Agnes Obel - Riverside Lyrics

Down by the river by the boats
Where everybody goes to be alone
Where you won't see any rising sun
Down to the river we will run

When by the water we drink to the dregs
Look at the stones on the river bed
I can tell from your eyes
You've never been by the riverside

Down by the water the river bed
Somebody calls you somebody says
"Swim with the current and float away."
Down by the river everyday

Oh my God I see how everything is torn in the river deep
And I don't know why I go the way
Down by the riverside

When that old river runs past your eyes
To wash off the dirt on the riverside
Go to the water so very near
The river will be your eyes and ears

I walk to the borders on my own
And fall in the water just like a stone
Chilled to the marrow in them bones
Why do I go here all alone

Oh my God I see how everything is torn in the river deep
And I don't know why I go the way
Down by the riverside

Oh my God I see how everything is torn in the river deep
And I don't know why I go the way
Down by the riverside

Oh oh, I
Oh oh, I
Oh oh, I

Down by the riverside
Down by the riverside

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Agnes Obel Riverside Comments
  1. Gay Apple

    Someone should explain the music video to me cuz I'm dumb 😅

  2. Gracie S

    This came out at the beginning of this decade and I have discovered it at the end☺️😢 love this song

  3. QC TH

    WANN ist Mikkel?

  4. Mister CyberBully

    I found this randomly while on Spotify in 2017 and i still love it.

  5. Ana Paula Menezes

    2019.... The raind

  6. Imène Stras

    I'ts my favorite song ! 😎😍💖

  7. Viggo Idsinga

    shit a good song

  8. Corvus

    In the end, make no mistake, we all get what we deserve. And there's nothing anyone can do to avoid it. To trick or escape Fate. Each and every one of us. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Deleted from the book of Time. Like never existed. Forever I begin.

  9. Jenna Simpson

    Revenge ❤

  10. Josh Green

    her voice makes my skin move in strange ways

  11. Christian Renaud-dit-Louis

    🎶 S-u-p-e-r-b-e 🎶

  12. tbyjb

    Heroin music.

  13. Winry Rockbell

    I used to listen to this in middle school 😍😍✨🏫🌹

  14. Agent Soshi

    I can't find this anywhere online except here and as a live recording...

  15. Jon

    Reminds me of Nick Cave and Kylie


    11 years later the river is still deep :)

  17. Andrea Carolina Torres

    God. Holy God. Her music gives me goosebumps. and moves something inside me, maybe my soul is dancing to it.

  18. Melina Minaya

    i have associated this song to the feeling of being in the river and it's cool because when I listen to it, it actually makes me picture a river.

  19. criticalmass500

    Thanks to Dark Netflix for bringing me to Agnes

  20. Dulce mentirosa

    I come from the girl I like

  21. 전민재

    우리 나라엔 왜 이런음악이 잘없는지 ㅜ 내가 나이가 든건지 옛음악이 좋고 이런 음악 너무 좋네요

  22. Debra Yorke

    Greys anatomy season 7 episode 16 not responsible Is where i heard this song

  23. Tayla m

    Nearly 10 years old, wow. Time has flown.

  24. Katrina STYLIANOU

    Mann, I feel so lucky and glad my dance teacher picked out this song years ago, I dance to this song at my studio's end of year concert this year!!!

  25. Josephine Dream

    We sung this in our school choir 5 years ago. I didn't really understand English back then. Just found it, remembered the sound, now I love it again. <3

  26. jorge

    2020 anyone?

  27. Vitor Geraldo

    Muito bom

  28. Ah. Afif Al-Aqsath

    I love this song and I keep it by not play this song in front of ma fiends..., greeting from +62

  29. DooR 85

    Indonesia hadir....

  30. jorge

    I came here because of Grey's anatomy

  31. La Sen

    like a river fluing from a mountain to the sea. En l'observant, on la regarde couler. C'est bienveillant envers soi-même.

  32. Agares Luna

    found her on Spotify.. Makes me really happy to find more artists like this... tots my genre!

