Agnetha Faltskog - Remember Me Lyrics

As you walk from my side
The tears I try to hide
Are running down my cheek
I find it hard to speak
This is our last goodbye
But darling will you please

Remember me from time to time
The one who loves you
Remember me from time to time
I won't forget you
Oh please remember me
And I 'll remember too

I watch you walk away
But in my mind you stay
An everlasting dream
To me you've always been
And please don't turn around as you walk away

Remember me from time to time
The one who loves you
Remember me from time to time
I won't forget you
Oh please remember me
And I 'll remember too

Remember me from time to time
The one who loves you
Remember me from time to time
I won't forget you
Oh please remember me
And I 'll remember too
I remember
So please remember...

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Agnetha Faltskog Remember Me Comments
  1. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    A music be medium reach a lead singer Agnetha.

  2. Elisabeth Müller

    So schön...danke...

  3. TELL51MC

    written by Jeff Lynne

  4. Media Mike

    .............Thanks Agnetha for the beautiful music..............We will NEVER forget you..............

  5. Mikael Nyman


  6. Rob Temmen

    Thank you for the introduction and additional info!!!Thanks for keeping her alive

  7. Terry C.


  8. john lodge

    I hadn't heard this song. Beautiful.

  9. Barbara Adamiec

    super !!

  10. Carlos roger menna

    Hermosa Agnetha!!!.

  11. Gary Grinn

    ABBA and Agnetha my Love!

  12. john rowan

    Sandie Shaw sings the original on her LP The Sandie Shaw Supplement.

  13. Ms T


  14. Bailee Hoffmann

    My only refuge

  15. Bailee Hoffmann

    Your voice is my refuge

  16. Bailee Hoffmann

    Agnetha it's me Bailee I sent you a letter from my school remember. You have to listen to me you can't just survive you have to live I have anxieties too but I don't hide I confront them I confront my fears I have friends that help me Frida is your friend you have to believe that she is I know you know she is since she let you stand next to her when you performed you have to believe that she'll come back for you you have to give her, her best chance. You need to have faith fear is just another reason to try harder believe that hope is the strongest magic of all. Listen your music your songs your voices they soothe me when I'm feeling nervous or scared or depressed once I hear you I calm down you have to believe

    Kathy Warner

    Bailee Hoffmann hi Bailee. I see where you're coming from and I think her voice from ABBA and the heart rending feelings facially says it all.but, despite her tough times she has come out the other side and I think she enjoys her life now, although she will always be the intense, sensitive lady she is, no other artist will ever,ever have the beauty inside and outside as she has. God Bless you, Agnetha and Bailee, you must have got great insight when you were at school to see all these feelings and emotions when so young in a beautiful, sensitive and loving lady as she still is. Bailee, I think we have a great connection when we can both see the happy, sad and so many of the mixed feelings the beautiful Agnetha has still. Very perceptive, and wondered if you, maybe, have had tough times also? I'm sorry if that was wrong of me to say that but I have had tough and despairing times too and, if it wasn't for ABBA , especially Agnetha I really don't think I would be here, now, writing this to you.They got me through many bad times in my life, still do so Bailee, don't you ever change the sensitive person you sound and we can both say Thank you for the music and thanks you for this incredible and beautiful lady, who has come back to us after years of personal confusion and sadness. She's beaten a lot of her demons and so bravely too. I often think, if only she had been my grandmother, I know I would not have had the kind of life that I did have back then. Well ,I can dream can't I?!!xxxxxxx

  17. Gert van der Graaf

    I love her and remember the day's we where together .... JAG ALSKA DIG .. GERT

  18. Francis Moon

    how can I forget

  19. catherine waal

    ABBA LOVE ))))))))))))))

  20. Ching Benito

    Lovely song...and woman.

  21. Truck Driver

    What a heavenly voice then and now

  22. Adrian Brown

    Beautiful as ever.

  23. Art Deco

    Beautiful  Woman, Beautiful Song.,

  24. Bio

    Remember being from time to time by Your si de.

  25. Edoque

    The artist that inspired her are the same artists I hear in the radio during my youth. should be, afterall Agnetha is 3 years my junior. She is also my favorite female singer. Love that voice!

  26. matiabba

    2:53 - 2:56 <3

  27. Susie Whyte

    Love this album x

  28. Tolga Mert

    how can i Forget you Agnetha, i always remember and night...

  29. sabia

    linda musica adoro

  30. sabia

    agnetha faltskog adoro linda musica

  31. una mckillen

    She clearly didn't think so. I don't really know what to say. I am not a music critic. I like this and if that makes me too mundane, ordinary, pedestrian then I am guilty. Agnetha clearly wanted to sing post-ABBA and she still had, and has, the most amazing voice. The material she chose was variable, She had amazing producers and less amazing producers. She could still sing the phone book and get away with it. I will like her whatever she does.

  32. tmallo1

    One of my fav songs of her's ...beautiful..;-)

  33. mariusd91

    The same wonderful Agnetha, same great voice that marked my childhood and adolescence

    Rolf Mayer

    Nobody could ever destroy her magic, not even the time! We love you forever!

