Agnetha Faltskog - I Can't Reach Your Heart Lyrics

I can't reach your heart
You're near but yet so far
Am I reaching for a star
Am I aiming too high

I can't reach your heart
Can it be that you don't care
I'm not getting anywhere
Though I try and I try
I've told you so many times
I'm in love with you
Oh, what more what more can I say
I wish I knew

I can't reach your heart
We can't go on like this
Though your lips are mine to kiss
I can't reach your heart


Though your lips are mine to kiss
I can't reach your heart

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Agnetha Faltskog I Can't Reach Your Heart Comments
  1. Bio

    Si touchant, n'est-ce pas ?

  2. paula allen

    No. You didn't reach to high...he did. You are out if his league...always have been. You I believe loved him...he just for awhile. Wasmt really mature enough to have a family...understand what really important until later in life...when with that woman he's with. That was a and your children when divorced became 2nd to him. I'm not sure why eventually he signed the children over to you. He should of been close to his 1st children..they should have never been 2nd to them as he treated them when had I own children with the woman. A shame he did not stay with it out..he lost the best person in his life. Down the line...years after I'm sure he realized this...but so much heartbreak you had...I would say you told yourself never again. You both made a really cute couple... Its sad. That was years and years ago...different places and different life. You are as beautiful as you ever were!

  3. mausol69

    What I don't like about Agnetha after ABBA is that all her songs are always very sad and disperate, songs of a loser. How can she stand songs like this? She's beautiful, but maybe she's boring as woman.

    bubbel hubbel

    I'm nothing special, in fact I'm a bit of a bore
    If I tell a joke, you've probably heard it before
    But I have a talent, a wonderful thing
    Cause everyone listens when I start to sing

  4. neusa nair

    Como eu queria que estes dois não estivessem separados eles são. Lindos.

  5. erika lovas


  6. Robert Robert

    Super...Szkoda,ze nie bedzie już ich razem...

  7. Latin Vinyl

    what is the year of this song?


    She sang n recorded this song in 2004. The original version of this song should be in the mid 60s I think.

    Russ Grunert

    The Album is My Colouring Book


    Agnetha Faltskog "I Can't Reach Your Heart" (2004)
    From Agnetha's Long Awaited Comeback Album "My Colouring Book"
    Recorded February 2003 Thru January 2004.

  8. John Kubach

    This is cool, where did you get the picture of bjorn with the rough collie, I have one also, they're so cool.

  9. American Born Patriot.

    Song is true, unfortunately.

  10. Geoffrey Hillend

    yUP!! HE DON'T CARE~!

  11. Dunollieman

    Beautiful song, excellent video.

  12. em enrique

    wow!This album is full of songs that Im usually hearing in videokes here.So happy!And these songs are very familiar to me.

    Jane Baily

    em enrique