Agnetha Faltskog - It's So Nice To Be Rich Lyrics

It's so nice to be rich, rich, rich, rich...
Young, smart, handsome, and rich, rich, rich, rich...
To dress up in the mink again
And swim in the pink champagne,
Oh how I loathe old age, stupidity, and hunger,
I prefer to be full, cleverer, and younger,
Oh you old dumb bum in the ditch, snitch, snitch...
And get rich, rich, rich, rich...
Get rich, rich, rich, rich...


Mmm, get rich, rich, rich, rich...

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Agnetha Faltskog It's So Nice To Be Rich Comments
  1. enrico rodriguez

    Agnetha siempre ha sido rica !!

  2. Francis Formalhaut Moon

    It's not cricket to do the taunt thing.if you have been lucky enough to scrape a few Bob together
    You have one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana skin
    If bullshit was rubber you'd bounce to the moon.
    I bet you've got a mortgage.

  3. Crow

    En shoutout, är det är någon som har P&B på någon dammig VHS i sin ägo liggandes, kan denna vara snäll och lägga ut den. Tack på förhand.

  4. Fe Cecilia Paredes

    Nice beat.---its first time to hear this. Ohhh.! its turns me on to dance. Thank u for uploading this and to Ms. Agnetha (her voice is so sexy here). LSS to the beat and her sexy/teasing audio voice.

  5. Halliwellsson

    R.I.P Hasse Alfredsson!

  6. Stephen Eugene Charito

    We love,Agnetha!!! Unspeakable!!!

  7. Irena Orska

    cudowna piosenka!Agnetko jestes the best!

  8. Halliwellsson

    @Agnethanumber1fan Back-up? Ha-ha

  9. Izaya Furryhara

    Yes. ^_^

  10. Izaya Furryhara

    Frida. Frida Lyngstad.

  11. icyclaw123

    P and B also stands for Petterson and Bendel. It's a book by W Hammenhög in 1931.

    (I got this info on 0MBUDSMAN's comment on PrincessAgnetha's video on P&B)

  12. mariusd91

    Many thanks for this song with Aggy
    I have it on my car and it was very interesting for a police man at the border between Bulgaria and Greece;he didin't know who is this girl.
    I told him and he said:waht a music what a voice ,i'm too young to know about her
    but I must find a Cd or DVD.

    Many thanks Jim

    have a nice weekend

    Marius from Romania

  13. anafbmad

    wow I can't beilive this is the first time I hear this song, is great! I love it...thank u Jim, Is awesome to keep discovering more of her works, all of them are great!

  14. cazziekins

    My interpretation of 'saddo' is someone really into something that is not necessarily mainstream as opposed to being a pathetic loser - i'm not honest! - i just don't follow the crowd.

  15. abbafanglosuk

    I've just found some cheese Jim, that should bring it back to full working order.

  16. abbafanglosuk

    Sorry Jim, this should definitely be *****. My mouse stuck as I clicked it. In fact it should be ********** Jim, it's very good indeed. A great start for 2008 Jim, well done.

  17. abbafanglosuk

    A touch of Calypso here mixed with US 70's disco style Jim. Just the tune to fill a dance floor I think. Aggy's versatality seems to have no limits Jim. It very quickly grows on you. Blue definitely suits her blonde hair Jim, 1:04 best is stunning. Great pics.

  18. cazziekins

    Love this track it's on my ipod saddo that i am!?...BTW If i was filthy rich i would look after my family first then prop up the ailing NHS in the UK as we have all but had our local hospital closed.