Aguilera, Christina - Cease Fire Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah (oh oh)

Inglorious soldier I stand 'til the end
A golden revolver I hold in my hand
The trigger that I never squeeze
The war that brings me to my knees

I'm tired of fighting for peace
When I am alone on the front line
I need you to stand next to me

Baby, cease fire, fire, fire
Throw down your weapons, your weapons, your weapons
I'm on your side, on your side, on your side
So please cease fire, fire, fire
Cease fire, make it stop

Drop down your defences, I'm raising my flag
This fighting is hopeless, we need this to end
It's going too far, don't know where it began
We're hurting each other and I can't pretend

I'm trying to help you to see
The casualties that we both leave
It's all so unnecessary
Can't you hear me scream?

Baby, cease fire, fire, fire
Throw down your weapons, your weapons, your weapons
I'm on your side, on your side, on your side
So please cease fire, fire, fire
Cease fire make it stop

Uh uh uh ooh
Uh uh uh ooh
Uh uh ooh
Uh uh oh

Rolling out
White flag
I surrender
Hear me now
Make it stop
We can do better
Pain and hurt
Living in fear
Wasted energy
In the end
What is it worth?
What is our legacy?

Rolling out
White flag
I surrender
Hear me now
Make it stop
We can do better

Pain and hurt
Living in fear
Wasted energy
In the end
What is it worth?
What is our legacy?

Follow me now
I'm calling out
Somebody help me

I need you now
Why can't you see?
Gotta believe me

Fighting for peace
Need a release
Won't you come with me?

I'm on your side
Swallow your pride
You can confide in me

Army of one
Rise of the sun
Shining for all to see

Enemy's none
Victory's won
No negativity

We can be free,
We have the key
To own our destiny

Baby, cease fire, fire, fire
Throw down your weapons, your weapons, your weapons
I'm on your side, on your side, on your side
So please cease fire, fire, fire
Cease fire make it stop

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Aguilera, Christina Cease Fire Comments
  1. Alex Burress

    I feel that

  2. donna hookem

    I am a MOOSE 😉!!!

  3. Aldo Perez

    Precious songs by Cristina Aguilera my congratulations you have an Ángel voice we LOVE you Forever HONEY

  4. Jenn Boaz

    Could someone please share this on a popular Facebook or Instagram. It's more than six years old but the lyrics are SCREAMING FOR GUN CONTROL!

  5. Angie klement

    This is fucking hot 😱 Hear this the First time 😍 mindblowing ♥️♥️♥️

  6. giri sugiyanto

    This is actually a good song..

  7. Alex International

    my favorite song from this album but i love the whole album too, my favorite album from her :)

  8. im the hottest in the street

    2019 anyone?

  9. ernesto rivera glez

    This song makes me cry....

  10. Carelis Concepcion

    This song is so good to listen to when you think of how violent it is in the world

  11. Φιλιππος Βασιλειαδης

    Masterpiece 😍

  12. Jorge Vergara


  13. Realshittttt


  14. joyce hewitt

    We are not fighting.

  15. Dancer Girl

    This came out in 2012 and yet it relates so much to our world still today..... sad 😔

  16. Danielito Ciccone

    This song is masterpiece

  17. Lauren Vander Veer

    the ones who stay
    stay away
    still I stay
    all the way
    today and every day

  18. joyce hewitt

    I love this one

  19. Amos Maclin

    see what u did pay me my money give it all back u theifs Justice equality for all Liberty and Justice for all

  20. Jonathan Ariel Mezquida Maliqueo


  21. Ange Flores

    this song reminds me of Venezuela , it's so sad what's happenning there #freedom #peace #love #tolerance #fuckyouMaduro

  22. Evany Soteldo

    2012... Christina wrote a futuristic song for all Venezuelans now, it's the perfect song for all the war is happening there.

