Agnetha Faltskog - One Way Love Lyrics

One way love, it never sleeps, it just grows deeper
One way love, it pulls you in, it takes you down
And I wish I knew what I had to do
To get into your life, to get close to you
But baby, it's a one way love.

One way love, if you could only see me as I see you
One way love, you'd feel the way I feel tonight
And I can't go on living other lives
Making other plans to keep the tears from my eyes
Oh baby, it's a one way love.

So don't turn away, and don't say it's over
I'm falling like I never knew
And I can't pretend, for I keep remembering
Everything that we've been through.

One way love, it lives in shadows, cold and lonely
One way love, it lives alone, it breaks your heart
And I don't know how I can take the pain
Hurting over and over and over again
And baby, it's a one way love.

So don't turn away, and don't say it's over
I'm falling like I never knew
And I can't pretend, for I keep remembering
Everything that we've been through.

One way love,
Oh baby, it's a one way love
And I can't go on living other lives
Making other plans to keep the tears from my eyes
And baby, it's a one way love.

One way love,
It's a one way love,
Mmm, one way love.

A one way love,
It's a one way love,
Yeah, one way love.

A one way love,
It's a one way love...

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Agnetha Faltskog One Way Love Comments
  1. 한정일

    Thanks for the abba members
    Agnetha's is the lead vocol
    From korea

  2. ISU - 78

    Agnetha F. - "a fully clothed human metronome"; her voice, her looks, her class, her expressions, her smiles give me goosebumps every time I listen to this song. Absolutely no comparison to some of the female skanks (oops, I meant singers) of 2019.

  3. Фортунато Флавиа

    Lovely Agnetha.

  4. didy wr

    Either Agnetha or Frdya .... have a best talent

  5. The Misunderstood Assassin

    Today is the *7* year anniversary of when you uploaded "One Way Love". 🤓

    EDIT- 9:48 P.M.: *finishes video 4 minutes later*
    I first heard this song over a month ago. It was as good as I remembered!

  6. Dan Frost

    Damn , THAT'S what a real woman should look like.

  7. Jose Roberto Correa Correa

    Ela e sensacional...linda..

  8. Martin Císař

    To je má oblíbená. Agnetha je nejlepší, písnička plná energie. Joooo to miluju!!!!

  9. Anthony Labrador

    Im in love with her song and I love agnetha because of powerfull voices

  10. Kirk Rogers

    i adore this song, seriously love it. That voice, cuts through everything with its sound. Personally, I think the ABBA songs were written with the voices in mind. The compositions revolved around the voices of soprano and mezzo soprano. . They were perfect recipes. Something's lost here. It's taking an amazing vocalist and shoving her in a commercial pop scene to get a buck. Dunno. Thoughts.

  11. dongkao

    You my godess

  12. Shuvro Khan

    Agnetha is such an amazing singer.

  13. Bill A

    First, I'm a great Abba/Agnetha fan, but this 80's vibe just doesn't resonate with me, guess because I'm so used to the 70's ABBA style. There's nothing wrong with it, just not as magical.

  14. Frankie Frank

    I can hear Karing Glenmark in the background...

  15. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    O. K. Super star!

  16. jean pierre bressler

    La beauté, le talent , la classe

  17. ISU - 78

    Breathtaking!! One of the best qualities of Agnetha (and ABBA) is that they sang with a mic in hand, or at microphone stands. They didn't run around the stage, "bumping & grinding" with other band members.They were "fully clothed" for the most part; with the exception of some of the "costumes" they wore in their early days (for tax purposes - HA!) Female singers today need to show more skin, cleavage, etc. as a distraction since so many of them JUST CAN'T SING.

  18. Александр Морозов


  19. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    You 're sweet song!

  20. Gerald T. Eugène

    Agnetha mon rayon de soleil

  21. Francis Formalhaut Moon


  22. Malcolm Fulcher

    OMG How did I miss so much of this wonderful music.....Agnetha, think I love you......and I even worked a small radio station programming music. Found on you on my computer and I am up at all hours of the night listening to all of you perform. Brilliant. Actually, I was watching the Gary Barlow show and there you were. FANTASTIC

  23. Bjorn Faltskog

    ABBA and ELO at the same time !

  24. Russ Grunert

    I adore you, Agnetha

  25. anauni kelani

    AGNETHA is the perfect always, love you.

  26. Tubebrerry

    will do!!!!

