Agnostic Front - Addiction Lyrics

I look in your eyes
I see through your disguise
You're killing yourself
Can't hide behind your lies

Fuck up your life!
It's out of control!
Now your a victim!
Your losing your soul!
Killing yourself!
Poison your mind!
Now your running out of time!
I've watched you fade away!
Have you lost sight!
Of the dreams of yesterday!

Time to open your eyes
Cause you must realize
You, your not the same
Your the only one to blame

Fuck up your life!
Its out of control!
Your not a victim!
Your losing your soul!
Killing yourself!
Poison your mind!
And your running out of time!
I've watched you fade away!
Have you lost sight!
Of the truths of yesterday!
Does it all mean nothing?!

Save yourself!
From this

Fuck this!

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Agnostic Front Addiction Comments
  1. cmm98

    Best agnostic front drummers: will shepler and Steve Gallo

  2. Fidel Kastro

    takoi khyuni ya davno ni slishal

  3. Robert Cubinelli

    Hell yeeaaahhhh!!!

  4. Gabriela Eigster

    Together we will make it.B€ aware a warn`ing-to you is this-:"my warn`ing"-to the world!!!We`re just friends`and we join`our :spirit`: -"to make it clear`-a warn`ing to:"the: WORLD"!!!

  5. Gabriela Eigster

    Take my hand` to your`heart`- the warn`ng is`right`from the start`!!!-MILA ESKER

  6. Gabriela Eigster


  7. Gabriela Eigster

    -"This is a warn`ing"-:("-27.06.2019-")-:-/"-28.06.2019-"
    Apart the morn`ing`dawn`-to: it`s morn`ing-
    take my hand`and:-join-me-!!!please!!!!:"This is`a warn`ing to your`hand`and take-:"-me`-":"- at:-";-"it`"-:;-"-is`-;".a warn`ing;
    B€-just be`;.
    The morn`ing-dawn`it`s our: part`-to join-:"-it`-"-:till`-"the sun` goe`s`-down`"!!!
    but`:-still`-:"keep` on` moving`!

    Be just be aware to :"-liberty-":-to be free-!!!
    face` to face` we: -"face`"- the trouth in our souls`-as`:"- it is`a warn`ing-"!!!-take it as it is`

  8. Wanderley Reis

    Agnostic Front, Biohazard and Madball. Holly Trinity! God save the hard 'fucking' core!!!!

  9. marvelousmarvin71

    I read a lot of posts about racists and nazis on here, no mention of vile commie scum though, they are the real problem!

  10. Derek Turner

    speed metal intro! Agnostic Front for ever I saw them at The Olympic Auditorium in LA back in 1985/86ish!

  11. Bub loves lunch in a bucket

    What the fuck happened to AF? THESE HAVE GOT TO BE THE STUPIDEST FUCKING LYRICS IVE HEARD IN AWHILE. What the fuck did they go str8 edge or some stupid shit just because roger went to prison for meth?

  12. Sven

    This is my fav agnostic front

  13. Taylor Stevens

    I used to be a sugar addict and now I'm a shredded muscle machine

  14. Glowskulls Media

    When AF directed by Freddy is sounded like next madball album :)

  15. leo marcos alves freitas


  16. Mark MacRae

    65th thumb down!

  17. Mark MacRae

    Now they suck!!!!

    Bub loves lunch in a bucket

    You got that right.

  18. Vinyl Fiend668

    Smoke weed and alcoholic... addicted for life... it's my choice... been to AA a thousand times!!! I'll always strugglethan for my life!!!!!

  19. Robert Swickard

    HARDCORE is a life style , movement, (do it yourself) attitude , and for anybody that says the singer -ROGER MERIT- sucks , go back to Justin bieber on your radio or the band Queen and your Bohemian rapsody sing along ,they do suck, big ones , and they liked it so much Freddy Mercury died with one to many up the butt !!!!!!!! so go suck one yourself ,we don't need you in your family , I just hope you don't have any kids , cause they will contaminate the human race with please help me with free hand outs because I'm to lazy to get off my ass and work hard the American way to fulfill my the things in life I want !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( aka )
    H R .


    I think you're the one that took one too many up the butt.


    well said robert

  20. Karol Grochociński


  21. BodyaForza


  22. Ørjan Olsen

    NYhardcore scene is still a huge part of my life since the early 90's.

  23. andres urquiza orrego

    aguante el porro lkjjjjjj

  24. Elfaijah Boukhari

    the drummer its a rocket. ....???!!

