Agnetha Faltskog - My Colouring Book Lyrics

For those who fancy colouring books
And lots of people do
Here's a new one for you
A most unusual colouring book
The kind you never see
Crayons ready
Very well
Begin to colour me

These are the eyes
That watched him
As he walked away
Colour them grey
This is the heart
That thought
He would always be true
Colour it blue

These are the arms that held him
And loved him
Then lost him somehow
Colour them empty now

These are the beads
I wore until she came between
Colour them green

This is the room that I sleep in
And walk in, and weep in, and hide in
That nobody sees
Colour it lonely please

This is the man
Whose love I depended upon
Colour him gone

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Agnetha Faltskog My Colouring Book Comments
  1. skoot2u

    What a beautiful song,sung so well.Not overproduced , her voice is so clear she could be in the room.

  2. Antonio Empleo

    Love you Agnetha!!!

  3. Russ Grunert


  4. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    Even Iike a normal heart.

  5. Janett Grady

    What a fabulous singer, a girl who got better as she aged. I've loved her since ABBA, and I' loved her more as she performed on her own after ABBA. After ABBA, Agnetha took on a new look, going from the pretty long-haired blonde who flashed her ass and legs, to the cutest girl whoever took stage all buttoned up...still, however, having a very shapely ass. .

  6. Hyman Arbesfeld

    Kitty Kallen sang this song in a 1963 phonograph record of her songs entitled "My Coloring Book". Kitty was great and so is Agnetha.

  7. The Blonde One

    Agnetha made the right choice of including the backward guitars. "Unusual colouring book" indeed, for pop music that is. Backward guitars are a commonplace for post-rock music.

  8. Anne Gwinner


  9. Rajko Pečnik

    SOW nice to my soul

  10. samantha moore

    She sounds like madonna 😀


    No no no Madonna sounds like agnetha...

  11. glen gemmell

    2017 She is awesome wish she would record some more songs . She is my favourite

    Kathy Warner

    Not just her beautiful face and eyes, but also a unique beauty of somewhat naivety and innocence that can be seen outwardly and also inwardly

    Rob Temmen

    Well spoken and fully agree with you.I hope she willl make another record soon and it would be nice if there was 1 song together with Frida

    Emerys Muzic

    You three above said it all so beautifully, all I can add is Agnetha from the time I first listen to her in the early 1970's, did then as she does nice, which is convey beauty and class through that lovely voice and as I approach my 60's, I "EXPECT" to enjoy her radiant voice for the rest of my life, hopefully that's in decades of course, but God only knows. So thankful too, that so much of her material is on Youtube and to read such awe inspiring words from so many, many, many fans all over the world. I can only believe that all of us get that same look and feeling that Gary Barlow had as he welcomed her on the stage back in 2013. Not sure what chokes me up more, watching his gleeful reception or the woman herself, showing she still the queen, the dancing queen, in all our hearts ..... Much love to Agnetha and ABBA for enriching my life .......

  12. Josy Murzilli

    Agnetha you are a great singer

    Agripino Dela Cruz

    Josy Murzilli A milion YES, she's a great singer that I've ever known.I loved her voice and also her beautiful face even though at her 60's.I love her with every beat of my Heart.

  13. Rivaldo Vitor

    your voice is beautiful

  14. Paul Whitehead

    Stunning woman and voice

  15. Elisa P

    There is something in Agnetha's voice which stirs something in your heart.

