Aguilera, Christina - Empty Words Lyrics

The funny thing about hurting people
Is they tend to hurt people
The funny thing about lies is
They're only lies
The funny thing about hearts is
They tend to break easy
The funny thing about healing is
I'm alright

Your voice was like a knife
It used to make me cry
You tried to cut my pride
Not this time

So go ahead and say the things you gotta say
You know you're only throwing empty words my way
Cause you won't break me, you won't break me
You can't take me down, no

The funny thing about listening is
I don't have to hear you and the
Funny thing about talking is
Your words are tired
Now I've come to realize that
Life can be cruel but
The only approval that I need is mine

Your voice was like a knife
It used to make me cry
You tried to cut my pride
Not this time (yeah)

So go ahead and say the things you gotta say
You know you're only throwing empty words my way
Cause you won't break me, you won't break me
You can't take me down, no

So go ahead and say the things you gotta say
It's only empty words a million miles away
Cause you won't break me, you won't break me
You can't take me down, no

The hardest part of this
Cannot be heard or seen
This journey starts when I begin loving me

So go ahead and say the things you gotta say
You know you're only throwing empty words my way
Cause you won't break me, you won't break me
You can't take me down, no

So go ahead and say the things you gotta say
It's only empty words a million miles away
Cause you won't break me, you won't break me
You can't take me down, no

So go ahead and say the things you gotta say
You know you're only throwing empty words my way

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Aguilera, Christina Empty Words Comments
  1. Heartbroken Loveless

    Yes empty words

  2. Alex Burress

    Mental abuse I do not see what they've been doing to me I've been physically abused I've been imprisoned I've been verbally harassed and beaten every single day for over 3 months none of you would have been as patient as I have been none of you would have shown the kindness I have shown and none of you has spent the time and been real and been generous and I've loved his people as much as I have now that I'm mad now that I don't want nothing to do with all of this I get called a rapist and every girl on here hates me craft assholes that's exactly why I don't trust any of you I know who I can trust and who I can't Genji when I knock you out I'll help you back up and kiss you on the cheek I love you brother bro whenever you're down you can call me I always have your back no matter what the rest of y'all eat it I'm done with the sideshow you're right I have to be about me because I can't be about anyone else until I do

  3. Sammie Wilson

    Really needed to hear this song, my relationship with the guy I'm with isn't what I expected it would be after being with him for a year

  4. sarah wynne


  5. Tiff Clemons

    Hurt ppl....sadly hurt ppl an not trying 2...forgiveness

  6. AJB

    #domesticabuseawarenessmonth first time I have heard this song. Just reminds me I’m a survivor! You can get through it x

  7. Debbie Podgorske

    Damn straight Christina.

  8. an lach

    Bones heal ...

  9. Kim Harris

    It's hard to get over all that comes with a abusive relationship.

  10. Tracey Jacques

    🙏🥰. Truth!!

  11. Juliet Joy

    The hardest part of this cannot be heard or seen.
    This journey starts when I begin loving me 💕🙏👍

  12. Juliet Joy

    Your voice was like a knife, It used to make me cry... Sad

  13. tammyot

    Hate sisters that LIE and MANIPULATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Won’t waste my energy on it!!!

  14. Johnny Manibusan

    Song is giving me Kelly Clarkson vibes. Why haven’t they collaborated yet?? 😫

  15. Yormari Nales

    empty words

  16. c mm

    To the lady who gave birth to me this is so for you

  17. Naked Pictures Of Your Mother

    Wait a second...

    This isn't Death

  18. renie not a friend of mine savala

    I never will stop I just need my man to keep it real not no big dummy who listens to everyone else that's you . You got want you wanted banned me for life that's low. You got what you wanted weak

  19. renie not a friend of mine savala

    Joe castello you can't move on follow me everyday of your life poor thing get a life fat boy. I have moved on I don't no what's wrong with you it's over

  20. renie not a friend of mine savala

    You belong with her it's all good you move on

    Veritas Aequitas

    But they will wake up and that person will be gone too..

    Veritas Aequitas


  21. strmynghts50 k

    You musicians are supposed to create the music and words to dance to,to grab your heart,. This is horrible 😡🤬

  22. Abigail Kania

    Words 😭

  23. barbara estes

    beautiful sometimes you have to let it down

  24. Greeneyes flyangelwings

    The lirics of this song are very powerful and for does that are💞💙💜 going thru tuff
    Time just pray ask for healing ,strength peace of mind God
    Will heal you from the darkness and in time he will bring you to the light🙏💜

  25. Sandra Adkins

    Never break me

  26. Tina M Griffin

    You get out that's how you heal they don't get to break your heart they can't own that. You stay you keep breaking your own heart. Know your self worth!!!

