Aguilera, Christina - Not Myself Tonight Lyrics

You know tonight
I'm feeling a little out of control
Is this me
You wanna get crazy
Cause I don't give a...

I'm out of character
I'm in rare form
If you really knew me
You'd know it's not the norm

Cause I'm doing things that I normally won't do
The old me's gone I feel brand new
And if you don't like it fuck you

The music's on and I'm dancing
I'm normally in the corner just standing
I'm feeling unusual
I don't care cause this is my night

I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl (same girl)

I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl (same girl)

I'm dancing a lot
I'm taking shots
And I'm feeling fine

I'm kissing all the boys and girls
Someone call the doctor cause I lost my mind

Cause I'm doing things that I normally won't do
The old me's gone I feel brand new
And if you don't like it fuck you

The music's on and I'm dancing
I'm normally in the corner just standing
I'm feeling unusual
I don't care cause this is my night

I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl (same girl)

I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl (same girl)

In the morning
When I wake up
I'll go back to the girl I used to be
But baby
Not tonight

I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl (same girl)

I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl (same girl)

That feels good
I needed that

Get crazy
Let's go

That's right

Give it to me now
Don't stop

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Aguilera, Christina Not Myself Tonight Comments
  1. big stream

    She *sexy* af!

  2. Karlo Stefanek

    An homage to the icon Madonna

  3. Air Quotes

    The song is good but this video 🤢

  4. David Marquéz


  5. Wojciech Owedyk

    Christina Aguilera morgen feiert seine 39.Geburtstag

  6. Jp Kok

    If this album release now... must be TOP!!!

  7. Ismael Sevilla

    Este videos se parece al de madonna expres

    David Marquéz

    Le hizo un tipo homenaje, ella lo dijo cuando lanzo el video. 🖤

  8. Selen blonde

    Adoro Christina aguilera, come adoro lady gaga, ma cristina doveva trovare la sua dimensione ai tempi, non scopiazzare la Gaga anche perché questo è un video porno, e la Gaga anche se i suoi video dei tempi fossero molto pornazzi avevano anche una logica o trama. Apprezzo di più aguilera dal 2019 in poi, anche se non fa grandissimi ascolti con il nuovo look sembra aver ritrovato se stessa e per me è il top, soprattutto al giorno d'oggi perché la Gaga proprio adesso non mi piace è stato tutto un boom nel 2010 che ho tanto ora c'è troppa competizione...

  9. Rafa Monteith

    Essa é a última melhor era da Christina Aguilera e também o último melhor video clipe.

  10. Virginia Green

    What woman doesn't feel like being totally wild,sexy and notty! Being a good girl all the time is boring 😴 Lets Fifty shades of Gray this F_ er

  11. Paddy Cakes

    Your so hot and at the instead of that guy I wish that was me baby

  12. Basti aus Berlin

    Omg 🤤😜 😍

  13. 迫いくみ


  14. Cd Unboxing

    Cd Unboxing | Liberation 💿 💙, link :

  15. Rebecca

    So sexy

  16. arda

    don’t be sad this has only 30 million views we wouldn’t be superiors if everyone was listening to it

  17. Briseida Castillo

    December 2019

  18. Adam M Z

    looks like a tribute to madonna

  19. Zim Your Invader

    I remember being shocked when i saw this in 2010. Now it's just ok. My how the times have changed.

  20. We Are plastic

    Bad romance ??

  21. FBS 94

    2010: this is porn
    2035: why are you wearing clothes?

