Agnetha Faltskog - The Last Time Lyrics

Oh, I can't believe the time has come,
What can I do, there's no place to run
Hold me close, it's not too much to ask
Help me forget, tonight might be our last
Don't let it pass.

If it's the last time
Let me wrap my love around you
Let me lose you like I found you
Make it feel like paradise.

If it's the last time
There's no danger in the fire
Let it burn and take us higher
Let's give it one more try,
One last time before goodbye.

We've got one more chance to make it right
To share the days, the way we shared our nights
Talkin' was so hard to do
I turned away and kept on hurting you
It can't be true, no....

If it's the last time
Let me wrap my love around you
Let me lose you like I found you
Make it feel like paradise.

If it's the last time
There's no danger in the fire
Let it burn and take us higher
Let's give it one more try
One last time before goodbye.

Let the heartaches fade away
Give them back to yesterday
I need you to stay and hold me,
Touch me,
There must be a way.

If it's the last time
Let me wrap my love around you
Let me lose you like I found you
Make it feel like paradise.

If it's the last time
There's no danger in the fire
Let it burn and take us higher
Let's give it one more try.

No...if it's the last time
Let me wrap my love around you
Let me lose you like I found you
Make it feel like paradise.

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Agnetha Faltskog The Last Time Comments
  1. Дана Сигалова

    Умница Агнета ))а не здавайся!!!...а нифига! !

  2. Gerry Smith

    A beautiful song from a Beautiful lady the amazing Agnetha Faltskog

  3. the best trains are real

    When I was four I said, "she is pretty but this song sucks!" Now I'm 13 years old and addicted to ABBA and I'm saying,"She is pretty and this is a great song!!"

  4. benjamin sanchez belmonte

    buena cancion agnetha y frida hicieron buenos discos despues de abba

  5. Andrew Orlowski

    She's a real beautiful aryan Woman. I Love Her!!!

  6. yurii541

    Full dimension of lyrics вижу впервые - почему-то раньше не видел; it is better way for me

  7. Jezza

    If it's the last time
    There's no danger in the fire
    Let it burn and take us higher

  8. Elza Gluck

    Good legs!

  9. Johan Klomp

    Also a good song from Agnetha.

  10. eMiLy

    Mark Free's version is also veryy goooddd

  11. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    I'm feel impressed exist town Sweden beautiful.

  12. Peter Ford

    Just absolutely awesome !! I'm playing often

  13. Thierry Devant

    The voice of ABBA.

  14. backslash68

    Love Agnetha but Mark Free's version of this song just runs circles around her.

  15. Tara miller

    Anyone know what year this video was made

  16. Gusya Panda

    без АВВА Агнета ничто, полный отстой!

  17. Tincho Miguel


  18. Ralph Dimagiba

    Was the actor playing Agnetha's lover in the video a young Jonas Gardell, the gay Swedish playwright?

    leif pettersson

    no it isn

  19. Paul Taurean

    She sounds like great another swedish singer of the duo Roxette! Gun-Marie Fredriksson!

  20. jean pierre bressler

    Tout est excellent et Agnetha est tellement sensuelle

  21. Ace Halstead

    Loved her in ABA when in h.s., still, 2019, lover her, likely more than ever...timeless!!!

  22. Miguel Delgado Figueroa

    Esta cancion estubo en los chart song Uk en 1988...Agnetha we love you from Chile

  23. Janett Grady

    Love Agnetha Faltskog...the absolute best girl singer in musical history, best voice, cutest face, and she no doubt must be the sexiest woman to ever take stage. I love everything about Agnetha Faltskog. Everything!!!

  24. Jon Gowan

    Unbelievable how beautiful she is.🌹❤️💋🤔🤷‍♀️

    Галина Морозова

    АББА-в моем сердце навсегда!!!Слушаю часто и нахожу новые краски в их пении!!!Спасибо АББА!Ты на все времена!

  25. Felis sylvestris

    Very roxetteish song. Pity she abandoned music for a such a long time. Depression and broken heart

    Paul Taurean

    Felis sylvestris got it right! I just made a comment that she sounds like Gun-Marie Fredriksson of Roxette!

  26. Jordi Castels

    Divina Agnetha!!! Te doy todo el año...las gracias por ser tan bella!!😚

  27. Johan Klomp

    Very good song from Agnetha

  28. Predrag Mišić

    Agnetha deserves much more, her voice is still in perfect condition, hoping that she will be awarded one day, P

  29. Johan Klomp

    This was her best song solo 1987.

