? haha

  57. david rey m. quimbo

    She is over singing it!


    @Toni Spencer. Actually you and Flowerbunny both make great points. To be fair we should not just point at Christina because all singers do something....and yes there are times when Christina can overdo it. However, I've met plenty of other ppl on YouTube who've said the same things you've said. They feel just because they're singers, "experts in music" EVERYthing they say is worth pure gold. I find that a bit too prideful and haughty. Flowerbunny made a great point about us not being in the singers shoes. Being experienced in music does NOT mean we are right 100% of the time. And if you know that, act like it. Just because her voice is naturally strong does not mean she's always overdoing things. Some things yes...but. Somethings no. There's plenty of room in the music industry for ppl with strong pipes and while they DO and should have boundaries to their singing, we ( as critics) don't always know what their limit is because we aren't them. Maybe a lot of the time, but no matter how "professional" you are you're not one is. Just don't let your "knowledge" make your head big. Besides critique is meant to HELP someone....not tear them down to make yourself look good. I'm not accusing you of doing this..I'm just saying. Negatives should not get more spotlight than positives...unless the singer is bad all around. When I critique, I try to list pros AND cons. Being a critic shouldn't justify me to be negative 24/7. That would be my own fault...not the singer. I remember ppl would Always tell me "if you don't like it...don't listen to it. That simple"

    Less Is More

    @Toni Spencer hmm the last time I checked, ppl (such as Christina) become singers so they can SING....not critique others for a living. Unless they want to be critics when they grow up. But whatever. It's your choice.

    Toni Spencer

    OK. I can sense you're one of those people who has to have everything explained to them, so here goes...

    Christina may well have become a singer because she loves to sing and is brilliant at it. Someone somewhere along the line, however, saw that there is a lot of money to be made with her, offered her a record deal, and consequently made a lot of money. And this is in part where people like me come in.

    I'll let you into a little secret at this point. Most publications don't like having review sections, and the vast majority of journalist hate writing them. Of course they are one person's opinion - that much is obvious. Why do we do them if everybody hates them? Record labels and PR companies like them: it makes them look good, it makes the artist/band look good (sometimes), and it drives cash into their pockets through record sales.

    In order to get those sales, they need journalists like me to write about them. But here's the catch. A review can make or break your career; I've seen it happen. A not-so-glowing review in NME (for example) can and often does result in poor record sales; poor record sales more often than not leads to being dropped by the record company. I've seen that happen, too.

    Lastly, it's not about me or any other journalist wanting to be a critic. Having been a music journalist for over 20 years, I am now in a slightly more privileged position where I get to choose and write about thing that I like, but the end result is the same - it's about making money for everybody.

    Back to the case in hand, she is over-singing it parts, and it is a little over-produced (this happens when there are too many producers involved), however, in spite of that, overall it is a good rendition, it's just not a great one (for reasons explained above).

    I guess you missed that part in my original comment and only saw the negatives. Yes, it's my opinion, it's just different from yours.


    @Toni Spencer. Ummm no I READ your first comment...and when I said positives..I MEANT positives about her voice...not the song. And I never said she wasn't guilty of over singing but there may be times where YOU think she is when I think she isn't; so we can agree to disagree on those parts. Like I said are not her so there may be times you think she's "oversinging" when she's actually holding back. And unlike you I find the positives in her voice such as tone. I don't just focus on negative. Since she was born with a naturally strong voice, (which is a gift btw) it may take extra work for her to hold things back. If YOU had her voice, you would inevitably get the same criticism as her. It's just how it is.


    The only thing I 100% agree with you on is the song production.

  58. James Cushing

    This is a clinic on how to crap up a beautiful piece of music.

  59. Mia Clark

    Celine Dion's is still the best I've heard, but this one is very good too.

    Pamela-Anne Boyle

    +Mia Clark 100% agree..

    Antonia McCutcheon

    I disagree. Not that Celine doesn't have a beautiful voice but Christina's is much more powerful and diverse!

    Héctor Rodrigo Fonseca Garrido

    Both are great but, the best version ever is Mariah Carey, so sorry

  60. martina Sliepy

    christina has the best sound in the of the best! i like her!

  61. Chinelo Ireh

    Nice sing no lyrics

  62. leonard pical

    suara cantik skali

  63. Diane Blaylock

    Christina is simply amazing!

  64. Felicia Romero

    Jesus she Betta saaaaaaannnnngggggg! 😩😭

    LaCurrone C

    calm down.

  65. Jean-Yves Malmasson

    Quelle horreur !...

  66. DONG Vince

    Love Xtina, but not this song in her version. I think this song should be more straightforward. 


