Agnes Obel - It's Happening Again Lyrics

I swear it is true
The past isn't dead
It's alive, it is happening
In the back of my head

No future, no past
No laws of time
Can undo what is happening
When I close my eyes
And with the stars and the moon
I woke up in the night

In the same place
To save me for my eyes
It's happening, it's happening, it's happening again
It's happening, it's happening, it's happening again

I took a day or two
To exile from the light
To unfold that prisoner
They call a mind

And for a brief moment
We could stop the time
But with the stars and the moon
I woke up in the night

In the same place, it was sailing before my eyes
It's happening, it's happening, it's happening again

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Agnes Obel It's Happening Again Comments
  1. Olaf Schindler

    Tolles Lied gerade bei Rote Rosen gehört

  2. Lino Eric

    C'est spécial ! Hors du commun ! Cela nous transporte dans une autre dimension !!! Une ambiance qui nous fait du bien ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Kevin Melendez Reyes

    Creo que Dark tiene uno de los mejores Soundtracks de la vida... Esta Canciòn es exquisita!

  4. sound of abyssal

    I love my little daughter and my wife to bits. It's the feeling with which I kiss this day goodnight, just as I do at most nights. Happening again and again - guess I'm blessed beyond everything I could have ever wished for. Thank you, life!

  5. Ðëmøñ GuRl

    Agnes and auroras are actually goddess the way they use there voice is so beautiful and magical I swear they are amazing💗

  6. widad

    I'm in love with dark but can we talk about how incredible it would be if this was featured on Twin Peaks? It's the biggest inspiration for the two authors of Dark!

  7. Dave

    So powerful this is amazing!!!!

  8. Arie van der Plas

    Wonderfull.. just wonderfull... I hope she will at some point sing a duet or collab with a voice such as Avi Kaplan...
    Eargasm for sure

  9. sharath k

    Absolutely magical ❤

  10. Vanessa Pereira


  11. Chrissie Hunt

    This is stunning, so stunning. I just felt some sense of calm, in this crazy mess we live in, I'm grateful for that.

  12. Look Luke


  13. Anna B.

    I want this song to happen again and again

  14. James Hollings

    I only really listen to electronic music, very rarely anything else holds my interest, but this lady is beyond incredible, her voice is beautiful, song writing and emotional feeling she portrays knocks me out, utterly inspiring.

    I didn't even know I could feel these emotions until I listened to Agnes 😍

  15. Havin Ölmez

    i dont want anyone to notice agnes nooooooo

  16. Ana Ana

    I thought this song was written exclusively for Dark.. but it wasn't!
    It's mind blowing, the song fits perfectly in the series.. whaat 🤔 as if she knew what the show is about even before its release

  17. Marcio Roberto

    The thing about Agnes is when she sings, she's singing with her spirit. Her soul. It makes me think about everything I read about God, love, peace and things I almost can't talk about, just feel... You do feel connected.

  18. furiousphoenix77

    Danke. Einfach nur danke. Und ein riesiges Herz.

  19. Louise Etienne

    There are owls in The Roadhouse.

  20. Romain Berduck

    I'm french very beautiful song 👍

  21. luks xB

    This part is Magic: 1:33

  22. Emre Kaya

    Sic mundus creatus est

  23. Xetler Ho

    Hypnotic and nostalgic music video, perfect.

  24. sandra Belgaroui


  25. Luiz Barbosa

    Som incrivel

  26. Vanessa Pereira

    Através de DARK que é uma das melhores séries da Netflix, eu conheci o trabalho dessa rainha, deusa maravilhosa ❤ Agnes Obel ❤

  27. Sean

    The end of the video shows the Crystalline Entity Structure from the first episode of Star Trek : TNG. It's more beautiful in this video however.

  28. Christian Pires

    Life is a repeticion until whe achive perfectness...

