Agnostic Front - Outraged Lyrics

I wanna live again
I wanna know I'm alive
I wanna breath again
Suffocated from all your lies
I'll tell you how it is
Just shut up and listen to me
Sick and tired
Of your ignorance
Sick of you stupidity

Your my pain - my rage!
My pain - I'm outraged!

look in my eyes
See my strife, feel my fight
Look at my life
Tell me do you recognize
See the pain
Can you feel all this hate
See the scars
I don't think you can relate

To my pain - my rage!
My pain - outraged!
My pain - my rage!
My pain - I'm outraged!

You won't hold me back,
NO! Even though
You want it that way
I've lived in shame,
No longer will you
Fuel my Pain!

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