  34. una mckillen

    This was one of her "colouring book", tracks, I think. She wanted to record standards and did it successfully. I don't understand your sniffy attitude to this song. I don't know its origins but it is a pretty song - up there with the best of love songs of any time. With her latest album, she is recording originals (one written by her); not so much better then different.

  35. Gary Noel Lopez

    ABBA Music is very part of me. Though it's a solo album by Agnetha I hear the melodious echoes of ABBA. Her voice makes me feel young has a sort of rejuvinating effect on me :-) ♥♥♥

  36. juan dado


  37. Bio

    Agnetha demeure toujours si agréable à écouter.

  38. Robert Green

    Fine there are other songs from this period i think around 20 songs does anyone know

    when they will release then or the unreleased songs from 1991, love Robert xx

  39. Igor Stratos

    I was in love with both Agnetha and Annifrid as a kid. I think I might in love again :)

  40. Robert Green

    Nice record wish they would release the rest of the songs from this time, Robert x x

  41. dhani rivai

    how come 54 years old woman has a voice like this.....still the same like those abba's hits...awesome

  42. Luigi Forgione

    Oh Gud! Du är en begåvad kvinna. Jag är din fan alltid. Din röst har förändras inte alls. Gud välsigne dig alltid. Dina låtar hade märkt gånger i mitt liv som jag alltid kommer att älska. Tack för all din kärlek och underbara minnen. Håll sjunga angel:

  43. Luigi Forgione

    Oh God! You are a gifted woman. I am your fan forever. Your voice hasn´t change at all. God bless you always. Your songs had marked times in my life that i will always treasure. Thank you for all your love and wonderful memories. Keep singing angel:

  44. Jellislee

    Oh yes, Agnetha we will always remember you and never let go...

  45. seytet

    I'm 16years old and i am a huge fan.. She is ordinary and i loveee her voice! Beautiful Lady..
    Would like to see them all together again..

  46. Bio

    Une voix si douce fait appel à des sentiments profonds et pousse à aimer cette chanson.

  47. ian parker

    Just a lovely song by a beautiful lady x

  48. Gerard Hayes

    Such an emotional recording from an extreordinary woman.......We miss your voice Agnetha....Please return to the studio and give your fans and the world more music magic...hello from ireland....

  49. Alfred Burtscher

    Yes, we remember you - und ob!!!!!
    Sie ist einfach großartig

  50. se404


    I remember you not from time to time but every moment and will remember forever

  51. Titan52berg

    @maulfick She is no cheaper than you for making such caustic remarks. She is extremely intelligent and gifted with the voice of an angel.... and YOU need to look into a mirror to see someone who is really 'mentally sick.'

  52. Donald L. Marshall

    I am exausted (weathered and worn) and I must be able to get to rest; away from that which intruded upon us. But I will always be around, however long I exist.

  53. broadband01

    you cant just go in a studio these days,record a few songs,and expect them to be hits,problem with agnetha is that she wont do any international interviews,she wont do any traveling either to publisise her work,she is not committed in any way,shape or form

  54. 45RPMsingles

    If she had done some PR it could easily have sold a miliion+ instead of 500,000 .
    I assume she hasnt set foot in a studio since which is a tragedy for music fans.

  55. George Vreeland Hill

    She is a wonderful talent.
    I love her.

    George Vreeland Hill

  56. se404

    Wonderful Wonderful !!!
    Agneta I have been loving you since 1980 and will love you forever.
    When I see your face, feel love and sad.
    My love is growing day by day.
    Greetings from Turkey.

  57. Beatrice Voleste

    wow...the Best Agnetha.

  58. Laurie Ford

    We could never forget you, Agnetha !

  59. Adamus70

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  60. Rob A

    I ache to be able and write Agnetha. Her music has been a huge part of my life since I first heard ABBA sing "I DO, I DO, I DO, I Do, I Do" on the radio when I was 14. I was on my way to work on a Monday morning in July. I went to the record store and literally had to ask them to look up this group called ABBA and order me what ever records they could. I lived in North Ontario and they were a little bit behind the latest music compared to places like Toronto.

  61. Jim Whitted

    I care about you, dear Agnetha.

  62. Birgit Renken

    Happy Birthday Agnetha to 60 .Birthday. Eine klasse Sängerin.

  63. sfratpack

    Happy birthday, Aggie!
    Millions of your fans are thinking of you today.
    Thank you for the music!

  64. MrJoseppie123

    Anita Dobson, give me a break, of course they are the same person, but what a beautiful Woman & voice Agnetha

  65. annasumner

    Me too!

  66. abbafanglosuk

    Yes Agnetha is just as good here as we remember her after 17 years away!

  67. cjm52

    Brilliany voice !

  68. pompa04

    I think she sounds little like Anita Dobson. (Brian May´s wife)

  69. lmeck

    nonsence, the best voice has Loreena McKennitt unrivalled. You should look at her on Youtube.

    Agnetha is very good, abbas song are great.

  70. Izaya Furryhara

    Neh. I'd rather chuck Frida out of the universe than murder my teacher. :D

  71. qxw66

    her voice is so wonderful!

