Agnes Obel - Brother Sparrow Lyrics

Voices in the street,
footsteps on the concrete
Guess I hear just every sound
on the ground
From my window view,
I know a color blue,
that can bite so very hard,
the day apart

Picture fresh as water clear,
days have passed without you here
Street lights dancing on the dark
across the park
Waiting for a word from you,
waiting for a sign or two
Footsteps on the city ground,
you know the sound

Brother Sparrow,
come tomorrow
to my window
Brother Sparrow,
come tomorrow
to my window

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Agnes Obel Brother Sparrow Comments
  1. Kaito Yamamoto

    I could know this song & musician thanks to "The Fault in Our Stars"

  2. Callie_her


  3. Maximiliano Gomez

    i dont understand why but i can feel a kind of magic in your songs, and is getme quiet and paceful. in particular this song strikes deep in my soul. so for that tanks u for all

  4. Sanjukta Paul

    She is the angel straight from Heaven !!!!

    Matygalaxy 2.0

    I am French and I love this music and , this artist

  5. Theo Duel


  6. alicia martin

    algun dia vendra a Mexico? in love

  7. Neto Joaquim

    oi zezin

  8. B B

    just discovered Agnes! Love it! grateful

  9. peter fairbrother

    Wonderful! Even better through headphones: multitracked vocal harmonies. (I did a longer comment ... and YouTube forwarded to the video and lost it! Maybe they could consult with tech experts, like Google ...)

  10. James Green

    Fellow conscious beings, fellow spirits, light and love...

  11. Eva Marie

    🎶 “street lights dancing on the ground” 🎶

  12. Damyon Finch

    Agnes Obel, the bane, and yet influence to all musicians. You're writing skills are incredible. In-fucking-credible.

  13. kapil varma

    Makes me calm!

  14. mohamed hamza

    I've been searching for artist like her long long time ago

  15. hambur tyuk


  16. Paul D

    My god... that's all I have to say

  17. JasonJason210

    Is this song about a bird or a monk?

  18. Valentina Hurtado

    Me encanta ❤️

  19. chris locke

    refreshing, so lovely

  20. helter skelter

    omg i forgot how much i loved this song

  21. Vladimir Mitche

    Grosse vache

  22. Carlos Silva

  23. Jaqueline Karla

    que música perfeita 🥀🖤

  24. well dream

    Voices in the street
    Footsteps on the concrete
    Guess I hear just every sound 
    On the ground
    From my window view
    I know a color blue
    That can bite so very hard
    The day apart

    Picture fresh as water clear
    Days have passed without you here
    Street lights dancing on the dark 
    Across the park
    Waiting for a word from you
    Waiting for a sign or two
    Footsteps on the city ground
    You know the sound

    Brother Sparrow
    Come tomorrow 
    To my window
    Brother Sparrow
    Come tomorrow 
    To my window

  25. Samuel Teixeira


  26. Laryssa

    Esto lo escuchaba un montón mi último mes del colegio ❤ me acompoñó dos meses y lo hizo más apacible, me encantas Agnes Obel ♡

  27. KriTi KrIsHnA

    I hv a 102 fever and this is the only thing that’s soothing my mind right now..!

  28. Raphael D'Antona

    Fantastique!!! =)

  29. sarlko SOA

    🇫🇷👍🇺🇸un ange avec une belle voix merci Obel.👍🇺🇸🇫🇷

  30. encatube

    Love her voice but she needs to work on her accent.

    Blue Berry

    What's wrong with her accent?

  31. Signe Rahm

    I love all her songs

  32. Sparrow Exteriors

    We came here for the Sparrows and discovered a new favorite artist.

  33. Jonathan Wellman

    She makes me feel like a screen door,and her,the sweetest of all cool breezes.

  34. Luis Alejandro Pėrez

    Esa voz, esa música. Una de las mejores cantantes actuales. ♡

  35. Noa Espinosa Nardini

    me encanta

  36. foxy fox

    I just love her and everything she does,the emotion this woman can create with voice and music is amazing

  37. Lawrence Conger

    Vermeer with a keyboard instead of a brush.

  38. Paolo PR3G10

    🌟 this is really perfect 🎵 acoustical songs ..

  39. Naaz Afreen Khan

    how lucky i am to have found you, Agnes!