  25. Mirko Collini

    fuck off all of you people. that is the one of the best crew from NY. so fuck up

  26. gunung laut laut pasir

    i can feel slayer

  27. Aco Dolić

    kickass intro!

  28. Chris Little

    I feel like moshing!

  29. Jake Wright

    Still love this song

  30. ivnjudo

    the worst singer in the world !!!!!  . . . . . -_-   how exist shit like this . . . 

    Inho Pak

    +Kohy96 People cant respect anything other what they know smh

    Ørjan Olsen

    But yet you had to write something negative instead of going past this?

    Fabián Fernández

    Have you hear Chino Moreno from Deftones?

  31. Chad Bailey

    Addiction, don't let it dictate your life. Can't cope? Have no hope? Hugs truly are better than drugs. Agnostic front truly are THE LOWER EAST SIDE CREW!!!! For my family , for my friends... for all those we lost back then... nothing is forgotten.

  32. milham setyoso

    music skinhead of america called harcore

    Inho Pak

    +lumbermilljack Lol he said skinhead.. wtf lmao and the drummer is asian yea skinhead for sure... sike

    Mitsos Poserhunter

    Inho Pak you're fuckin retarded

  33. eddie mcmaster

    hell yeah

  34. Breno Ferreira

    fuck skinheads, neo-nazi and any similar naming. IT'S TRUE HARDCORE! Thats it!

  35. tetsvo

    I wasn't aware that skinheads were racist... You may be talking about boneheads, not skinheads.


    there definitely boneheads

  36. tetsvo

    Are you retarded or...

  37. Neurons

    Found this album for 3 bucks. Best 3 bucks ever spent.

  38. Dougie Drums

    Wicked Adds!

  39. Shane Lindsey

    I wanted to like them cause their name is Agnostic Front but this band sucks. Not bad musicians but their singer Vocalist is terrible.

  40. Maik Monster

    freak xD

  41. Timothy Rausch

    I come from the NYHC life style and grew up seeing these bands in clubs all my life HARD CORE is about unity with in the scene so to the dumb fucks who dont understand you dont need to because you just do not get it , but do enjoy the music.

  42. Dloin

    beeing a skinhead is not releated to the nationality! U are the Dumbass!

  43. Megas Alexandros

    You're a fuckin idiot who doesnt know shit about Skinheads you fucking brainwashed pig.

  44. TheMuShRoOmMaN999

    cubans can be skinhead

  45. pauliethegent29

    How can they be skinheads when Roger Mirret is Cuban? Dumbasses

  46. Noomi

    The drummer is sick

  47. J B

    Oh my god... the breathing at the end... I thought someone just stands right behind me. Shock!

  48. Jovy

    why the fuck u care are they nazi or not... just enjoy the fucking music :)

  49. SergeantCha0s

    lol.... right

  50. AmWriezenerBahnhof

    ahahah you should tell to him that he is a nazi.
    after that experience all things will becoming better for you (and your face)

  51. peartjunior

    This song is awesome. These people aren't discriminative nor are the nazies. People judge other people through ignorance and laziness. It's too much work to properly do a proper investigation and it's so much easier to just label someone or some people ( e.g. A band) than to actually type something that is a well educated answer or actually true. These guys rock.

  52. joel simbulan

    lets rock n roll planet earth..

  53. TheRobbilly666

    it´s so stupid think they are Nazi!!! some of they are from Cuba!!!!!

  54. mae soto


  55. ALDEMP


  56. ALDEMP

    . But i do appreciate the fact to stand up for anti nazi shit . I with you I LOVE AGNOSTIC FRONT and I met Roger Merit many time He is very cool and is no nazi. Iv been going to their show since I was a kid back in 1984! So do me a favor and harsh out someone who really think all skins are nazis NOT ME! Im black and a Skinhead as well. So there you go guy ,...GET IT RIGHT OK?!

  57. Claude Heimdall Laroche

    @ALDEMP rofl ignorant fool..... Skinheads are no nazis.... as nazis are to be mostly called boneheads learn the differences before talkin shit on nazis..... the same goes to punks, metal, hardcore..... what ever the music one bunch of retarded nazis doesn't mean all these guys are nazis.................

  58. RNR Archives Ruud en de Radicals

    Thumbs up if you listen Agnostic Front first time and be surprised about how good they are

  59. ahhhitsrob

    if they were neo-nazis their music would be RAC or hatecore. this is neither.

  60. ALDEMP

    @bihnatiuk THEY AINT NAZI GODAMN IT!!! That nazi shit blew up in the 90's these guys are way old school for that petty shit!!!