  23. Infinite Weird

    Her voice needs to be a little higher it's low and makes it sound weird well to me xD

  24. Kathleen Filippone

    Cease the fire


  25. Mariah Reyes

    jersey 413. loves Christina Aguilera ceasefire! when she's one of the best vocalist n the world. thiers noone like her ever. her hard work since she was a kid. know show's love this amazing! phenomenal artist. music is my thing i love 2 sing! n listen. 2 all artist's n i will do what's right. n give props. listening 2 her music is so touching. im a fan of many yes indeed! again she's out of this🌎. her music isn't given enough credit. ceasefire! wow! what an impact this song blew me away!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💪❤👂👍👌✌

  26. Rafael Camargo Urango

    Underrated as fuck, best singer in pop music. So deep.

  27. Szimi Nagy

    i love the lyrics but the music and her singing could've get more melody

  28. Gzul Sulaiman

    this song is suit on the battleground or war anthem... so cool... if they make MV for this song


    Its a REPLY TO .....THIS IS WAR...30 Seconds to Mars NOW U KNOW

  29. Rickus Kruger

    Sounds like a Rihanna song, awesome and so empowering

  30. Irrelevant

    Legend by Marie Lu.. This is so Anden

  31. Sara Sahiner

    Such a beautiful song :') I love christina. she was always my favourite and always will be

  32. LibraLuve XVids

    I still listen to this in 2015, Going into 2016 ..I just wish this was released on the radio or something. This song deserves more credit

    Mawiga Maneerak

    I strongly agree with you

    Judith Rousselle

    +Phoenix A. I absolutely agree

    Shawn Peebles

    I know this song is dope

    UGO CD

    This intro its very similar to this other song

    hoe for Xtina


  33. Ladik Pompa

    This song is lower , its not original key

  34. Kasumi Mugen Tenshin

    I imagine all kind of video music for this song... Lotus age could have been better advanced.

  35. Pattie :v

    Estoy obsesionada con esta canción <3

  36. Bronsons Leo

    I'm tired for fighting for peace..
    When I'm alone in the front line..

    Kinda my life story..

  37. James Branch

    Honestly, fighting for peace; could not resolve any trouble. Fighting SOLVES nothing.

    How about, cease them cat-scraps... When fact is a fight resolves nothing, even a fight for love, could have started some shaded negativity.

    I thought, Kid Rock, or Keith Urban, or some-one, took a dosier of "An admendum for World Peace."?

    Sure it went along the lines, when the world is caught up in catastrophic fights for delusional Imagination Manifest. Focus the global conscious toward PEACE, then there shall be peace, however the world still clearly focuses on DEATH, so even after twenty years, there is no disclosure having come any nearer??!

    Stupid earth-lings, act like they are all from 'outer' space anyway. Hurt(s), TBH :(



  38. Werayut Sorrach

    Paying music video paly media

  39. Shawna McDowell

    I love this song so much it is one of my favorites

  40. Daud Rotama

    Blank Page, Cease Fire, Around The World, Light Up The Sky are the magics.

    Μαργαρίτα Π.

    +Daud Rotama army of me!!!!!

    alejo parada

    Daud Rotama Aaaaa

    tama’s pajamas


  41. johnnyboii

    Mocking Jay

  42. Helen Hiroshima

    amo esta cancion 

  43. Carmen Potters

    Tarazan's best song!

  44. karen contreras

    This song should be on mockingjay

  45. Official Rosaila Magnolia

    When this song came out I could so relate to the words my ex out of no where turned on me I'd talk gentle he would take it in a hostile way it's like my every word was an enemy crazy but that's when I learned mentally he was lost and gone forever. ........

  46. Raven Woods

    The war is useless.the lord taught us to fight for honor,not for greed



  47. michelle mangwanya

    The MH17 tragedy made me listen to this song...#UkraineRussiaCeaseFire

  48. Brittany Holloway

    I don't want to be mean but I'm obsessed with Christina Aguilera. The lyrics need to be right. I really hope this song makes the mockingjay soundtrack.

  49. Brittany Holloway

    I love this song and Christina Aguilera. Its perfect for.mockingjay. but if you are going to make a lyrics video, make the lyrics rightm

  50. Josh B


  51. janeen bennett

    I love this song so much

  52. Chloe Downing

    This should so be on mockingjay soundtrack I love the hunger games GO TEAM PEETA aka peeniss

  53. Sonof David

    Was Here

  54. Madison Green

    If this isn't in Mockingjay I am going to go nuts.

