Agnetha Faltskog - The Heat Is On Lyrics

Tropical summer, balmy day
Sit around you haven't much to say
'Cos the heat is on,
The heat is on.

You know you're in the hands of fate
Now you've gone and found me you appreciate
That the heat is on,
The heat is on.

You're on the road to Mandalay
Never gonna make it try another day
'Cos the heat is on,
The heat is on.

Temperature is rising to fever pitch
Sun is getting closer we all get rich
'Cos the heat is on,
The heat is on.

Hot pants and feet
Can't believe the madness sure feels sweet
The heat is on,
Heat is on.

Sun sun sun dazzle,
Sun sun sun dazzle,
Go wild, gonna rattle
When the heat is on.

Tropical Summer balmy day
Don't say much, ain't much to say
'Cos the heat is on,
The heat is on.

The heat is on, the heat is on,
The heat is on, the heat is on.

Hot pants and feet
Sure be sweet
The heat is on,
Daddy yeah...the heat is on.

Tropical Summer balmy day...
The heat is on...
You're on the road to Mandalay
Never gonna make it try another day
The heat is on,
Temperature is rising to fever pitch....

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Agnetha Faltskog The Heat Is On Comments
  1. GoodVibesOfficial

    ♪♫♥ ;)

  2. jean pierre bressler

    Mon Dieu..cette femme est splendide et ses yeux et sa bouche sont sexy à souhait sans parler du reste et de sa voix extraordinaire..une Déesse

  3. Daiane M.

    Best part is when the guy plays accordion pretending to be a saxophone 😂 but I love this music tho.

  4. Michael Dann

    The best part of this video is the beginning when that guy realises he got in front of the camera XD

  5. Stijn Vanacker

    Great song, great singer, great backings, great band!

  6. Janett Grady

    Agnetha fires up my furnace, that's for sure, and whenever she performs wearing a skirt and showing her legs... Well, that does it for me, I'm usually on my way to a self-induced explosion, if you catch my drift. This video turned me on something itself had me replaying the dang thing, not to mention Agnetha's legs. Great video. Loved it and love it!!!

    Janett Grady

    Larry...She's wicked hot, all right. After this reply, I'm going to use two, maybe three, and replay this video a few times. Want to watch?

  7. Victor Haltom

    she’s a goddess

  8. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    A single rose can be my garden... single friend, my world.

  9. Ulrike Rutzen

    Agnetha... A real Queen ❤️😍 I love Agnetha... I love ABBA 💋 Best music ever!

  10. DiegoMagnus

    Love you Agnetha!

  11. Patrick Ing

    Agnetha is such a beautiful lady!

  12. Ken Blandford

    I love to watch her do turn around's and show both sides of her lovely voice while singing. I do like this one very much.

  13. Jan Novak

    Kiss.. I am love this woman

  14. Herman Van Extergem

    service van volvo en Mecedes laat de wensen over tergenwoordig prof drivers worden chagrijnig en hun bazen ook wees gewaarschuwd

  15. Susanne Stegmann

    Oh I love it - dont care of all the rubbish they said about it - come on - its fun!!!

  16. Manuela Bombis

    I Love her Voice, her nose, her eyes, her Shape, her mouth, her blond hair... I Love Agnetha

  17. Anita Thewes

    LOVE 😍 IT

  18. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    Sounding like Kate Bush in some parts ... Looking even more stunning here than in her Abba years if that is possible.

  19. mic Last

    at 2.37 is that Harpo --had the hit `moviestar` .

  20. Ulf Utstrand

    yeah...ooh....Garry you r right all the musicians i love is around 70...or more...but the heat is on...still.

  21. Hyman Arbesfeld

    What a performance Agnetha gives here. I think it has more life and fun than even ABBA Dancing Queen.

  22. Hyman Arbeseld

    Agnetha is the most beautiful pop singer ever with the greatest voice ever. New York 2018

  23. M R

    Agnetha was ABBA

  24. stacyann nelson

    Now that's a Lady♥️

  25. John Carneiro

    Que relíquia

  26. Michael Carolan

    She got better looking as she got older and legs wonderful

    MGTOW Lite

    Her make-up got better.
    Great summertime song.


