Aguilera, Christina - Keeps Gettin' Better Lyrics

Step Back!
Gonna come at you fast
I'm driving out of control and getting ready to crash
Won't stop shaking up what I can
I serve it up in a shot
So suck it down like a man

So baby yes I know what I am
and no I don't give a damn
and you'll be loving it

Some days I'm a super bitch
Up to my old tricks
but it wont last forever
Next day I'm your super girl
Out to save the world
and it keeps getting better

Kiss kiss
Gonna tell you right now
I make it sweet on the lips
I'll simply knock you out
Shut up!
I don't care what you say
Cause when were both in the wind
you gonna like it my way
Yeah baby theres a feeling in me
So sexy sour and sweet
and you'll be loving it

Some days I'm a super bitch (super bitch)
Up to my old tricks
but it wont last forever (no)
Next day I'm your super girl (your super girl)
Out to save the world
and it keeps getting better

Hold on
Keeps getting better
Hold on
Keeps getting better

In the break of the night
In the speed of the light
I hold the universe up
I'll make your planets collide
When I strap on my boots
and I slip on my suit
You see the vixen in me
Becomes an angel for you

Some days I'm a super bitch (a super bitch)
Up to my old tricks
but it wont last forever (won't last forever no)
Next day I'm your super girl (super girl)
Out to save the world
and it keeps getting better

Some days I'm a super bitch (a super bitch)
Up to my old tricks
but it wont last forever (forever no)
Next day I'm your super girl
Out to save the world
and it keeps getting better

Hold on
Keeps getting better
Hold on
Keeps getting better

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Aguilera, Christina Keeps Gettin' Better Comments
  1. David Marquéz

    Happy Birthday Xtina 🎂🎉👸🏻

  2. Mariu Peña

    wao, nunca había visto este vídeo y es bueno

  3. Kristina Salahova


  4. Claudinho Guedelha

    2019? ♥


    When lady gaga ruled and any artist too similar to her flopped

    Elvis Hilton

    It was before gaga

  6. George Vreeland Hill

    2019? This keep gettin' better in 2020 and beyond.

  7. Vicky Salcedo

    Xtina loves itttttt

  8. victorismyname

    I just love the “hold on” so muchhhhh

  9. Elizabeth Newberry

    Alter egos

  10. eva moise hanover

    good song kik ass mama

  11. Devon Bickett

    this is a great confidence boosting song

  12. Nicole Ruiz Sandi

    Es mi favorita linda voz

  13. Jamar Cherry

    Lady Gaga stole Christina's style. They're both New Yorkers and I love both their music.

  14. jorge reyes

    Mi Diva de los 2000

  15. David Marquéz

    I HOPE SEE U AT MEXICO CITY W/ #TheXTour 💟❌🏳️‍🌈👑

  16. Virgilio Melendez

    Great song

  17. Maurício Antônio

    Uma Barbie com um vozeirão da p*rra 😍

  18. Rihanna Fenty

    She's Pretty 😍❤️

  19. Raquel Aracena

    This song never gets old 🔥🔥🔥

  20. MK 96

    Sadly her last big hit

  21. Shelby Lauren

    This genie needs to make a comeback ASAP! 😉

  22. Blue Nam

    Hurts to know this is Christina's last solo hit

  23. Erica Lauren Horn

    November 1.2019❤️💋💋💘🌈💜😇😇

  24. Erica Lauren Horn


  25. plolololololoo

    38.065.358 visualizaciones
    95.877 3.080

  26. chloe maree

    Why was my childhood the bomb...

  27. glennsilvaable

    Why this song wasn’t a big hit? Like people sleep so much on Xtina.


    It was top 10 in the US

  28. Sbsbsbsbbssh Sbsbshshsh

    #2009 // #2010 FOREVER!👊❤❤❤

  29. Rey Hernández

    Me encanta ‼️

  30. Deja Alston

    In my opinion this song is so motivational and inspirational. The song talks about having a positive point of view in life and keep on smiling even at the most hard and difficult times in your life such as keep moving forward. ❤😍👍

  31. tonskee cullen


  32. clair martin

    This! I completely forgot this song existed and it's so underrated. Its actually a catchy song and deserved more recognition like her previous hits. This is a gem

  33. Waluyo Ario

    Super strong voice
    Still listen october 2019
    Who'with me.

  34. hairjoos lorjeffiny

    I'm only a ***** on the weekends apparently

  35. Maicon Santos

    Eu escuto as músicas antigas como se Fosse moda da atualidade

  36. Vaneliz Nicole

    She saved the world in less time it took Justin and Madonna!!!😂

  37. Lateshia Childs

    I love Christina she is still one of my favorites

  38. Jasmine Ranieri

    My song cause cause I'm super bitch and then I'm super women to my boo/my man💋💋💋🔥🔥🔥🔥🖤

  39. JANE

    love this song so much

  40. Елена Матюшина

    Я обожаю эту куколку

  41. Maicon Lima


  42. olya fl

    I Love Christina

  43. José Rodolfo Guaimaran

    Octubre 2019 😍🇲🇽 !! I Love Christina !!

