Agnostic Front - Dead To Me Lyrics

I just can't believe you
Turned and stabbed my back
I'm still in disbelief
I fell into that trap

I put my trust in you
You played me like a fool
This time you went to far
I turn my back on you

You're everything I hate
Dead to me
You dug yourself into a grave
Dead to me
It's my turn to walk away
Dead to me
There's nothing left to say
Cause you're - Dead to me

Don't say you had my back
That's just another lie
I called you on your bluff
Now our time is up
When push comes to shove it
I always showed you love
I turn my back on you

No heart, no loyalty - for me
No trust, no empathy - for me
Where have you been'
Where have you been!
Talking to your friends, again
Behind my back
Die with your sins!
Die with your sins! my friend
You're dead to me!

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Agnostic Front Dead To Me Comments
  1. Celso Denis

    Carecas do brasil oi

  2. cmm98

    Warriors was way better thAn another voice

  3. Pieter Parel

    NYHC at its best

  4. alphagaia

    Hardcore forever !!!!!!! Worldwide brothers and sisters unite

  5. Luke Long

    I always considered agnostic front is a hardcore band but everyone always says to me agnostic front is a punk band. I wouldn't put them in same category as NOFX.

    Mario Garofano

    who the fuck said that Agnostic are a punk band, what's wrong with them?


    Hardcore is a form of punk music though

    Mario Garofano

    dude, hardcore became a category with genres of its own. If we follow your logic, punk is a form of rock, and so is metal. So everything's rock. It's not that way.
    We have: punk, rock, hardcore, and metal. those are the four big categories, with all their subgenres and mixes and hybrids and shit. <3

    ratt euh

    fuck all this genre categorising bullshit , if it goes it goes ,and this fucking GOEEEESSSSS

  6. joaquin ruiz pino


  7. Jeremy Kitchen

    Not one member of AF lives in NYC...


    they used to live in n.y.c. but people do move, duh!

    Marc Horowitz

    Are you sure about that? Either way, it’s where the band was born and raised. Any more moot points?

    Norman Benton

    You mean anymore? Their neighborhoods don't exist anymore. Google "Old New York".

    W L

    Doesn't stigma still live in little Italy.


    @W L yep

  8. Dcj DC JHON L

    a que 11's no les gusta pa darles Dead to me? :@@

  9. Mindjakked

    Roger hits the nail on the fukking head Oi! brothers! AGNOSTIC FRONT 4 EVER!

  10. flashbulb18

    where can i get it??

  11. skallisippe

    amnazing i love the band!!!

  12. Boobsrule

    Cruel Hand> Agnostic Front.


    Shutdown > cruel hand

  13. skylar222008

    is that a booger?

    Luke Long

    Lol yes !!!


    @jdc336 You're a dumbass. Just in case you were wondering you are seriously stupid.

  15. tropicalpimp

    @LeftoverBiscuits LOL all good. No matter the race..although being a latino rocker kicks mad ass, Agnostic Front is fuckin awesome!!!

  16. joshwhiskeyTV

    @HCadrenaline eww...all the worst bands off al time

  17. Phyiuck Yoo

    @tropicalpimp oh snap, i knew Freddy from Madball was full but they have different fathers so I always thought Roger's was white for some reason, I guess I heard it somewhere

  18. tropicalpimp

    @LeftoverBiscuits FYI: Roger Miret has a tat on his neck that says 100% Cubano..he's not half. He's FULL latino.

  19. snoristerlison

    @Norskskinnskalle Roger Miret the singer is cuban.

  20. Christian Werner Vogel

    una gran banda un mazazo en medio de tu cabeza!!!

  21. jimjoguila

    @BlackDahliaHcTk sorry bro i don't mean no disrespect but because sometimes I saw an annoying comments bout real hardcore music and came through metal/death metal fan peaceout bro!

  22. Phyiuck Yoo

    @coerly singer of this band is half hispanic. theyre not nazis, plenty of bands have used nazi imagery that arent nazis

  23. jimjoguila


  24. oldschoolberu

    this album s one of the best album i've ever heard! AF rules!!!

  25. FøkkDritt

    @coerly wtf? They are Latino!

  26. whodat6484

    That shot of Roger in mid-air at 1:35 is what it's all about man......NYHC 4 Life!!!

  27. coerly

    Remember your album cover with the Nazi Death camp scene and the mass grave, with the Nazi getting ready to kill a concentration camp victim...Oh yea, that!!!! Kinda tough to forget your racist past assholes!!!!!

    Oh yea, about that ummm, well we re released that album with the cover blacked out cause um yo we uh changed our simple NYC street minds yo!!!!! New yawk rules da streets yo!!!!!

  28. llamacaptain

    i like 'em and im pretty sure that im not a pussy

  29. aaronquy1968

    Lewd Crude and Tattooed!!

  30. Quincy Tamerus

    @Hinkmeister421 uhm dude probably all the music you listen wouldnt exist without bands like agnostic front because pretty much every metal after iron maiden came from trash andtrash is heavy metal with hardcore so learn your shit kid.

  31. mike hawk

    @Hinkmeister421 u fuckin fail... no one here cares about your "real metal"(those bands u r listening to are commercial piece of shit for idiots like you to enjoy ("öh shit suicide silence is sooo br00tal metal") and wtf do u mean by saying "Those dudes would have you picking your teeth up off the ground"?? how? with long hair? and how do you imagine them even daring to look at AF u pathetic looser? this is hc punk/metelalic hardcore, not metal, so u can showe it up ur ass you stupid fuck

  32. Christian Werner Vogel

    que banda que tema dead to me!!!!!

  33. Anthony Anderson

    i like their instruments.
    but damn this new album his vocals are REALLY pissing me off.

  34. ~Jens~Hc~

    I agree with verebril
    Hinkmeister is just a fucking wannabe that only listens to hardcore because he wants to look tough

  35. Jsoley

    Macho insecurity

  36. Hinkmeister421

    hahahaha 6 thumbs down?
    wow you guys have horrible taste in music, agnostic front is a horrible band and vinny stigma looks like he got hit in the face with a shovel

  37. Hinkmeister421

    these vocals are just horrendous,
    this band sucks fat sweaty cock

    Chris Ficeto

    What the fuck are you even doing here? Step the fuck off. Fucking poser who's testicles have yet to drop...

  38. danny lofaro

    AF= NYHC- The best fucking hardcore band EVER PERIOD!