  72. viciousv422

    and Frida.

  73. AgnethaeFrida

    I will allways remember you, agnetha

  74. viciousv422

    something about it haunts my sences..and begs to be played again.

  75. chigunok

    Love it.
    For all that are to remembered.

  76. caquerio

    It's all right. I hope you enjoy this song and the uplifting voice from Agnetha.

  77. cjm52

    Loved Abba but love her even more - what a voice of an angel

  78. caquerio

    I must confess I thought you could be joking, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the explanation. Although I'm from Barcelona (Spain) I love british sense of humour, like "yes, minister", "fawlty towers", etc. By the way, you made a good joke :)) nice to meet you

  79. CrankCase08

    It was a joke. She had a load of emotional problems and I was saying you'd be an extra one. It's just m Breitish sense of humour, thats probably why you didn't get it.

  80. caquerio

    I don't understand your question. I said what I said, because she's a great artist and she's lovely. I know she's got problems and I wish her a happy life

  81. CrankCase08

    Don't you think she's got enough problems?

  82. caquerio

    Agnetha, please, marry me!

  83. caquerio

    I agree. I'm an Agnetha fan since 1982! (I'm 36 years old). The best voice in music history and a wonderful woman, not a stupid slut like Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, etc.

  84. dragan0405

    she and tina tuner

  85. андрей ламанский

    Моя любимая певица.

  86. anafbmad

    and she was afraid bacause she didn't knew if her voice was still there! I my my her voice is still there and she sings like she did long ago, I just love her voice. her talent could not be repeat it. thank u for the vid, I jut wish that she releases another album!

  87. Rob A

    P.S. I have always wished I could have seen a live performance, I only had the albums etc. My great wish has always been to meet you Agnetha. To have a autograthed picture. WOW! I am going to the UK in August. It is my hope to cross over to France and see if I can find The "new" CD, "My Colouring Book" so my collection is complete. You are wonderful Agnetha, remember that millions here in Canada love you. Might there be another album again??? Your long distance great fan, Rob

  88. Rob A

    I love her voice, style, presentation and beauty. albeit, a few, carry them selves in such a way that you are drawn to them. The way Agnetha performs, is like she sings to each individual. I believe that to come back after 17 years and produce an album is totally awesome. I live in Canada and not even with the U.S. the shame of this album is it was never released over here. If it had been, with such a huge audience/fan base, she would have topped the charts and sold millions. It is our loss.

  89. abbafanglosuk

    Yes you're right, Agnetha's singing voice is very clear and sounds better than ever despite not performing for 17 years. And she's still a fantastic looking lady at 53 here!

  90. jones michael

    Oh lovely agnetha. Her voice still young and clean.

  91. abbafanglosuk

    I think its her emotional singing in songs like this that captures your heart John. She wanted to live a normal quiet life for the sake of her children, but the media has unfairly compared her to Greta Garbo, probably because she was also Swedish and retired suddenly from publicity. My Colouring Book album proves that her singing voice is better than ever, despite the 17 years abscence. She considered about 60 songs for the 13 tracks, so there's plenty left for a hoped for follow up album!

  92. abbafanglosuk

    She's also a very musically gifted woman John. She had a fine solo career before and after Abba, writing many of her own songs. She topped the charts in Sweden at just 17, with her very first song which she wrote herself. Her songs are always romantic, just like she is! And she did an excellent job as a mum in bringing up her two children herself after the divorce, while continuing her solo career for her fans in the abscence of Abba. She's the finest female singer we've ever seen!

  93. abbafanglosuk

    You're right Ken, this is emotional singing at its best, as only Agnetha can do it! I'm gradually posting all 13 songs on her My Colouring Book album, just got 3 left to do now. They're all superb interpretations, the album topped the charts in Sweden!

  94. abbafanglosuk

    Yes this is wonderful high pitched sweet voiced singing as only Agnetha can do it Mike! The songs chosen for the album are all excellent and were those that inspired and made impressions on her early life, and to which she could put her own respectful interpretation - and are not neccessarily the biggest hits of the time.

  95. MillionthUsername

    Oh, that chorus sounds great! She choose some excellent songs for this album. A bit before my time, but I like them all.

  96. abbafanglosuk

    Hi Dallas, yes this song is perfect for Agnetha's return to recording after 17 years away! She shows she's still got that wonderful emotional singing voice we all remember her for. I haven't found any female singers that compare to her, she's so under-rated. Its unfortunate things didn't last with Bjorn, you can imagine she was heartbroken, being the romantic and loving person we know her to be. That does indeed make these lyrics sad. Sorry Dallas - mouse slipped, it should be +1 of course.

  97. abbafanglosuk

    You're right Di, she makes her voice that little bit sweeter to create a pleading sense for the chorus.

  98. abbafanglosuk

    It's John from England, same country as Sandie. I appreciate Sandie, but we'll have to disagree on this. Agnetha has a wide singing range, wrote her own songs at 17, had 2 big solo careers, was lead singer with Abba, made this comeback album, etc. I can't list all her achievements here, there's too many! And she's very beautiful of course.