Agnostic Front - Revenge Lyrics

When you see me coming
It'll be too late
You've done me wrong
So now I must retaliate
Yes it's about my honor
I live what I speak
I warned you once before
Now you face defeat

My heart gets full of rage
By your sight
- Mercy!
Is what you'll plead
But it falls on deaf ears
- No mercy!
Disgrace is your name
You're the only one I blame
But anyone with you
Will meet the same fate
I've made it clear!

Revenge against my enemies
- Your selfish acts have proved
You have no loyalty!
Revenge against all enemies
- The time has come for you
To face your destiny!

Revenge is never sweet
It's more like a disease
There's no satisfaction 'til
I've cured myself
Of the sickness in me
Yes it's about my honor
You disrespected the creed
It goes deeper
Than words can express
I'll show you what I mean!

Revenge against my enemy!
Revenge against all enemies!

The time is here now
Fear is written
All over your face
You know you've done wrong
You knew what was at stake
By you my old friend
Will bring this to an end

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