Agnetha Faltskog - Let It Shine Lyrics

There's a star up above the horizon
And it's shining for you and me
Something tells me this was meant to be,
Do you feel like a dance in the moonlight,
Is your heart beating crazy like mine?
You've got something burning bright
Don't keep it locked inside.

Let it shine, show me your light
Let it shine, keep it shining into the night
Let it shine, don't hide it, it's something to see,
Let it shine, let your love, let it shine on me.

Don't you wish you could live every moment
Like that moment's the best one you'll see?
That's the way the world is supposed to be,
When you find someone you can believe in
Letting go is the easy part,
Just close your eyes and take a breath
And open up your heart.

Let it shine, show me your light
Let it shine, keep it shining into the night
Let it shine, don't hide it, it's something to see,
Let it shine, let your love, let it shine on me.

Everyone puts in their time alone in the dark,
Reach out and you're gonna find
The very best part of who you are.

Let it shine, show me your light
Let it shine, keep it shining into the night
Let it shine, don't hide it, it's something to see,
Let it shine, let your love, let it shine on me.

Let it shine, me your light
Let it shine, keep it shining into the night
Let it shine, don't hide it, it's something to see,
Let it shine, let your love, let it shine on me.

Let it shine, ohh...won't you let it shine?
Let it shine, keep it shining into the night
Let it shine, don't hide it, it's something to see,
Let it shine, let your love, let it shine on me....

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Agnetha Faltskog Let It Shine Comments
  1. Greko Casselli

    Excelente canción interpretada por Agnetha, con su belleza y voz.

  2. Чайная Роза

    Благодарю за песню. Прекрасная Агнета! Великолепный голос. Супер! Браво! 👍👏💖

  3. andrej stavt

    Must be hard to sing with
    broken heart
    I'm so sorry for her.

  4. Doc Sound

    Из альбома 1988 г 😀💨👌

  5. Gerry Smith

    The amazing Agnetha Faltskog the Greatest Voice Ever

  6. Russ Grunert

    A Goddess with the voice of an angel

  7. Anton Korf

    Stil A Great song from A stunning lady

  8. Jose Olvera

    Hermosa canción, en la voz angelical de Agnetha, la mujer más hermosa y talentosa. DIOS TE BENDIGA SIEMPRE.

  9. Jose Olvera

    Escuchar tu voz angelical Anna ,es magic hermosa mujer, amo tus gestos, tus bellos ojos, amo tu sonrisa, te amo toda forever...

  10. jean pierre bressler

    Elle est la plus grande chanteuse actuelle

  11. Janett Grady

    My God, she's cute. I'd be afraid to kiss her, fearing she'd suffocate from being smothered. I can only hope, of course, she be so inclined and in the mood to kiss me back. It's all a dream, I suppose, but watching Agnetha sing gets me to thinking about being with girls, Agnetha in particular. Love this video. Damn, she's cute!!!

    Janett Grady

    Larry...Great, Hon. I think we're on the same page when it comes to exchanging comments and replies. I think you'll find my comment or comments on every ABBA and Agnetha video. So let's do that, use one of those videos for maybe four or five exchanges, then go to another. Let's use this one, Let It Shine, for a while. Now, how about you go back to my earlier reply...and reply to my nosey questions via this video???

    Janett Grady

    Larry...I didn't get it, Hon. Apparently, you simply made your own comment on a Frida video...not replying to one of my comments. I have no way of knowing which Frida video it is. I don't think I've commented on Frida videos, just ABBA and Agnetha. If you reply to one of my comments, I should get it. Like maybe right here...Let It Shine.

    Janett Grady

    Larry...Tried Frida's One Little Lie. three renditions of it and did not find anything with your name, no comments, etc.. If it's on another rendition, I might find it later...if I stumble on another Frida One Little Lie. No biggie. Meanwhile, Hon, think Frida, your wife, and you in a threesome. Cheers!!!

  12. Miguel Delgado

    Linda canción y hermosa voz

  13. Ronnie Posadas

    Diosa !!!

  14. elisabeth72703

    Simply just love her <3 :-)

  15. Witold G.

    Ideał kobiecości i cudowny głos .
    Wielki talent wokalny .

  16. o h

    It was 1987...

  17. E. R.

    Sie hätte doch merken müssen dass der Song ein Mist ist. Der nicht zu ihr passt und er hat nichts was einem antörnt...

  18. Emilia Sjöholm

    Please check out my cover of; LET IT SHINE. It's right here on my YiuTube channel ❤

  19. Jon Gowan

    Just go for it and hope it is the right one,💕❤️

  20. Frän Key

    I love this Song and the cool Synthie-Sound...her hair? This was modern in the late 80s...she can wear anything...she is allways a beauty.

  21. Antonio Alonso

    Thanksss...!!! ;)

  22. Helen J. Goh

    she's more beautiful now!

