Agnostic Front - Crucified Lyrics

They ask why do we dress this way
Live for now - Don't understand today
See the kids - But don't hear what they say
Close your eyes and look the other way
Say the end justifies the means
Gonna lock us up and throw away the keys

Crucified - Crucified for your sins
Crucified - Crucified for your sins

They don't know our feelings - only desperate cries
They see reflections through distorted eyes
We don't care because it breaks their views
Got to learn to fight to live
Before they grind us under heel

We're the targets so easy to find
And we're the ones that won't stay in line
I find myself nailed to a cross
For something that I didn't do
It's your fault you've ruined our lives
And we're the ones you crucify
You're the ones who commit the crimes
But it's always us who do the time

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Agnostic Front Crucified Comments
  1. Legkick KO

    Skins don’t give a crap about what anybody thinks.

    “The day society accepts your kind, that’s the day that skinhead dies”

  2. portalal kaos

    Iron cross Skin - Dc

  3. LoudandDave



    Loudandwhat? they were in cc Friday, great show

  4. Robert Alan

    Skinhead never die !

  5. Maiden IN Movies

    gotta love em. viva la AF! cheers to all true skinheads all over the world. Maiden maniacs, cockney oi punks. keep running free forever!

  6. FTW PGH

    great tune and the best guys!

  7. Lord Eindride

    People seem to forget this is a cover song of the band Iron Cross

    Dimitris dm


    Maiden IN Movies

    cover but in the completely new view point. but yes, this should be remembered its not their hit

    Precious Metal Head

    Sometimes a band does it better than the original and everyone forgets it was ever theirs. Like Metallica with seek and destroy.

    Tim Brown

    @Precious Metal Head What do you mean like Metallica with "Seek & Destroy"?
    As far as I know, Metallica wrote that.

    Eric Karn

    @Tim Brown They did. Maybe they're thinking of "So What"?

  8. klass a

    grew up with shit and hate nazis noworth talking about them, there are no neonazis like there are no neoassholes
    they are just nazis and assholes!!!

    Glenn Belafonte

    And weak, liberal dickheads with no balls nor ability to formulate a proper sentence.

  9. Scott George

    I always keep my Steel Toed boots on while hearing this .

  10. ellernathan69

    the whole point of this song and the crucified skinhead symbol is that we real skinheads are constantly being misjudged and punished for the actions and beliefs of a bunch of sociopathic morons who have almost successfully completely​ hijacked and corrupted our well meaning origins. Skinheads, REAL SKINHEADS, are just simple men and women of the working class that like to get together with their friends, enjoy good music, and on occasion kick the living shit out of prejudiced dickheads, and Nazi fucking scum. We have absolutely got to get the message out, especially to the kids, that schools shouldn't​ be ur primary source of education. Educate yourself, young and old alike. I'm not long for this world bc of a genetic disease I only recently realized I have but I still feel a constant need to find the truth. Not the "truth" that's literally being sold on TV, radio, and now the fkn internet. I mean the real truth, bc it's out there brothers and sisters u just have to look for it. And never FUCKIN ever just accept that what u are or were taught is the real truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The sad reality is that we've all been fed far more lies than truth. God bless u all.

    Frawsted Butts

    Amen brother

    Maiden IN Movies

    trying to educate the masses here in SLovakia for some 40 years and almost no use. I consider myself a skin but Maiden maniac also and its just sad to hear or read press or anything about skinheads. you know, there's nazi scene in every music genre not just Oi. united we stand

    Chris Femino

    lighten up Francis

    Danzig Line

    Here I was thinking it was about fighting back, as poor whites were being beaten, robbed and killed.
    It is a anti pride, fashion club or a hard workers club?
    Bring that white guilt shit into prison- whites were beaten on for being white -where i grew up, whites with no pride were dead-

    Martin Doll

    Oi Trad Skinhead from Pittsburgh. We must get the word out

  11. jeldamy johnk

    [email protected]:15=16:j30HN19:30.?.

  12. radwizard

    Thank you for posting.

  13. alexis colas

    skinhead army oi oi oi!

  14. Mr.DamageControl to here this song everyday!

  15. payazokoki

    The best version this is in the Liberty and justice for... record. This one is okay.

  16. Random Hero

    With Full Force 2015 was so awesome!

