Agnetha Faltskog - I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed Lyrics

I knew I had to leave that day
I couldn't take it anymore
Yes, I had it all by then
But I lost myself somehow
Well who cares what I do now

I never thought I'd hurt this much
My heart would break so easily
I'm a fool and that's a fact
I'm a fool now I can see
Our love was meant to be

The memory starts to flow
The picture is me and you
I keep them on the floor beside my bed
The images rewind
I loose myself in time
The movie still playes on inside my head

You're always here
That's how it seems
I feel you even in my dreams
I should have stayed and worked it out
That's what love is all about
Instead I left you all alone

Oh! The memory starts to flow
The picture is me and you
I keep them on the floor beside my bed
Summer nights together
Walking hand in hand
Why is love so hard to understand
To understand

I should have stayed and worked it out
That's what love is all about
Instead I left you all alone

The memory starts to flow
The picture is me and you
I keep them on the floor beside my bed
The images rewind
I loose myself in time
The movie still players on inside my head
The memory starts to flow
The picture is me and you
I keep them on the floor beside my bed
Summer nights together
walking hand in hand
Why is love so hard to understand

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Agnetha Faltskog I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed Comments
  1. taka potku

    ABBA keeps me in the music

  2. Elina seyie

    She will always be the most beautiful woman in the world, with the best voice, best personality n most talented... I cannot forget her beauty when she was young, this generation may not appretiate her as much but they have no idea how much she have contributed to the music industry and to our lives

  3. Greko Casselli

    Siempre, con esa personalidad, tan bella y voz angelical,, gracias por todo, Dios te bendiga.

  4. Gerry Smith

    Wow the amazing Agnetha

  5. Natiii K.

    Omg,this is definitely about Björn.She still loves him.😭😭💔💔🥺🥺😍😍

  6. Gert van der Graaf

    Jag alskar dig fortfarende @! Gert

  7. Antonio Empleo

    Love you Agnetha!!!

  8. Terri myers

    Been listening to and loving this glorious lady for decades. I never thought she could sing better but somehow she does.

  9. Jerry Mclemore

    A voice that can melt.So beautiful💖💖💖

  10. Stächer Axel

    Top Musik

  11. Norma Tavares Silva

    Deusa...igual a você, nunca ,existirá nenhuma. 😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Robert Man

    I've only just discovered her solo stuff after all those wonderful years of ABBA. Thank God for such a beautiful soul that came our way and entertained us all and kept happiness in our lives and continue to.....Thank you Agnetha !!!!!!!!!

  13. Abraham Ruben Toinga Vincent

    Adorable Siempre!!!!

  14. Nino ORSOBLU

    Agnetha sei nei miei sogni ,vorrei respirarti un solo attimo, godere de
    La tua. bellezza , che viene da molto lontano ....

  15. Jose Olvera

    AGNETHA tus ojos y tu bella sonrisa reflejan la belleza de tu alma y tu corazón Gracias a Dios Por tu talento y por la gracia de ser madre,y una hermosa ahora abuelita forever hermosa. Siempre estarás en mi corazón. Y tu angelical voz siempre me alegrará mi corazón. Te amaré siempre.

  16. Russ Grunert

    A timeless beauty

  17. Вера Космынина


  18. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    I'm love one!

  19. mustsee

    woww a knock out in every way in a word a lady,,,

  20. mustsee

    one of the best in every way i love how she lives and how good she sings,,

  21. Janett Grady

    I love this girl, Agnetha Faltskog. I love her because of her physical beauty, of course, and yes, if she be so inclined, I'd go down on her. But I love her mostly because of the person I know of as Agnetha Faltskog, a woman with an unequaled capacity for love, a love so deeply ingrained in her being it's impossible for most of us to imagine. Yes, I love this girl.

  22. paula allen

    I know this is just a song...but it could be about her past with Bjorn. It would fit. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world..I think. I wish she had found love. I'm not sure she ever did since Bjorn..not really. But they were young...and the band was basically their life. To be that ended up sacrificing many things. I wish her love..she deserves it.

