Agnostic Front - Undertow Lyrics

Yesterday, my world crashed with a blast
That period I chose to bury my past
It tells of time - my back against the wall
Back then, a victim of society to maul
Spend your life pushing and shoving to climb to the top
But you're held by a thread
All the work you've don't goes to waste
Because in this life you just can't get ahead
Again my world came tumbling hard upon my back
Life sifted through my hands like sand through an hourglass
It tells of time I'll never recapture
The grains controlling my life scarred me forever
So this is how it goes-you give with no return
You're always undertowed - can't get ahead

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Agnostic Front Undertow Comments
  1. The Dedicated

    I feel like the bass/low end kinda got lost in the mix, cause the live album version of this song is next level..

  2. grisucom

    good old times

  3. Wruff

    Fucking GREAT record!