  17. mario64PKmetalhead

    Did AF do the original? I've heard bands like 25 Ta life play this song and I'm not sure who made it


    @mario64PKmetalhead the song was originally done by the band iron cross

  18. Chris Gilbert

    Sometimes you gotta go with the classics


    Chris Gilbert not sometimes. all the time


    this is not the classic , its a cover of the classic by Iron Cross

  19. MadDog McGregor

    I like iron Cross' version best but 25 ta Life's version is also good. don't care for this version much. not into hardcore

    Bebe Ratm

    @DannyTrojanSkin McGregor but 25 ta life are hardcore too,mate.

    MadDog McGregor

    @Bebe Ratm yea I know but I just like theirs better.  

    mi san thrøpe

    how does this comment fit to your other comment above ???
    something weird is going up your mind, right ??? .................

  20. MadDog McGregor

    you're the ones who commit the crimes but it's always us who do the time
    fucking neo Nazi scum! fuck you, you disgrace our culture

    Lord Eindride

    How are they neo Nazi when more than half the band is Cuban... you sir are retarded

    Dimitris dm

    only an idiot would call agnostic front neo nazis

    Maiden IN Movies

    right bro

    Maiden IN Movies

    and the last addition in the band behind the drumkit - gotta love him!

  21. Pinchydalobster1

    10+ shows, all kicked ass

  22. Surrey Roofing Supplies

    Love it  

  23. Yankee Hooligan

    DMS are true American Skins! 

    AC Skins

    Yankee Hooligan ACS...Above The Rest !

  24. KINGKAOS518

    Respect to the Lower East Side Crew / Black & Blue - Like Raybeez Said" "Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Street's!" - Albany Checking In, NYHC 4Life 

    Thomas Hartmann

    KINGKAOS518 518 all day! Cobleskill......... UPSTATE SCUM FOR LIFE

  25. Camilo Andres Rodriguez Marquez

    we used to play this as a cover with my band back in colombia thank u for share it!

  26. Teru Mikami

    How is this racist?

    Antonio Skinhead. Apolitico.

    The real skinhead is apolitical and anti racist, since 1969.

    George Szweden

    Well as the song says, "I found myself for something that I didn't do"
    it says it all

  27. JD-LINK98

    8 believer gay

  28. eduardonarcoplayboy

    this song is fuckin awesome! :)

  29. Camilo Gonzalez

    Crucified..."I have nothing to say."

  30. ajsinh00

    its so fuckin obvious u dont need them !

  31. LetsGoBBruins

    THIS song kicks some serious ass!

  32. killbillvol69

    Yes, that's correct. Iron Cross cover.

  33. HardcoreHeathen 'Earthkwake'

    god damn, this is just one of those songs you could never get tired of!

  34. Andrew Miranda

    this song is a cover from the Iron Cross?

  35. blackshadow016

    Because Youtube is a place when you're given the illusion you can say everything you want.

  36. Megas Alexandros

    this song is fucking awesome.

  37. shithead2415

    youre the only gay here, real men are racist !

  38. jimgoose ridesagain

    Fuck this racist shit. This is just one balls-out, kick-ass, head-banging,turn it up, floor the accelerator and chant along anthem.


    Stay lobotomized!

  40. LordRotzI

    made my day

  41. Buford Tannen

    what skinhead in 2012 actually gives a shit how "racist" or "anti-racist" anyone else is?
    Stop shutting down shows with your soap box faggotry.

  42. Beto D. Polo

    Teach me how to write it down, imma surely correct it as well as you tell me, but that tells me you got my point 8)

  43. Dai Thomas

    Too busy rockin', mate.

  44. Gary Jones

    Now now. Jesus wouldn't like to hear you talk like that.

  45. Chris

    And you need to get your eyes and mind opened. Fucker.

  46. anjoed68

    I'm glad they re-recorded it, because the vocals on the "And Justice" album were fucking awful.

  47. TrippHazardous

    This song is fucking awesome!!!! happy now?

  48. destiny66

    preach on brotha!

