Aguilera, Christina - Army Of Me Lyrics

I've been standing where you left me, left me
Praying that you'd come and get me, get me
But now I've found my second wind, wind
Now I've found my second skin, skin

Well I know what you were thinking
You thought you'd watch me fade away, away
When you broke me into pieces
But I gave each piece a name, a name

One of me is wiser
One of me is stronger
One of me's a fighter
And there's a thousand faces of me
And we're gonna rise up
Yeah we're gonna rise up
For every time you wronged me
Well you're gonna face an army, army of me

Welcome to my revolution
All your walls are breaking down, down
It's time you had a taste of losing, losing
Time the tables turned around, round

I see a glimpse of recognition
But it's too little it's too late, it's too late
And what you thought was your best decision
Just became your worst mistake

One of me is wiser
One of me is stronger
One of me's a fighter
And there's a thousand faces of me
And we're gonna rise up
Yeah we're gonna rise up
For every time you wronged me
Well you're gonna face an army, army of me

So how does it feel
To know that I beat you
That I can defeat you
Oh, how does it feel
'Cause it sure feels sweeter
It sure feels sweeter to me

Now that I'm wiser
Now that I'm stronger
Now that I'm a fighter
There's a thousand faces of me

And I'm gonna rise up
Yeah I'm gonna rise up
For every time you wronged me
There's a thousand faces of me
Yeah I'm gonna rise up
Yeah I'm gonna rise up
For every time you wronged me
Now you're gonna face an army
Army of me

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Aguilera, Christina Army Of Me Comments
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    Yeah mommy dearest piece of narcissistic shit had to learn this shit the hard way!!

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  6. Striping with Bella

    Single why wasn’t it a singellllllllllll

  7. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

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  9. Kevin Jang

    Her songs were really there with me in a phase of my life where I was in a really dark place. That is why I really love her music, because she sings about being oneself and triumphing over pains and adversity.

  10. donna hookem

    Good luck !

  11. donna hookem


  12. Lanetria Modique

    Song still slaps. Listening to This album again and it's aged so well!

  13. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    For Rob Scott & Kendal& Kane ODriscoll

  14. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    For Victory Life Centre Osborn Park WA,Goddess of the sea.

  15. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

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  17. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    Para Denise Quiñones y Madison Anderson y Magali Febles.

  18. PopHeart

    Missed single 😭

  19. Ivonne Jamaica

    True fighters love our queen the one and only christina maria Aguilera 😘😘😘😘😘

  20. Alex Luna

    Where is the oficial video? This is a masterpiece

  21. Mai Medeiros

    Love <3

  22. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    For Rob Scott & Margaret Court

  23. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    For Kane & Sally Faye and Linzi

  24. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    For Kendal Scott family

  25. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

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  26. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    For Rob Scott,Kendal & Indiana ,& Margaret Court.and Sally.

  27. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

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  28. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

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  29. Jesus Revelo


  30. Bongz B

    Whaaaaat??? Never knew this version. This gat my my

  31. michela derry

    i cant choose between this version or Anastacias. They are both great!!

  32. Mari

    Anastacia who?????

  33. Susan Puglife

    One of this girls best songs vocally

  34. isabela salles

    Those lyrics ♥️

  35. jhochberg2

    The theme song of the 2018 mid-term elections!

  36. flowerpusheen love

    WWE - Army Of Me Vevo

  37. Majid X

    I'll never understand why this song is underrated and not a hit .. i see it better than the sh#t in pop right now

  38. jorje vanelle


  39. antonella di palma

    Xtina is a good singer... but Anastacia is Anastacia.