  27. Tubebrerry

    Um . . . literally NO one way about it, lol!!!! :-D

  28. alessandro quintanilha da silva

    nossa é muito charme para uma mulher só!!!!!!!!!!!!quanta beleza nesse rosto lindo que deus deu a ela amo esse mulher de mais para todo sempre para toda eternidade daria tudo para ter o prazer de conheçelha um dia.

  29. Janett Grady

    I love Agnetha, the best girl singer whoever lived....the best sounding, the most beautiful, and the one girl who could seduce me into her bed. Would I go down on her? I would.

    Storyboard Dave

    I was thinking the same thing!!!!!

  30. dad fart

    agnetha has always been beautiful n had a sexy body n yes im from the era they started :). this is music not what people listen to now sorry if it offends others.

  31. enrico rodriguez

    I don't agree, there are many ways to love ...

  32. Edwin De Letter

    lekker ding

  33. Ananda Jayasooriya

    How I can I gorget Agnetha and her beautiful look......

  34. Maria Fernandes

    Sera que rolou um romance entre eles dois porque ela era separada e eles formavam um lindo casal

  35. Jon Gowan

    Remarkable voice magnificent blue eyes and blonde hair.thats what makes it a Swedish angel 😇

  36. Janett Grady

    Aside from being fantastic as part of ABBA, Agnetha is fantastic in her own right, a beautiful girl with a fabulous voice. The closing picture of Agnetha on this video clearly shows how absolutely beautiful she is. I do, I do, no doubt want to kiss that girl in that picture...turns me on something fierce. Thanks, Agnetha, for being YOU.

  37. Roger BAB

    Agnetha is an Angel. 💋💋❤️💕

  38. Ken Carpenter

    I could not love this song or this singer more. Truly a lifelong fan.

  39. Richard Leigh

    beautiful lady beautiful singer

  40. cleber gobi

    I love Agnetha voice!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Prabhu Das

    Oh, what a beautiful beat !

  42. Stefan Hearst

    Agnetha Fältskog has a great voice and I always loved this classic song. Great melody and beat.

  43. M R

    Agnetha WAS ABBA

    Frankie Frank

    Not really, ABBA was teamwork, after ABBA she did not have that much success, regardless or her talent, and the same happened to Frida. The ladies brought in their voices and the guys their talents as songwriters and composers and it was that combination what produced the magic

  44. Jim Reed

    You are everyone's One Way Love, Agnetha!!!

    Сергей Безносов

    Jim Reed gut

  45. alan hobiwan

    J,ai été amoureux d,elle et je le suis toujours!!!

  46. anna-maria verburg

    a very good beat

    Prabhu Das

    Quite enjoyable

  47. Valmar fernandes melro

    Eles eram demais!!

  48. dudewheresmycar47

    its a  pity she  lip syncing . I compared with the cd track. it s identical, the same.


    well its not live and so it has to be the studio version


    Montreaux is meant to be truly live performance so I am surprised that the organisers allowed her to do a lip synch performance. Where is her courage to sing live?????

    Kyle Duncan

    It is obviously not a lip sync, but rather a live performance where the video posted to youtube has replaced the live track with the album track. Happens a lot.
    You can clearly see in the video that the music is occasionally way out of sync with her performance.

    Kyle Duncan

    @AWM She did sing live, but the video posted here has replaced the live track with the album track.

  49. zager

    love the short hair

    paul eggins

    zager the look into the camera at 1.02 simply gorgeous.

    Adam Dawson

    The short hair makes her look way older than 35

  50. merthyrboyo

    Still gorgeous, still a sweetheart and still an engima. Such a shame that she did not really enjoy performing live - she was (and is) a treat to the eyes and the ears. An incredible talent.

  51. patrizio GALANO

    piu' diventi vecchia e piu' sei bella!!!!

  52. Manickam

    OHHH......I love your dynamic voice Agnetha.....

  53. kriskruzo

    produced by Jeff Lynne (ELO)!!!!

    Sal Buccino

    Actually it was written by Jeff Lynne but produced by Eric Stewart of 10cc.

    Bill A

    Completely 80's vibes from the sound to clothing... well I guess this was in the early 80's after all, sadly with ABBA gone.

  54. Kelvyn Diego

    somente eternos nos nossos coracoes

  55. marigold

    god-- i love that girl and her voice-------

  56. Aguinaldo Tenorit

    Acho fantástico essa voz.
    Gostaria muito de um dia poder vê-la cantar pessoalmente.

    Tania Cardoso

    Aguinaldo Tenorit o7

    liis ponce

    Hermosa mujer y Hermosa voz Agnetha era ABBA

    Leocadia Pisetta

    Belíssima charmosa linda Deus te abençoe. Voz magnífica bjs