  23. ysaac wichmann

    Agnetha , she's very good singer , beautiful voice and presence , great talent !!!
    Absolute beauty she's always .

  24. Douglas Guan

    Her last song before being silent for over 10 years.

  25. Jaime Perez

    Very 80 love

  26. ysaac wichmann

    The most beautiful female voice forever !!! Agnetha Faltskog the best forever in the World music of high quality !!!

  27. ysaac wichmann

    Agnetha the Queen of hearts of all times in the world music , She's an very talented swedish singer and very beautiful angelic voice ever .

  28. Mikael Nyman

    best voice in the world

    Tomislav renfrew

    absolutely, without a doubt, nobody else comes close. Sweden, man. If you've never been there, you should visit at least once in your life. I have twice, and let me tell you, it's an incredible experience. The people, the nature, the mountains, forests, lakes, rivers................these people live in utopia. And Sweden is one of the most free nations on earth, as free as is the USA if not a bit more. They value freedom as much as do Americans. They defend it with their lives as do Americans.

  29. Mikael Nyman

    she is best!!!

  30. handsupbud

    I've said it before and will say it here that She and Frida missed a chance of a lifetime by not staying together. Sure Benny and Bjorn were a huge part but their voices were not what we heard or really even looked at when they performed as ABBA. Without Frida,there seemed to be a part of her voice and to some degree,personality missing. Just my thoughts.


    I'd not heard that opinion before, interesting, could have done a few songs together suppose, but I bet Agnetha felt like she needed a total change.

  31. Mari Sivilla


  32. mark caine

    Love Agnetha but dont like the hair do, its styled more like Tina Turner and the song is terrible and just very mediocre.

    mark caine

    @Dana Brinkmeier Sorry the song was crap her visual presentation crap. so what if her album was number one in Sweden it dont mean a thing. Changing the subject slightly soon you wont even have a country because your government has imported huge amount of Muslims who are still coming in. 50 years from now your music industry will be unrecognizable and Sweden will be ruled under Islamic ideals Sweden small population of just under 10 million will make this conclusion is inevitable.

    Dana Brinkmeier

    so...what should we do ?...stick our heads in the sand ?

    mark caine

    @Dana Brinkmeier I have been there 25 years ago and i was in Sweden 4 months ago the difference is unbelievable the far left liberals are basically giving way to Islamic ideals if you think i am exaggerating then please forgive me and lets say i am delusional, lets see what the future brings

    Dana Brinkmeier

    You are correct Mark !.I agree and the country will regret such an embrace .I would love to go visit Sweden , at least once before I pass on , as it is such a beautiful country to see and very rich in History and tradition. Many things of interest are there to see.My City was founded in the 1800;s by Swedish furniture makers and many here, speak Swedish as a second language.We have a sister city in Sweden. {Rockford Illinois ..USA ]

    Ashutosh Sharma

    Yes,Sweden is a very beautiful place.But one things which pinches me a lot that there is no running water in Sweden.I mean the water gets frozen due to extreme cold weather.Is this a reality or a rumour?

  33. Pat Patterson

    still has that great sound in her voice,

  34. jaaninca inca

    2013 and finally i now these song....GREAT!...aGNETHA I LOVE YOU!

  35. Aggie Halford

    Agnetha has such a beautiful voice!!! With or without ABBA she is just shining!!!

  36. ivan silva inostroza

    gran talentoo saludos desde chile ojala qe agneta venga a chile aser un dueto con frida ambas de abba

  37. Thomas Farmer


  38. Adamus70

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  39. squarejawpublishing

    Still beautiful

  40. jtking2504

    Agnetha has a stunning voice, no doubt, but without the songwriting genius of Ulvaeus/Anderson, something is missing for me. Sorry, just telling it like it is, listen again to her solo in My Love My Life, she needs more powerful songs to do her justice.

  41. TotalOverdoseGuru

    what do you mean!?

  42. TotalOverdoseGuru

    thanks for posting this great quality thanks!
    i will meet agnetha trust me11
    your 13 years old sina


    AGNETHA, con ese peinado parece Tina Turner..

    David Salazar

    Ese peinado parce de la chimoltrufia lle falta una colita por un costado

  44. voderick

    The same voice year after year.......
    Agnetha really deliver a exellent voice.
    Solo or with ABBA......enjoy her :)

  45. Gunnar Lian

    Thera are so many great female artist in the word, but there ia only on AGNETHA FALTSKOG.
    Befor, now and in the future

  46. voderick

    Stop compare them.
    Enjoy the music instead.

  47. voderick

    What a woman ;)

  48. Jarbas Ferreira Martins

    Very nice!!!

  49. pepecarlos777

    Perhaps the hairstyle was an adventure here, but her singing and her beauty shown in this clip are precious gifts to her fans. Delicious moments indeed.