Agnetha Faltskog - I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever Lyrics

It feels so good to be by your side
Oh, darling let me be your guide
From tonight let's stay together.
There's a blue moon up in the sky
Tonight, it's there for you and I
Darling, let my love surround you
Oh, but I'm so glad I found you.

I wish tonight could last forever
Oh, darling can we stay together?
From now on let's vow we'll never part
'Cos darling that will break my heart
And when the light brings tomorrow
Oh, darling, will it bring me sorrow,
Will you let me hold you in this way?
Oh, I wish tonight could last forever.

Tonight I feel it in the air
Just look around it's everywhere
Who knows where the night will lead us?
Oh, it feels so good to hold you tight
Hold you close without a soul in sight
We came together without warning
And stayed together 'til the morning.


Oh, it feels so good to hold you tight
To hold you close without a soul in sight
Came together without warning
And stayed together til the morning.


Oh, I wish tonight could last forever.

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Agnetha Faltskog I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever Comments
  1. Bio

    Moi aussi ! J'aimerais être heureux pour toujours.

    Heureusement, ce sera possible très bientôt,
    grâce à ce site : - Youpie !

  2. Jon Gowan

    Perfect song for a perfect lady,Agnatha is a Swedish sweetheart and a perfect lady to be singing this beautiful song.👌👌❤️❤️♥️💕💗👍👍🍀🍀💋🍀

  3. Janett Grady

    Damn, she's cute. A night with Agnetha would be a dream come true. If or woman...could somehow get into bed with Agnetha, that someone would no doubt be at Agnetha's beck and call and do whatever Agnetha might want. Could it last forever? In either case, it would be well worth the effort. Damn, she's cute!!!

  4. Nosferatu 85

    This has the ABBA sound alllllll over it 😍😍😍

  5. Gail Johnston

    What a voice and she is so caring and beautiful the two girls made abba the brilliant band it is

  6. Jennifer White great songs i will always remember?

    perfect lady! exceptional!

  7. Cezar Bonciu

    She doesn't changed. Her voice rested same of gold and she's so beautiful and gorgeous like in years when she was at ABBA group. I like her so much, her voice of gold is so beautiful. I love you Agnetha. I am from Romania.

  8. ysaac wichmann

    I love the beautiful Agnetha's voice and all their songs . She's the best Swedish singer of all times in the World music , super talented Agnetha .

  9. Valmar fernandes melro

    Agnetha had melody in her soul! His voice was very well tuned and had a remarkable and unmistakable timbre! She charmed generations of fans as a member of ABBA and continued wonderfully, perhaps even better, in her solo career after ABBA! Congratulations on being a brilliant songwriter, singer and performer!

  10. William Whittom

    this has become one of my favorite songs

  11. Derrick

    Backing vocals Chris Norman 2:51

  12. Richard Leigh

    beautiful song beautiful singer

  13. Mikael Nyman

    best artist i ever Heard, sterong soft  can handle the Music like noone else

  14. Bailee Hoffmann

    Why don't you guys just be quiet give her some space

  15. Bailee Hoffmann

    It's scaring me

  16. Bailee Hoffmann

    It's scarring me

  17. Bailee Hoffmann

    Is uh she ok or is she drunk

  18. Paulo Leal

    maravilhosa agnetha

  19. Drive Easy

    Lovely song, lovely lady.

    Peter Lejewaan

    you say the right words Agnetha i love you!!

  20. mayla simmons

    one of my fav song of Agnitha..

  21. mayla simmons

    one of my fav song of Agnitha..

  22. patricia abrego

    la mejor cancion de Agneta la mejor voz de todos los tiempos

  23. Mariza Levandovski


  24. Bio

    Comment se fait-il que ses chansons soient si tendres ?


    +Michel Loisseau je adoré le chanson c est a chantier suedoisse


    Ca semble etre dans sa nature.


    merci beacoup

  25. dougconley

    Would have been interesting to see what Bjorn & Bennies music would have sounded like in the 80's and beyond with Frida & Agnetha singing.

    Ngcali Tile

    please dont make me cry. I was thinking the same thing only last week

  26. wayne andres

    that voice, what can I say, such an amazing talent..  hugs to you Agnetha

    Arsenia Stanley

    I'm addicted of abba music and also Agnetha song.

    Arsenia Stanley

    I'm addicted of abba music and also Agnetha song.

  27. Michal

    During the ABBA years I love both Agnetha and Frida, but afterwards I think I prefer Agnetha. And before, too, for that matter. She has so much emotion in her voice... Not to say I don't admire Anni-Frid too, her voice is just great as well.
    Did you know that when they brainstormed names for their group, FABB was also an option? Just a random fact.
    I wish tonight could last forever...

