Agnetha Faltskog - The Angels Cry Lyrics

I always knew we were meant to be lovers,
I always knew we were made for each other,
I always knew there was no one else
Could make me feel this way
But when you go away,
The angels cry each time you say goodbye,
The angels cry each time you say goodbye.

The summer sun always shines when you're with me,
I feel it's warmth in the love that you give me,
I feel your touch and I know
That's where I always want to stay
But when you go away,
The angels cry each time you say goodbye,
The angels cry each time you say goodbye.

When we're apart, the rain it falls,
The wind it calls, for you my love,
Right from the start when our love was young
The rising sun, the only one was you my love.

I always knew we were meant to be lovers,
I always knew we were made for each other,
I always knew there was no one else
Could make me feel this way
But when you go away,
The angels cry each time you say goodbye,
The angels cry each time you say goodbye.

The angels cry each time you say goodbye,
The angels cry each time you say goodbye,
The angels cry....

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Agnetha Faltskog The Angels Cry Comments
  1. Gerry Smith

    Wow such beauty such talent the amazing Agnetha Faltskog

  2. Bernd Altmann

    wonderful song with the help of Justin Hayworth from Moody Blues

  3. Paul W

    She is the most beautiful women in the world with the voice of an angel. Love you Agnetha for the beautiful music. 💖💖💖

  4. Antonio Empleo

    Love you Agnetha!!!

  5. Olena Zhyrnova

    Писать бесполезно- нужно ощущать!

  6. ysaac wichmann

    Lovely Agnetha is my best inspiration ever !!!!
    She is an angel !!!! Pure talent , beauty , elegancy , very beautiful voice and high level in pop music always . She is all pure perfection absolutely , voice , presence and great talent .

  7. فائده الذهبي

    You bitch 👎

  8. Ben Tila

    I love this song...

  9. Janett Grady

    TheSwenglishSimmer...We're all born with a measure of bi, Hon. Girls much prefer boys, but every girl has the occasional hots for same-sex sex. I'm as "straight" as they come, I'm old enough to be your grandmother and I've been down on a girl every once in a while. I'd go down on Agnetha in a heartbeat. Whenever you're in the mood, Hon, do it. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with girl-girl sex.

  10. Jiří Betlach

    1985 year.

  11. Doug Reed

    The voice of the moody blues, Justin hayward wrote this song!

    Janett Grady

    Doug Reed...Yes, and he ought to get a Nobel Prize for artistic excellence for writing The Angels Cry.

  12. M R

    Agnetha is fantastic she was the most important person in ABBA

  13. Klavs Rommedahl

    I just love her voice, and among all of her songs this is one of my favorites.

  14. Jose Olvera

    Nunca en mi vida he visto una mujer tan hermosa, AGNETHA. ...forever belleza única, que voz , cuanto talento, que gracia, que precensia .etc. ect.

  15. ysaac wichmann


  16. Ute ORGAHS

    Sie ist eine dieser Stars,die eine Aura haben.Man kann es nicht erklären,man schaut sie einfach immer noch gerne an.Mittlerweile ist Agnetha 68 Jahre und hat nicht's von ihrem Charme verloren!
    Tolle Persönlickeit!!!

  17. K Mitchell

    1:13 Was that in 1979? Agnetha looks mad.........ish?

  18. Riyatno Rino

    I loved

  19. Russ Grunert

    So beautiful,so talented. Love you dearly Agnetha.

  20. Jose Olvera

    Wow belleza talento voz angelical etc. Etc. Por siempre Agnetha única

  21. Paul Lewis

    May 2k19

  22. Вера Космынина

    Агнета супер красота во всем внешность голос песни на все времена

  23. ysaac wichmann

    Agnetha's the most high quality , level and beauty in pop music always !!! Very beautiful angelic voice , wonderful songs !!!! She's the better singer in all the world and of all times !!!! The true "Queen of Hearts" in the World history pop music . She is the better voice and talented lady singer in all the World , ( and of all times ) until today .

  24. Paul Stottman

    love the synth the 80s had the best synth sounds just can't get that today .

  25. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    Everyone except me.

  26. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    I'm always tired but never of you.


    No tatoo, Botox, Plastic surgery, Boob implant, Butt implant. AGNETHA is the real deal.

  28. uralovich

    so beautiful, so great

  29. Janett Grady

    If there's a more affecting song than The Angels Cry, I damn sure haven't found it. If there's a better girl singer than Agnetha Faltskog, I haven't found her. I love this song, love the singer, and in more years than I care to count, I have never ever seen or heard anything like it. Love it, absolutely love everything about it.

