Agnetha Faltskog - What Now My Love Lyrics

What now my love?
Now that you left me
How can I live through another day?
Watching my dreams turning to ashes
And my hopes into bits of clay
Once I could see
Once I could feel
Now I am numb
I've become unreal
I walk the night
Without a goal
Stripped of my heart
My soul

What now my love?
Now that it's over
I feel the world closing in on me
Here come the stars
Tumbling around me
There's the sky
Where the sea should be

What now my love?
Now that you're gone
I'd be a fool
To go on and on
No one would care
No one would cry
If I should live or die

What now my love?
Now there is nothing
Only my last goodbye
My love

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Agnetha Faltskog What Now My Love Comments
  1. Susan F

    I love this beautiful video. I was happy that Agnetha was able to have a beautiful kiss, she deserves it.

  2. Adrianna Borowska


  3. NA'SARA

    What a wonderful video! Great french song!

  4. Russ Grunert

    What a wonderful heartfelt version of this, I mist up every time I hear it.

  5. Cesar Octavio

    Beautuful song, Great singer, o love Agneta. 😍❤😘😘

  6. richard kane

    The single that should have been. Beautiful song, beautiful lady...ABBA meets U2 as Agnetha takes a sixties classic an pulls it into the noughties. Just beautiful, with that voice which cries as it sings. If heaven has a soundtrack, her melancholy voice would sing it.

  7. Charles Wright

    Hardly saw her lips move....

    J. B.

    It's not a lip sync video, and to be perfectly frank, her lips seemed to be moving a lot in this video.

  8. Johnny Soul

    This is actually an older standard song. Streisand covered it in the early 60s! Agnetha does a beautiful job on it! You can see she came up learning to sing the Great American Songbook. She's got great phrasing in her singing, along with that great voice!

  9. Fe Cecilia Paredes

    Honestly, I never expect this video of Ms. Agnetha.( I am very sorry to everyone- I am shock). Its my first very time to see this video and I am just use to see her doing jolly pop video during her ABBA days.

  10. Hyman Arbesfeld

    In 1973 Elvis Presley made a video where he sang this song. It was quite a performance. As much as I love Agnetha, considering how bad this video is, Elvis wins this one. New York 2018.

    ô picatchu

    Hyman Arbesfeld there's no official video for that song !!

  11. Hyman Arbeseld

    Agnethas voice, as always, is great; so is the song. The video is awful.

  12. Hyman Arbesfeld

    Great song, great singer. But this video; how much kissing can I take?

  13. Dorothy Radley

    Very hot video to this fabulous song. That is one very lucky man and I am the same age as Agnetha! I have always loved her and still do.

  14. Jade-Marie Atkins

    Absolutely beautiful.......the song, the video and of course, the one and only Agnetha.

  15. Rob Temmen

    lucky actor!!Again, and again, and again :-( STOP kissing her :-)

  16. Casper Turner

    The best of the best version 'What Now My Love' is only presented by Violetta Villas!!!!

    ô picatchu

    Casper Turner the original version is french by gilbert becaud the title is "et maintenant" all others are covers !!!!

  17. Elena Valeria von Stahl


  18. Susan F

    Gorgeous. I love how the camera pans around them. Who does not want to feel loved.

  19. Nika Petrova

    me encanta !

  20. Zoltán Tácsik

    No one sings it better than the King but it is very sweet from a wonderful person.

  21. Dylan Arthur

    how many people recognize that this is actually a cover of Sonny & Cher?

    Vali Valentin

    Dylan Arthur

    Rob Temmen

    She can sing it and I love it

    ô picatchu

    Dylan Arthur the original version is a french song written in 1961 by a famous french singer and composer gilbert becaud ! the title is " et maintenant " who become" what now my love " in english !! one of the most covered song of all time...but it's french 😉

    Philip Gundill

    Sonny and Cher??????????? Get a grip. This belongs to Shirley Bassey with a massive top 5 hit in the 60's!!!!!!

  22. פאר נצח

    an incredible production

  23. Krystynka1500

    Piekna piosenka....po prostu miłość

  24. פאר נצח


  25. cjm52

    Could have put them both in a microwave and spun the table and got the same effect !

  26. Larry Davis

    enough is enough. why take away from the song.

  27. Cintia Knuttsen

    Es una hermosa versión. Además hicieron un tributo de imágenes de David Bowie e Iman con ésta canción. Demasiada emoción.

  28. Ariane Sery

    Wow! When can I kiss the teacher in the middle of a nice cold Swedish forest :P They say she is shy but, she knows what she is doing! This was almost as stunning as the way she shot 'The Day Before You Came' their last video from their last album 'The Visitors' and probably my favorite. Google for the two wonderful stories about how impactful the song is, it is another masterpiece. I know they think we don't want to see them older on tour, WRONG! Please, it would be the concert of my life, and many others and I have been to so many good ones. I am crossing my fingers that we have all four of them with us for a long time. We have lost so many wonderful artists' and actors already just in January of 2016. I wonder if it's difficult to 'act' this passionate, I know actors' do it all the time. I can tell you it would be really hard for me to fake that. Thanks so much for posting and the great comments guys!

