Agnes Obel - Dorian Lyrics

They won't know who we are
So we both can pretend
It's written on the mountains
A line that never ends

As the devil spoke we spilled out on the floor
And the pieces broke and the people wanted more
And the rugged wheel is turning another round

Dorian, carry on
Will you come along to the end
Will you ever let us carry on

Swaying like the children
Singled out for praise
The inside out on the open
With the straightest face

As the sad-eyed woman spoke we missed our chance,
The final dying joke caught in our hands
And the rugged wheel is turning another round

Dorian, carry on
Will you come along to the end
Will you ever let us carry on

Dorian, carry on
Will you come along to the end
Will you ever let us carry on
Dorian, will you follow us down

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Agnes Obel Dorian Comments
  1. guttermonk be.

    By far my Favourite of hers too. Like a ripple in a pool XX

  2. Der Saa

    Dorian is a tropical fruit.

  3. Jay Joe

    One of the best Pieces I ever heard

  4. João Carlos Conigero

    Música para almas livres

  5. christina lara aravena

    hermozoooooo , es mi musica favorita ,mi agnes la amo!!!!!

  6. Der Saa

    My name is Fridolin. When will someone make a song about this name? 🤔

  7. SubToTangy

    *when you type in your own name*

  8. Claudio da Veiga Faria

    O volume do piano ficou muito alto em relação aos instrumentos de arco.

  9. mnmlst

    Can anyone recomend me more artists who plays in this ambiance? Her studio albums are very different from this presentation, and I liked this style more.


    Check out Jazz Morley, disconnected. Not terribly similar, but worth a listen!


    @MrsKlausen thanks, it's not my style and vocal preference, but thanks!

  10. b dbs

    Thanks for the great Music. "Aventine" is 1 of my go to albums for substance & superb sonic properties. Played in a Reference class DAP / IEM set, simply sublime...

  11. earl vasquez

    that violin line at 4:31 is just nirvana

  12. Peter Rosengren Wallin

    Music for heart, soul and mind. A cliché but alas, true.

  13. Oded Fried-Gaon

    #OdedFriedGaon #OdedMusic #Audioded

  14. sevenphotographical


  15. • Michael Anthony •


  16. Julián

    Love it !

  17. Gregory Reshetniak

    Is there a CD of the live session?

  18. Marina Marti

    Does somebody know what piano is she playing? I have a special brand in my mind, but I'm not sure it really is.

  19. miskol adhikari

    ini lagu emang bisa membuat tenang,ditemani secangkir kopi
    nuansa bau hujan dan tidur nyenyak 🤲

  20. Hendrik Glaser

    Love on the first look❤️

  21. Juan David Vallejo Londoño

    ¿¿¿Qué es esto??? bendito el algoritmo que esta recomendación me dio. Hacía años no escuchaba estos ritmos, esta dulce melodía, que sabia arrulla, que tierna aconseja. A cualquiera de ellas tres besaría con pasión, en busca quizá de su ritmo o de su amor.

  22. Erik Buchholz

    I think I am in love.


    Beautiful 💜💜💜

  24. Мария Коваль

    Кіно про кохання

  25. ImperialPenguin

    Just found this group and my goodness you're all amazing musicians.

  26. tebriz rehimov

    From 4.30 the music makes you fall into the outer space

  27. CRASS2047

    Kids, enjoy music as much as possible while young. While this music is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard, I would give my left arm to have discovered it at 18. Music had a much more profound effect on me then. I believe it’s because by 40 you have learned so much, you simply don’t have the remaining hard drive space to let this amazing work in as deep. While my friends were loving Tupac and biggie, I was loving Tori Amos and Fiona Apple.

  28. mehmet akif gul

    It's a great song 😀😀😀

  29. Sofia Caccia

    She's incredible

  30. Selin Akcan


    N p k kon. Ğjb

  31. sethnakht12

    that atmospheric touch of the violin at 2:22 is magic, welldone that was from outer space!!!!

  32. Magenta

    This music has grace, beauty and real depth - why have I only just found this?

  33. Eduardo Di Napoli

    Every single time I listen to this, I feel the same emotions, I could go over end over again...simply magnificient !

  34. Alexander Schaeffer

    Brilliant :o)

  35. Marcel d'Olive

    I really need to listen to that song over and over again :) Thanks for sharing!

  36. sandra Belgaroui


  37. Philippe Montalti

    Not trappeted the blonds hairs make me bad

  38. Buone Notizie Dalla Sicilia

    increasing energy ...

  39. Shraga Zrihen

    What kind of piano is this?!

    Carri Jackson

    Upright piano i believe

  40. Rodolfo Miguel


  41. CRASS2047

    I am floored by her. Thank you YouTube! I went to sleep with London Grammar playing on my bedroom tv and woke up at 3am to the curse. Life changing!

  42. Zachary Logan

    3 things.
    this is magnificent.
    i can't believe those lights are quiet enough to be in that room.
    your music just put my dog to sleep during a thunderstorm. thank you. <3

  43. Ronaldo Figueroa

    What genre is this lovely music?

    Manga Mulikita


  44. nada nadinha

    "Dorian, carrion,
    Will you come along to the end

    Will you ever let us carry on"

    scares, the parallel with the hurricane

  45. Tae Jun

    am I the only one totally confused by the sound of the piano, like, where is the piano?


    It's a prepared piano: You see, there's a cloth placed between the hammers and the strings, which muffles the sound.