  16. joelle chermat

    formidable voix d'Agnetha

  17. glen clapton

    Still stunning voice and looks

  18. Doc

    This might not be the greatest song in the world but it provides a good example of the deterioration that can happen to any good original as successive "contributors" impose their inferior amendments like animals marking their territory.  Parts of a song get changed or removed altogether and extraneous material gets added.  Sometimes very little remains of the original showing through, like a painting covered in accumulated detritus or like a parent organism difficult to recognise in its offspring which have undergone several genetic mutations.  Cases where a genuine improvement is made whilst retaining all the qualities of the original are few and far between.  Kitty Kallen and Brenda Lee give simple accounts, both of which approximate to what could be regarded as a definitive performance.  Skeeter Davis loses the effect by double-tracking in a song that calls for a lone voice.  The rot has really set in as early as Sandy Stewart where the harmonica part is omitted and an intrusive soaring chorus is added, which is even inappropriately present at the end of the song.  This version is the basis of those by Julie London and Joni James.  Although the early version by Barbra Streisand has some of the feeling of the Kitty Kallen and Brenda Lee versions it omits the harmonica part and the string phrases.  The very slow tempo of the later Barbra Streisand version seems to have encouraged extraneous string parts to fill in.  Both Barbra Streisand versions end on a spuriously high note more in keeping with the singer than the song.  Aretha Franklin is also on an ego trip.  Although I like her decoration of the introductory recitative her taking liberties with the music and text loses the essential simplicity of the song.  When a song is being used for the singer to show off this may be acceptable in a one-off performance but is an indulgence to put on record.  It is a shame that Agnetha Faltskog has copied the Dusty Springfield version with its excessive ornamentation of the vocal line and its thumping percussion, even to the extent of copying the characteristic Dusty Springfield "oh  oh-oh  oh-oh".  I like the shimmering introduction and the ending is very effective but it loses by omission of string phrases.  Agnetha would have been perfectly capable of capturing the essence, the simplicity of the original.  What will the variants of this song sound like after another 50 years?  Maybe the good qualities of the original will be recognised and things wont get any worse. 

    Paul Whitehead

    How dare you

    Tolga Mert

    Doc Stupid man

  19. Natasha Kershaw

    Could be renamed The Mood Ring Song, though. Not so embarrassing.

  20. Monica Tran

    My mother sang this to me when I was a little girl. I loved it and now sing it to my two small grandsons.

  21. Natasha Kershaw

    Apart from having a childish title, the song seems very gentle and soothing.

  22. net60man

    Lycka är inte alltid det vi vill

  23. Jean O'Boyle

    Beautiful, sweet & lovely.

  24. stigy61

    The most beautiful voice ever !

  25. R. S. Kurtz

    Haven't heard this song for many years.  I loved it then.  Today, I love it just as much.  AF sings it beautifully.  Thanks for posting this for our enjoyment.

  26. Texas CashU

    If you are old enough to remember the 70s then you will remember that every few songs of ABBA became hits here. I feel they were totally dismissed until Australia went crazy over them. Too sad for us.

  27. sandacz60

    Agnetha ist meine große liebe hab angefangen als junge mensch bis heute und immer, ihre gesang und ausstrahlung .......bewundere SIE :: Grüß aus Deutschland

  28. juan dado

    NICE, GREAT, MATURE... and yes. My coloring book is an oldie from 1962; record from Barbra Streisand

  29. Adam Dawson

    I Stand Alone was released in 1987 not 1988.

  30. Kari Helopaltio

    Agnetha will release a new solo album during spring of 2013, if all goes well. My coloring book is an oldie from 1962; Streisand, Kallen and Sandy Stewart have all covered it with a fine touch.

  31. hector f. fernandez m.

    Que paso de sus hijos? siempre me impresionaron las imagenes con sus notaba o se nota que es una madre excelente.

  32. Bill Malcolm

    still the best absolutely terrific

  33. kenneth söderlundh

    Du e så bra Agneta din röst e magisk tack för allt bra du gjort

  34. Gail Fountain

    White's not a's the absence of color.

    John G

    Gail Fountain or the sum of all the colors of the rainbow, depends if you see a glass half full or half empty,

  35. Per Granqvist

    Great news today. Agneta is in studio and new album to come 2013!

  36. cessnaace

    Agnetha is a very private person. She also has a fear of flying. I'm just glad we have this CD to listen to. My CD is an import, so I have no idea if it was released here.


  37. Hi Everybody!

    My favourite version of this song.

  38. Jens Bom

    the vouice. smooth;)

  39. Michael T

    Beautiful. I just got my cd today from China. Her voice is as beautiful as ever!!!!! Brava!!!!

  40. Alinne Bueno Borges

    the members of ABBA never gave value to their fans. REALLY.

  41. Michael T

    Classy lady!!!

  42. Hesam0000

    I <3 Agnetha.

  43. orbitring

    She made it all the way to the top but nobody told her that the box was empty !

  44. tenniscollector

    @abbafanglosuk Greetings from Australia! Thanks for the upload. Methinks that Orbison's "In Dreams" would be the absolute perfect song for Agnetha to record on her next album (keeping to Roy's intense and emotive arrangement) . If you or anyone out there knows her and has her contact number. Please put this suggestion to her. It certainly would be nice to hear a Woman's perspective of "In Dreams". What do you think, my friend ?!