  23. Joe Vanaman

    Simply a Beautiful person inside and out... and, a Beautiful song to match. Agnetha the Golden Girl, and ABBA forever!! It's reunion time!!🌹😘

  24. bellejt01

    will stay the love of my live

  25. Janett Grady

    If you're not crying, you must be a stone-cold idiot who's been living in a cave...or, I suppose, you've never heard of ABBA, or Agnetha, and spend your free time watching TV. How 'bout "love," ever heard of it?

  26. Rick Rodrigues

    Beautiful & talented Agnetha...her songs say so much about her especially this one. Love her pixs with the viking pigtails!

  27. Mai Anh

    beautiful song ever from the one of the most lovely beautiful singers ever. ❤

  28. Galina

    Чудесное исполнение, замечательная музыка !!!! Очень люблю эту композицию !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Sally Hilarious

    This is about Björn, no more than anyone!! Her One Great Love that never died in her. 💔😢

    Luz Perez

    Is so sad.

    Janett Grady

    Sally...Rare is the woman who can love as deeply as Agnetha loved Bjorn, a forever love that transcended Bjorn's betrayal...apparently out looking for more pussy, typical of stupid men. Indeed, Agnetha was and is a special person.

    Caz W

    Can't understand men who do this. They have the most beautiful wife in the world and they throw it away.


    MADAM Agnetha you are the best diamond in the world! ! Your voice is still young and magic

  31. Aileen Wagner

    This is such a lovely song! And well sung as usual!! Thank u for putting the perfect pictures with it too!

  32. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    Sing a song properly ace. Sir.

  33. Helen J. Goh

    luvly touching lyrics + tune, her singing has so much feelings - beautiful!

  34. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    Sister beautiful

  35. Boris vainshtein

    отдать должное таланту голос+скромность не по русски но очень красиво и чувствительна!!1ВЫ прелестны!,дай Вам бог здоровья!

  36. Helen J. Goh

    such a sweet soulful voice ... as always

  37. Jon Gowan

    Agnatha you can love someone with air your hart .but if the one you love wits out he is the looser


    Magica. I love you..........

  39. Slobodan Cuk

    I would add to the comment below "...Her voice is so sensitive and full of emotion. What a charismatic lady she is!!!" ...this: Agnetha has become even more beautiful and poised with age, defying the Laws of Nature! The songs she composed and delivered flawlesly with that gifted voice will live for ethernity! Long live Agnetha!

  40. Lucy Mendez

    Una de mis favoritas. Estupenda canción.

  41. Jennifer White great songs i will always remember?

    I will always remember you! xxx

  42. Jezza

    She is the BEST!!!

  43. Allan Lyhne

    great big song

  44. Markku Heinonen

    KIITOS olet ihana ihminen .

  45. theone456

    its about her break up with Bjorn

  46. Jim Reed

    That perfect voice - so beautiful!

  47. Julie Compton

    This song is absolutely proof that Agnetha is the world best female vocalist!!

  48. Ralph Benthall

    Merry Christmas precious woman!

  49. Mikael Nyman

    my heart fells good when she sings:)

  50. Mikael Nyman

    the Queen still singing, glad to hear every tones from her voice. so beutifull!!!

  51. Connie Martin

    What a beautiful voice! She is such a talented lady.

  52. Drive Easy

    She has always written some lovely songs, not enough have been published. A lovely lady, much misunderstood.

  53. Susan F

    At 3:51, she was so beautiful with gorgeous Nordic White-Blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. No one is more beautiful to me.

  54. John Balladear

    How lovely, you just get better and better. Thank you..

  55. denise lefeuvre

    Omg so love this :) i keep my memories of you in my mind xx

  56. Vitaly Shadov

    Please life long!

