Agnetha Faltskog - Maybe It Was Magic Lyrics

There were good times
I still remember when I made you smile,
When life was easy
We'd coexist in a comfortable style,
And there were feelings
I was inclined to believe they would never fade,
It's so funny
How things don't always work that way.

There was something in the air,
Maybe it was magic
And there was something in your voice,
When you used to call my name
And there are moments in my life,
That I can still remember
There are places in my heart,
That I cannot forget.

There was music
We danced in the sunlight and glittered like gold,
Life was free then
With time on our side we would never grow old,
And there were feelings
Burning with fire in the heat of a summer night,
And there were sweet dreams
When once upon a time was just right.

There was something in the air,
Maybe it was magic
And there was something in your voice,
When you used to call my name
And there are moments in my life,
That I can still remember
And there are places in my heart,
That I cannot forget.

There was something in the air,
Maybe it was magic
There was something in your voice,
When you used to call my name
There are moments in my life,
That I can still remember
There are places in my heart,
That I cannot forget....

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Agnetha Faltskog Maybe It Was Magic Comments
  1. benjamin sanchez belmonte

    bonita cancion del tercer disco en ingles de agnetha I STAND ALONE

  2. geoffrey geoffrey

    WOW just WOW what a voice.

  3. jean pierre bressler

    Splendide ..Une voix hors du commun ..une sensibilité à fleur de peau..c'est du Grand Art..Inégalable

  4. Gerry Smith

    A Beatles quote for the Beautiful Agnetha Faltskog = Reel Love

  5. Gerry Smith

    The Beautiful Amazing Agnetha what a song … yes iit is Magic

  6. Christopher Fisher

    She has got such an incredible voice,effortless and is still a beauty to this day.
    She has been in my heart since i was a teenager!

  7. Jose Olvera

    Eres una gran cantante, eres un Ángel, eres lo más grande de ABBA,, etc. Etc .. pero ante todo eres una buena madre , y una buen abuela eres ejemplo para muchos artistas de hoy en día .te amo ,, y, te amaré SIEMPRE ..AGNETHA!!

  8. Damiano Mameli

    What can I Say ? Simply wonderful she has got an incredible talent

  9. John Gowan

    In this video I can see great sadness in the Angels eyes,Agnatha can cover up her hearts pain very good.

  10. Jose Olvera

    I love you forever hermosa y talentosa genial, AGNETHA.

  11. Jennifer White

    She us beautiful in every way xxx

    Jennifer White

    Oops is xxx

  12. ysaac wichmann

    Agnetha is presence and voice of ángel !!!!

  13. Rodri Star

    Ay me toco el corazón, hizo sentir como nunca. Ni the winner takes it all me hizo sentir tan así. *HEIL AGNETHA* FALTZKÖG

  14. alain Wood

    C elle la vraie image de abba !!...j,aurait aimé rencontré une femme comme elle !..douce ,rigolote ,simple super belle et tellement vraie !!...beaucoup de femmes qui se prennent pour des stars ne sont rien à côté d,elle !!....oui je le dit haut et fort les années 70 80 sont les meilleures et je suis fier et heureux de les avoir vécu et il n,y auras plus jamais d,époque comme ça !! tout ceux qui l,ont vécu seront d,accord avec moi !!....insouciance ,beauté réelle ,joie de vivre sans technologie ni smartphone ! Oui il faisait bon vivre !!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  15. Jose Olvera

    Algo muy especial para mis oídos, AGNETHA. Tanks. Por lo que me haces sentir. Te amo bella ,hermosa.

  16. Randi Naccarato

    Why did they break up?

  17. Arthur Johnson

    Big Hug! Summer 2019!

  18. Russ Grunert

    Beautiful. SHE could sing the phone book and it would be a hit.Adore you, Agnetha.

  19. zakaria rachmaninoff

    A beautiful song by a beautiful woman

  20. alain Wood

    Je ne sais pas pourquoi cette femme s,est gravé dans mon coeur !!...j,en suis dingue !..dingue !!