  27. Tracy Olson

    To My Mother in law,
    Won't say anything bad
    Because She is My Husband
    P.S, she is always trying
    But guys it been 30 years💏❣

  28. Melissa Rogers

    I love this song I'm still healing from abuse,words hurt,but I'm stronger than abusers I'm free from them,never going back 💪🏻💜💪🏻

  29. Dwight Wiltz

    No one is trying to break you sorry for speaking my heart that's why I'm about to put a bullet in my head ... God bless please forgive me !

  30. MsSebring2008

    Abuse physical and mental have had both ..PTSD is part of my everyday life I think the words of PTSD should mean
    Its horrible but true

  31. Serendipitous Synchronicity

    I wish this song was out when I was 16... I'd have been my anthem until my mid twenties.

  32. Tracy Olson

    Bring it

  33. Tracy Olson

    Hey guys this is a my HUSBAND, what kinda man don't go to the hospital for 10 days dying,
    Hey baby you where sure I would make it.. doctor despise you so much they worked Around the Clock and guess what I thought backup so guys by the way I was in there for poisoning That's Why They had trouble finding a cure but they burn the Midnight Oil all the doctors worked Around the Clock in the medical library and now I'm here sexy thing is happening all over again so I got to go guys wish me luck

  34. May Hormigas

    You wont break me.. to my past my ex who never took care of my heart who betrayed me took me for granted who never took care of me when I was sick who never backed me from all those haters etc. You WILL NEVER BREAK ME.. GOD HAS ME. I'M A STRONG WOMAN WHO YOU LOST. I PRAY YOU WILL REALIZE WHAT YOU DID TO ME!!

  35. Tracy Olson

    But braking is hard, the burning is hard... makes reminder see you really met

  36. Tracy Olson

    To MY HUSBAND, v

  37. Kimberly Sweet

    She really did a good job

  38. Traci Lynn

    Mental abuse is absolutely as bad as physical !!!

  39. Janine Lehmann

    Love it but i always have loved her beautiful voice she is amazing .

  40. Whitney Sheffer

    Love this song. It's really really cool, amazing and awesome.

  41. Cheri Lones

    Never going too

  42. Don't Hate Just Appreciate


  43. Denise Leon

    It’s terrible

  44. Machovec

    tfw u missclick a death song and end up here

  45. Mayor Milford Memeswell

    Hey this isn’t Death

  46. Mireia Rodà

    Mikasa Ackerman needs to sing this song to Eren Jaeger...

    Amazing voice the one Xtina has, always my favourite singer of all time!

  47. Judy Krynn Edwards

    This song gives me the POWER to not let another person hurt me

  48. Rofskee Banua

    I just wonder why this kind of song with beautiful melody and lyrics didn't become popular and should get a lot of awards

  49. MaRiece Allen

    Physical abuse leaves visual bruises. But verbal abuse hurts mentally, and if you can overcome it then you are strong. Just know that you are loved by others in your life. And please get away from that negativity! It hurts and never stops until we realize that the words they say, are only their self doubts. REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE MORE THEN WHAT THEY SAY!!!

  50. Mary swords

    Funny thing is. I don't ?

  51. Enmanual Rodriguez

    Christina I do not know how explain but this song have something special or magical. The entry of the song is perfect. And the vibes can kill any hungry fan:)

  52. Michelle Hostutler

    This is exactly what an evil malignant narcissistic piece of shit mother does to her very own flesh & blood.. daughter!!

  53. Tracy Olson

    I know my husband sent this song to me, problem is its my song when he walked out on me

  54. Rhonda Smith

    Dear Christina, I'M dying on the inside please call 503-863-8133 to save a sorry soul!

  55. Rhonda Smith

    Dear Christina your words saved my life. Thank you for being brave enough to sing them. Thank you you for sharing!

  56. joyce hewitt


  57. Tracy Olson

    God help us all

  58. Dawn Smith

    I love it!
    Its everything I'd want to say.
    Just doing what I have to do for now but O I've got something in the works!
    Saving this for my Exit Anthem!

  59. Susan Koller-White


  60. Jay Honeywood

    This song gave me all I needed.....

  61. Brianna Autry

    long distance relationships are hard almost impossible, but theyre worth it. I love you babe.

  62. Lena James

    Love this song in 2018

  63. Kayla Crabtree

    I will always love me some Cristina Aguilera. 😍😍😍😄😄

  64. Diane Payne

    Very powerful song.

  65. Septian Hung

    I can easily relate to this song. Love it so much.

  66. kris g

    When you finally realize he ain’t shit :)

  67. mikeparez

    Best song on that album IMO, love it

  68. Genia Dees

    Nope they won’t break me

  69. Alyssa Aunkt

    💙I love this song 🎤✌🏽️so beautiful 🌈✌🏽 stay safe and strong 💪🏾 keep the faith😇✝

  70. Jessica Riffer

    for my dad who uses words as a weapon. my angels in thesky have given me the strength i need to get through

  71. Septian Hung

    Lotus is deeeepppp...

