Agnes Obel - Smoke & Mirrors Lyrics

Oh my one, I'm so happy
That you've got so far
I know the good, the great
Is working you like a charm.

Oh my one, rushing away
With a bag full of bones
I know the place you left
Still won't leave you alone.

The crow, the cat, the bird and the bee
I'm sure they would agree
That my one is falling for tricks,
Smoke and mirrors playing your wit.

A hue and cry waiting to blow
Under your skin, wherever you go
Still I wish that I knew
The taste of something that good.

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Agnes Obel Smoke & Mirrors Comments
  1. Dope7

    Rewatching the originals and heard this song again and i just realized billie eilish sounds like agnes obel...

  2. foxibot

    Beautiful voice.

  3. Wilson Alvarado

    My fav...

  4. Stevie GB

    Ok we get it most of you are here from the originals. Now nobody has to say it again.

  5. RaReKoSyAp

    What a song...
    The taste of something that good.

  6. Matteo Restuccia

    Cardinal 3x06

  7. R H

    Come on guys, leave an original comment!

  8. Ιανουάριος Φεβρουάριος

    Came here after the publish of the very first direct image of a black hole. The resemblance with this photo of Agnes is Uncanny!

  9. D Thomas

    heard this on cardinal s3 ep 6 - excellent!

  10. Michelle Spiritual

    From Cardinal, last episode at the end. LOVE her voice.

    I had her on my excel sheet 3 other times before this one.


    Yes Season 3 Cardinal finale, shown on BBC4 in May, but I have only just tracked this down. Beautiful song, beautifully sung.

  11. lunatic fringes

    Trench featuring #myblood 21 Pilots. stop this commercial it is so fucking obnoxious. "featuring My blood". makes a listener to #agnesobel want to freaking vomit. "featuring my blood" "twenty one pilots' "josh"... aaaaack. please stop the madness.

  12. Marie-Cécile Pannetier

    Votre album est magnifique .Merci

  13. Safal Luthra

    Her voice is like an angel!!

  14. Jeremy Jab


  15. Bertha Lovejoy

    the originals has the best songs

  16. deniscosan agashkov

    So Lovely...

  17. İsmail Öztürk

    Amazing !

  18. Sıla Nur


  19. KayCee Monroe

    My hangover song ...

  20. al ly sao

    I need to buy this album ... Thoses feeling it gives me

  21. karen schneider

    dion't forget Geys anatomy!! Amazing scene with down to the river as the background.

  22. Pelado McFly

    Agnes Obel sounds just like a dream

    the originals? sounds like... idk... super gay

  23. Melissa Colosimo

    i played this on a loop while balling my eyes out bc all ended #pllisendgame

  24. Sandeep Dochana

    amazing song

  25. Louis Lopez

    I have awaken to this euphoric and genius collaboration of instruments and angelic angels. Thank you Agnes Obel!

  26. Palomamba !!

    soy el like 4000!!! muy fan de esta mujer

  27. Julie Laplace

    - Who are you ?
    - Freya.

    Who's here for the Originals ?

  28. gülsever mutlu

    The Originals with Freya :)

  29. ♡ƘαтнєяιηєƑιєяcє♡

    Pretty Little Liars, R.I.P Miss DIlaurentis.
    The Originals, Hello Freya. :)

  30. Tony Estrada

    Who else is here because on the originals?

  31. Melike Durgun

    çok güzel bir şarkı...😍

  32. The Cheshire Hatter

    Put this on 1.25 it's heaven *-*

  33. Geez_ Mahn

    Wtf is the originals I've never heard of it. Maybe it's a British show or something.

    Alaa The Potato

    The originals is an american series. Its a spin-off of the vampire diaries and its amazing ❤️





  36. Zerrin Özel

    Türk olarak bir yorum bırakıyım da ortamı size bırak mıyım aq gavurları

  37. Morganville94

    I've been listening to Agnes Obel for years and when they played this song on The Originals I wanted to cry! The scene and the song fit so perfectly!!!

  38. Luarah Del Rey

    Agnes sempre na trilha das melhores series! Amo desde que vi Riverside em Revenge. <3

  39. Star Alpha

    🌑 because of this song, It feels like something dark is about to come, silence before a horrifying storm🌑

  40. MewMeg

    I'm feeling the only one who's here only for the title and not because I knew the song...

    Vari Cabero

    ahahah i just click it because of the name !

  41. Verónica R

    Pretty Little liars, ally

  42. toriana

    de vez em quando, em alguma série me deparo com as músicas dela...

  43. Freya Mikaelson

    This was such a lovely scene

  44. Rose H

    perfect homework music :)

  45. NiklAnd

    The Originals ❤❤ I love series

  46. A. A.

    The Originals 2x10 Freya<3 Always and Forever <3 <3

  47. Run away with me.

    This. Song.

  48. Matheus Abreu

    The Originals 2x10 <3 Freya <3

  49. Beril Afşin

    The Originals'tan geliyorum. Freya'cığımın ilk devreye girişi. Always and Forever!

    Beril Afşin

    +あいぢんアリ Tvd'de hangi çifti destekliosun?

    A. A.

    Delena tabii şhldlşfhkl sen ?

    A. A.

    ya da stefan caroline

    Beril Afşin

    +あいぢんアリ Ben Steroline sonra Stelerie

  50. Giulia Debernardi

    beautiful song for a beautiful the original 2 😍

  51. Дмитрий Анатольевич

    is охрененно)))))

  52. Steeben009

    the originals S02E10. sweet piano play

  53. Enfoque Eterno

    Ahora la conozco Bruno.