  29. christina corradi

    The voice of an Angel

  30. Skinny Pro

    It’s happened again it’s happened again tottenham hotspurs it’s happened again

  31. Arturo Rosas

    My favorite version:

  32. Malek

    Why her songs match with dark

  33. Rivair Batista

    Linda música só que não traduzi ainda

  34. Ömer Yılmaz

    Dark dizisinden gelenler 🇹🇷

  35. Jose X

    Beautiful, it's all i can say

  36. Sinonymous

    so beautiful...

  37. kunapwd


  38. sherlock holmes

    Soft and sweet with a bit of horror and dark

  39. kurabiyecnv-

    This womans song remembering me Bioshock İnfinite.

  40. Creative Play

    I remember the day I discovered this gem. I got stuck on repeat for hours. Lost count of how many times I heard it. Ethereal, enigmatic, deep, sultry voice. Bliss.

  41. Giulia Balzarin

    The first thing I thought listening to this song is that the piano reminds me the theme of Wim Mertens's "Often a bird". I don't explain me why but I link them together.
    However I adore the voice and the compositions of Agnes Obel. I have known her since Philharmonics and every album she makes I love her work more. She's a very talented musician.

  42. Charlie Hunt

    This song was written 33years ago! It’s just happening all over again

  43. Fahriye

    Çok severek bitirdim hello from turkey 🧡

  44. Rutledge McMillin

    “For a brief moment we could stop the time.” Realizing that you’re trapped in a cycle doesn’t mean you can get out of it. It doesn’t matter... oh but it does!

  45. Reshad Rzayev

    u must listen "the world retreats" - from Dark :)

  46. Reshad Rzayev

    why musics of dark is so good?

  47. LambFN


  48. bartlomiej mąkowski

    Who's listening in 1950

  49. GetSome Info

    Everything is connected!

  50. Alp Utku İYİDİLLİ

    Sic mundus creatus est.

  51. I can’t eat dairy

    I’ve been trying to find this song for like 4 years

  52. ancient

    Dark season 2 is actually SO FUCKIN DOPE!?? like I’m hanging right now and need season 3 ASAPPPPP!!!!!!!

  53. Juan Alarcón

    Dark !!

  54. will robert

    Dark season two brought me here, it's a beautiful song

  55. Oscar Bernardino

    I want listening this stoned with marijuana!

  56. Brittany Borrero

    I swear it is true
    The past isn’t dead
    It’s alive, it is happening
    In the back of my head
    No future, no past
    No laws of time
    Can undo what is happening
    When I close my eyes
    And with the stars and the moon
    I woke up in the night
    In the same place
    to save me for my eyes
    It’s happening, it’s happening, it’s happening again
    It’s happening, it’s happening, it’s happening again
    I took a day or two
    to exile from the light
    To unfold that prisoner
    they call a mind
    And for a brief moment
    we could stop the time
    But with the stars and the moon
    I woke up in the night
    In the same place, it was sailing before my eyes
    It’s happening, it’s happening, it’s happening again

  57. Melis Özden

    Dark'tan keşfettiğim en mükemmel şarkılardansın ❤

  58. ignis gehennalis


  59. Corvo King

    No dejo de reproducir una y otra vez esta canción... Oh, es tan preciosa que me inspira en seguir viviendo en esta gran espiral de dolor que es mi existir.
    Y claro, también vengo de esa gran serie Dark. <3<3<3<3<3

    Andy ly

    En cuál capítulo sale esta canción?

  60. Raphael Smith

    Teras in my eyes, why it has ended already. We need more...

  61. Lucas Silva


  62. anonymous Lady

    2019 June 26 1:55 AM

  63. ineedmbassissinmylife


  64. Nichola Joy

    I listen to this at night in a candlelit bath, and for four minutes I forget what an emotionless fuck my boyfriend is

  65. خَالِد ،،

    hello DARK people ..

  66. Aldrick Jährling

    Ich komme aus der Zukunft

  67. Starvibes悲しい - Music I Guess

    I came 33years later

  68. Emilio

    Sig Mundus Creatus Est 🕰

    John J Sánchez

    Así fue creado el mundo.