  22. Martin Milius

    - Bionic is nothing but iconic -

  23. David O'Reilly

    Top bitch!!! Girl you got a song for every feeling of me ai!!! Xxx

  24. Rina's Vlog

    Nice song...I love it

  25. Catherine Chambers

    is it just me or does that one hairdo look like Gwen Stefani

  26. Arthur Lopez

    Me encanta ;)

  27. Davixito oficial

    Like si la estas escuchando en Diciembre 2019

  28. police police

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  29. Andrés Naveda

    0:00 - 0:14. The most iconic seconds in life, HANDS DOWN. YASS, XTINA <3

  30. Raymond Arañas Fish-

    why xtina? what made you feel this way? im curious too

  31. krijgertje

    Inspired by the videoclip of express yourself-madonna

  32. Patrick Lima

    Música incrível, Clipe maravilhoso amei tudo ❤

  33. Wojciech Owedyk

    Am Mittwoch,18 Dezember Christina Aguilera feiert seine 39.Geburtstag
    On Wednesday,18th of December Christina Aguilera celebrate ours 39th b'day

  34. SeIena Gomez

    I miss the days when the sexual songs still had men dance in a masculine way. Now days they put heels and lipstick on em and havin them so the same his twists and head moves etc as the girls. I'm sorry but men should be men.

  35. Gabriela Mayara

    Hino injustiçado.

  36. Just Another Human

    This song and video was a game changer. I'm amazed it hasn't got more views.

  37. yo nax

    Normal der gay e ficar de pau duro com essa mulé ?

  38. Didi Mj

    She is unbeatable 😌


    Everytime I watch this video I get so turned on!!! Hella Hella sexy video!!! In my opinion...Christinas best video!!! Also...everyone should stop and give mad props to the "Video Director/s". With out them...the artist/s don't shine😎😎

  40. Mark Vidal

    Bionic is a masterpiece. Ahead of its time.

  41. Patrick Ego Woodstock Watts

    A definite classic in Woodstock's Jukebox ☮️❤️🤘🖖♒😘 Rock on Xtina!

  42. Gabrielle Trentacosta

    Me: *watches this video when i’m 11*
    Also Me: “oh wow, i hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me or anything”

    (being bisexual)

  43. Ever Móran

    Me encanta esta cancion me da mucha pena por Christina Aguilera y todo lo que paso fue algo que me entristece mucho no merecia todo lo que paso, ella merece estar en la cima

  44. Niki Niki

    🇵🇱 Poland 2019r 🇵🇱❤️

  45. Paddy Cakes

    She is so hot at the end can she do that to me instead of the guy

  46. DarientLambert

    My friends thought im straight because I was and stilll obsessed with this song and the video 😂

  47. Alejandro Palma


  48. maximiliano romero

    Exprese your self... Madonna it s that you?

  49. Diego Aragón Cabezón

    A esta chica no la llevan nada bien. Los singles no tienen tanta promoción y hay discos presentados donde se quedan las mejores canciones sin ser single. En fin...


    Yes sssssssssssssss😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  51. Carlos Brady

    I love this song you go girl you. You tore this song up girl I love that voice Christina

  52. Tanlay hwa1994

    Your eye👀and face😳same like me😘😘

  53. Maria Kulpanova


  54. freezingcathedral

    nice to see jesus in a music video in the modern era.

  55. FELIPE Z

    Años después se da uno cuenta que este video no tiene absolutamente nada que ver con Bad Romance, simplemente fue un boicoteo a una obra de arte como fue BIONIC.

  56. SparklingGardevoir

    I don't get how so many critics think Blackout was so revolutionary for the pop industry but none of them seem to give Bionic the praise that it deserves. Blackout and Bionic are quite similar in it's production and overall sound

  57. kleimerson ila

    Que hino! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
    Diva Depressão!

  58. D V

    I buy guys $$$$$

  59. D V

    I sex u

  60. pensador free

    Best music of Chris, erotic girl

  61. Lauren

    10 year old me thought I was grown catching this video. It would only play certain times of the day cause it was so risque lol.

  62. DarientLambert

    Not Myself Tonight will turn 10 next year which will also mark the 10 year anniversary of Bionic album 😌

  63. naya Sahabudin

    Why does her songs aren't booming like minaj or cardi b, who only can twerk their butt 🙄🙄🤔😒

  64. Jay [Justin] H.

    This video is so sexy OMG. She's gorgeous as hell too!