  40. Alexis Lopera

    love It, she is glorious

  41. Alexis Lopera

    love It, she is glorious

  42. Da To

    guys dont say sorry just beacause you have bad taste. just listen to anastasia if u prefer her version. XD

  43. Laura Heyden


  44. sandro everdin

    I am about to comment then I saw a name Anastasia that they say it is better cover..then I looked it up and listened then I cracked up the sh*t out of me.. ALL I HEARD IS AUTOTUNE! and I am not even kidding.. worst COVER lol

  45. Mariah Reyes

    Jersey 413 sayz a song of empowerment. When the wind blows from every direction life will simply knock u down just 2 build u up even stronger, life n its levels u can't let it beat you. You must alwayz keep fighting till the end. U will get victory! Because u have that strength within 2 rise above all circumstances.u are a true warrior. Belive u can n u certainly will. Suite of armor on everyday.

  46. Andreas Andreas

    I love your voice,you are the best singer...,love you so much.

  47. Victor Frankenstein

    Anastacia's version is way more better.

  48. Danijela Jaredic

    Anastacia's version thousand times better, she's a real fighter.

  49. Melissa Mahar

    OMG I love this song giving power over me take g me back

  50. I’m Trash

    I’ve heard this song in sooo many cheer mixes

  51. Just_Another_La_Beebo_Tea

    well this sucks

  52. Harvey C.

    Should've been a single!

  53. Toby Robertson

    Xtina did it first and did it better #anastasiawho

    Marcel Lokken

    No she did it different. There is no right or wrong. Or better. Its a preference.

  54. beautifulblackboy2015

    I love Christina but this song is fucking boring!!! 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  55. Antonymous Gawker

    Da Queen.

  56. Ida Baltz

    Arya Stark?

  57. Jenna Z

    what is with the albums production :/

  58. edgar quezada

    miss you diva of pop

  59. Maggie Nunez

    powerhouse voice always loved you and still do even more Christina love & respect Maggie:)

  60. Kathleen Filippone

    Put up your dukes lol

  61. Farrion Spencer

    Fuck Bjork this is CHRISTINA AGUILERA!

  62. Andrea Alessandrini

    beautiful but i prefer anastacia's version! :D

  63. iaint sorry

    Bjork and Christina songs are both good assholes!!!!

  64. Marcos Reis


  65. Rickus Kruger

    This would be a good James Bond song hey.

  66. Smokey Mann

    They don't come like her no more smh

  67. SeekThePaleSeptember

    ~ Why are retards typing shit up in the search bar for "Bjork", Yet landing here?


    SeekThePaleSeptember Because Bjork has a song with the exact same name.

    Clumpnugget Montenegro

    IHaveNoIdeaWhyGoogleLetsYourNameBeThisLongWaitItGetsLongerSeriouslyWhyAreYouStillReadingThis so?

  68. vulnikkura


  69. vulnikkura

    Where the hell is Björk?

  70. Sunday Parchitelli

    Christina ha una voce fantastica, ma questa versione è troppo dance. L' esperienza e la voce di Anastacia rendono molto di più il significato di questa bellissima canzone...LOVE ANA!

  71. Edward Persee

    I AM A FIGHTER 👊🏻😻

  72. GreekTopSongs

    very good....but anastacia is better <3

    Marcel Lokken

    Here is Anastacia her version.

    Marcel Lokken

    And here is a live performance version.

    Marcel Lokken

    I personally prefer Anastacia. I think her voice fits the song better. It is more raw and has more emotion in it.

  73. David Mudris

    If you like this, you have to listen Anastacia"s version, it's much better, Xtina has a great voice but Anastacia's is much more powerful

    Toby Robertson

    David Mudris no u need to fuck off

    Victor Frankenstein

    David Mudris anastacia is the queen

    sandro everdin

    Ew! I don’t know the girl.. so I go and Listen and I cracked up!! Autotune baby! Autotune! Hahahaha Xtina don’t use that.

    Madonna and Anastacia are the queens

    sandro everdin You should listen some live videos by Anastacia because she is pretty good in live.Christina is a great singer too.I love both and both versions of Army of me.😊

    Marcel Lokken

    Here is the live version. Please tell me where the autotune is haha.