  49. imnotzeusimnotzeus

    serious these guys are not only bad ass, they have been bad ass for a really long time. the fact that they are still just as jamming now as they were back in the day. i tell you what, these guys are no coldplay

  50. Frank Felter

    Cool. These posts remind me of the brawls outside of CBGB's in the 80's between skins, punks, thrashers, and anyone who mistakenly got caught in the crossfire. NYHC was truly a mixed bag for anyone set of ism, I chose them all. Whether it was Agnostic Front, Warzone, Murphy;s Law, Gorilla Biscuits, Sick of it All, or some good ole thrash like MOD, they were the poets that had something to say, took our ears, and said it hard and true to the heart like no other scene in the world!!!

  51. DIYWMD


    Learn fuckin english, shitbrick.


    DIYWMD Malo :(

  52. becks wilson

    Why are there no comments that are just simply saying how fucking awesome this song is?

  53. Samson McCluskey

    @Roughsauce No European country or America is projected to keep a majority white population by the end of the century. If anti-racist means letting the Third World displace white people everywhere then anti-racist must be anti-white. If every country in Africa were taken over by non-black immigrants then the black population would be in a frenzy yet white countries are supposed to practice tolerance. If you want to roll over and give our nations away then, by all means, practice tolerance.

  54. Ulfhednar

    this is a cover of Iron Cross's Song Crucified just so everyone knows.

  55. Samson McCluskey

    I'm sure you won't be singing the same tune when Germany is conquered by non-Germans without a shot fired. Antiracist is a term coined by those wanting us to roll over and give over everything.

  56. Beto D. Polo

    Stupids stop fighting, skinhead is just one, it's not white power not even antifa, this is totally diferent about what a real culture is. . . Respect what agnostic front try to convey. . . Posers

  57. Creepy triss

    @catalyst4change82 True that.

  58. Alex Halligan

    @mrUBER100 hey not meaning to burst your bubble but skinheads are not all racist. Also Agnostic front was a part of the skinhead scene back in the 80's.

  59. Joel Ruzicka

    lol @ all of these tough youtube skins. Go flame and make out on a my chemical romance video.

  60. Pieter Smeyers

    haha funny all skin comments, you stupid trash go drown yourself so the world becomes a better place (no i'm not a freaken hippie, but skins don't belong on this world period!)

  61. mrUBER100

    @simon7562 Read a book? thats rich! You deffinately should not bother to explain because unlike you, I was alive in the late 60's and am well aware of the heavily unguided mod and rudeboy roots of the original skin movement. rebelion for the sake of rebellion and no focus. neither one of these groups are associated with the modern skinhead movement that is filled with ignorant hate mongers. thanks though!

  62. simon7562

    @mrUBER100 What's bloody lame is your ignorance. The skinhead movement started in the 60s. It was composed of both black (jamaican) & white people. All came from working class and listened to the same music, which was ska & reggae at time. Actually i shouldn't even bother to explain. Go read a book before talking shit about something you don't know.

    Oi! from France

  63. mrUBER100

    @imaphilosophymajor I find it hard to take someone serious when thier idea of "research" is wikipedia.LOL try doing some real homework, then talk to me.

  64. c. snakeification

    @amipunkyet1 agreed!!i grew up w/boot boys & oi punks.the way i see it tho,theres always gonna be a jerkass who will try to fuck something good up w/ignorance

  65. Bart van der Meer

    @poopmcscoopface They weren't, aren't and they possibly never will be.

  66. dualityofmen22

    @amipunkyet1 still rock my boots but kinda stay on the DL where i live... to many who would fuck with me flying solo... parents were skins when i was little... buddy got held up at gun point, and mom held up at gunpoint in an elevator cuz they thought my mama was racist... sooo... i still keep the ideals, but shits risky... and real easy to get shot where i live.

  67. poopmcscoopface

    i thought agnostic front wasnt racist

  68. kevt31

    Fuck it this is great music to drive to changing gear in time with all the changes in tempo and absoubtley then caneing it when the main bit starts.

  69. bigghairybollocks

    @MrEdgekid actually they were white and listened to ska.

  70. M Moschüring

    Stay Oi! Stay Skin! Stay Antiracist!
    Cheers from Germany.

  71. Moebius Blackheart

    @amipunkyet1 we are still here mate. spreaded round the world. fck boneheads. oi oi oi!

    Martin Doll

    Oi from Pittsburgh

  72. anonimouseCSGO

    Too bad most sharps ruin it for us all by their ignorance...

  73. ceoproperties

    Is that your online dating profile?