  55. Billie Jo Gilkey

    does dating a Mexican make you part of a gang?  either way I am on your side forever. 


    Lol....growing up in da bucket makes me hard core Dunkin Donuts Luvin

  56. Nadia Perez

    They better use this in mocking jay or I'm gonna be pissed!😡😤


    Mockingjay pt 2 mabye at the end would be awesome. Or some epic part of the movie... #TeamPeeta #Hungergames4life

  57. Nadia Perez

    This song is simply amazing!😘

  58. Keylani Gailes

    don't worry christina i'm on ur side .   btw i can kinda relate

  59. Nikki8Peridot13

    Please let them put this in Mockingjay 

  60. I love .Twilight

    She's attractive now that she doesn't have all those piercing and big streaks in her hair and everything.


    Its DRESS UP...HAIR BUN CUTIE JAMMIES ...Just like u

  61. Victor Cabinta

    This is perfect for Catching Fire.

  62. Solange Vetcher

    really? eminem and christina??...


    Nah that lil b*tch ....Shouldn't have let my cousin dominate him ....he lost out

  63. Yuri Fenty

    Deus <3

  64. Patrycja Przybylska

    copy is copied.. ? LOL

  65. Veronica Mendez

    I am crazy 2 the video !!!

  66. Mitzie Go

    Her voice is on fire! 2k13 :D

    Julia Vargas

    Her voice iz epic tymeless christina Aguilera 4 eternity

  67. Jussef Osman


  68. Elizabeth Anne

    me thinking to myself -> "This is getting to be a little crazy. You are liking every song on this new album on youtube. Just BUY IT ALREADY." Lol :P

  69. jockoSweets

    the first words are inglorious soldier not in glory....

  70. 2112mary U2

    One of my very favourites from Lotus.

  71. TayTay BeyNippy

    its like you read my mind and posted it into a comment :) lol :P
    #Legendtina #WeRemain

  72. Stallone Tjia

    We Remain! New song for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but I can see Cease Fire could bring it as a soundtrack too!

  73. Naser Dadino

    Love This Album

  74. anabely999

    Make the fighting stop. Where did the peace go?

  75. Lydia

    The music is copied ^^ Otherwise I like the sound! *w*

  76. Abba919

    what is copied?

  77. Lydia

    This is copied. ._.

  78. Veronica Mendez

    Loveeeee this song, alottt, hermosa esta cancion !!! Me encanta ...

  79. Cherry Sally

    Que Hermosa Canción ! Me encanto! Y Chirstina es Perfecta :) <3

  80. Bárbara Edwards

    This is so perfect, touching and inspiring. I just wanna cry. Christina, you're amazing.

  81. Poo Kichwa

    I TOTALLY LOVE THIS SONNGG the lyrics are so beautiful and the melody has really something magical to it, i don't know but it sounds really beautiful

  82. shootbook

    Is it just me or did her voice get more strong and beautiful

  83. Sol

    My favorite song of Lotus... the lyric is amazing. For me is double meaning: relationships of love and wars in the world... "I'm tired fighting for peace"

  84. Florin Narcis Badescu

    Simply I love her , the way she sound is divine.Only angels can sing better :)

  85. ladybuglove4156

    Love the song love her both are so beautiful

  86. Taija mmlandersxx

    of the hook

  87. carlos uzcategui

    muy hermosaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

  88. Jamie hole

    No 1!!! Can say this woman is autotuned she is up there with whitney celine mariah and all the others with legendary voices love u christina 3

  89. saiko

    why autotune her voice like that??? it would have been better without that computer sound...


    Simply put BORED.....playing around ...oh thats cool

  90. ThatDarkTemptation

    I love that note at 3:37, its so beautiful and unexpected.

  91. liam kane

    more meaning than scream and shout by the talentless artists aka pigney spears

  92. liam kane

    no. she is 1 in 7 billion


    U pretty boss yaself

  93. Katiecat64

    Lots of wrong lyrics but i love the song :D

  94. weaam abbas

    i like the :" yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah "


    Haha u WOULD

  95. İrfan Meriç

    amazing *-*

  96. TheLovelylove


  97. AmyLarien

    One of the best songs of everytime. So useless to fight..for what?


    My RIGHTS ....My DNA