    John J Sánchez el principio es el final, y el final es el principio 🎇

  69. Aakash Patel

    *DARK* ?

  70. Y.L. Chen

    dark brings me here!! awesome

  71. Lucy

    Dark and Agnes Obel my two favourite things 💜

  72. Joaquin P.

    came here after watching Dark. This song really suits that scene it is so beautiful. I'm so happy I discovered this song, will probably listen to this until I get old.

    free styler

    Please tell me from which scene this song is coming i forgot it

    Jade Santana

    I also forgot which scene it is

    Joaquin P.

    @free styler hi! s2 ep1. this was played in a montage scene of other characters life :)

    Joaquin P.

    @Jade Santana hi! S2E1. Montage scene of characters personal life. I forgot if its the ending part though.

  73. Christian Rodriguez

    I came from dark to close the last cycle

  74. Nicolle Pestana

    it is happening it is happening

  75. Camila Guimarães

    Agnes’s voice matches so perfectly with Dark, everything is connected


    That first episode tho! Super strong start.

  76. Cristian Solano

    Dark the best serie of the world and the soundtrack too

  77. ill dean

    Nice to see they're using Agnes' music for Dark season 2 as well.


    Her last album citizen of glass and some songs from aventine fit perfectly with dark theme, i wouldn't be very surprised if they used another agnes' song for season 3

  78. André

    Who‘s from Dark (Netflix) too?

    Pablu Elizondo

    México 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Uduraj Barua

    Which episode this track was played?

    utilisateur anonyme

    @Uduraj Barua episode 1 of season 2 when Peter show picture to Charlotte

    Dexy Chan

    nope. came from the future.

    Celtic Progeny

    Why do you ask ?

  79. Altyazı Evreni

    Came from Dark or past, who knows maybe i came from future.


    Did you at no point in time think to yourself that you ought to study english in order to not sound like a buffoon?

    SpY ZerX

    I came from the future but my past was my future

    Ege Ylmaz

    @Melis Özden oha türk

    Alice Lu

    cohletrain this is english...


    other world

  80. Ebru Kaya

    DARK ❤

  81. Games Show


  82. sofi Ähr

    *sic mundus creatus est*

  83. Mouad Derr

    After EUPHORIA HBO last week , i'm here again to listen to Anges Obel after watching DARK NETFLIX 😁

    Anyone here from DARK ?


    jep dark :)

    Isaac Bobonis

    I just found it on Tunefind for the soundtrack!

    Pablu Elizondo

    México 🙋🏻‍♂️


    me, from brazil. Cheers.

  84. Sheep keeper- راعي الغنم

    Dark 2 / Friday 21.06.2019

  85. Rolando Loeb

    she make a soundtrack for my anxiety,
    I swear it is true
    The past isn’t dead
    It’s alive, it is happening
    In the back of my head

  86. Lucas Bastos

    This song will be on Netflix Dark Season 2, I came from the future. =)

    Rishi Ksrkr

    What the fuck

    Sadeem Billie

    What the heck man


    Lucas Bastos you just saw this on twitter but nvm


    What if you came from the past and we came from the future

  87. Slavko Cosic

    S a N...Smooth & Nice<3...Light & Love...

  88. C C

    this spoke directly to my heart, thank you for the peace it gave me.

  89. Ana Maria

    Música perfeita

  90. Elephant Physics

    It's happening again and again. But what would be - if it's a compressed spring? If the pressure is released - it may become a spiral. With no end or beginning. The universe expands. Every turn it rises. |Forward and backward - it would become a dance...|

  91. Lulu Stylez

    This woman is incredible 💗

  92. Maat Sia Huygens

    Ms. Agnes in Dauerschleife in meinem Raum.

  93. ItHappenedAgain

    Just one big masterpiece

  94. Enthusiastic Grasshopper

    This song, and her music, pulled me from the darkest depths into the light again.

  95. sarlko SOA

    🇫🇷belle voix et idyllique.🇫🇷