  65. Letícia Vieira Paixão

    What's the name of the metal thing she has in her hand at 0:54?


    That's a custom ring

  66. D V

    Sex is fun. I do who ever I like...

  67. Aimlovesmusic 14

    Everyone: wow this is dirty
    Me: this is going to make me a hardcore lesbian 1:09. 0:37

  68. César Cepeda

    Anyone watching this on November 2019?

  69. David Marquéz

    This song made me SOOO GAY!🏳️‍🌈👑💟

    I hope see u at Mexico City w/ #TheXTour ❌

  70. Crónicas de Carleico y Lechera

    Wtf!?!? This should have 800,000,000 views

  71. s a t u r n

    Bionic merecía más. Es un discazo y esta canción es icónica ♥

    David Marquéz

    Una obra de arte. 💟

  72. Leo The Sunlight Master

    Great club song but not a lead single! More like the fifth and final!
    Prima Donna should've been the lead single!

  73. Emre Kocatepe

    2019 but still...

  74. Tanlay hwa1994

    Full 💓💓💓emosion💓💓💓

  75. Daryl Espenilla

    Can't get enough of the song...

  76. Angry Little boy

    the old me is gone
    i feel brand new
    and if you don’t like it
    fuck you !

  77. Chris Brown

    I LOVE MUSIC !!!

  78. SRC

    Perez Hilton says gaga tried to ruin Xtina and this album when it came out. He and gaga were close friends back then..... but who knows if that’s true 💁🏻

    Lloyd Robinson

    Perez hilton tried to ruin xtina he said that she was copying gaga, said some really nasty things about xtina and as soon as he fell out with gaga, then tried saying it was gaga, the bloke is a first class horrible cunt

  79. SRC

    The girl tied up that she’s kissing is Jena Dewan

  80. Alejandra Taborda

    One copy of bad romance...

  81. Brandon Page

    Dear Heavenly Father Zeus please bless this song in my life every Friday in the gay way....Aman

  82. Leo Lee


  83. Junior Santos

    Hino injustiçado #justiceforbionic

  84. Juan Karlos Perez Santizo

    Bad romance 2.0

    Lloyd Robinson

    Its a tribute to madonna nothing to do with bad romance, gaga's video just copys madonna

    Juan Karlos Perez Santizo

    @Lloyd Robinson es una copia de lady Gaga con toques de express yourself

  85. Сергей Михайлович

    She,s must called MADONNA

  86. jennifer mayoral

    i am bisexual

  87. Jay stevenson

    The song IS cool I love christina aguleria but shes doing too much in this video..lmfao cant help but laugh despite all this the video is beautifully lit tho

  88. Spider Heart

    I'm not a Christina fan, I like her a lot especially this song and I can't believe this has only 34 million, come on!

  89. kauan amaral

    Um álbum futurístico enigmático envolvente mais injustiçado povo não sab apreciar de um artista sua obra de arte ......só aprecia merda msm. Xtina fabulosa

  90. German Rocky

    I think xtina is def one of the best, I also believe that this album is just amazing my 2. favorite album of her after stripped. The problem is that her songs are hard to sing and she is trying in every song to oversing everything... the point is all the world knows that she is one of the best singers .... the Video is beside the beginning not really good, (the beginning is perfection btw) she came out with this album to a wrong time where she was promoting burlesque...

  91. Dark Mitto

    1080p Full HD please

  92. Matcha Frape

    Very "3-Britney"

  93. Starlight Engram

    This video awakens a dark stripe in me... it seems she is the archetypal symbol dwelling inside my psyche... the broken taboo... the ultimate freedom I crave... YOU Christina. The wide open throttle, the power, the momentum, the inertia.... the ultimate release.

  94. Diego Hernandez

    29 octubre 2019...reina Christina Aguilera