  30. firefromsky

    One of underrated songs. Great song with a beautiful voice. Lovely Agnetha

  31. Sweta _BAKVMA

    Голос Богини Мира .!!!!!! ,Суппер.!! 👍💓💞

  32. Paulo Leal

    agnetha a musa dos nossos sonhos

    Andres Felipe Arevalo Alvarez

    Agnetha tiene un aire de XUXA con ese look

  33. Charlie P

    Such an underrated tune.


    Some parts of her voice sound so different, I hear some abba voice and a whole another beautiful voice😊

  34. Kevin Gill

    I love this song, can't believe I missed it first time round but who on earth were her image consultants? they should be shot for such a good looking woman she looks like she is recovering from a serious illness.  Great song, terrible video

    Kenneth Studdert

    I know where you coming from kevin gill  the suit she wore and the hairstyle


    Never seen in France


    JPDELYON never seen in the USA and I watched MTV daily! Obviously Agnetha the solo artistes not promoted here🤔

  36. Ignas Misiūra


  37. pity

    Clip lindo da Agnetha!!! Tão linda,tão perfeita!!! Te amo Agnetha Faltskog...uma brasileira encantada por uma sueca!

    Paulo Leal

    eu tambem sou encantdo por ela

    neusa nair

    @Hugo José samos 4!

  38. Thomas Farmer

    Agnetha Faeltskog is a vocal wonder of the world. A global treasure. Nothing compares.

  39. renard bertrand

    La plus belle anetha falskon the Last time

  40. eric eric

    Agnetha kills it (again)!!

  41. renard bertrand

    The Last time merci à celui ou celle qui la mi en frisonne encore merci tous

  42. Locateson

    Mark Free has sent me here.

  43. David Marino

    Wow this version is ok but mark frees version is way better

    eric eric

    David Marino No way

  44. Alien

    This is my favourite song from that album! Agnetha is awesome, the album is brilliant! What was the reason for 25 years of depression and silence after that release?

    Felis sylvestris

    Probably we will never find out. Pity that she abandoned music for such a long time

  45. heiko044

    Eifach nur geil !!!!!

  46. Igor Sandic

    Amazing woman, amazing artist. Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia

  47. Hellraiser Gordon

    Highly recommend Mark Free's version of this song! I think it's actually a lot better and really brings out the emotion that the song requires.

  48. Alberto Gutierrez


  49. ZFlyingVLover

    Damn she'd could've killed it in the '80s as a solo star . Pretty good song.

  50. Steven Edwards

    Love this tune from Agnetha's album 'I Stand Alone' :)

  51. gremmiehodad

    Always one of my favorites of hers!

  52. tmr626

    Just discovered this song and I really like it. Agnetha is looking real good too!


    @tmr626 she looks good, but she looks better with long hair, a lot better. And that 80's outfit isn't as great as her 70's clothes.

    Adam Dawson

    She had her hair tied back.

  53. Marcia Clemment

    miss you kisses  kisses

  54. RebelNick

    Yep...a brilliant song!

  55. pepeenyt


  56. ginger0612

    This solo by Agnetha Faltskog proves that ABBA would have been nothing without her.

    Media Mike

    ..............Too true.............

    Andrey Shunkov

    ABBA would be nothing without all of them. Stop thinking that someone played a bigger role.


    Another great and wonderful song


    i love agnetha and abba

  59. Katherine Fältskog

    Another great and wonderful song.... Agnetha is the best!!!!!!!!

  60. Adamus70

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  61. wafrom

    My Favorite from the I Stand Alone album.. great song fits her voice and style perfectly.. thanks for posting.. :)

  62. Juan Pereira

    hehehee muy bueno no lo habia escuchado..pero escuchen la de MARK FREE - THE LAST TIME.

  63. BosBosLoveABBA

    Awesome ! x)

  64. abbafanglosuk

    Yes fate has stange ways of coming true!

  65. abbafanglosuk

    Cheers Andrea - a great shame this was the last song we saw Agnetha perform for 16 years!

  66. Gilson Alves

    Andrea muito obrigado mais uma vez, seu video ficou maravilhoso.

  67. toransocalderon

    Los solos altos del final de Agnetha son antologicos tengo las dos versiones en mi lista y la del show en la BBC tambien
    Ademas esta siempre entre mis 10 primeros favoritos
    lo que si es cierto me parece que se nota especialmente en el de la BBC que Agnetha deseaba retirarse ya en ese momento
    Por suerte despues volvio pero pasaron 17 años !!

  68. frapistat

    Hi Andrea, yes, Agnetha is divine and somewhat haunting too. A really nice upload. This song is one of my favorites, thanks for the share.