  61. ALDEMP

    @ppaco18 but some do anyways ...Nazi lowriders for instance.

  62. ALDEMP

    @ppaco18 agreed Im black and all those NY skins always treated me well. Those Nazi types tend to live out west.

  63. scootlifeable

    There new stuff is no way near as good

  64. FalkusxD

    @Totemhorn cause they aint your complete tool, kinda hard when they got one of asian and hispanic decent... tard

  65. Rex Bohall

    Yo guys just listen to the music and shutup.

  66. †TWISTED666BARN†

    Good Power!

  67. Magnack13

    @GuTTuraLSicneSS138 you're welcome bro ;)

  68. Magnack13

    @GuTTuraLSicneSS138 I don't think so but at least, you can drink and not to be addict, so don't fuck up your life with any addictions :)

  69. Purple Kush


  70. BillHicks420

    @xxcatchmyshadowxx WINNING!

  71. Newhouse Housenew

    @xXMetalmani666Xx fuck ya.

    and fuck nazi fucks. or racists. like einstein said, " they have already earned my contempt. they have been given a large brain for nothing" - something like that. skin color? seriously? lol or religion? hahaha idiots

  72. Joshua White

    A.F. is not racist lol!! Roger Miret is half latino. Vinny Stigma is italian, their drummer is Asian!!!!!!!!!! Some people are just idiots.

  73. Pablo Barrera

    @QBAN305 Oh! I'm sorry, why don't you enlight me then

  74. Pablo Barrera

    @QBAN305 It matters because even though Latino is not a race, it's a culture and it's a culture not based on racial hate, furthermore Latino are mix-racial white and American native so even if a white Latino wanted to be a white Nazi type racist he couldn't do it because he is not a pure breed.

  75. Pablo Barrera

    @chunkyboy90 They're not racist, I have met them personally. Roger is Cuban and they even have songs in Spanish. Roger is the nicest guy!

  76. Emanuel

    @Super666metalfreak66 Nazis are motherfucking cock suckers!

  77. Joshua Alonzo

    Racist or not, I really don't give a shit, these guys are fucking awesome

  78. stoney pothead

    @xXMetalmani666Xx that's cuz ppl don't know the difference between real hardcore skinheads and wannabe neo-nazi cunts...

  79. Trevor Anderson

    Cause for alarm was there only good album

  80. Emanuel

    @thedrivercool Grüße zurück aus Österreich!^^ cheers!

  81. thedriver coolus

    @xXMetalmani666Xx fucking right. agnostic front supported campaigns like "hardcore bleibt nazi-frei" (hardcore stays nazi-free); also bands like madball or terror did.

    greetings from germany

  82. brandon bedard

    @xXMetalmani666Xx every one says roger miret is from hatbreed but its jamie jasta

  83. greytheboss


    hell yea

  84. dannyboy o'nealon

    @KeviinBam oi oi oi

  85. Jan Luzar

    @xXMetalmani666Xx ...not everyone..

  86. ausdhqo

    @xxcatchmyshadowxx true!!

  87. ShadowZIsGod

    @xXMetalmani666Xx Fuck yeah. They couldn't even be Nazi if they tried. Roger Miret is Cuban FFS.

  88. Silas H

    Bad vocals :/

  89. Dariusz Konieczny

    co to za pierdolone komenty na temat AGNOSTIC FRONT.Nie podoba się to wypierdalajcie!

  90. Dylan Faircloth

    there is no trying to look hardcore, either your hardcore or not, doesnt matter how you dress, go to their shows, youll see people dressed all differently, from a white T and regular jeans, to suspenders, button up shirt and boots, doesnt matter how you dress.

  91. Direitolatra !


  92. Jason Talleos

    @xXMetalmani666Xx My homie got chased out of a Agnostic Front Show For being a skinhead. lol

  93. drunff

    lefty drummer RAGE MODE ON

  94. Mephi1995

    @alseenpotvis no problem :P

  95. xxcatchmyshadowxx

    This song goes out to Charlie Sheen

  96. Mephi1995

    @alseenpotvis you don't get it dont you ? xD i was just making fun of those idiots who are thinking so ... :P calm down guy

  97. Emanuel

    @IrishBasterd1 You are a big Muthaf*cka! You are afraid of people with an other Skin colour! The nazis steal music like HC or Black Metal, they have Thor Hammers around their neck! Nazis listening to Agnostic Front because they are Skinheads, but they are real Skinheads not Nazi Bullshit Skinheads! SO FUCK OFF NAZI SCUM!

  98. Kyle T


    You forgot that auto-tuned bullshit haha!!!!