Agnetha Faltskog - Back On Your Radio Lyrics

Are you picking up my signals again?
Back on your radio
I'm sending you a message

I've been caught inside a radio shadow
For the longest time
Living on outside the range of your love
For the longest time
Tell me, have you been listening to the static
Searching for the echoes of me and you?
Baby loosing you was tragic.
Tell me now, am I getting through?

Are you picking up my signals again?
Back on your radio
I'm sending you a message again
Back on your radio, been
Thinking about you lately
Dreaming about you
Push that reset button baby
Turn that magic dial
Tune into my frequency
I missed you for a long while


Lately I have heard the whispers of you
In the windy trees
Even though you might be light years away
It puts my heart at ease
Tell me, maybe love is in the static
That you're still out there after all
Maybe just like in the old times
Operator place a long distance call

Are you picking up my signals again?
Back on your radio
I'm sending you a message again
Back on your radio, been
Thinking about you lately
Dreaming about you
Push that reset button baby
Turn that magic dial
Tune into my frequency
I missed you for a long while

I believe, I believe, I believe
You came around
And sat on my bedside
I believe, I believe in my heart
We're always together, never apart

Are you picking up my signals again?
I'm sending you a message again
Are you picking up my signals again?
Back on your radio
I'm sending you a message again
Back on your radio, been
Thinking about you lately
Dreaming about you
Push that reset button baby
Turn that magic dial

Are you picking up my signals again?
Back on your radio
I'm sending you a message again
Back on your radio, been
Thinking about you lately
Dreaming about you
Push that reset button baby
Turn that magic dial
Tune into my frequency
I missed you for a long while

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Agnetha Faltskog Back On Your Radio Comments
  1. Kate Kleinsteuber

    I am obsessed with Abba and Agnatha for 2 days now.

  2. Janett Grady

    Would I share a bed with Agnetha, make love to her? In my dreams, I've been making love with her, to her, ever since she sang with ABBA. As she and I have aged through the years, we've made love in every conceivable way in every possible position. Would I sleep with Agnetha? I've been sleeping with her, and she's been singing me to sleep since day one.

  3. geoffrey geoffrey

    Agnetha's best album

  4. Greko Casselli

    Linda Agnetha, con esa carisma, y bellísima voz angelical.

  5. Gerry Smith

    The Amazing Agnetha Beautiful song Beautiful lady

  6. Muhammad Yahya

    Pleasant song... Somehow sounded like a chinese pop song

  7. Flor Alba Hernandez

    Espectacular, única. No volverá otra voz igual.

  8. tim lodge

    Love this song,can't wait to hear the new ABBA Music coming in 2020.....yeah

  9. M R

    Agnetha sings better than Madonna and Agnetha is 69 years old

  10. Tango Eliott

    I love this CD

  11. Тодор Живков

    My favorite female voice forever and ever! Thanks from Bulgaria :)

  12. bluesky

    This is a very good song. Agnetha is a living legend, beautiful voice & face as ever.

  13. Martín Ammún

    Wonderful like always or better than the past. Why do you don t sing over the stages ?. Your voice is gorgeous now. Argentina and all Latinoamerica love you and wait for you.

  14. Jose Olvera

    Impresionante, mágico lo que proyectas bella ,hermosa Agnetha. Dios te bendiga siempre.

  15. Jose Olvera

    Que mujer tan a mi esposa he admirado tanto .. ...Agnetha ..te amo.amo amo. Amo
    ...desde que te conocí..hace .mmmmmmm..creo que 42años ...

  16. Jose Olvera

    Hermosa voz hermosa Agnetha única

  17. Russ Grunert

    Do you hear that? The angels stopped to listen.

  18. Jose Roberto Correa Correa

    Lindo demais

  19. Adrian Shortall

    beautiful song from a beautiful lady. Thank you Agnetha.

  20. Valerie Selau

    I really loved this greatest song because still one of the greatest voices of all-time in the history of music. ❤

  21. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    We cannot force anyone to love us.

  22. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    You sing profoundly.!

  23. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    Sing a song distrust!

  24. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    I've been waiting for ages.

  25. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    You 've alone or.

  26. Martín Ammún

    More songs Agnetha. Continue, your voice was and is gorgeous. Come soon to Argentina. Here are a lot of fans of you.

  27. Azis Rifai

    Scandinavian anthem

  28. Martín Ammún

    Wonderful. An angel of the Heaven. Come to Argentina, sure sucess and in all Sudamerica. Sing ever. I will meet you before I dead.