  33. Yehudi35 TV

    The rain soudtrack❤️

  34. Alpenbahnen in TT

    Like a dream

  35. ShinEms

    Missing “Revenge” my youth, I’m still obsessed by the song

  36. Teri K

    Grey's Anatomy <3

    Tess J

    LeftiSinger 66 also revenge


    Olur mu dersin

  38. Mina Noack

    My piano teacher brought me here - beat that XD

  39. Secret_NBK

    This song is bueteful

  40. Zen June

    Revenge season 1 episode 4 ending
    Anyone can relate?

  41. game vibe a youtube host edited show

    I live up here now in united egypt kratos canada

  42. game vibe a youtube host edited show

    Im in space

  43. game vibe a youtube host edited show

    I love you

  44. Randy William

    speed of 1.25

  45. Stephen Muniaerts

    Listend this before when i was sad, and listend it again and again. Listend to it when my grandpa died. And in 40 years i will still listen to this whenever i am sad.

    It's Your K-Pop Freak

    That hit me

  46. Théo Andrieux


    Matygalaxy 2.0

    @Théo Andrieux sinon tu habites dans quel partie de la France ?

    Théo Andrieux

    @Matygalaxy 2.0 ahh dacc

    Théo Andrieux

    @Matygalaxy 2.0 en Bretagne vers lorient

    Matygalaxy 2.0

    @Théo Andrieux Moi j'habite a Paris mais j'habitais avant dans le Finistère ( Bretagne)

    Théo Andrieux

    @Matygalaxy 2.0 aaah lourd dacc

  47. Ali Reslan

    Nora fellerhoff brought me here
    I love her

  48. yoyo-na ratu

    I came via Warpaint and the Shee, just flowing . . . Thank you for this <3

  49. Jordan stephan

    It’s an angel who sings I’m in and shivers

  50. YesHorror TV!

    I came from " the rain " Netflix tv show

  51. Anders Nielsen

    Who cares where you all came from?


    Rolig nu.. : ))

    It's Your K-Pop Freak


  52. Leleca Fatima


  53. Nevzat Kahraman

    nice song but I have bad memories

  54. Ana Scully

    No sé porque pero me parece gracioso cuando la tira al agua jajaja

  55. King Julian



    Merci Damso de m'avoir fait découvrir cette femme, une tuerie ses sons, ils me font m'envoler dans un autre monde, le talent qu'elle a, juste WAOUH ❤
    From France.

    Matygalaxy 2.0

    Elle est incroyable , je trouve enfin un Français qui l'aime autant que moi ...
    Elle me fait rêver ❤️

  57. Augustus

    Beautiful song

  58. REDRUM

    Deezer brought me here

  59. Polinia Thomsen

    Will you be my freundin you are good piano Player i love your voice i am from Denmark.🌈🌈

  60. Anjali Rana

    Grey's anatomy brought me here 😄

    im Hype

    Omg im also here

  61. im Hype

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch Tante Gisela

  62. breana ledet

    so beautiful

  63. Patrick 386

    Great Song 🙏

  64. Ma Chi

    hello ?

  65. Tash Sell

    <3 I love this song

  66. Riley D.

    This song is... well, there's no word to explain what I feel when I listen Riverside...

  67. Wilson games papu :v

    Like si viniste por serie LA NIEBLA

  68. Jairo Ribeiro

    This song should be in DARK season 3

  69. Aleqsandre Chagiashvili

    i want to live in this video...

  70. Projekt Zukunftswerkstadt

    Agnes Obel make the best music next to Ludovico Einaudi and Fink Thumbs UP


    Dönüp dolaşıp buraya geliyorum. Dark'ı iyiki izlemişim ve seni keşfetmişim.


    FRANK CASTLE darkın hangi bölümünde bende izledim fakat farketmedim


    @AHMET ŞEKER Dark'ın bi bölümünde başka şarkısına denk gelmiştim.

