Agnetha Faltskog - Once Burned, Twice Shy Lyrics

Once burned, twice shy
I've learned, I've cried
And I'm never gonna hurt that way again.
Once burned, twice shy
My heart, I'll hide
If it's ever gonna have a chance to mend.

Here he comes again, he wants to talk to me
And as he walks to me, I feel so empty inside.
Oh what can I say to him?
He's the one who hurts me so
Tell him that he'll have to go
I've got no more tears to cry.

Once burned, twice shy
I've learned, I've cried
And I'm never gonna hurt that way again.
Once burned, twice shy
My heart, I'll hide
If it's ever gonna have a chance to mend.

Someday he'll learn,
Someday he'll get burned,
And he'll say:

Once burned, twice shy
I've learned, I've cried
And I'm never gonna hurt that way again.
Once burned, twice shy
My heart, I'll hide
If it's ever gonna have a chance to mend.

Once burned, twice shy
I've learned, I've cried
And I'm never gonna hurt that way again.
Once burned, twice shy
My heart, I'll hide
If it's ever gonna have a chance to mend.

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Agnetha Faltskog Once Burned, Twice Shy Comments
  1. marcos vitòria

    simplismente eterna

  2. Antonio Empleo

    Love you Agnetha!!!

  3. Gerry Smith

    The Amazing Agnetha such beauty such talent

  4. Jose Olvera


  5. Andrzej Czarnecki

    Svenska Super 👌 Agnetha Fältskok song jo Vist. ANDEJ Czanecki ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.

  6. Leonard Buyungo

    Beautiful song, beautiful Agnetha and beautiful fans

  7. M R

    Sounds like Smokie with Agnetha Faltskog as singer )

  8. Emilia Sjöholm


  9. Russ Grunert

    Love Agnetha's voice, and angel

  10. Stächer Axel

    Zauerhafte Frau mit Glaßglare Stimme !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lars hauge

    So beautiful and Wonderful song. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  12. Саня Патриот

    Jag älskar dig Agnetha...

  13. Sven Teegen


  14. Janett Grady

    Agnetha must be the prettiest girl next door in the history of girls next door. If you disagree, surely you'll admit to going back to at least one picture of her for another look. Then let the world know the name of a girl next door you think is prettier or as pretty as Agnetha. It's my guess you won't even try.

  15. Gusya Panda

    Агнета без АВВА ничто, полный отстой

  16. Max J

    I fall in love again....

  17. Janett Grady

    I love Agnetha, and I can't get over my fantasies of being with her. Her every picture turns me on, and this video has enough great pictures of her to keep me warm and wet for hours. I love Agnetha and I love this video.


    She's just an unbelievable beauty, such sex appeal.

  18. Michael McCarthy Sr

    Have no clue where I was when she was out on her own, missed all these songs...

  19. Jordi Castels

    Agnetha....viajaré al pasado y te amaré...hasta que me de un acv!!!💋💋💋

  20. Domingo Paez

    Over the years we have all seen beautiful singers and I can say that I am already 70 years old and I still think that she was and still is the most beautiful and talented woman I have seen in my whole life and that other pop singers have not yet They have been able to overcome but I also think that along with all their beauty and talent it seems to me that there was always something so mysterious or perhaps supernatural in it that has made us admire and love it so much in the whole world. 23 - 1 - 2019 Bs. As Argentina.

  21. Domingo Paez

    A través de los años todos hemos visto cantantes hermosas y yo puedo decir que ya he cumplido 70 años y aun sigo pensando que ella fue y sigue siendo la mujer mas hermosa y talentosa que he visto en mi toda vida y que otras cantantes pop aun no han podido superar pero también creo que junto a toda su belleza y talento me parece que siempre hubo en ella algo tan misterioso o quizás sobrenatural que ha hecho que en todo el mundo la admiremos y la queramos tanto. 23 - 1 - 2019 Bs. As Argentina

  22. Jon Gowan

    Agnatha.has to be a strong keep singing with Abba at the time of her divorce.

  23. Juvenal Carvalho

    Nunca amei nada como eu amo o grupo ABBA

    alessandro quintanilha da silva

    juvenal carvalho verdade eu tambem amo ABBA prinçipalmente Agnetha essa eu amo de paixão em quanto vida eu tiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Janett Grady

    For all the obvious reasons, I love this video. Love Agnetha, love the words to the song, and love the sound of her voice. I can't get enough of this girl.