  74. Marius H

    @ceoproperties dumbass. no family? no hobbys!?

  75. J Fullington

    @MrEdgekid Yeah they're the opposite of edge.

  76. ffox1994

    @MrEdgekid No they're not.

  77. projectmetal

    my friend(a mexican) got his jaw broken with brass knuckles, cause he is a skin. fucked up!

  78. Rob Soper

    Don't forget the streets

  79. jorge pii

    rememnber the struggle

  80. thefranz77oi

    oi!oi!oi! from Italy!

  81. Trevor Sobierajski

    @alemaojapared? whats that mean?

  82. oiyabastard

    this is the last good song they ever did and it was still chessy


    I see 3 Justin Beiber fans have looked at this page.

  84. raanelom

    @olboardmoaier You're right! Tho i know lots of edgers who just be cool with me if im smoking or drinking. Radicalism sucks!!

  85. tbone2872

    @Sp00kyAction True skins evolved from a conglomerate of subcultures including punk and Jamaican rude boy culture. There is a big difference between a Neo-Nazi and a Skin Head. Besides the fact that an innocent man was killed one of the biggest shames in the Seraw murder is that since it happened anyone who identifies themselves as a skinhead constantly has to defend themselves and explain that they are not racists mainly because of the idiots in the American press who can't check their facts.

  86. tbone2872

    @Sp00kyAction That's the reason I refuse to refer to bald racists as "Skinheads" I call them what they are and that is "Neo-Nazi's". And you are right about the Tom Metzger thing. When His followers that were in a gang called East Side White Pride killed that Ethiopian Student named Mulegeta Seraw in 1988, the story made headlines all over the US. The mainstream press referred to the murderer's as "Skinheads" and that is when that term made it into the lexicon of the American populace. (cont'd)

  87. magich8ball

    @IrishBasterd1 Well then get out and go to shows. There are tons of them out there. You just gotta look.

  88. Chris Bingham

    These guys are true to the heart, I have been in the skin scene and down since '89 and these guys are no joke. They aren't racist, I have seen them in KCMO with Sheer Terror and a bunch of other bands. DMS was part of their crew. Black, White and whatever color, skins were skins. Don't believe the racist bullshit that you see on tv. The only reason they get any attention is because they are so fucking stupid and waste their lives

  89. Chris Bingham

    These guys are true to the heart, I have been in the skin scene and down since '89 and these guys are no joke. They aren't racist, I have seen them in KCMO with Sheer Terror and a bunch of other bands. DMS was part of their crew. Black, White and whatever color, skins were skins. Don't believe the racist bullshit that you see on tv. The only reason they get any attention is because they are so fucking stupid and waste their lives by attacking innocents and becoming idiots that go to prison!

  90. coerly

    Remember your album cover with the Nazi Death camp scene and the mass grave, with the Nazi getting ready to kill a concentration camp victim...Oh yea, that!!!! Kinda tough to forget your racist past assholes!!!!!

    Oh yea, about that ummm, well we re released that album with the cover blacked out cause um yo we uh changed our simple NYC street minds yo!!!!! New yawk rules da streets yo!!!!!

  91. phillipskrewdriver

    Agnostic Front, will always be a favorite..Of course so it Skrewdriver, but sadly, Ol Ian Stuart had to go nazi, and ruin his awesome band with Nazi Politics...

  92. jamessanner

    The anthem of Non-Racist Skinheads throughout the world. Agnostic Front is one of the greatest Hardcore bands of all time. They didn't spew hate, the spoke of brotherhood, family and loyalty. They were the major component that pulled hardcore from the back alleys to larger venues for more to enjoy. They have always been true, never sold out, and have been the influence to many bands who followed behind them. All my respect for my New York Brothers, see you again soon. Ashes of B-More

  93. sirwinfredsmith

    this is east coast punk, dirty, angry, and from the only part of the country that i have ever met non racist skinheads!

  94. Harbsy

    @kalaokekaia nice

  95. Tanner Long

    @v0lquete It's by Iron Cross, they wrote it about how traditional skinheads get accused of nazis when they're not, it's basically the American skinhead anthem

  96. Jim Beam


    It's about how people who are into this type of music are the ones who society beats on.

  97. Autarii

    the end is another song eh ;) ^^

  98. Waterplas

    Lol this group made me love hardcore x)