  45. kyleluigi15

    Lucky me for being the number 200,000 viewer.Thanks abbafanglosuk for this video. One of the best female singers of all times.

  46. Bill Malcolm

    In my opinion Agnethas version is by far the best one. She has such emotion in her voice, brilliant.

  47. George Vreeland Hill

    Agnetha is a wonderful talent.
    Her music will always be loved.

    George Vreeland Hill

  48. Jason Thiruchelvam

    Doesnt sound a year older from the day ABBA split. And yes, she still that gorgeous bombshell. Many cheers Agnetha. This comes all the way from Malaysia.

  49. Michael Middleton

    What a beautiful album from a wonderful lady xxx
    Thank you for the music xxx


  50. Adamus70

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  51. Steffen Haust

    Hi to all ABBA and Agnetha Fans, do you think like me that in this song "My colouring book" Agnetha put in her feelings for Björn Ulvaeus? Or have you got more information about whom Agnetha is singing in this beautiful song?


    Please come back to Ireland Agnetha....we love you : )

  53. Boba Fettucini

    what a sad song :(

  54. abbafanglosuk

    I didn't know anything about problems with releasing the cd in North America. Agnetha did promotional videos for When You Walk In The Room, Sometimes When I'm Dreaming, If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind, What Now My Love and Past, Present and Future. She is a private person and not into publicity anymore, but that's no reason for Sony not to sell her CD's - sales in Europe proved how good it is!

  55. Rob A

    Why did Agnetha and Sony part ways and Sony never released Agnetha's beautiful CD in North America? soon after it's release in Europe and I read sales had quickly hit over 500,000 and did Agnetha really refuse to promote the CD? ...with sales climbing so fast in Europe? It took 5 years to show up in America with no fan fair or promotion. WHY would (if it's true) would Agnetha refuse to promote her work? I read Sony even pulled the Fan site for the CD off the Web? Has any one the story?

  56. Rob A

    Why did Agnetha and Sony part ways and Sony never released Agnetha's beautiful CD in North America? soon after it's release in Europe and I read sales had quickly hit over 500,000 and did Agnetha really refuse to promote the CD? ...with sales climbing so fast in Europe? It took 5 years to show up here with no fan fair or promotion. WHY would (if it's true) would Agnetha refuse to promote her work? I read Sony even pulled the Fan web site for the CD off the Web?

  57. indah007

    she is so beautiful - no, she is agnetha
    she is now - she is today

  58. Birgit Renken

    wonderful song

  59. warwolf193

    i love agnetha, couldn't have lived without her. and im only 14

  60. supertubbyyou

    @MrTazdevil26 me too !

  61. Lee Ozanne

    You still have a beautiful voice Agnetha....... xxx

  62. wsmorrell

    Absolutely beautiful - the voice, the arrangement. The best track I've ever heard her sing...

  63. Derwentcub

    Truly wonderful x

  64. Kasper Por

    ik kan er niets aan toe voegen,naar wat lipton say,thank you.

  65. 10quaker09

    This is so beautiful I continue to be amazed as to how you were never a huge star as a solo artist as you were as the shining star of Abba.

  66. Oldtinear

    I agree with Nicklaus. Agnetha sings this song nicely, but Dusty Springfield's version from the 1960s has a much more powerful emotional grip.

  67. sdjlyt

    Most who comment aren't old enough to remember, but at at least for me, you're still the golden headed blonde I gave my heart to back in 1977!

    Sing ON!

  68. Tim Barton

    Wow! She can still sing so beautifully! In fact, her voice may be even better than ever!

  69. Marja Vanderkooij

    so sad! Is this song about Björn....?I`m zo sorry for you Agnetha......

  70. stipulert

    Skeeter Davis sings this one much better

  71. abbafanglosuk

    Yes Agnetha is wonderful!

  72. abbafanglosuk

    Abba's costume designer Owe Sandstrom said that she was very fond of White, as it was pure and innocent.

  73. abbafanglosuk

    Yes I guess once she got back into the studio it all came back to her. Her singing is more mature now and with deeper feeling, but remains as strong as ever - its like she's never been away!

