Agnostic Front - By My Side Lyrics

To strand together with
Who understand what I mean
To make this stand together
Now - you and me!

This ain't for the scene
It's for my friends and family
To get respect from me
Stand by my
Side stand up and fight
In my time of need
I know who is there for me
Their endless loyalty
Never goes unnoticed with me

I'll tell you what I mean
There's those who live it
Those who talk it
Those who walk with me!
They stand by my side
Stand up and fight!

Everything that we've
All been through
Goes beyond a scene!
Everything that we've
All lived through
Goes beyond the streets!
I don't walk alone
I don't walk alone!

We walk side by side
Until the day we die!

Never above you
Never below you
By my side - by my side
Never above you
Never below you
By my side - always by my side

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Agnostic Front By My Side Comments
  1. Josh Jawsherson

    Why can't I share on Facebook anymore?

  2. Fábio Pimenta

    Anyone have the lyrics?

  3. TheRedtaz

    i wish gallo was still the drummer!

  4. RS70 UGHC

    ... NYHC ...

  5. piss yo

    @pugnatorr try pogo or mosh ! ;d

  6. Creepy triss

    @JKPR33 I do

  7. everson

    when I listen this song I wanna to break everything

  8. Motör Punx

    Fucking tune!

  9. Nico Nickmania

    That's the best HxC-Song I ever heard! But is it possible that there are two singers in this song and not only Rodger Miret? Maybe from another Hardcore/Metalcore-Band?

  10. Sabo Gigante

    @effrainm gay like ur father fucking you? or more gay like ur uncle fucking you? fucking SOB!

  11. dozer bull

    fuck off,this re real HC^^AF for ever.

  12. effrain monreal

    this is really gay


    come to new york and say that, you'll lose some blood.

    Christian Machado

    effrain monreal ur gay hc is roots of metal & hardrock & metal

  13. RamonesClash

    im not a native english speaker and for me sounds like "i dont walk alone" -_-a