  29. Mark Brewer

    just never ceased to be amazed at some of the comments and how funny and appropriate they are my thoughts entirely great stuff

  30. Embracing Franki

    This is AGNETHA herself in the documantry from 2004 ' My Colouring Book ' ! its not her some people try to say ...

  31. Almeri Teresinha Franco

    Uma das mais lindas canções de Agnetha...

  32. Robert Wright


  33. Maria Kalliokoski

    Magnus Krepper is that lucky man. So good swedish actor :) my favourite :) Or  I would say Agnetha Fältskog is that lucky woman heheheh :) Rolf Magnus Krepper is a Swedish actor, dancer, singer and also magician !!

    Rob Temmen

    Can he disappear and place me in his spot !!!!! Please!!!!!!!

  34. Bankó Éva

    What? Hi ! I'm from Hungary do you like this fantastic womam? and ABBA?

  35. mtchair4me

    Just want to scream out TAKE YOUR MOUTH OFF MY WOMAN.

    NZ Salt Flats Racer

    LOL. You & at least half of the straight men in the world from that era.

    Art Deco

    mtchair4me       You took the words  right out of my mouth.

  36. The Emerald Weirdo

    No offense meant to anybody, but was it really necessary for there to be a minute and a half of instrumentals after the lyrics ended?

  37. YZ Z

    It's a french song Et maintenant from Gilbert Bécaud et Pierre Delanoe, performed by Gilbert Bécaud, a lot of singers performed this great song, so Elvis Presley, Et maintenant que vais-je faire .....

  38. Alejandro Rojas

    I HATE HIM!! lucky son of B*** I'm so jelous!! lol,and yes Is Agnetha not her daughter, its a video from 2004 , and the kiss its fake, its acting kiss

  39. Linda Larue

    The Woman in the video is not Agnetha. It Is her Daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eduardo Manuel Predeanu

    +Linda Larue Really ? I dont't believed this, tell me more..

    Embracing Franki

    +Linda Larue This is Agnetha ! official video ! check a little bit more ! grtz FRANKI

    Linda Larue

    @Embracing Franki
    Not Agnetha, this is here Daughter. Agnetha was a old woman.


    +Linda Larue You definitely must get your facts straight. Of course it's Agnetha, this was in 2004, she was 54.

  40. Nicola Hamell

    Beautiful song. too xx

  41. Nicola Hamell

    At least when you've had your heart broken, you know what love is! x :)

  42. Kareem Wasser

    Four minutes and 45 seconds of kissing... gosh isn't that tiring

  43. impassable

    Agnetha porn

  44. Вера Тюрина


  45. Ramona Chirita

    I don`t like this video at all.I don`t understand Agnetha`s aprove to do it.It doesn`t suits her.

  46. Raymond Maurer

    Um, the video does not match the lyrical intent of the song. One has a separation of two people and the other has tongue swapping ad nauseum. They don't quite go together now do they? Meanwhile Agnetha does sing the song well.


    +Raymond Maurer I see your point. But and I hate to use buts but even though the words are those of one in a thought provoking breakup the voice in the lyrics is of one within a love relationship actively making a severance from this loved individual. I have experienced it myself, loving someone and doing everything to smash it to pieces, hoping to end and sever all hopes any reconciliation. I guess you had to be there.

  47. Елена Миллер


  48. Johanna Olfsen


  49. patrizio GALANO


  50. pat clary

    I am a little torqued at my agent. He never told me about an audition for the part of kissing Agnetha. You know what they say about practice. You have to do something over and over again, until you get it right. I would have asked that Frida be there, just for comparison. I adore these two girls. The best that rock and roll ever had. The video might not be out yet.

  51. WhitneyAbba4eva

    Can I swap places with that guy 

    1001 fireflies

    Sometime ‘kissing’ an illusion waste precious time for repairing your soul and finally to find that it’s impossible. Appreciation for what you are every moment it’s many time valuable that one time pickup.
    This song is really the soul touching. I like it! #ღMღƸӜƷღCღ

  52. thrunsalmighty

    For heavens sake, get a room.

    Daiane M.


  53. Anu Suvanto

    they hav no cemistrti, sorge, Sånt e livet.....................

  54. Harry Will

    What for a wonderful women of ABBA -  What for a Angel-voice.  She was the best singer of ABBA

  55. Sandra Ukleja

    The excessive tongue kissing of the video exaggerates a bit.