  44. Virgilio Melendez

    Muy buena canción, hubiera lanzado Bionic en ese momento

  45. nastygreyfurt

    One of her catchiest songs.

  46. ksxkxkd l

    True this song.

  47. Moovers Holidays


  48. TheLuisj30val

    Se ve súper hermosa con su peluca azul y vestida de gatubela ni se diga. Amo a esta mujer. I love Xtina.

  49. Quantia Brown

    2019 anyone?

  50. Raul Batres

    2019 Forever and Ever!

  51. This is Ron

    Christina Aguilera is one of the best singers of all time! I think only Madonna higher than she

  52. Rica Rodil


  53. 한글행복해요

    remember those days where haters accuse xtina of copying gaga's the fame look in this era lol

  54. George Vreeland Hill

    This keeps gettin' better.

  55. Abbottpotumas

    Christina put butterflies in my stomach and make my heart skip a beat everytime I see or hear you ...when we getting married beautiful 🤗💘 Love You Soooo Much it hurts.

  56. Karina Molina

    Septiembre 2019???

  57. Paola Andrea

    Who 2019? Like

  58. Ceridwen Fine Art

    Wow - this sounds like it was taken directly from a Goldfrapp's Black Cherry or Supernature album. Just search for 'Ooh La La' or 'Strict Machine' singles for example.

  59. sussana Zumu

    Ex celen t

  60. Raul Batres

    Me enamore de esta era sus cambios drásticos de Look un gran Icono la Aguilera!!!!

  61. Viktoriya Kambarova

    Голос супер ..

  62. Paola Avalos

    Me encantó está canción lástima que con las comparaciones con gaga no haya sido un boom.
    Debió lanzar Bionic en ese momento

  63. Kyaw Kyaw

    Her music catalogue is sooooo diverse! No other female artist in history has ever done so many musical genre. From mainstream pop to classic rnb & soul, country, latin, late 40's to electropop. She can sing anything!

    That's what makes her exceptional and influencial to the rest of music artists today! 💕

  64. CassieJazz96

    Even though this song charted high I still feel like it was underrated......... One of my favorite songs of hers.

    Ceridwen Fine Art

    You need to check out Goldfrapp's 'Black Cherry' and 'Supernature' albums which the writer or producer of this song pretty much ripped off.

  65. Tory Takken

    This video is funny

  66. Tina Johnpier

    Good morning

    Tina Johnpier

    Are up there this is more.

    Tina Johnpier

    What he'll I am listening to music

  67. Camilo Chávez González

    2019 I love This Song ❤️😍

  68. Amber133 Xo

    In this song the femme fatale narrator is celebrating her bad girl image. Aguilera said she was inspired to write a song like this after giving birth to her son, saying that women are "supergirls" with their ability to create life, and how she was amazed at the process

  69. MSK

    So underrated!!!

  70. Mario Ponce Aguilar

    Evidently this girl is broke.

  71. Tess Duff

    Some days I'm a super bitch up to my old tricks...... Ain't that the truth

  72. Jen S

    I love you sexy bitch xoxoxo. You will always be one of my biggest lezzie crushes. You are sexy at no matter what age you get. Sexy mama and you got talent

  73. Woshan Sheik



    2019? Quienes en este Año escuchan esta Obra de Arte Musical

    Ferdman Romero

    Yo porque la basura que invade mis oídos me obliga a escarbar en mis recuerdos

    Cesar Polo

    Yo aquí aún escuchando lo mejor del mundo!!

  75. Allan Mahendra

    Xtina is a my SuperBitch

  76. Luke Purchon

    She really is underappreciated just because shes taken breaks from music and not been run by the Tops of music 💞😍 shes fantastic

  77. dimitra akon

    Wow it’s been 10 years huh? Good old days, watching MTV...I was only 12 years old. daaamnn time flies :( ❤️❤️

  78. Félix Araújo

    - Rainhaaaaa atemporal 😍

  79. Josh E.

    I luv how electric the song is!!

  80. Antonio Floris

    When xtina went Gaga before Gaga was even a thing

  81. Asesor Junior

    Why her carrer is dead?

    Elvis Hilton

    Liberetation is one of best album last year 2 Grammy nomitaions she sold out 3 tours in one year nad probably spanish album will be soon

  82. Üz Fermini

    *Christina aguilera making a visual statement about smartphones way before everybody got the interface of tabs and digital screens. Legend*

  83. Mário Junior

    Lady Gaga tá diferente, né gente?

  84. Akilah Lowe

    I 💗💗💗the whole CONCEPT 👌of this video. SEXY~SEDUCTIVE~FIERY~ARROGANT💅

  85. CeciliaMolina97


  86. George Vreeland Hill

    No Queen like Christina Aguilera.

  87. Larry Smith

    Imagine-------------This Father------------------Looks after YOU?

  88. ibmsst

    “ Kiss......Kiss....Gonna tell you right now...”

  89. Üz Fermini

    Christina Aguilera 2020, big comeback 😍

  90. patrick jensen

    That's hot lol

  91. patrick jensen

    Cat women mixed with pero me acuerdo de ti