Agnes Obel - Over The Hill Lyrics

Over the hill
I will be waiting on for you
I won't pretend
That you don't mean nothing to me
Come now, come now,
Come back now, come back now

The doubt will creep
And crawl in on you
The dark can leap
And fall upon you
Come back now, come back now

Let it be, let it go,
Let it fall, let it blow
Let it come, let it go,
Let it fall, we will know.

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Agnes Obel Over The Hill Comments
  1. Clothilde JEAN

    c’est si beau, merci

    Matygalaxy 2.0

    Je suis tout à fait d'accord , Agnès Obel me fait rêver , et me rend Nostalgiques ,

    C'est une sensation bizarre

  2. Jhonatan Mendoza Sanchez


  3. Duan Torruellas

    I kiss the soil I eat the soil -- morressey

  4. Eddi Tavares

    Agnes Obel is one of the most beautiful stars that music has ever invented;
    She looks like she's not from this world. His creative ability, melodic and poetic, goes beyond the limits of earthly understanding.

    Forest VVoods

    Eddi Tavares if I ever want to describe Agnes Obel to anyone I'll just refer them to this

  5. Alma Sheikh

    anyone know where to find a free version of the piano sheets of this song?

  6. A D

    like breathing

  7. isa happy

    Love also the song " Fuel of Fire" - She is wonderful! :)

    Violet Express

    isa happy omgggg that’s my favorite by her

  8. bella

    she is my favorite artist besides Twenty one pilots and panic! at the disco (my computer won't let me put a slash in the o *tier*)

  9. Michel Vassail

    une ballade qui semble pleine de regrets plutôt qu'aimablement sentimentale, très touchant, j'aime beaucoup.

  10. Marcio Roberto

    Wonderful and peaceful.

  11. Fabio Pacifico,d.d2s

  12. Faith Moss

    this music is great for contemporary or ballet dancers

  13. Marie-Neige Lavoie

    Splendid. Simply sweet

  14. darissa daniel

    perfection for deep feelings <3

  15. Felipe Santos

    "Sobre o monte, eu estarei esperando por você..." <3

  16. Grace Ji


  17. Arlyn Swain

    This is fabulous. Agnes is such a talented musician. Dorian is my favourite

  18. eternalproximity

    This girl beats 90% of famous singers and song-writers, just so you know

  19. Bongumenzi Jigster

    I've been missing out!

  20. Leo Dupre

    what a song.

  21. Epilef Zepol Setneup

    Love this song 

  22. Malu Meira

    Fantastic!!! So beautiful and calm it makes me cry

  23. Jadavin512

    Прекрасно! Красиво! Шикарно! (Awesome!)