Agnetha Faltskog - If You Need Somebody Tonight Lyrics

If you need somebody tonight
Here I am, here I am,
If it's love you need in your life
Here I am tonight.

If you want somebody to hold
Take my hand, take my hand,
If the night is getting too cold
Take my hand tonight.

I will hold you, I will love you,
I will be there right beside you,
You will never be lonely again.
If your heart is missing someone
Here I am, here I am.

If you need somebody tonight
I will hold you, I will love you,
I will be right there right beside you,
You will never be lonely again.

If you want a love that is strong
Here I stand, here I stand,
In my arms is where you belong
If you need somebody tonight.

If your heart is missing someone
Here I am, here I am,
And if what you need is my love
Here I am tonight, here I am tonight

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Agnetha Faltskog If You Need Somebody Tonight Comments
  1. George Estremera

    I used to have this cassette single. Therapeutic.

  2. Russ Grunert

    Just adore this and her

  3. Gerry Smith

    God I need someone tonight if only !!!! The Amazing Agnetha

  4. John Gowan

    This awesome song and woman can help you keep your mind wondering what it would be like if only you could have fallen for her .🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  5. Juan Soriano Frances

    wonderfull song and wonderull voice´´

  6. Russ Grunert

    I fall in love again every time I hear her sing.♡♡☆♡

  7. Amauri Souza

    a voz mais linda de uma mulher que ja ouvi !!!!!!!

  8. Mikael Johansson

    I'm from Sweden and very happy to se that so many people around the world likes Agneta❤

  9. Janett Grady

    Agnetha is one of only two singers whoever shared their real-life love life with their fans...via their music. Elvis did it, Agnetha did it. No other singer ever did that.

  10. Walter Baldemor

    3:02 is the best part for me

  11. Walter Baldemor

    Is this composed by abba?

    leif pettersson

    no it isn´t!

  12. Renan Fumasoni

    agnetha eu te amo

  13. Serge F

    I c'AINT wait to see agnetha take on celine dion one on one agnetha has the voice of an angel....

  14. Fabio Baragone

    Sei una donna Meravigliosa....... con una voce Angelica e dolce. Capace di suscitare in un uomo sogni d'amore ineguagliabili.......

  15. Jose Olvera

    Wow belleza que yo amo es Agnetha !!!!!!

  16. MrGallan50

    her best performance

  17. Любовь Калашник

    nobody's voice in the world sounds so sweet and adorable!!!

  18. Janett Grady

    Love this song, love Agnetha!!! If Agnetha ever needed someone, I'd be there. Would I make love to Agnetha? Yes, I would. Am I gay? No, but I'd go down on Agnetha Faltskog.

  19. denise lefeuvre

    If you need someone i'm here 😘😘

    Janett Grady

    Denise...Me, too, Hon, I'd be at her (Agnetha) beck and call for whatever she might want...any time, day or night. Oh, well...wish, wish, huh?

  20. bluegrassfan23

    Agnetha's voice range is absolutely incredible!

  21. ysaac wichmann

    Agnethangel !!!

  22. Riekie van Delden

    Zo mooi!!!!

  23. Dean Coffey

    Do you need anybody tonight beautiful beautiful beautiful soul it made me cry thank you

  24. Bruno Martinengo

    Bellissima voce come canta lei , canta veramente benissimo.

  25. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    I'm be satisfied your sing a song be to one taste me.

  26. Paul W

    Angels exist look at her so beautiful and perfect. Love her.

  27. Aileen Wagner

    WOW, that's a very pretty song, thank you!

  28. Jon Gowan

    She is amazing

  29. net60man

    Kvinnan är mycket vacker drömmar små och få men en finns den vackra är mycket vacker

  30. Judit Vidor

    What a sad song... I understand her I'm also lonely...

  31. Jennifer White great songs i will always remember?

    yes I think so! she is mesmerising! perfection at its best! her beauty is undescribable she gets better with age too! simply divine! xxx

  32. Paul Michel

    I think she had some things go on in her life that weren't entirely happy, like two divorces and a couple of terrible scares of near crashes on a plane and a boat. I hope she has happiness because she deserves it.

  33. Gerald Papp


  34. alan hobiwan

    Quelle femme magnifique ! J,en suis toujours autant amoureux ! Quand je l,écoute et la regarde j,en ai des larmes aux yeux !et je la garde toujours au fond de mon coeur!

  35. Tóth Zsigmond

    Agnetha wonderful music!

  36. SRV. 123


  37. Mia Angela

    Wie kann dieses Video nur 1000 likes haben? Es ist der Sound einer Jahrhundert Band.

  38. Mahmut K

    yes I do and ı want you

  39. net60man

    Just be your own

  40. David Cotton

    😊 what a lovely song from such a fantastic lady

  41. Valmar fernandes melro

    Agnetha had melody in her soul! His voice was very well tuned and had a remarkable and unmistakable timbre! She charmed generations of fans as a member of ABBA and continued wonderfully, perhaps even better, in her solo career after ABBA! Congratulations on being a brilliant songwriter, singer and performer!

    Carlos Lucero

    Excelente definición para la mujer con la mejor voz femenina de todos los tiempos......

    Valmar fernandes melro

    Gracias por tu comentario!

  42. Media Mike

    ..............Will it be you ?..............

  43. David Jacob

    There are no fairies, leprechauns, demons, angels, witches, sky gods, or saviours! Only Agnetha...the omnipotent!!!

  44. Victor Gs

    I always love you

  45. Rob Temmen

    What a lady, so beautiful, with the voice of an angel.There are a lot of emotions in me when she starts singing! I miss her!

