Agnostic Front - Another Voice Lyrics

You could never silence this voice
We've been opressed still we destroy
Everything thrown in our face
We found the truth and we still believe

Another voice, back again with a vengeance
Sworn to brotherhood since the days of my youth
My blood is my pride, my voice speaks the truth
There's no holding me back, there's nothing you can do

Another voice
Voice of the forgotten
One Voice
Voice of the streets

One voice, 20 years of blood and loyalty
Repping NYHC the way it ought to be
Loyal to the scene, this is our voice
I never gave in, my life is my choice

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Agnostic Front Another Voice Comments
  1. Zzz SSS

    I'm not a native english speaker and when i first heard this song i heard "pride, faith, lose fat" at the beginning.
    Otherwise my favorite song from Agnostic Front.

  2. killerofhope

    The vocals on this song remind me of obituary

  3. Poppy Ichiban

    dude u got this mix on cd

  4. MrSonnyBlood



    worldwide united HC!