    Larry Laurence

    Janett 3:40

    Janett Grady

    Larry...Yes, I can only imagine where I'd like that beautiful face to be, her cute little mouth giving me a licking. Yes, good choice, Larry. I like that picture. .

    Larry Laurence

    Yes Janett giving Agnetha a licking is the only thing I can do right now

    Janett Grady

    Larry...Nothing wrong with that, Hon. It's my guess she'd love it. I know I would. Cheers!!!


    4.28 Wow .Beautiful , I love you !!!

  31. Joe Vanaman

    Everyone's Dream Girl ! The beautiful ,charming and still the Lady, Agnetha... A great role Model for all generations , young and old... Great Memories, Thanks!

  32. Ute ORGAHS

    I love you still!!

  33. Janett Grady

    My better half not withstanding, if Agnetha ever sang this song to me, I'd crawl into her bed and be at her beck and call for whatever she might want. It's never going to happen, of course, but... Well, my better half not withstanding, I can wish and wish, right? Right!!!
    This is one beautiful song, the most heartwarming song I've heard in a very long time.

  34. Janett Grady

    How anyone could leave a woman saying or singing these words to him or her is beyond me. Maybe I'm just a sentimental old broad who's been lucky enough to find that kind of love, but at the moment I'm crying because of this song. That's the magic of Agnetha, she stirs the emotions like no one else...can even make me want to be in her bed.

  35. ysaac wichmann

    Agnetha Fältskog of Sweden !!! 👍🏻💙 🇸🇪 Very nice song , very beautiful woman , Wonderful angelic voice and Super talented Swedish singer !!!! Extraordinary , fabulous , fantastic , magnificent !!! AGNETHA FOREVER !!!! EXTRAORDINARY AND DIVINE VOICE AGNETHA !!!

  36. Jon Gowan

    Little lady I’m 73 I’ve been around for quite some time and I love you and your voice I can remember when you were a teenager

  37. Anatol Cimala

    Agnetha jesteś Aniołkiem 😍

  38. Gilmar Pereira

    agnetha linda

  39. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    How are things, My 🚉 station is very far frow my 🏡 home.

  40. Галина Морозова

    Bravo Agneta!!!

  41. neusa nair

    Amo suas músicas são lindas broas para se ouvir.

  42. Paulo Leal

    além de uma musica linda,uma sessão incrível de fotos da nossa musa agnetha

  43. D Wall

    Absolute Beautiful One of A Kind

  44. Markus Robert

    Princess Indeed

  45. CRISTI

    Banda 22 rolă 18 v9, 5 top 84 bandă de la Stelică Ene, trasă pe magnetofon Rostov 105.

  46. Clifford Widener

    beautiful woman beautiful voice no tattoos no piercings and put the ultimate pop star younger kid girls should learn from this Timeless Beauty

  47. handsupbud

    I wonder what' she's like when you're alone with her.

    M R

    Giving blowjobs i think

    Tim Penfield

    Heard she's a great cook

    Janett Grady

    M R...Don't you wish. Me, I'm thinking she's doing girls, too. Fun to think about, but we're pissing in the wind and getting all wet. Neither of us are ever going to be alone with Agnetha.

    Janett Grady

    Tim Penfield...She is, no doubt, a great cook.

  48. Veronica4u2day

    Maybe her best solo song. I love this song <3

  49. Art Deco

    Fabulous    Photos    and   Fabulous   Song   by Agnetha.

  50. Rubén Cortés Dimas

    que hermosa era..

    Jose Olvera

    Es aún hermosa!!!

  51. jaried guzman

    Mujer mas bonita no hay

  52. Kurt Neumann

    I say she is still beautiful today at 65!

    k e r e z y m a i i

    I know right?

    pat clary

    Both of the girls are.

  53. Steven Edwards

    Beautiful song from "Eyes of a Woman"

  54. вадим шевчнко


  55. Jørgen Kristensen

    3:37 WOW what a beauty

  56. TheSwenglishSimmer

    I am a fourteen year old straight girl and I love this woman more than possibly anything i have ever loved before.

    k e r e z y m a i i

    Yes I am. This is my new Youtube account. I abandoned the other one in 2015. I love this song still and ABBA and Agnetha are still loves of mine :)

    k e r e z y m a i i

    Also, I am not completely straight anymore, I am pansexual now :D

    Bill A

    You mean poly-rainbow sexual? he-he It's all, good as long as you enjoy the wonderful Agnetha. ;)

  57. Leszek Mazurkiewicz

    piekna piosenka jak aneta

  58. Irena Orska

    Padlam z wrażenia.Agneta jeszcze lepsza niz w ABBIE.

  59. Wróżka Chmurka

    Cudo ! dziękuję !