  28. Veronica4u2day

    O God i love this song

  29. Rebeca Lyngstad

    One of my favorite Aggie's songs

    Nelia Franca


    Andrei Ozol

    Yes! Yes! Forever!:)

  30. una mckillen

    This was the start of her post-ABBA career, her "little fame".  Mike Chapman created and produced this.  I think it is glorious.  She is there with musicians she trusts from her ABBA days and Smokie and sweet girl backing singers, all courtesy of Mike Chapman and all rehearsed in a studio in Stockholm known to Agnetha.  I have always thought Agnetha has one of the best voices in show business and Mike Chapman is one of the nicest men in show business.  This showcases the both of them.

  31. Derlin Clair

    A lovely song from a very lovely Swedish chanteuse.

  32. Tomislav renfrew

    What makes her so special is the combination of her her mannerisms, the way she pronounces English words in her own Swedish accent, the way she exudes warmth like she's singing to YOU personally.  Fabulous Agnetha.  She makes you happy no matter what.   She makes you happy to be alive!

    Derlin Claire

    So very true,my frìiend.May God kindly bless,and keep this dear lady well,and safe.She made this old world just a little nicer by being in it.

  33. Mabinia Essex

    Russ Ballard wrote this for her as well as " Can't Shake Loose" :)

  34. una mckillen

    Oh, I looked past her right from the start. Don't get me wrong, she is gorgeous and sings her heart out here but the boys are there along with Smokie. That was Mike Chapman, the Producer. He wanted to work with agnetha but wanted her to be comfortable and safe on this, her first solo album. The dynamics here are lovely.

  35. mikael stridh


  36. Steve Thirtyacre

    Wow Agenetha ! Graat song :)

  37. una mckillen

    I discovered this TV special about a year ago and it was great to see Agnetha solo. She is clearly dressed the way she wanted and the sexier for it. I dont think it would be possible to get again that wonderful mix of those two soprano and mezzo-soprano voices that "made" ABBA (along with the song writing talents of Benny and Bjorn). Still, it is nice to see she had a career after ABBA. She clearly struggled with the mega-fame of ABBA after her marriage had ended.

  38. awi wiw

    Thumbs up here if you want to bite her lips at 1:25!

  39. Derlin Gerard Clair

    A beautiful song,and a really pretty girl to sing it.What a great combination! D.Clair

  40. ClassicMusicArchives

    I know it is hard to look past Agneta, but if you watch it a lot of times you start noticing many members of the Abba band in the background, good to see.

  41. yurii541

    here, at this video Agnetha likes on moon, really her is Moon (maybe because cloth is blue).
    23.12.2011. 2:13 kiev_time

  42. Fran ko

    me encanta esta cansion! (I love this song!) larga vida a agnetha faltskog (lon life to agnetha faltskog)

  43. Suzana Linden

    This is beautiful - like all your uploads are - thankyou abbafanglosuk

  44. Dan Alva Mor

    @abbafanglosuk tengo la misma opinión al respecto, se nota que somos buenos seguidores de Agnetha

  45. Troy Lockhart

    ''I Wish She Would Sing Foreveerrr :) ''

  46. TheSpiritofAbbaPart4

    I don't know about anyone else, but I could never connect together Aggie the soloist with Aggie of the Abba duo, they are both fabulous, pretty, talented...maybe it is the hairstyle change, slight different facial aspect, different personality on stage, different dress, different culture of the mid 1980's...

    But wait! There it is...!!! At 1:25!!!!! THE FAMOUS AGGIE LIP BITE!!! It really is her, after all!

  47. BPRichfield1

    Great song of a fantastic "ABBA"-Agnetha. She's really beautiful.

  48. abbafanglosuk

    Thanks Megan - always like coming back to this one, its so nice and gentle and the intro is fantastic!

  49. lisamarley .lisamarley

    sweet song, but I prefer her with long hair

  50. twinPaula12

    What a sweet song . I loved Agnetha when she was part of Abba and it's great to see some songs by her here. This is such a pretty love song. I like the band, too. It all comes together so nicely - sort of country and sort of pop - it's just great. Thank you for posting this. - Paula

  51. abbafanglosuk

    Yes its nice and gentle, with a terrific intro!

  52. agoing

    I love this song

  53. abbafanglosuk

    Yes this still sounds as fresh and stylish today as it did then! Agnetha sings more softly than usual to match the nice tune and sentiments. Its an honour for me to bring her songs and performances to the fans to see!

  54. Sssjim7

    25 years ago... timeless... wow... nice job again... thank you for sharing this with us!

