Agnes Obel - Poem About Death Lyrics

It feels so strange
Shameless to think of death
When none of those one knows has died

Last night I dreamt I was dead
I came running with my dog into the room of the dead

There was nothing to be seen
Only stones and a few bushes
A landscape that travellers have often spoken of

I would rather not die here
But in my own home, where I was not dead

All the death
All the death
In the course of life and death

Write about death
Describe in the poem what you feel, concerning death

In the face of death I'm like an animal
And the animal can die but write nothing

The words die like flies
Their corpses everywhere, swept away from the white paper

Give the dirty little room

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Agnes Obel Poem About Death Comments
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  2. Martin B.

    very intriguing Agnes Obel tracks on this forward to her new album, if this is a hint whats to come....

  3. Helmi Ylisirniö

    This is perfect! I've been listeling to this non stop for the past couple days👌🏻

  4. Doctor Dog

    Give the dirt a little room

  5. Ana Maria

    Amo essa mulher ♥️

  6. pommegri

    First of all this made me into hypnosis

  7. M Brontë


  8. Jasmin

    Love it

  9. dj technoman

    Fantastic song! Impressive & phenomenal talent!

  10. Ely Music


  11. Jessiah


    Yara Sharazad

    Wow, I'm surprised to see Jessiah commenting on Obel's new single. I love how you covered Obel's songs!


    Yara Sharaz Thank you! Agnes Obel is one of my favorite artists, she's so creative and inspiring! ^^

  12. Yara Sharazad

    I wish Obel was the grandmother of my child. She would be delighted to hear tales like this every night before she sank into her dreams....

    Anna Detoni

    you mean your mother?

    Yara Sharazad

    Well, that, or my spouse's mother. Or just... a grandmother, regardless of whose mother Obel would be. I mean, even I'd like to have Obel as my grandmother, but I guess my child would better merit that....


    Who says this?

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