  72. DR DR

    Vaya mierda de cancio

  73. Jurica Grčević

    Hey guys, I think you should check out:

    Hooverphonic - Mad about you

    Eden House

    Tess J

    Jurica Grčević Thank you so much ( the first is

    Jurica Grčević

    @Tess J Hooverphonic sound so much like Portishead. I think you should check out Bambi Molesters. Thy play Surf Rock and they use violins and trumpets to back them up sometimes. Mostly, their songs are lively and dynamic but I think you'll get so hooked on this one because it has the same strong vibe like Hooverphonic.

    Tess J

    Jurica Grčević thanks

  74. Ah. Afif Al-Aqsath

    Indonesia here, nice song...,

  75. Johnny Guterssohn

    Who comes from Singstar ?

  76. Wahyu Firman

    i came here from a random spotify playlist😂

  77. Arnout1990

    When am I?!

  78. Tio Jão

    Revenge. Sem BR nisso aki

  79. Jon Muse

    This song moves me in ways I can't describe

  80. Nova Tk

    Grey's Anatomy

  81. spontaneous leroy

    Good morning jolie voix jolie musique sts 🙏🏻❤

  82. Preciosa_Caren

    Who came from greys anatomy?

  83. kinamy kinamy

    simay simay benim karım lan kodumun oğluuuu

  84. Bilal Kayahas

    Canımın içi 💛

  85. Ashley Hynes

    RIP Arthur Morgan

  86. Eric Duplan

    Touchant joli adorable doux 😍😋😍😋🤗🤗😋😍😋 sublime 😍😍😍😍

    Matygalaxy 2.0

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Elle me fait rêver et me rend Nostalgiques

  87. Upstorma

    Was searching for "Riverside" by Lana and Barrie but I'm not disappointed to came here, this song is beautiful 💜

  88. The Wraith

    °O° !!! Hypnotique, fascinant et superbe.

  89. Сэрра Розэнбэрг

    С ПОМОЩЬЮ ГОСПОДА-БОГА-ВСЕМОГУЩЕГО-БЛАГОСЛОВЕННОГО...........МИР!!!!!!!!!!!от: Сэрра(Марина) и МОЕГО-Сына-Гавриэль АМиН АМиН

  90. Esra Gökce

    french singer eugénie's cover brought me here❤️

  91. Jahr1000dialoge

    take a deep breath...and relax. agnes, thx for this epic timeout.

  92. Aubergine Bellen

    This has to be the most beautiful song about depression and suicide.

    Tobias Krist

    ? ? ?.... what

    Aubergine Bellen

    @Tobias Krist Now that you know what it's about listen to it again.
    P.S. You probably didn't realize it but _Pumped up Kicks_ is a song about a school mass shooter.

  93. Si M.R

    Beira do Rio
    Descendo o rio pelos barcos
    Onde todo mundo vai para ficar sozinho
    Onde você não vai ver nenhum sol nascendo
    Até o rio que será executado
    Quando a água que tomamos for até a última gota
    Olhe para as pedras no leito do rio
    Eu posso dizer pelos seus olhos
    Você nunca esteve à beira do rio
    Descendo junto à água no leito do rio
    Alguém te chama,alguém te diz
    Nadar com a corrente e flutuar
    Descendo pelo rio todos os dias
    Oh meu Deus eu vejo como tudo está dividido no rio profundo
    E eu não sei porque eu vou pelo caminho
    Descendo pela beira do rio
    Quando esse antigo rio corrente passar por teus olhos
    Para lavar a sujeira à beira do rio
    Ir para a água tão próxima
    O rio irá ser seus olhos e ouvidos
    Eu ando até as fronteiras de mim mesma
    Para cair na água como uma pedra
    Ossos nele gelados até a medula
    Por que eu vou aqui sozinho
    Oh meu Deus eu vejo como tudo está dividido no rio profundo
    E eu não sei porque eu vou pelo caminho
    Descendo pela beira do rio

    Fica tranquilo, vai passar!