  57. Ralph Benthall

    I wish her and Bjorn never broke up ;(

    Rob Temmen

    I wish she was and is happy

  58. Cristina Cataldi

    Aunque pasan los años bellisima y una voz maravillosa!!!!!

  59. Ralph Benthall

    Ive been listening to her early stuff in Swedish (and buying) and love the songs she wrote  and this song is  the one on this album she wrote and its the best! She is so good!!

  60. Gert van der Graaf

    this song so lovely cause remember all you're memories in yoy're live!!

    Gert van der Graaf

    rob ik begrijp NIET waar jij je hier mee bemoeid Agnetha en Ik zijn nog steeds goede vrienden !!!!!!!!!!!1 luister naar haar teksten en temper jou reacties !!1

    Rob Temmen

    Je word een stalker genoemd in veel reactie, je hebt een naam.Hartstikke mooi als je nog steeds goede vrienden bent met Agnetha, maar alles wat jij iets zegt word meteen afgeschilderd als die stalker.Je zal het nooit weg kunnen poetsen. Reageer rechtstreeks  naar haar toe. Zei leest dit toch allemaal niet, en je jaagt alleen maar mensen tegen je in het harnas terwijl het zoals jij zegt niet waar is

    Gert van der Graaf

    read the book 'fans' and keep all what media is writing on the floor....  Agnetha and Me we're lovers for at least 2years .... have a little respect to us and let us in peace ...

    Gary Rand

    Gert van der Graaf leave no more messages no one cares what you have to say

    Gary Rand

    Gert van der Graaf how can you even write anything about this song. no one wAnts to hear from you.

  61. Rob Pinter

    Beautiful girl, woman now a lady....she is a diamond of music

    Martín Ammún

    Who can deny a show to a singer like her. Only a crazy man. Agnetha sing. You do better than before.

    Jessica Welsh

    Yes Is beautiful girl woman was lady.... music diamond ring ring and take change on me great you allsome o.k. thank you this video is great you allsome much o.k.

  62. Truck Driver

    What a voice

  63. Adrian Brown

    I think this is my favourite on the album. Oh how I have missed this special lady,s voice.

  64. bluegrassfan23

    A hit!!!

  65. Bio

    quelle que soit la chanson, je me laisse souvent aller à fredonner ces douces mélodies.

  66. net60man

    Nej. världen är att förstå att gå vidare. Njuta av var del av livet.

  67. Johnny 5

    Agnetha is the BEST!!

    Peter Lejewaan

    yes!! Agnetha forever in our heart

    Keith Brier

    I agree 👍

  68. Eleonora Reyna

    Agnetha es maravillosa!! Excelente cantante y compositora. En Argentina no se publico "A" pero a través de You Tube estoy conociendo sus hermosas canciones..Gracias!!

  69. David Tran

    Great Voice!! The voice is eternally beautiful,never fading with time!!

  70. Cendrine Marrouat

    One of the best female vocalists of the 20th century is back!

    Abdelwahed Zaidi

    Fantastic Video, and beautiful song, full, full of dreams of love, joy, and beautiful things., Very stunning.

    Jessica Welsh

    One best songs of ABBA and Agnetha perfect you truly believe that the 0h yeah how much I care should've be holding you close mum see the your choice o.k. believe that I'm that the best way to

  71. Wayne Taylor

    wonderfull song,penned by Agnetha,and sung so beautifully !!

  72. StayBeautiful87xoxo

    Mycket vacker <3 jag älskar Agnetha!!

  73. Tolga Mert

    this is a masterpiece...

  74. HT T

    i wonder why she named the album just A. maybe its a message to BBA ?
    Come on guys reunite, the world longs for ABBA !


    one more time abba

    tom lutz

    2018, they heard you!! lol. dec there will be 2 songs released by them. Brand new music!!!

    Aileen Wagner

    HT T Maybe because her first name starts with A.

