Agnostic Front - Riot, Riot Upstart Lyrics

Say you got two friends so tight with them
See them all running
They all want revenge
See them on the street
See them all around
Upset the system
Gonna burn it down


Take a swing, fight back
Chances that you take
Knock down, drag out
Stories all the same.
Street fight tonight
What you gonna do?
Someone's always running up behind you...

See them on the run with bullets in their head
See them all fighting
They all want revenge
You want a riot -
You want a fight - New York City is ours tonight

You better get ready - no time to mess around
You better get ready - cause there's no backing down

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Agnostic Front Riot, Riot Upstart Comments
  1. Benjamin Hanelly

    Someone needs to find the master and upload a quality copy of this video, it's a classic!

    sonny day

    I used to have a really good copy of this video and Gotta Gotta Go on VHS, that I recorded off of a public access punk rock show here in Los Angeles back in the late 90's. I believe it was just called the "punk rock show" and it was put on by Side One Dummy Records and Epitaph. Sucks, I threw away the VHS tape back in 2002 since it was so old.

  2. vinmanr2d2