  60. Kez Gardner

    a truly remarkable voice and a truly remarkable Lady so good to hear her back

  61. w10021


  62. una mckillen

    I don't know either. Perhaps her reluctance back then to travel - obligatory in the music business for anything. She is "back" now with an exciting album. What is weird in all the commentary on it is her reclusiveness. To hear it, she did nothing apart from languish on a Swedish isalnd between the end of ABBA and now. Of course, we know she made 4 albums that were massive successes in Europe. She did become necessarily reclusive. She suffered a lot. I am glad she is back.

    Derlin Claire

    God bless her.

  63. una mckillen

    I was reading a few articles recently about Agnetha's come-back. It was weird. She left ABBA and became a recluse did she hell.? She made four successful albums "Wrap your arms around m She is back and I do hope she has a global success withut " "I stand Alone", "The eyes of a woman" and of coursr "My Colourng Book"i so hope she has a global success without the horrible hassles of the ABBA years. She so has a wonderful voice that needs to be heard,

  64. Kyach Distent

    Why would the pus-ridden US with their classic lousy taste in music and their extreme limitations in trying to accept anything even slightly different to the basic couple of things they're used to, ever accept this album? And no shit US label is going to bother. Kim Wilde, Frida, and just about any decent non-US artist has the same problem, yet the sodding country give us all their shit and we dumbly accept it. Plus 1985 was the year theat talentless harpy Madogga made everything about her!

  65. Uday Shankar Das


  66. laurenhooba

    this song is very relaxing. wish her "eyes of a woman" album was available in the usa.

    Derlin Claire

    Me too,my friend.Danke schoen,meine lieber Freundin Lauren,and God bless you.

  67. lcr1955

    Is this song that Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues plays lead guitar? Anybody know? Just wondering.

    Dale Hidy

    I do believe you're correct

    Peter Agricola

    Written by Justin Hayward who also played guitar and provided backing vocals.

  68. Elenica Ica

    the best song.

  69. JohnTubes

    It was also covered beautifully by Annie Haslam

  70. BluebirdintheSky

    The uptempo arrangement originally for Tracey Ullman suits the melody better.

  71. MrLindaFan

    Beautiful voice!! Greatings from Portugal :-)

  72. Peter Cowie

    Beautiful Agnetha


    This is the first time I have heard this song by Agnetha... I have it by Annie Haslam! Both are lovely.

  74. Johnny kramme Iversen

    super sang

  75. Sergey Popov

    "The Angels Cry" is Itself Excellent. Very beautiful song!!!...

  76. aliena1950



    после зтой песни хочется наввсегда вернутся в старое доброе детство мне кажеттца что было великое сооздано человеком зто музвка 60-90 а поотом все гавно

  78. That's Music


  79. petunia4ever

    simply beautiful!<3

  80. Kelly letford

    i just love agnetha's version of this song, she has such a beautiful voice i just cry each time i hear her sing this song

  81. Adamus70

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  82. sfratpack

    Happy birthday, Aggie!
    Millions of your fans are thinking of you today.
    Thank you for the music!

  83. Eunezio monte raso

    ela e linda

  84. greenisland75

    A beautiful song. One of my favourites. Thanks Princess Agnetha for posting this great video.

  85. Madrocker1954

    A truly great song by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, and from an excellent, stunning and exciting album by Agnetha that was shamefully not released in the US. This song would've made for a great single along with several other songs. I don't know the reason why "Eyes of a Woman" wasn't released in the US but the album was a masterpiece for the beautiful lady of ABBA.

    Janett Grady

    Madrocker 1954...The Politically Correct idiots gained control over the music industry in the USA, that's why. ABBA too openly LGBT, girls in their Cat Costumes a bit too racy, not to mention that if our media gave ABBA the air time, American singers, bands, and so forth would have gone belly talent whatsoever. During the 60s. idiots gave us nothing but anti-Vietnam, anti-American shit for music, then ABBA came along and went back to singing love songs. The Politically Correct assholes didn't like that. That's my two cents as to why ABBA got stifled here in the States. I agree, it's a fucking shame.

  86. steveinbelgium

    nice work...5 stars on the song and the pics!

  87. PrincessAgnetha

    Actually most of her songs were written by other people- these you call producer!! lol

  88. Martianfan

    Well the song was written by moody blues singer Justin Hayward. Agnetha only sunged it.

    Drive Easy

    Only? Silly missie.

    K Mitchell

    Sang not Sunged..............

  89. Rick M

    beautiful Thank,s Rick

  90. abbafanglosuk

    Brilliant Anna, this is one of my favorites from Agnetha's 80's songs!

  91. Anne Becker

    I love the song ;)
    nice pic's too honey