    But true, the effect is great!

  46. Olivier Vanderveken

    Mais bisous à vos coeur pour maman et votre superbe harmonie et votre écriture de musique

  47. Theater kindjuh

    beautiful, just beautiful

  48. Comenta Videos

    I am her for dark

  49. Antonio EldelosPalotes

    Its funny because he is a HURRICANE.

  50. Muhammad Ali

    Such a soothing music, amazed. I heard this in the background while working, but I had to stop work and comment on this masterpiece, wonderful work people, keep it up.

  51. Jane Chap

    Is anyone else wondering how she got the piano to sound that way?

    Carri Jackson

    I think they muffled it with cloth or something

  52. Virginie Fauré

    Magnifique. Merci. Cette sensibilité à trois instruments… sans oublier l’ngenierie du son et Vous TOUS… V.

  53. Hans Jakob Strai

    Very Nice ,.

  54. Leonardo Ami

    what kind of piano is?

  55. ShameR

    I thought directly about this music when I learned the name of the hurricane that is currently threatening.

    Guillermo Arriagada

    It will carry on

    Alison Crawford

    This song comes into my head whenever I hear hurricane news haha

    Carri Jackson

    Omg so did i lol 😂😂😂😂

  56. TheFuckingGrandpa


  57. Fleur Ali

    Wat is hidden is beeing reveilled.

  58. CP TV

    Beautiful, real musical talent, beautiful ladies.

  59. daneguitarist1

    wow, so glad i found yall

    i book at three venues in kansas if you tour thru, id love to have yall

    your music in beautiful!

  60. Stephen Reynolds Ilioes

    durian the smelliest fruit

  61. Gerry Lopez

    Nothing new

  62. Yara Sharazad

    I've been loving this song for three years.

  63. Salome Pagana

    Desde Colombia, descubriendo a Agnes en 1921, gracias a Dark. La calidad del sonido permite escuchar hasta la respiración

  64. GG Laura

    You sound like Billie eilish .o.

  65. Camila Natali

    love this song ♥

  66. Dorian Gits

    Thanks for this lovely song!!! I am proud to be Dorian

  67. Paul Miazga

    Hints of Philip Glass and Enya in this. Indulging in this more than listening... 👍

  68. John A

    Found this totally boring and totally uninspired. But that's me.

  69. Lothar Lucis

    Beautiful - amazing!

  70. Kate Seven

    This song touches my soul over and over again.

  71. taiwanlovemusic

    What kind of piano is this?

  72. Provi Griffon

    Profonda e emozionante ti fa sentire bene con te stessa.

  73. Μιλτος Σωτηρακοπουλος

    and they say opium is addictive

  74. Dalton lockridge

    i just came across "the curse yesterday... im so happy i found this beautiful trio of artists

  75. Khaldi Fathi

    <3 <3 <3

  76. Marcel d'Olive

    Wooooow!!! Subtle. An intense (Art)mosphere!

  77. Eomma of Jung Hoseok's Babies

    This song has inspired me to write story and I cannot get enough of its beauty... its haunting and mysteriously alluring aura. I love Agnes Obel for a reason, this is why...

  78. Rage Rose

    Deep ,emotional ,dramatic, makes me remember my ex.
    Its a good song.

  79. Campbell Galon

    that ending...

  80. Daniele Chany

    Superbe <3

  81. Ahmed Essam

    I loved the last part when they let the music talk instead the lyrics that i didn't understand 😂

  82. annihilationHaven

    I remember why I chose to take piano lessons when I was 7 when I hear music like this. It's so sad what had to happen after that.

    lol kek

    What happened? Sorry to hear it was something sad

  83. İntiqam Qurbanov

    Want this part 04:42 to last until eternity...

  84. Dorian Piotrowski

    To moja ulubiona piosenka, dziękuję za uznanie mojej osoby i zajebistosci


    Dorian Piotrowski mi tez się podoba

  85. tobias carvajal


  86. Alex Martinez

    This is probably what purgatory sounds like.

  87. Lucas Marciano

    So Beautiful ! i cried , really really amazing ! in brazil dont have this kind of song ! aprende Brasil como se faz musica boa.

    Alain Tlemcen Brazil you had, and have such fabulous artists!!! i'll just remember only these one to you, only two among thousands of diamonds......amicalmente....;+): and :

  88. Руслан Бектуров


  89. MisTeRselta

    Mijn naam is Dorian

  90. Olivier Vanderveken

    Magnifique vous êtes des perles de notes de musique merci merci les fées

  91. S off

    All the comments are from like 4/3/5 years ago, here's mine: You're Amazing and need more recognition!! x

    Kurt Sloop

    I was here today.......

  92. Juliana Campitelli

    que música incrível..

  93. KINDLE

    "I'm in the Studio! I'm showing off! Are you ready? Coz I'm about to close my eyes as I sing".

    It's all in mono, has feedback phasing on the vocals, a uselessly muted piano, & a few pretentious strings flurries, no EQ, or spatial positioning what so ever but as long as you get the really big Circular Light in shot, you can prove to everyone that you are the most wealthy of artists.

    And as we all know, the wealthiest of artist are the best!!

  94. Emre Kara

    I just found this treasure! Just WOW! I love it!

  95. Robert Downey JR


  96. Paco Hantos

    this is so emotional,
    but why are we so emotional?

    Lucas Trindade

    we are humans, made of flesh and bones.


    @Lucas Trindade we have a soul that is why