Agnostic Front - Now And Then Lyrics

You see it was drawn easy, my services for a rewarding fee
Never thinking then of the hundreds I've hurt
Their morals and family so deserted, you see
Back then my mind was conned, caught in a pipe dream
Understand my path set forth from a struggling background
Mom always worked her hardest maintaining her four hounds
Scared and afraid that my own child's future was at stake
Quickly reacting was where I made my biggest mistake
Filled with delusions I fell
I fell deep in my grave carried by deceits devouring waves
I can still remember her nights in tears of rage
Never giving up even with her life in a ruthless maze
Took a harsh lesson for me to understand life
What once was taken granted stabbed with a knife
I've towed along loved ones throughout my experiences
Placed them in torturous wars when it all was needless
Now and then I failed to think deep clear inside
Now and then I rather maintain a modest existence
Now and then never again will I barter my freedom

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