  21. Mike Shelton

    The girls of ABBA were very attractive in their 20s when they were still together. As they moved into their 30s and 40s they both became even more beautiful.

  22. anauni kelani

    I love you Agnetha.

  23. Janett Grady

    Agnetha...she sounds so for-real, her voice alone brings tears to my eyes. She gets maybe three words into singing the lyrics and I start coming apart at the seams. Agnetha proves to be the greatest girl-singer whoever lived, her voice stirs the emotions like no other singer ever has or could. I love everything about Agnetha Faltskog, Everything!!!

  24. Aileen Wagner

    Keep coming back to this song. It is so beautiful.

  25. MI Música

    NO lo creo

  26. ceci Gomez casillas

    Mamá mia como te extraño amore.

    ceci Gomez casillas

    Hermosa cansion que se quedó en un lindo sueño no me tocaba.

  27. محمد الزامل

    This Song is number one.👍👍👍

  28. paula allen

    Boy....some of these pics in the beginning her face...her eyes...I wonder what she's thinking. So sad...such a deep dark look in her eyes. It was almost 2 lives really she had. The game and fortune with abba all those years...and before. Then now...after abba...starting a new life on her own. Everything she knew singing...over for awhile. Bjorn gone...Benny and Frida...alone she stayed. I guess after all that for years and marriage need some time on your own. As close as she was to Frida and Benny ...I hoped she stayed close to them...but I guess they drifted friends can do in life. I'm not sure why they did not stay close...anyone??? I would of thought they would of made the see each other few times a I know the boys as they were referred to remarried fast so they really would not keep close to Agnetha and Frida....but Frida and Agnetha..what happened to them as friends??? Benny and Bjorn stayed close... Its all quite sad to me. I never knew their story...knew a few of their songs. When they broke up I was 16. Now I know their story...things. It made me sad to see how fame can destroy marriages...relationships etc. What's important. .can get lost somewhere in fortune and fame. In a interview it bothered me how Bjorn said" how he doesn't see how he could of married Agnetha" laughed acted like she was nothing. Jeez the woman he married tries to be Agnetha...tries well does her hair same as Agnetha etc. At first and even when Linda was born...Bjorn lived Agnetha. The way he looked at her you could see love. They both were in love. So really stupid of him to say what he did. May have been his and Benny band but Agnetha was a was Frida. Someone asked or said...the boys just got with the girls so they would sing in the band.used them. Hmmm I don't believe that. At least I don't think so.... The look in her eyes in one pic...haunting. Like she lost everything she wanted truly... I believe she did...she loved him. More than the touring...and fame..she loved Bjorn her kids. Wanted a home...with Bjorn and her kids. In her eyes you can see she lives him even now being older. She's so happy when it's just her and him it use to be..May be as it should of been....

  29. Aileen Wagner

    So very beautiful!!

  30. Rab c Nesbitt

    The accent gets me every time

  31. ceci Gomez casillas

    bella cansone e triste per me.

  32. ceci Gomez casillas

    No es posible que por este medio jueguen con los sentimientos de un ser humano que siente todo en esta vida se regresa.

  33. Peter Johnson

    didn`t she use to have a gap between her top front teeth ?

  34. Tadeu Veloso RS

    Prá toda a vida...!

  35. ceci Gomez casillas

    Te amó mi amor eres mi ángel Mike tu Cecy.

  36. Ευγενία Χριστοφιλοπούλου

    I 'd like to have all her songs .

  37. Ευγενία Χριστοφιλοπούλου

    The best voice ever.Lovely forever!

  38. Reinhold Hammacher

    This Song is Magic. Her best Song ever. I love it ...

  39. ceci Gomez casillas

    Te amo Mike my sweet lord Cecy.

  40. Boomer1941 noname

    Bjorn took her heart and stepped on it.