  46. gerald gerald


  47. Tim Green

    Bjorn was truly an idiot for walking out on such a wonderful woman. Any other man would be proud to be in her life, by her side.

    Greg Kisinger

    For sure!

    Antonio Empleo


  48. Jim Whitted

    Agnetha, I am the one who gave you the crystal cross.

  49. Boomer1941

    You're killing me Agnetha:)

  50. Markus Robert


  51. Michael Crusader

    Real sincere fantastik play and softey sing! Video=Real historical shedevr! My sincere light respect and in soul and in heart sincere warm -understanding!Dear missis Flower of angels!

  52. Carlos roger menna

    que hermoso tema!, divina agnetha!!!.

  53. Art Deco

    Many   Happy Returns Of  The  Day   Agnetha

  54. Solange Veronezi

    Que linda, que voz maravilhosa.

  55. Alex Legler

    Beautiful !!! Beautiful !!! Beautiful !!!

  56. Paulo Leal

    DEUSA agnetha

  57. mäusle schmid

    I remember me i was 23 years old and have loosing my Baby and my friend sometimes i can here this Music to Forget ore remember for all the Music i have all in my heard thank you Agnetha

  58. Stephen Wheatley

    love this song

  59. Myriam

    This was our firts dance on our wedding....


    its a sad song but wonderful

  61. John L. GRUMBACH

    She has the voice of an angel -perfection. One of a kind, very special.

    Silverio Rodriguez

    John L. GRUMBACH su voz es perfecta

  62. Art Deco

    Guys, you just don't know how lucky  you all are to have this Beautiful   Woman serenading you  all  .

  63. Roberto Arini

    linda Agnetha...

  64. purushottam kotwal

    Thanks Agnetha for offering your love to me ! Beautiful heart touching song!

  65. Art Deco

    She is Pure Perfection. What else would a man want?

    The Bill Show

    Nothing! long as she sings the whole time...."giggle"

    Chris Vanapeldoorn

    Agnetha wat is the problem aha jou koming

    Janett Grady

    Art...How 'bout two Agnetha's...twins? Now there's a thought!!!

  66. Josh Smith


  67. Christian Andersin

    Wonderful Agnetha!

  68. 10quaker09

    This lady has to be the most beautiful female singer of all time, her voice is simply sensational. Love you Agnetha x

    Peter Lejewaan

    very beautiful song and i love her to

    Audrey Zeli Oliveira

    Leslie Beaumont

    Art Deco

    They don't produce fantastic singers  like her  nowadays  .

    Walter Palladino

    10quaker09 oh

    Walter Palladino

    Leslie Beaumont.

  69. Bio

    If you need somebody tonight, take my hand. That's so Nice.

  70. Leon Falkner

    Wau was für eine Wundervolle Stimme, auch heute noch nach über 40 Jahren im Business, das ist es was unter anderen die vier Musik-Genie zu einer Lebenden Legende machte. Jeder Ton ist eine Freude selbst die Texte haben eine Aussage.

  71. JOHN-MICHAEL Sehlin


  72. Clive Bindley

    If You Need Somebody Tonight, Take A Chance On Me.

  73. horacegold

    bic, bic arivarci a una cuore chi ti ama, ma, 20 or 30 anos no conter una cuore sincera, time is for others, love is for sons

  74. Leticia Dominguez

    Angelica Maria

  75. mtchair4me

    WOW the voice the lyrics draw you like a moth to a burning flame! Thank you for posting this exceptional piece.

  76. Thomas Leitner

    Dear Agnetha, thank you for this great Music anhd have a big Kiss!

  77. Michael Farwick

    Dear Agnetha, Kiss me

    Rob Temmen

    Keep dreaming! That's what we all want

  78. kanal


  79. kanal


  80. Michael Farwick

    oh, to be so lucky as to kiss you, Agnetha!

  81. Neville Cawas Bardoliwalla OBE

    "Love Agnetha's voice, it's a voice to fall in love with."

  82. Nyla Noel

    Agnetha is my girl crush

  83. Wayne Taylor


  84. Tomislav renfrew

    Oh Agnetha you are perfect.  You will always be perfect.  You sound like an angel and you always will.  We will ALWAYS love you until the end of time.  Please keep singing until you no longer can.

  85. abbamaniac

    même un quart de ABBA c'est sublime ! On sent la patte de Peter CETERA du groupe Chicago

  86. MrGallan50

    what a voice !!! the sound of ABBA

  87. James Ludvigson

    My #2 favorite song ... WOW ... Many THX for your superb photo presentation; awesome compilation.

  88. Roland Baum

    Incredible voice, awesome pictures

  89. Brian Stevens

    Gorgeous...............the song's pretty good as well.

  90. Fritzdeniel Smith

    I really love this song. This is our theme song.

  91. james dunn

    must be one of the greatest female vocalists ever and still looks fantastic

  92. Anne Buyukkara

    This is so very beautiful.  She has a fantastic voice.  :))

  93. Sir David Hedden

    The older Agnetha gets the more beautiful she gets and her Voice is Stunning......

    Sir David Hedden

    LOVE ABBA! Nice to reminisce and watch these old video's of concerts and shows, ABBA was the greatest POP Band of all time….

    Rob Temmen

    Agree, no modern singer looks and sounds better.
    A sweet memory that will last forever

    Ahmed Borayyan

    yes ... you alright .

  94. Igor Faria

    linda sempre linda q saudades .

  95. Rick M

    i miss are chatting my friend!
    RIP my good friend

  96. eleanor mtangi

    Somehow sad but beautiful song. Love the voice

  97. shania connor

    Omg ur amazing Agnetha Fältskog , made me cry lots cause i think about u n them lot u kno who :*( Im crying :*(

  98. juan dado