    @MGTOW Lite No, actually, she got better looking as she got older. She aged like WINE.

  27. Gilson SOARES COSTA

    Sweethearted Agnetha...

  28. Hans Vegt

    Wearing short hair, she looked even more wonderful. Wow. <3 <3 <3

  29. Hans Vegt

    Was a major hit in the summer of 1983 which indeed was very hot.

  30. MrWeiden1991

    i heard it in 1983 when i lived in BELGIUM LEUVEN .

  31. Aparecida Donizete

    Amo esse conjunto sigo des dos anos setenta até hoje.

  32. CRISTI

    Banda 15 rolă 15 v 9, 5 top 83 Bandă de la Stelică

  33. Joaquin Esquivel

    the super best voice


    Super upload.
    why not millions of vieuwers ?


    Not enough known alone

  35. eric eric

    Her eyes show she is happy to be away from the pressure of ABBA!

  36. Alejandro Beso Kiss Alexander

    So lovely song/Una allegria muy bello

  37. jimbob1

    Agnetha looked much better with the messed hair,rather than that straight boring shit with ABBA.

    Country Boy S

    You do realize that the messed hair was in fashion in 1983 when this video was made as was the straight hairstyle that she had during the 1970s.

    alison rogerson

    Ah no! She was so much better with her beautiful blonde long hair as it complemented her features and that dull light brown shade is boring. Her long hair with the short bits at the front was gorgeous. Every girl then wanted that look.

  38. jimbob1

    Agnetha looks so lovely,irony is Swedish lovely girl talking about heat in Sweden, still love the video,bravo for the upload.

  39. ô picatchu

    sounds a little bit like "island of lost soul " from debby harry of blondie !!! love agnetha !

    Penny Korte

    Francois Gauthier agree

    Jeff Costello


  40. pythongunner

    Those eyes

  41. Brian Kane

    She's gone all tropical arriba

  42. Carlos Veiga

    Uma estrela nunca perde sua magnitude.

  43. alessandro quintanilha da silva

    Agnetha Faltskog a mulher mais linda e sensual que já existil na façe da terra sonho em um dia poder ter o privilejo de vela somenter por um instante mesmo que seja de longe nos dia de hoje para min já seria o bastante te amo Agnetha eternamente.

  44. Bassman 323

    The bass is orgasmic...

  45. Frank Calico Cat

    Agnetha and ABBA musicians ... love this song. Fits perfectly to today's temperatures ...

  46. Robbie Magic views

    A 0 dislike video on YouTube xddd. nice song annie

  47. eric eric

    Most beautiful singer ever.
    And that angelic voice, love her!

    Ryszard Ład

    super Anka

    Ken Blandford

    Heard this song for the first time! Love it, or maybe just love her. She stil a great dancer. I kept looking for a tongue flick or lip bite.

  48. Fernando De Leon

    That haircut (kind of messy) is the best she wore in those days ... the others were very 80's and didn't help her beauty show

    toscano alexandre

    in that video she IS wearing a haircut from the 80's
    so your comment isn't usefull

  49. Manneke van Heel

    Great song and performance...the best version of this song

  50. Lina McWalter

    I like the original by Noosha Fox better.

  51. michael mckenna

    What a great song!! Would of made No 1 if this was with her old mates.

  52. Adriana Klein

    У неё такие стройные ножки!! Это при том что у неё двое детей и 32 года. Я в шоке!! Она явно следит за собой

  53. Garry Coupland

    Agnetha could sing the Labour party manifesto and it would be OK with me. She is by far, the very best female singer in the world today.......and.....she's got lovely legs

    Dionysia Ex

    I'll get you Butler!

    Josh Gellis

    Although I'm not British, I can get British politics! I LOVE THE UK! ...and maaybe you have a point! Ronnie & Maggie = Donny & May! XD

  54. starbuck 63

    She was beautiful and nice voice .

  55. Marcus2058

    She was, is, such a star! Love you, Agnetha! :D

  56. no288

    O boy this song takes me back.....still great to listen to ; )

  57. kaaring

    is that Lasse Wellander on the white strat??

  58. Olivia Bishop

    The best voice in the world !!!