  72. Shondale Brey

    why would I take you down when I love you.? Shit I don't want to change you I want to run with you! you don't know me you just have a bad option of me I'm not those other hoes you have been with before. I want to have fun with you live and be happy and free with you you understand

  73. Kamilla Iqbal

    Why not show the pretty pic throughout the whole video instead of just black????

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Kamilla Iqbal how the fuck is this a VIDEO???? It's literally a blurred almost shadow like picture of Christina a bunch of words on the screen and a song in the background. That means that this has LITERALLY NOTHING to watch. VIDEOS have stuff to watch. This is an AUDIO not a VIDEO dumb shit. Get a fucking dictionary and learn the difference. Both AUDIO and VIDEO are in the dictionary with the definitions of.the words out beside them for those that don't know the difference between the two words. Course I thought by now everybody knew the definition and difference of the two words

  74. Joy Walker

    Her lyrics are so sad and uplifting at the same time people forget that she's actually human and they don't care what they say

  75. Marsha Hopson

    This song help me get over the love of my life that man hurt me like no other

  76. Marinelle Chulsuwan

    My exbf was very absuive verbally to where he would push my button and bring up family matter and the whole hiv thing knowing he himself slept around and that’s how he got it. Now he’s blaming his entire life that it’s all my fault. I’m still battling with this Asshole he’s Ruined my reputation took every confidence I worked so hard for from my last relationship 2 years in the making. I shouldn’t blame that on him cuz that makes me a hypocrite but when is he going to stop and just realize that he’s doing me wrong if so using me for his convenience and benefits. I’m the candle wax and he’s the flame. I was so in love still am with him but eveytiem we run into each other nothing but anger and physical abuse welcomes my way. How do I help him cope with accepting and apologizing? I love this man but 2 years of being there for him brought nothing but pain now. Jail time. And now I’m having a hard time getting a job let alone deal with my hiv and all his threats to my family and my well being. Sometimes I don’t feel human anymore that’s how much he damages people and people still linger around him like he’s angel. There’s nothing more I can say now. Thank you. Goodbye and I love you

    Marinelle Chulsuwan

    Resa thank you so much. I am crying now realizing how ducked up I am for allowing someone like that to happen I felt bad for him I fed him I snuck him around so he stay warm I did what I could and he didn’t see any of what I did or even appreciated any of them. It still hurts I’m still bleeding. But knowing therrr are people out there like you I’ll keep going strong and will keep fighting even tho these tears are just tears and they hurt I’m getting stronger and soon I’ll find thst love of my life

  77. Era Javukh

    I thought she was going to say "the thing about herpes".

  78. joyce hewitt

    Wow you are in the wrong

    joyce hewitt

    What I wrote 6 MONTHS ago

  79. Lisa Mietlicki

    Mental abuse is just as bad as physical abuse..

    Robin Rogers

    Lisa Mietlicki, it's worse than physical abuse at least the bruise heals.

  80. ulloa lagunas raul

    Impressive !!!

  81. Mario OVALLE Romero

    My friends and family
    How is it that a struggle is worth awhile. A thousand WORDS could add up for a life time. Being defeated In A circumstance that Man may not know of.. In deliberate sadness. I AM.. HOW TO PROCEED IN WHAT WE PURSUE IN LIFE.... AN THAT'S THE TRUTH OF MY IMMORALITY IN SPIRIT OR IN THA BODY. FOR THE FLESH NO EXistance in Me ....

  82. Christina Mcleod

    I love this song so powerful!,,

  83. Jeanne Cantrell

    I so needed to hear this especially right now!!!!

  84. Vanessa Naidoo

    Stop ur nonsense RM. I cant handle this anymore.

  85. Vanessa Naidoo

    U broke me n left me broken

  86. Junith Jalosjos

    somehow lyrics from the song express how I feel at this point of my life.
    I just can't explain how and why all I know is its how I feel it is :-)

  87. Jessica DeKam

    Tru story! Meaningful song❤

  88. Kelvin Klent Abella

    This song made me realize that you should trust and believe in your capacity and capability as a person...thanx xtina..forever fighter..

  89. Anniepoo Rist

    Eyes wide open. Finding strenth in the darkness.

  90. Jeanette Harvey

    lol empty like your brain tumour that you havent got

  91. DaniiHawaii

    This journey begins when i start loving me

  92. Wilfredo Cruz

    Beautiful song for this time. Nice song!

  93. Tom Carr

    my favourite, christina is my queen xx

  94. Michelle Chrzanowski

    no more empty words all meaning

  95. audalee long

    life can be cruel but the only approval that i need is mine. this journey starts when i begin loving me.

    Adrian Felder Ingram


    Adrian Felder Ingram


  96. Travis Parker

    This song hits deep!!!! It brings out everything I hold back and it just all comes out. Love this!