  41. Steen Hansen

    Nope - it was just me.

  42. ceci Gomez casillas

    Ir you nerd somebody tonight

  43. ceci Gomez casillas

    Gus ya que hermosa cansion. Cecy.

  44. ceci Gomez casillas

    Hermosa cansion que me dedico mi amor Mike te amo Cecy.

  45. Sweta _BAKVMA

    Что же ты делаешь --женщина Ты же САМАЯ. ВЕЛИКАЯ................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...😍. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💑💑💑✌спасибо.!!

  46. Aileen Wagner

    I'm back again! Such a BEAUTIFUL song!!! Brings back so many memories.....

  47. Aileen Wagner

    I keep coming back to this song. Hauntingly beautiful! And the video is great! Thanks for for making this!

  48. mauro santos

    Agnetha uma das mais belas vozes do mundo

  49. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    You are in my though 'S and prayers

  50. michelle moran

    All the songs that Agnetha sings. Tug heart

  51. Rob Stammers

    We love you and always will.

  52. Наталья Кормщикова

    То что было раньше не вернешь, ваши красивые голоса, эмоции, лучше оставить воспоминание о вас, и больше не петь

  53. Angelo Guerino Quaglia

    It is hard to believe that this song was overlooked and underrated. Agnetha's voice is simply wonderful.

  54. Teresa Palma

    "...there were good times...and there were feelings...that I cannot forget..."

  55. M R

    ABBA wouldnt be famous without Agnetha Fältskog

    Jose Olvera

    Of course!!

  56. neusa nair

    Como gosto desta Agnetha é suas músicas, sua voz linda.essa te amo sempre , ainda hoje te acho linda me parece uma pessoa muito boa.

  57. Gilson SOARES COSTA

    Listening to it, and tears rolling down....

    Andrea Koschu

    She sings about her life, her only really love, Björn - I guess......

  58. Andy Willey

    of all the music I have heard over the years agnetha has one of those voices that is sublime. she would have one of the best female voices I can think of. Frida was fell good they sound brilliant together
    . Karen Carpenter was another voice that was great

  59. geoffphuket

    For all those that have just broken up with their partner

  60. Louis Haycock

    Pragtig! Dis mos musiek!

  61. Jim Reed

    Agnetha, you and your beautiful voice are and will always be Magic!!!

  62. 坂下啓一

    Voice Of An Angel ! !!

  63. D U V A C H

    she a wonderful lady & still is ! i think to honor that i will create an piano song special for her

  64. Jim Reed

    You and your beautiful voice will always be magic, Agnetha!!

  65. Anna Troper

    Abba muß Auferstehen bin mit ihren Songs großgeworden sie würden ein Comeback feiern ohne Ende

  66. Robert A. Lange

    The Real Voice Of An Angel !

  67. Godfrey Begumisa

    Omg such a beautiful voice plus an angels face

  68. Jesse Pantoja

    December 2017 its the first time ive heard this song from ABBA

  69. Media Mike

    ..............With her it would be !.............

  70. Craig Hoal

    Sings from the heart, deep meaningful lyrics often telling her own personal story in her song writing

  71. Frances JAMES

    Agnetha was the one who put ABBA on the map.........a Goddess.

  72. frankly 1974

    Sublime voice.shes a goddess.what an amazing talent.the emotion she projects is awesome.i love abba and agnetha.

  73. Reinaldo Rey

    I believe she was responsable for the success of the Abba group. Her voice is something like an angel praying.

    ysaac wichmann

    Yes , true absolutely !!!

  74. cindy r

    What an awesome, beautiful song.  Agnetha is a phenomenal singer.  Love this.  Brought tears to my eyes.