  25. Valma Arscott

    u can tell the song once burned twice shy is about Bjorn and Anna maybe one day she will someone better then him as his still married and she will never have him again

  26. Andy Pilgrim

    This song has always been my favourite from this album since i first heard it. Didn't know that the male voice on the track was Chris Norman from Smokie. Thanks for that fact. Boy can she sing and oh what a beauty.

  27. Valma Arscott

    u can tell Anna love Bjorn what a shame he never loved her as much hope she someone that will as Bjorn will never be hers again

  28. M R

    Superwoman Agnetha i will always love her

  29. Александр Парамонов


  30. Aamer Malik

    Love you ABBA forever

  31. orlando osorio

    Agnietha you're my platonic love

  32. ron precise

    Update: Once bitten, twice shy, very close in titles!

  33. ron precise

    Didn't the Rock group Great White have an exact song title?- Nov.12,2018

    Larry Laurence

    ron precise think it was once bitten twice shy back in the 80s

  34. jan gorny

    Chris Norman ,isn't he?

    Alfred Dorner

    yes-he is,together with terry uttley and pete spencer from smokie

  35. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    I'm broke but I go toSweden!

  36. alain Wood

    Une femme comme j,aurais aimé connaître !!..quelle femme !..elle as tout pour elle !!...que dire si non que je l,aime !!

  37. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    Go to feel comfortable

  38. John Murdoch

    Beautiful singer and song

  39. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    You look good to day.

  40. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    love your beloved like there is no tomorrow. (from me)

  41. ysaac wichmann

    Oh yes , very good singer , she's the number 1 of all times in the world history pop music , very talented singer , beautiful angelic voice , beautiful woman and elegant presence always and singing in diversity languages ( english , swedish , spanish , deutsh or german ) .

  42. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    Music of sister evpphemistie like sir.

  43. angelaalzira alzira

    Esplêndida vozeirão 🙋🙏💃💃💃

  44. Teresinha Lima


  45. Kaz baz

    Looks like she had her tooth gap filled in sometime. Nowadays you see models with tooth gaps as they are a bit different and character.

  46. Jennifer White great songs i will always remember?

    yes soooooooo!

  47. Keith Darby

    A superb song by a superb lady. I have loved this song since 1983. Great to hear it again!

  48. Mara Souza

    Ainda minha preferida ❤❤❤❤

    Valdineia Batista

    Minha tbm adoro ela

  49. Anne Gwinner


  50. D Wall

    Beautiful,adorable. Her voice is angelic .

  51. Александр Бирко

    My Love

  52. Derek Hui

    I agree. One of many great songs from Agnetha.

  53. roadking99 jokerst

    @ 3:20, she is a handsome lady, there.

    Ricardo Vasconcelos

    I desagree. My favorite is from 0.00 to 3.54

  54. Rob Temmen

    She is soooooo beautiful

  55. Derlin Claire

    It has a Country-Western like sound to it,friends.

  56. bubka PAPAGÁJE

    GOLD "A" Agnetha & Smokie

  57. william harrison

    was this one of Agnetha's song she wrote or did smokie write the song

    Fernando De Leon

    She wrote 'Man', the best song of the albun; Dan Tyler and Richard Spady Brannan are the composers of 'Once ...'

  58. jaried guzman

    I lo ve you agnetha

    Media Mike

    ...............Me too..............

  59. jaried guzman

    Muy enamorado de esta princesa

  60. Алексей Гузнаев

    Кстати на примере Агнетты хорошо прослеживается неправильный прикус верхних передних зубов, в последующем скоректированых брекетами. Друзья, папы, следите за развивающимися молодыми зубками своих деток, и вовремя коректируйте не боясь применять брекеты. Это не реклама, всего лишь интерес поклонника группы АББА.

  61. Derlin Clair

    Great song,and a great songstress.Wunderschoen!

  62. Jurii SpillBeerG

    Чудесная песня ! Кажется подпевает Крис Норман ?


    Yes, he is.

  63. JG Lee

    What a great song!!! Wonderful!!!

    Peter Lejewaan

    i totaly agree

    Jon Gowan

    She is so good

  64. Elizabeth Michaels

    I love her voice and I also love the back up vocals of the British band SMOKIE and mostly the lead singer CHRIS NORMAN!!!

  65. Stephen Eugene Charito

    never do not tell me you do never!