    Roxanne AskMeWillYOU

    too hot for my old self 

    Sandra Ukleja

    @Roxanne AskMeWillYOU
    Hahahaha.....Agnetha (former Abba-Singer) is 64 years old. -  But how does it come that you´ve been on that same page, dear? Do you like her, too?
    Love, Sandra

    Roxanne AskMeWillYOU

    @Nathalie Alburnus HI Dear Happy new Year she Is OK ((HUGS)) to YOU Dear one 

  56. Leon Falkner

    Wunderschöne Musik mit einem sehr sehr persönlichem Video dazu. 
    Danke für die Freude sie so zu sehen und zu hören.

  57. Ewa-Elzbieta Deoniziak

    Dear Agnetha Faltskog , I love ABBA's songs since 1974. Thank you for the music in Poland (1976). I remember  lyric's 'My Love, My Life' , so after many years what would you like to say with 'What Now My Love"....I have a dream about new CD with Agnetha Faltskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad together 2016 'Christmas songs'. Have a nice life, and GOD Bless You always....

  58. Wayne Taylor

    a very passionate song,and video.fantastic!!!

  59. Annemie Vanautgaerden

    her version is so nice!!!Always with passion as wellin it!!!! She had a hard life too, I love her since so many yaers, from when I was a young girl!!!! :)

    JG Lee

    Who could have thought that she have had a hard life with all the success they had? But maybe you're spot on with that observation.

  60. stilletoe

    dunno who that twat is, but it should be me kissing her, she is smashin.

  61. BobsArtGallery

    Beautiful but I would have prefered Gilbert Becaud´s backround music...

  62. raul caparroso

    es que nunca van a parar de besarse, con esta canción de fondo, como la va a querer soltar, hermosa melodía,

  63. soolan11

    LOVE the song, not the video.

  64. Barndoo Ben

    N veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ous

  65. Stephen Eugene Charito

    I can not watch them.Why I did not go too Swedish actor?

  66. Grandma K

    Wow ... Just heard this for the first time tonight! Really love this song and Agnetha's voice!!! Did listen to ABBA growing up!

  67. Rebeca Lyngstad

    a sad lyric, but still be lovelly

  68. elvis6541

    Elvis and  Agnetha have the greatest  voices ever.  What an awesome rendition, I  wish they could have done a duet.

    iris wigle

    But Elvis knows the windmills...the calculation...the suspicion..."what and why does he want to kiss me", The "Marnie" look over the shoulder, "I am getting closer to the truth." Elvis would be timing, not the kiss, the unbearable. Yet, obviously, he is a great kisser.

  69. Kasper Por

    haha,john,ha,thats was a goed time,thank you.bye.

  70. Tetti Laxman

    Most beatuful video ever. I feel it.

  71. nina romero


  72. Anna Gostova


  73. Дмитрий Христенко

    Elvis for ever!

  74. Bodo Schneider

    How right is this song- what now my love.......???many times asked.!

  75. Nils Grundmann

    Agnetha is a fantastic singer of the world

  76. snicker9400

    WOW WOW !- Super Job !! Beautiful song -Beautiful Singer- thanx- a grey eagle

  77. Margareta Sjodin

    Remember the feeling and the great song, thank you Agneta!

  78. Alberto Yañez Lecaros

    I agree with you Steve!!

  79. Alberto Yañez Lecaros

    Wow! ... That strong image, he did just for the video, or is separated?

  80. Maria de Lourdes Barros Moreira

    AMEI, arrasou, é isso aí agnetha!!!

  81. tim lodge

    Someone asked so i will tell them ,that this is the video for this song from here album"My colouring Book" from 2004.....she did 4 video's from that album....Tim the Dancing machine...

  82. Lucy Lastic

    Agnetha is a very shy, private person, but this film shows she is a very sensative passionate woman who has grown more beautiful as she has got older. As I have got older I can really feel the connection and appreciate her talent more now than ever. Amazing lady x

  83. Lemmie Z

    I got dizzy watching it

  84. steve ybarra

    Oh, to be the recipient of her kissing, yum yum!!

  85. Alexis Candelario

    Is the video for that song or for another song? just curious

  86. JuanLorenZerimar

    This has got to be the BEST version of this song I have ever heard...Merci Gibert B and Agnetha...

  87. IglooDweller

    omg. I need to become an actor. Like, now. Like, for real.

  88. marblefeel

    there should be credit in the description to the original song too - "Et Maintenant" by Gilbert Bécaud

  89. yendoreyes

    Agneta is so lovable, she must be a descendant of LOVE GODDESS!

  90. steve ybarra

    I'm so jealous! I loved and still am in love with this beautiful and talented lady! :-)

  91. sixty42

    super hea lugu...!!

  92. jordimla

    Anyone who has watched The Bridge on BBC 4 will know the actor Agnetha's locking lips with is Magnus Krepper. The actor who plays Stefan Lindberg in the series.

  93. musclealabama

    I think than he is the most luckily man in the world