  74. Khalid Al Shammiry - خالد الشمري


    Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari

    Khalid Al Shammiry - خالد الشمري same

  75. Mariah Ettinger

    I was just trying to find björk...

  76. xxxblasted77 aka Sonic Pressure


  77. Valentino La Ciura

    wow... this voice... 👍💗

  78. Rafael Camargo Urango

    So wasted in pop music. She must sing Rock N' Roll and I think she could even handle some hard rock. This girl makes a huge sound, it's almost unbelievable, so extraordinary. I call this talent.


    Rafael Camargo Urango hell yea man!

  79. Katia Linger

    Anastacia canta meglio sta canzone

  80. José Anisio galaz Galaz

    me encanta cristina Aguilera

  81. José Anisio galaz Galaz

    me encanta cristina Aguilera

  82. Samuele Salaris

    Bella canzone ma la versione di Anastacia è migliore ;)


    1000 volte :D

  83. enmanuele garcia

    Si este hubiera sido el primer single de LOTUS, la historia hubiera sido otra. Esta cancion tenia todo para ser un super hit.


    Your Body tambien tenia todo para ser hit.

    Frank Gonzalez

    Lamentablemente Christina Aguilera solo canto Your body en vivo una ocasió promoción fue casi nula.

  84. sarah sailors

    I came here looking for Björk...

    yosimar parker

    jaja me too


    and I left here looking for Bjork.

    Bastián L

    sarah ruth me too

    Susan Puglife

    Damn forgot all about that lol that was the very first compact disc I bought LOL

  85. Austin-Tyler

    Okay this version by her would've been a number one hit single.

  86. SkulI Collector

    anastacia version is good. covers arent suppose to sound exactly like the original and she did a nice job. and ill say it i couldnt care for christina at all.. however.. christinas version is better.

  87. oocbaby

    this is a very nice song...Anastacias is good but its dated...this one is very upbeat

  88. Paulastacia8

    Anastacia's cover is best because of her voice and style srry but....Anstacia is better💘🇦😍


    Yes is mine opinion and that yours ejeje


    paula diaz fdez loool it is just funny, how can you compare Anastacia to legendtina!!!

    Adam Nejmaoui

    You're pretty mcuh wrong. She covered the song, then a reporter asked what she thought of Xtina's version, she didn't know. She said she hopes she does it as much justice as Xtina would. It is called artist respect, and not admitting another is superior. I am sorry, But Anastacia did it justice. HEr version is heartfelt, and less nightclub, dance, fusion...

    Toby Robertson

    Paulastacia8 no

  89. McGonagallfan100

    >.< Anastacia's cover is better, its more suited to her voice and style, she builds as well as oppose to just going all out for the whole song, which I think makes the song better

  90. schokoladen kuchennn

    me gusta

  91. enmanuele garcia

    i am here for anastacia..

  92. Irina Kuster

    From Anastacia❤❤❤❤ is it better!!!
    Sorry, but I like the other songs of you...

  93. InterestingName

    Great song, shame she screams off the top of her lungs, it's painful to hear

  94. J. Abimelec Granado

    love this song!

  95. - F o n t a L -

    the power of a radio hit

  96. Christina Aguilera TV

    A true fighter's anthem <3 <3 #Fighterforlife

    Christina Aguilera TV

    @Panda One of her worst?? how come?


    maybe not one of her worst i just dont like bionic-lotus era except some songs You lost me,i am,stronger than ever,blank page,best of me,empty words,sing for me and just a fool....each one of the others of those 2 albums dont seem any good to me...sounds like kesha...i think stripped and back to basics era were 100 times better

    Christina Aguilera TV

    @Panda I agree


    @Christina Aguilera TV i am glad


    Panda back to basic wasn't her best I'm sorry . Bionic was epic..

  97. Handsome Zack

    I accidentally clicked this while looking for Bjork...

    Terrible. You're all terrible.