  66. icon709today

    Never burn again.

    Stephen Eugene Charito

    never do not tell me you do never!

  67. icon709today

    Is she BEAUTIFUL or what? 
    Clone one for me PLEASE.
    My heart just wants to kiss her.

    Terrell CF

    She is okay. She had crooked teeth and wore her hair flat when young. And that blue eye shadow...puke.

    Hrhr Hrhrhr

    @Terrell CF
    Reallly you could woulden stand a chance with her back in the day, or mybee there is somthing that you cant do,????

  68. Tosaudio

    Красивая песня, хорошее качество, легендарная певица, все на высоте!
    Beautiful song, good value, legendary singer, all on a height!

  69. lgk14

    Thank you. I love the pics.

  70. una mckillen

    I feel that too. I think Agnetha sang some great songs post-ABBA. Okay, they perhaps could not compare with ABBA's best but her voice!!! I lent the compilation to a work colleague when trying to convince her to listen to Agnetha post-ABBA. I failed.

  71. Antonio Oliveira

    Agnetha Fältskog quando estava no ABBA,era uma mulher linda,estupenda de charmosa e sexy.Eu a amo muito e se fosse nos tempos atuais estaria nua em revistas e com certeza eu seria um que iria comprar a revista.

  72. Венцислав Петров

    ~>?< ~

  73. Mike Striker

    great song, great video-what a beauty she was in her 20's and 30's...and she still is...bought "A" and became a fan all over again!!!

  74. Rute Santos

    I agree.

  75. Rute Santos

    I love it

  76. Kyach Distent

    All right, what a song! I'm so embarrassed-I've been an avid Abba fan forever and adore also Frida two 80s albums, but always figured Agnetha was a bit too easy listening with songs not so memorable, so always avoided the three she made in the 80s, but now thanx to youtube, all these tracks are leaping at me one after the other and clearly all 3 albums have quite a selection. I also blame that ill-done 1994 compilation of both girls by Spectrum which ignored 95% of her single over average ilk.

  77. Robert Larsen

    Will definately purchase her new album!! The best group of singers...always gives me a happy feeling inside after listening for awhile. HAPPY HAPPY

  78. Laura Christie

    I'm sure that was Chris Norman from the 70's band Smokie in the chorus near the end of the song!

  79. Steve Thirtyacre

    So Awesome, still love to hear that Agnetha sing.

  80. una mckillen

    After ABBA I always assumed the vunlerable blonde just disappeared into some sort of island inspired seclusion. Clearly not. She had a great post-ABBA career (small, as she wanted) but with some great songs. This is a good one that I can relate to.

  81. Stranger0041

    Brilliant, I thought this should have been a big hit the first time I heard it.

  82. TorkGirl8

    I just love, love, love her voice! -- She really was the 'sound' of ABBA!

  83. Mara Priscila

    adoro essa música .parece muito com minha irmã.e me faz lembrar de quando saíamos do trabalhho juntas,e é claro ouvindo essa música.adoooooooro

    Mara Souza

    Mara Priscila ainda minha preferida

  84. TheKalipse


  85. Redactor

    Agnetha super!!!

  86. pepeenyt

    I haven´t words It´s AWESOME
    thank you Dallas

  87. Teodor Markov

    Incredible!!! Very moving and passionate. Congratulations on the beautiful video and greetings from a bulgarian fan!

  88. sauermusicDE

    I wonder why the lyrics don't say "I'm never gonna GET hurt that way again" because that seems to be the actual message (if I understand the song right). Why else would she sing "He's the one who hurts me so"?

  89. MyKessrin

    a wounderful song, nice video, and smokie as background singers fantastic;)

  90. Rick M

    Dallas this is one of my favorite songs by Agnetha and i always loved it . You have outdone yourself again my friend with your beautiful video thankyou Dallas for this video Rick

  91. rainydog

    Another great song and video.

  92. BecciBarham1993

    wow what a great song from the 80,s xxxx

  93. abbafanglosuk

    I'm here for breakfast too Dallas! Great pics and song, this is just right before I set off for work. Like all the flashes you've added - Cheers from John!

  94. missbeauty58

    Hi darling, what a wonderful video and a beautiful song. She are amazing, and thats why we we love her so much.
    You have done a great job and beautiful pics my friend.
    Glad you are making wonderful videoes again dear. This was awesome.
    5 stars.
    Kisses and hugs Carina XXX