  75. Michael Crusader

    Ohh ..Yes..Very very nice beautifull-song-composer-magik sing and flower of angel=real nord-princes in very naturaln nord talantl-in lighting-face! My man sincere vision on your dear missis ..What`s your and not with colors on your very nice eyes..Very very magik -very very dear and naturaln =Nord real flower of angels! Excus`me please dears light girls ..I`don`t now ..Im very like naturaln light and hair and eyes and in my art musicaln life im not go on concerts in magik -colors on my face on my eyes and with sincere in soul and very need sing and too softley play!! Naturaln -light nord-deutsch girl =with sincere vision on live =my dream! Thank-you very much for music-magik arts-in fotos in your dear nord musicaln history too!!! Very big health your and light light nord good luck!!! In life!!!

  76. geo georgescu

    a magic voice ! l love you forever Agneta !

  77. Ms T

    no need for magic Father calls that whoring...yes! we have the real thing❤no need for it. no! we don't touch black magic , white magic. nothing of need to.

  78. Solange Veronezi

    Agneta tem um rosto lindo e uma voz angelical eu a adoro e sou sua fã para sempre.

  79. Webster Geraldizo

    Why do I always feel like I belong to the 70s or earlier ... i love old music like it has always been part of me. Songs my parents are not really playing (most of the time) at home but i feel certain connection to anything that is old. Like old events and old places and old music

    Farriz Arri

    You are not alone feeling this way!

  80. Hl Tay

    Ms Agnetha's voice is very unique and sentimental. Just listening to this song makes me wanting to know more about her as a Super Star Singer.

  81. windbreaker57

    You will always and forever be the gem in our hearts, Agnetha.

  82. Henk Piekaar

    A voice like this , expression like this, is truly rare and still special to me.

  83. Truck Driver

    She is magic,a voice that is so warm and inviting

  84. kATHE bERGIN

    one step at a time ; we walk the keyboards of ......
    that compose the tides....
    that compose the soundtracks of 'all of our lives....." not magic... golden hair & golden voice . eternity.
    sky........ heartfelt..... magic is within the essence of your very soul.... eternity........ rock on; kath

  85. Myriam

    This song is magic !µ

  86. sosanna

    Yes it was magic......but long gone now and it still hurts like hell.

    Terry C.

    The magic that was ABBA is gone, but Agnetha is hardly long gone.  She still sounds great as of 2013...

  87. Luis Williman

    Luis m hay millones de enamorados como vos eso pasa con los artistas siempre la mujer más hermosa del planeta es la qe estuvo a tu lado toda la vida en las buenas y en las malas esa es la qe vale agnetha es hermosa pero noestani enterada de esos enamorados en algo está fallando qe esta sola en su vejez

    Marcelo Pscheidt

    simplesmente linda...

  88. Shobha Nivas

    # Agnetha there's always Magic in your Voice !!!

  89. Сергей Субботин

    Её голос стал более низким (mezzo-soprano), очень похожим на голос Anni-Frid.

  90. Neville Cawas Bardoliwalla OBE

    Love this song so very much

    Salve Deveza

    me too..

  91. Deborah N.

    She suffers from depression...

    Carlos Abba

    +Deborah N. Agnetha had a very tough relation with Bjorn... Still I "believe"she still love him.

  92. Thomas Egalwer

    She is such a beautiful woman...I luv her voice so much.

    Media Mike

    ...............ME too..............

  93. Juan Manuel Musical

    Son hermosas las dos, yo diría angelicales, yo estaba muy pequeñito cuando escuche su tema de chiquitita en mi mexico, y al escucharlas dije son unos angeles y lo comprobé cuando las vi, pues son únicas en su dulce forma de interpretar sus hermosas canciones y de llevarse entre ellas, lastima que se desintegró el grupo, en fin mexico adoramos a abba por siempre.

  94. luis m


  95. Avi Duvidke

    first time to hear this song. touch my heart to tears

  96. Rigmor Hansen

    Love her

    Media Mike

    ...............She's 100% in my eyes...............

  97. Karol Platt

    Such a beautiful song!!!

  98. SeaBassVamp