    Could you verify your definition of "straight forward" because it's a broad term. I agree but it's still broad so I'm not sure what it really means.

  67. chira pina

    Her voice is amazing but totally over singing
    The originals is really beautiful but this is just a shit. For me Im not impress


    @chira pina learn how to write proprely before criticizing other people...


    +chira pina Agree.. :x

    James Cushing

    +ToinyBoyZz "proprely" = irony.


    It's okay not to like it. But everyone's definition of "oversing" is different.

    Kevin Son

    There's no such thing as over singing dumb bitch

  68. Martin Chest

    i hate all the christmas songs,   but  Christina is amazing

  69. PR Q


  70. Shiraz Izzany

    I dont think its called oversinging. It always been her thing to sing this way, probably since the day she was born. Just like mariah, beyonce and lea as well. All of them have their own thing how to sing a song.

    LaCurrone C

    but they do not always oversing.


    Everyone has a different definition of oversing. If you don't like something, you do t have to listen.


    Ummm that's your opinion and I disagree. Watch all her live performances before making that poor assumption. Critique us fine but NOT when you just want to be negative about it.

    Bohemian Pilgrim

    It's horrendous and has about as much authenticity as those awful hair extensions she's wearing. Anyday I'd take a limited range that's used well over this warbling.

  71. lucy Mcgillicuddy

    She should do another Christmas album. 


    I agree. Just singing these Christmas songs in a normal, traditional, way. I will buy that CD.

    Alexandre Langevin

    lucy Mcgillicuddy agree!!!!

  72. April Brown

    I love her voice!!!

  73. Gabrielle M.

    Very beautiful.

  74. Addys God's Princess

    I love the way she sing this beautiful song, very passionate and I like the old version but she kill it with this version and this album is amazing!!! Since this album came out I'm still love it 😍😍😍

  75. Juan Gonzalez

    She oversing this song, OMG

  76. terrell palmer

    3:45 - 3:55 god dayum

  77. Eva Hernandez

    And she took us to church too!

  78. kappy0405

    She definitely oversang it.. too dramatic.. a shame because she has amazing singing ability & a great tone in her voice. This would've been better if she had just let it flow naturally.


    I personally think its okay for her to be dramatic but i DO agree this is NOT one of those songs to do it in.

  79. The Anonymous

    I remember kelly osbourne's comment about this song... lol

  80. marlene88782

    she totally oversings it :/

    Becky Talal

    shes nolt oversinging its her version.


    yeah, and she oversings her version

    Becky Talal

    you call it over singing i call it passion

    Vinícius Ferreira

    And we love it 


    +Becky Talal People think she's over singing because the "passion" seems forced. Celine Dion does it much better. She keeps it simple, letting the beauty of the song speak for itself without all the over-the-top drama.

  81. marlene88782

    i can´t believe that i say this because christina aguilera is one of my favourite singers, but lea michele did a better job (:

    Jennifer Nunez

    I do not thank so! Never ever.


    I agree...Lea Michele sang this way better than Christina.


    I don't think she sings better but I agree that her singing style fits this song wayyy better.

    Bts is Bae

    you must be kidding

  82. greek reveluv

    I LOVE XTINA <3 
    this album makes Christmas perfect <3 

  83. Diana Rincón

    My favorite singer. :) God bless you.

  84. hawgdawger

    Ooooooooooh, man. A guy's got to love how she changed this wonderful tune and made it all her own to hit the ball into another realm not yet realized by man. :-)

  85. Christinaa

    Description may help you...

  86. mari cummings

    no Lyrics

  87. Mercy Jackson

    Love her voice but not how she made the song fast

  88. Miriam Belle

    her voice is amazing..

  89. Dave Baxter

    a very nice Celine Dion

  90. Dave Rodriguez

    i love her version...jazzy and gospelly...not the usual mellow this tina...hope to hear more from you...

  91. MrStimpy77

    Reminds of watch?v=PIaMtyJroVw

  92. Literatim

    Oh my god, what did she do to this beautiful song.O.o I usually like her but this sucks so badly. As people before me already said, she totally oversings it.

  93. theodore gautama

    3:09 until 4:50 is genius

  94. annelisehxv

    there is not better version than an opera version

    no offense christina! i love you

  95. Rafael Torres

    she not only sings like an angel, she speaks like one to O:

  96. ZacharySArnold

    she so oversings songs.

    HoneyB SweetNectar

    No she doesnt its call having a bit of soul

    obec_18 luv

    Don't listen to her work, nobody is forcing you.

  97. aslmgenius



    Me gusta