  74. abbafanglosuk

    Thats very well put. Yes Agnetha was an accomplished arranger and producer in her own right from her solo recording days. So even though she didn't write this song, she can make it seem completely different to the original in her own style, while still retaining respect to it. She has done that for all the classic songs on My Colouring Book album - I've done videos for most of them.

  75. Izaya Furryhara

    Anybody know her favorite color? :P

  76. Izaya Furryhara

    Wow, hard to believe that she still has a beautiful voice, even after 17 years. o_o

  77. Marja Vanderkooij

    triest lied....... zou ze nou nog steeds treuren om Björn? Krijg er wel kippenvel van...........

  78. abbafanglosuk

    Agnetha's post-Abba albums are: Wrap Your Arm Around Me (1983 - which contains The Heat Is On), Eyes Of A Woman (1985), I Stand Alone (1987) and My Colouring Book (2004). I've not found them stocked in music stores in my medium sized town, but they will order them for you. However this can take a long time if an album is not available, so best to get an expected delivery date from the store. Alternatively all these can be ordered on-line from places like Amazon.
    Cheers from John in England.

  79. TheFireOf1000Suns

    she looks hot in in this pic

  80. kzbxvz

    She's still good as ever!!

  81. viciousv422

    sis! how are you?
    yes this is a great song!

  82. Martin Fealy

    wonderful song....wonderful lady...xxxx

  83. tedermland

    Her voice is always wonderful !

  84. abbafanglosuk

    Agnetha never made any poor songs at all, they're all worth listening too.!Highlights on MCB are Sometimes When I'm Dreaming - which has you in tears, and When You Walk In The Room - which is very upbeat and joyful! Her 80's solo songs are bouncy and terrific!

  85. abbafanglosuk

    Hiya Miriana, you should inform yourself a lot of Agnetha's solo work, its wonderful!! MCB contains her beautiful versions of 60's classics. She also did 3 upbeat 80's English albums and 5 fantastic Swedish solo albums. I've got the lot and rotate them daily in my car with the 8 original Abba albums.! omg - she's good!

  86. abbafanglosuk

    Well done for recognising the quality of Agnetha's heartfelt emotional singing!

  87. abbafanglosuk

    Rush off to the shops tomorrow please, its definitlely worth it! I've got this cd in my car, there's some fantastic interpretations of 60's classics by Agnetha on it!

  88. awi wiw

    Thank you,, I can also add " My love My life" and head over heels she hit a deeper note on it, I think that was D or C.. Check it also please.. Her highest note in chest voice is at the song Hole in your soul- B5 and a Whistle note in King kong song, She went to Bb6 out there!

  89. abbafanglosuk

    They are both very good singers, and this version is not bland, its emotional in its own way. Agnetha does her own interpretation of the song, rather than a direct copy.

  90. abbafanglosuk

    Don't worry Bill - I've blocked that bad guy and removed his stupid comments. Happy new year to you, from your friend John.

  91. tlw1950

    I adore Agnetha! ABBA rules!

  92. awi wiw

    Can anyone tell me on what song Agnetha sung her lowest note?

  93. abbafanglosuk

    Yes you're right these lyrics are very moving, creating a picture of a heartbroken girl. Agnetha's interpretation is superb, it's much more emotional than Dusty's. Looking through the MCB tracks, I agree Sometimes When I'm Dreaming edges out If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind as the best of the ballads. Agnetha checked out about 60 songs before deciding on the 13 for MCB. So there's plenty left if she wanted to do MCB vol.2. All her fans live in hope that she will!

  94. abbafanglosuk

    Those are absolutely brilliant words Bill, you've moved me like Agnetha's heartfelt singing does in this song. Agnetha is a very special lady indeed, she's done so many good songs for us over many years despite her personal life problems.

  95. abbafanglosuk

    I guess that's become my niche Elin, I quite enjoy finding all the interesting background info for each song. I've always put everything into whatever I do, I can't just do simple vids.

  96. abbafanglosuk

    Thanks Mike, Agnetha sings this very movingly.

  97. abbafanglosuk

    Thanks Forrest, I try to put lots of info into all my vids.

  98. abbafanglosuk

    Cheers Matilda, my very good friend.

  99. fiwaszewski

    Great job my friend!!
    5stars John..