  29. Janett Grady

    My God, Agnetha must be the most beautiful woman whoever lived, a woman who has kept her great voice, her magnificent body, and her extremely pretty face extremely pretty into her senior years. Personally, I think she's even prettier than she looked back when she sang with ABBA. My God, I love this girl.

  30. Janett Grady

    Would you sleep with this girl? Maybe "sleep" is the wrong word, and maybe "Yes" is the wrong answer. But if you're a guy, it's a stupid question to begin with. If you're a girl, it's a good question, but "No" is the wrong answer because you'd be lying..."sleep" being the wrong word.

  31. Ananda Jayasooriya

    In 2019 hope to visit ABBA members, waiting for that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Ananda Jayasooriya

    Brad Galger living Sri Lanka, [email protected] work at university of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

    Ananda Jayasooriya

    ABBA meusium, wants to visit and to remind the past golden days with Abba music

    Brad Galger

    @Ananda Jayasooriya do you know when?

    Ananda Jayasooriya

    @Brad Galger yes. in June this year,Love to see them in my eyes and dreaming.when i was young how I addicted them by collecting their photographs.GOD will find me the way to see them.


    Did you get to sweden?

  32. BobEckert56

    The diamond princess of pop!

  33. Ana carolina ana

    Nao vaa enbora abba mora nu meu corasao

  34. Ana carolina ana

    Si voc ir enbora voutu para u passado 😐😔😔

  35. Ana carolina ana

    Abba tiamo

  36. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    I'm person provincial

  37. Francis Formalhaut Moon

    That womans' marraige material.
    Imagine slipping a ring on her finger!
    Dreams are free!
    I'm down here in poor old New Zealand.
    But a fan?
    Very much so!

  38. Aileen Wagner

    I luv this song!!!! U r getting thru Agnetha!!! Loud and clear!!!

  39. Eugen Päike

    Aitäh Agneta

  40. Aileen Wagner

    This is such a cool song!!! Yessssss I want u on my radio again!!! Thanks Agnetha!!!! U rock always.....

  41. Jon Gowan

    Perfect song for the night and I love it Agnatha we are glad that you are back on the air you still make all of su smile noing you are back

  42. The Entire Earth

    This song gives me chills

  43. Jose Maria Gonzalez

    Still so captivating

  44. Jezza

    I listen at least one of her song every day.

  45. Gerald Papp


  46. Markku Heinonen

    Olet IHANA .. M.Heinonen Suomo-Finland ;EU

  47. Ricardo freire

    From Brazil São Paulo City the clock 21:03 pm, year 2/2/2018

  48. Drive Easy

    Truly ethereal.

  49. Rob Temmen

    Thank you for posting this!

  50. Terry C.

    About returning to music after ABBA. ;)

  51. Ezechiel k

    Uwielbiam Agnethe:))))
    Jest BOSKA!!!!
    :D :D :D

  52. Pavan Kumar

    So refreshing to hear Agnetha's voice, anytime 😄

    Jessica Welsh

    So refreshing change love for you falling asleep on the couch watching March never happen here are having fun beside you had for the update is now you sideways and now you thought you were my friends are having fun beside you had for the update

  53. Francis Moon

    always together never apart

  54. Ms T

    and if you don't wanna travel we'll come and see you😍where you live !!in concert 😊it'll be wonderful 💛💙💜💚and tell all your drivers to drive slow very slow ppl avoid slow moving rather than fast vehicles usually 💋💋and take off at stop lights with plenty hesitation why rush💋💋💗💗❤u

  55. Truck Driver

    A voice of an angel

  56. Ujo Maco

    tihle písničky jsem ještě neslišel. abbu znám od svých 8-mi let, tohle je pro mě novinka.

  57. אורן קלי

    Agnetha had and still has the best voice I ever heared !!!

  58. Truck Driver

    She is truly one of kind,what talent

  59. Truck Driver

    Such a joy to listen to

  60. Klaus Seewald

    The one and only...

    Jessica Welsh

    The one direction please give me up thank you for the master piece is

  61. Добрый ВИД

    ...замечательный концерт!!!...звук- на высоте!!!...всё - на уровне....Агнетта...ты умница...

  62. Efren Montes

    So many beautiful music from Agnetha

  63. Robert Eisner

    How topical. I found this video today. It´ s Agnetha´s birthday.

  64. Theophine Pulikkathara

    ABBA should have never gone on concert tours or got married, but should have dedicated their lives solely to the production of music, and we would have thousands of excellent songs to cherish by now!