  75. tony donnelly

    sings it  with  great  passion  the  lady  is  top  class ,  one of the  best  tracks on the  album

  76. Hannu Hedman

    She is a really good songwriter too, I guess many people are not aware of this... Maybe the best song in her new record IMO, and very touching performance as well. Her voice is so sensitive and full of emotion. What a charismatic lady she is!!!

  77. winkandwoo

    cool choices you are a true romantic love you xxxx

  78. Александр Васильев

    Агента большое спасибо за музыку в альбоме А

  79. thom fmify

    Still in love in with you, Anna since the 70ties.And your true love is Connie Francis, this is sure!

  80. Finbarr Coakley

    WOW What a song on Replay.

  81. Sidonie Jansson

    It´s like to keep in touch with a friend. I listen often to Agnetha and enjoy her voice and her lyrics. I hope many others do, without constantly refering to Abba.

  82. David Miller

    I bought this album after seeing a documentary on TV over Christmas. I've played it over and over again and it gets better and better. Agnetha wrote this song; I wonder who  she's singing it to.

    una mckillen

    I have wondered that too. The song is so sad and beautiful.  Bjorn was her first husband and the father of her children so the most likely candidate but I am guessing an amalgamation.  This is a lady who has loved and lost and loved and moved on a lot of times.  Also, she is a clever song-writer and every song writer has a pool of heart-break songs.  She sings it from the heart but that was her gift.


    Please let it be anybody BUT Bjorn! I'm sure Agnetha has had a man in her life who is not as inconsiderate and full of himself; someone worthy of THIS song.

    Ralph Benthall

    I always wish they had stayed together :(


    Yes, but my guess, as a longtime fan is, it probably is. The sad part is at the time, instead of working it out, he just moved on ... VERY quickly. He had a new girlfriend within a week or two -looked almost like Agnetha -whom he went on to marry (and I'm sure had to work out the same issues as in the relationship he just left -as ALL relationships take work). Too bad he just hadn't with Agnetha. I wish he would have. As many of us do.

    I heard him in an interview once (years later) saying something along the lines of he wished they would have tried harder and longer to work things out -and not just gave up as quickly as they did. Regrets, but too late. Very sad. They seemed to be made for each other. And he moved on and had a happy life. But I don't feel she ever really got over him. I wish her all the best and happiness -and hope she IS happy. She does have her children and grandchildren -THEY, I'm sure, bring her much joy and happiness!

    Aileen Wagner

    Grrreuphoria Thank u so VERY much well said! She sure doesn't need Bjorn to be successful or creative.

  83. shnchung

    Thanks for this beautiful vid and memories.  Good old days repeat.

  84. telsah1

    Gorgeous before, Gorgeous then, Gorgeous now, Gorgeous always. What a wonderful lady. An Angel.

  85. golden ox

    I keep a bed pan on the floor beside my bed..

  86. Dario Rondina


  87. Sam Toucan

    Becoming my fav track on the album. Agnetha wrote this song.

  88. ingrid rocio caceres muller

    vivo enamorada de Agnetha y su voz, linda canción, buen trabajo.

  89. Frydward

    A wonderful song at the sundown of her own way.
    Even she never admit it before, we all knew and felt it ever since.
    Isnt she right in the end,
    isnt one love enough for a whole life?

    Janett Grady

    Frydward...One was enough for her, Bjorn, the father of her children. Still, that doesn't mean she quit having sex...she went out, even married again, but that's because every girl neeeeds a good screwing once in a while. She loves Bjorn, always will...which is why I love her. She's the most loving person I've never met, and more loving than most of the people I have met.

  90. John Goodwin


  91. Lih Antunes

    I suspect we Sou.Meio To Faler From Agnetha Fältskog There I Love With All My Heart .. leicy Fältskog

  92. Celluloidkid


  93. ricky jurecki

    style is temporary, class is permanent. This is the biz.

  94. Grrreuphoria

    She, through this song, has the ability to bring that one love to the surface; the one you might have spent an entire life trying to forget. :-) And somehow the scars are fresh again. Great song.