  54. Nella bvb

    this pianno <3

  55. Nida Suhail

    perfect for a grand ghostly first appearance of FREYA

  56. arcaneghost

    Alison shutting people out because she was vulnerable ;_;

  57. Lartificier1058

    Dammmmn !! That's so sweet, healing artist

  58. Gulsah Tüysüz

    eğer birgün duygularınızı kaybederseniz ve aramaktan yorulduysanız o zamn smoke and mirror belki geri getiremez hiçbirşeyi ama acınızı azıcık da olsa dindirir

  59. Brandon Lee

    Such a haunting song, perfectly fits the ghosty first appereance of Freya. Gotta love it!!!

    fn station

    who's freya


    lol this song was featured in The Originals, where the character, Freya comes from

    Imane El Jari

    Yeah loved this moment!!!

    fn station

    guys don't leave me in the dark tell me what happened who's freya and who are the originals??
    I only listen to this song because I like the artist

    Shaikh Naveed Pasha

    +Saraid 1 The originals is American vampire show And Freya is the sister of The original vampires

  60. LupeHG12

    Beautiful soundtrack from The Originals (Freya)

  61. Pink Noodlz

    500 people here because o a tv show and everyone's asking if they're the only ones

    jonathan Cortés

    I know right? I hate when people say dumbass things like that

    Kevin Leroux García

    jonathan winters what’s wrong with that yeah so what they’re here to support Agnes because the love her song and may come across discovering more of her music If they want

    Stevie GB

    If one person has already said it the other 499 dont need to. Goddamn sheep people.

    Spike Burst

    Be nice folk. Music shows up when we need her. TV show or etc.

  62. Elaine Wang

    I literally can't stop listening to this song.

  63. sharmeen k

    am I the only one here for pll and the originals?

    Jordyn M

    Nope! :)

    Maggie Trejo

    what episode of pll?

    Julio Mejia

    Maggie Trejo season 5 chapter 3 when alison’s mother is death

  64. Paperbagman555

    Beautiful closing song to a great album

  65. DezRaz

    the Originals and pretty little liars, but i already knew this song LOVE Agnes Obel

  66. Nico Contreras

    Just listening this artist , does she have more albums like this one?

  67. allison racheal

    PLL brought me here :))))))

  68. Kittygomeow

    I came here for pretty little liars. RIP Mrs. D

  69. aziz khamessi

    her songs take me to paradise , like for real she's amazing !! so soft !! is this how angels sounds ??

    Jonathan Irenge

    i doubt that angels have such pretty voices

  70. LuismiiMonster007

    I've always said she looks a lot like Saoirse Ronan. I love her music! Its so calm, passionate and nostalgic that I just can't get enough of it! I hope album 3 is out sometime next year. Great artist ;)

  71. Marcela Sucolotti

    RIP Mrs. D 😯

  72. Magali M

    le temps est suspendu...émouvant 💙

  73. Gaby C

    this song needs a video !!!! 

  74. Melfiana711

    Although the Originals brought me here, but this music is really mystical on its own. It brings such peace but with the sense of unspoken sadness.

  75. berniemacsgreatesthi

    Who are you...............*Freya*

  76. Bonnie James

    so underrated,but im almost glad she's not too well known. agnes is our little secret guys...................

    Omar Beno

    Lol. Why do I feel the same way? It’s weird.

    Stevie GB

    It actually bothers me when i hear her music on television because it means other people are gona find out about her and start filling the comments with repetitive comments about whatever nonsensical tv show they heard it on. Leave Agnes alone shes ours!

    Sofie Schoenmaker

    I also dont really like it when all people keep commenting about the tv shows where they came form and stuff but on they other side i really want her to be succesful

    kearsi Martinez

    She’s in euphoria now

  77. EuSegregatorum

    Mais uma música maravilhosa da Agnes Obel.

  78. Jane Anderson

    Mysterious and Dark I love it!

  79. Hebe Cross Burton

    This song is
    I can picture a black dead flower princess poisoning her prince with  her long nails and crying later over his dead body, smiling then, and crying again...

    Nuno Silva

    @Hebe Cross Burton Oh, the drugs...

  80. Luis-Felipe Sanchez

    Love this song

  81. Jett Zopp

    Oh my one, I'm so happy
    That you've got so far
    I know the good, the great
    Is working you like a charm.

    Oh my one, rushing away
    With a bag full of bones
    I know the place you left
    Still won't leave you alone.

    The crow, the cat, the bird and the bee
    I'm sure they would agree
    That my one is falling for tricks,
    Smoke and mirrors playing your wit.

    A hue and cry waiting to blow
    Under your skin, wherever you go
    Still I wish that I knew
    The taste of something that good.

    kuba P

    She is brilliant. Lyrics. Music. I can listening it all my life. Magical in one word.


    Thank you. :)

  82. RadioactiveWitch

    PLL and TO ♡

  83. Anett Dúcka


  84. Kubilay agdemir

    Originals brought me here :)

  85. Dilara Yazar

    The originals bring me here like all of us :)

    Taylan Arslan

    me to :)

  86. Naomi Longo

    Freya T.T

  87. Jurica B

    The originals <3

  88. marshall Audet

    the originals bring me here :)

    Teodor Rusinov

    Same :D

    The Candy

    @marshall daudet Me too :))

    marshall Audet

    @The Candy great to hear it <3

    keitana thompson

    Omg yess😍😍😍
    Love this song so much


    S02E10 yes! :-)

  89. Sefa Yılmaz

    Thank you The Originals. Ohh this song...

  90. Nadejda G.

    FREYA ♥

  91. Cyryl Dave Gelito

    The Originals brought me here..

  92. dy yd

    The originals

  93. Emil Harstad

    I see 2 people accidentally hit the dislike button, it`s ok, everyone makes mistakes...

  94. Emil Harstad

    the originals <3


    The Originals !. <3