    David Schweder

    Their music would not have been the same. What made them so special is that their hearts and soles were put into each song. The writing, the girl's interpretations of the songs. They knew each other so intimately that it came out in their music. Wouldn't have been as special without the love and pain of their relationships.

    Theophine Pulikkathara

    David, its true. But they could get intimate without marrying. Marriage promotes possessiveness. People should open up to an All Love All attitude. Should learn to practise Universal and Non-possessive love. Then only the miseries on this planet could end.

  65. Luis Williman

    AGNETHA ESPECIAL hasta el final

  66. Theophine Pulikkathara

    If Agnetha has Bjorn in her mind when she sings this, I am sure that Bjorn would rather choose to run for a couple of miles than to listen to Anna. But there are people like me who benefit more from listening to her songs than from jogging.


    +Theophine Pulikkathara Have you been drinking from your potty again?

    Brad Brad

    Theophine Pulikkathara it's not Bjorn in this one

    Theophine Pulikkathara

    Brad, the album title is A. That denotes Abba. May be she wants to be back on those days, possibly the best period in her life.

  67. Theophine Pulikkathara

    Most beautiful.

  68. Theophine Pulikkathara

    The very best.

  69. classie60

    what a beautiful song.

  70. Grandpaw2511

    She's always been on my radio.

    Rob Temmen

    Not on my radio, but playlist and always in my heart

    Lucy Mendez

    Grandpaw2511, me too.

  71. Wayne Taylor

    one of the best tracks from  "A"  lovely voice.

    Jessica Welsh

    One of the best way to pay for you on the way home from work and you liar after day kindness and tonight mainly because I know happy you save money for me I was the black sheep

  72. sjj3357

    Great track off a brilliant album by a fabulous singer 😀

  73. MrGallan50

    brilliant composition for Agnetha's comeback album. Another SOS masterpiece.

    Aileen Wagner

    MrGallan50 Yes!!! SOS was the first song I heard by ABBA and ever since been hooked! Definitely an SOS song!!!

  74. Selina

    One of my favourites off the album. It sounds fluffy and light until you realise that an interpretation of it is that its about someone who has died and you are hoping to connect with them via radio waves. It's bittersweet but such a brilliant song 


    Who are you talking about? I'm not talking about anyone specifically


    The person in the song is unique to whoever listens to it

    Theophine Pulikkathara

    It is about Bjorn.

    Michael Shaw

    yes the song could be interpreted only by the specific listener. which is what makes it a song that appeals to many

    Kieran O'Driscoll

    Many thanks for sharing that interpretation Selina. Makes me enjoy this lovely song so much more.

  75. RollingAroundWithKitties

    Her voice is still as magical as ever. 

  76. Fernando Abbanando

    um show de imagens e uma voz tão cristalina quanto a agua da fonte.

  77. Vilinchen

    love it and wonderful Pictures, thank you

  78. 197holger

    Agnetha Fältskog
    Back on your Radio


    Love this song Happy 40th

  79. Sidonie Jansson

    thank you for the message, Agnetha! We have been missing you too!

  80. Dj. Chris Lucius A Fera Eletrônica

    Thanks, Agnetha, for back my radio

  81. Di Alessandro

    Music has not aged

    Theophine Pulikkathara

    Good music is eternal, and hence never ages.

  82. Anna JKR

    Never left my radio. I LOVE the way she sings "magic dial". So "agnethish", so adorable. Her voice is the same, recognizable and sweetly melancholic.

  83. Allison hall

    Beautiful songs and music, thank you Agnetha for making life easier with your music and songs. 

  84. Caramella

    So glad she's back on the radio! <3

  85. Kevin Doradea

    Agnetha never left my radio!! :)

  86. KIS BIKA

    Gosh, how much I love this girl!!!

  87. Malcolm Fisher

    Thanks for sharing your video with us, as I too absolutely adore this song & just had to create my own video tribute to Agnetha's wonderful performance. Do check on "We're Picking Up Your Signal, "Loud & Clear", Agnetha."

  88. Jie Cao

    great song :)

  89. Rick M

    i love this song thx u

  90. Mike Striker

    Wish Agnetha was on the radio always

  91. Ilpoxi

    It's "an Abba melody"

  92. adrian bartolo

    que voz mi dios

  93. LuvStorms

    Love this! Michael O. I See You. Always......let's push that reset button

  94. Roberto Muñoz

    lovely song in her unique style

  95. Michelle Soliman

    welcome back Agnetha!! Jag saknar dig <3