Agnostic Front - Force Feed Lyrics

Four hundred years ago as enforced today
The barriers built then to reform undesirable prey
Removed from civilization, reduced to depraved moles
Once freedom is withdrawn the levels of hatred soar
For in this house you call our home
Your righteous land, your torturous tombs
Lust in our future to strengthen our eyes
Overlook instigations made of immoral lies
Force fed lies
Keep our lives in colors, animosity you feed
Create a need of power, when men wear shades of green
Now pit us, bait us and place us on your board
Come arm us, force us, and use us in your war
Again in our valley where the buffalo roamed
Your sociopathic battle mourned 7 new souls
The mission a success, divide and conquer technique
The creator not a myth, just an injurious elite

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Agnostic Front Force Feed Comments
  1. Robert Pacho

    Underated bad ass jam🎸

  2. roxana martinez

    aguante agnostic front la concha puta de la gorra

  3. cmm98

    that riff at 0:50 fucking amazing

  4. luboshio

    popiči song