  55. abbafanglosuk

    Yes this is a nice and gentle song that really grows on you and has a great intro! Agnetha performed 6 songs from her new "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" album in this show: These were: 1. The Heat Is On 2. Can't Shake Loose 3, Wrap Your Arms Around Me 4. I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever 5. Mr. Persuasion 6. Shame. I've done all 6 videos showing Agnetha singing each song from this show - cheers from John!

  56. abbafanglosuk

    This is another one that you can't forget Connie - the nice gentle intro just won't leave your mind!

  57. abbafanglosuk

    Yes that little sequence from 0:43 - 0:52 sums up the magical appeal of Agnetha for us Steve - no one else does these enticing things naturally while singing like she does!

  58. Halo101st

    Those eyes, that look at .45 gives me chills.

  59. djaor

    another great Russ Ballard song !!!!

  60. abbafanglosuk

    Fantastic intro to this song - its as nice as Agnetha is!

  61. abbafanglosuk

    Yeah the startup here is terrific Samahi, and its so nice and gentle as it flows alongs! You need to get Agnetha's 1983 album "Wrap Your Arms Around Me", these super songs are all on there. I've got it, and play it in my car often.

  62. Agnees-Frid Roal

    I want , I like this video

  63. Becca

    makes you wanna get up there and dance with her!! lol

  64. abbafanglosuk

    Yes and she shows it tantalisingly at 0:45 -0:54 Becca, with her inviting smile and flashing eyes! Its there again at 1:31 and 2:00, she does it so naturally and beautifully! Her nice dance movements to the music throughout make your heart skip!

  65. abbafanglosuk

    Hi Dallas, yes this is a nice gentle romantic song, with a great bouncy backbeat that stays with you. Its very easy on the mind for us oldies, that's why we like it! Agnetha carries this off stylishly and effortlessly. She has the ability to do another album, but maybe not the desire. There's nothing more for her to prove now after the excellent comeback album My Colouring Book showed she retained all her wonderful vocal range, so its looking increasingly unlikely there will be any more.

  66. Becca

    she is so good at flirting! so cute!

  67. abbafanglosuk

    Hi John, I understand just what you're saying. When Agnetha sings like this we all miss her very much! More than Abba I think, she's a very special lady. Thankfully she made her wonderful comeback album My Colouring Book in 2004. Thanks for sub, its John from UK.

  68. abbafanglosuk

    Thanks Gustavo. My night is lasting forever, its nearly 5am here (oh dear). If only Agnetha was here with me ... She sings this nice gentle romantic song so perfectly, I'd have fallen asleep in her arms hours ago!

  69. Gustavo Pérez

    I love this song, Agnetha sounds like an Angel. aaaaahhhh!!! Oh, I wish tonight could last forever..... :.)

    Thanks for the vid John Gracias!!!

  70. abbafanglosuk

    This song gets better every time I come here to respond Marie. It's nice, gentle and romantic with a catchy tune that stays with you. The morning usually means work and the daily routine Marie, we would all like to stay longer with someone we love I think!

  71. abbafanglosuk

    Have sent you message on Agnetha CDs query Max. I agree with your sentiments entirely, Agnetha is the most romantic singer you could wish for. Nearly all ladies would be won over listening to her nice songs, they generate good friendly feelings!

  72. abbafanglosuk

    Hi Max, I've enjoyed presenting this series of Agnetha vids from one single show. Its like being her manager and setting her schedule, hope she appreciates me! This song in particular is very easy going and romantic. My supply is running down, have to have a rummage soon.

  73. abbafanglosuk

    I'm delighted to bring these super Agnetha songs to you Laura, you're a very good friend.

  74. abbafanglosuk

    Glad I've found a new Agnetha song for you Di. This is a nice gentle song, perfectly delivered by Agnetha in her own unique style.

  75. abbafanglosuk

    Cheers Jose. Agnetha has her own way of making these propsitions sound so inviting, you think she's singing to you only. I'll never turn her down!

  76. Joe Serrano

    "wish this nite could last,.....forevaaaaa(whispered), ohhh, man, no matter that i am a man, i think i'm gonna swoon!!!! John, ya sure know how to torture a dude! 5/5!!!

  77. abbafanglosuk

    You're right Jim, one look at her smiling face and you fall in love with her immediately. Add her magical singing and there's no escape, we're trapped!

  78. abbafanglosuk

    The audience definitely appreciate her enchanting performance here Jim. Have you seen song 2 "Wrap Your Arms Around Me"? She's so hot in that it has to be censored! It's not for the faint hearted.

  79. abbafanglosuk

    That's brilliant Fiona. Hugs for you and your mum from me! It's nice when youngsters appreciate proper singing like this.

  80. abbafanglosuk

    She performed half the album in this one show Jim, the audience got a real treat. Yes its very disarming when she looks straight at you with her charming smile at 0:48!