  40. annie masurier

    Je veux écouter Agnès Obél

  41. ONCLG1 Jack


  42. Régis Sergent

    Magnifique chanson comme le sentiment que tout s arrête
    Merci à celle qui me fit découvrir cette jolie mélodie

  43. Wilquer

    Essa música é um amorzinho 💕

  44. Codenamefirestarter

    So strange that such a woman creates something so blissfully unknown in a world where most are obsessed with other pleasures. However she pours her heart out no matter what the inside contains and it creates a melody strong enough to capture another's heart


    Sorry for my comment I just felt like rambling. A bit about agnes

  45. Feliciano Estevao Calico Felicianocalico

    very god músic the curse melodi love time good sentiment love

  46. ONCLG1 Jack

    Amazing :)

  47. Family Cooking

    Definite tones of Elliott Smith : Waltz#2 in here. I can't be the only one who hears it.

    David Poyner

    Other than a series of descending chords - no, not really. This isn't even a waltz!

  48. ONCLG1 Jack

    the damned car

  49. Melanie Pierluigi

    This song reminds me so much of Elliot Smith....just the tune and the way it starts. I can imagine Elliot Smith singing it!

  50. DN Qetsiya

    bana bu parçayı öneren kız çok kötüyüm gel artık olmaz mı

  51. jean-luc V

    i love!!!!!;)))))

  52. Lapine Stupéfiante

    Musique qui vous emporte sur des prairies verdoyantes, dans un ciel radieux, ou les fleurs papillons volent de ci de là, elle vous soulève de bonheur.

  53. Vipavee

    The best Danish artist of all time.

  54. Lena Huurrekorpi

    whaouuuuuuuuhh  j'adore cette musique qui vous emporte sur des prairies verdoyantes, dans un ciel radieux, ou les fleurs papillons volent  de ci de là, elle vous soulève de bonheur,  ouria.

    Zackarya Teltozebachk

    Cette musique est parfaite

  55. Gabriella azevedo

    Melhor música ❤️

    The Legacy

    simmmmmm adoro essa msica demais tbm

  56. Anaïs GERONNEZ

    wouawww quel mélodie et sublime voix je suis tellement fan

  57. Mariam Mohammed

    I love this song

  58. Mariam Mohammed

    My favourite Agnes obel! I love you so much

  59. Ylorie

    Ca me fait du bien indeffinisablement, merci...

  60. Yulia Pavlenko


  61. Egidio Luz

    Para Ti

  62. Laura Ximena

    Every song of this woman is like an explotion of emotions.

    Sophie FAUCHER

    Laura Ximena so true❤some make me cry...

  63. Andrei Arias León

    ¡Me encanta esta canción! :)

  64. bird flower

    nice song, like it

  65. okieya

    Agnes is a big idol for me tbh, this is beautiful

  66. yassamine minou

    she reminds me of Keaton n___n
    that I like

  67. cam unu

    foarte frumos

  68. Lartificier1058

    Quiz....: Who have the real talent ???

    1- Justin bieber
    2-Agnes Obel
    3-Agnes Obel
    4-Agnes Obel


    Stevie GB

    Is it 1? ...... I'm joking I'd rather drink my own piss than listen to that shit.


    it's actually healthy to drink it.. just saying

    AA Piano Music

    Why should it be healthy if our own body voluntarily emits it?
    Besides that, there are also many advocates against it...

    Kill me, please

    It's only okay if you aren't dehydrated, but it's never healthy

    Inge Roodenburg

    MrFcStPaulifan3 bullshit 😂💕

  69. Nigli

    bana üzgün üzgün bakmayı kes agnes

  70. Until Down!Doido!


  71. mermaidtears

    tem um olho na minha lágrima

    gabriel tb

    Br na área

  72. T J

    The movie "The Surprise" brings me here, does anybody same like me?

    Masters Hammer

    This song perfectly passed on the movie "Surprise". I like it.

    Jose Iván Campos

    Absolutely YES!!

    Karla María Rodríguez


    Gundars Frīdenbergs

    Same here!

    Maud Kraaijenhagen

    白俊泰 yes, me 2! 😊

  73. Chloé Cabello

    who have the lyrics ?

    Kyan Chiu

    "Brother Sparrow"

    Voices in the street,
    footsteps on the concrete
    Guess I hear just every sound
    on the ground
    From my window view,
    I know a color blue,
    that can bite so very hard,
    the day apart

    Picture fresh as water clear,
    days have passed without you here
    Street lights dancing on the dark
    across the park
    Waiting for a word from you,
    waiting for a sign or two
    Footsteps on the city ground,
    you know the sound

    Brother Sparrow,
    come tomorrow
    to my window
    Brother Sparrow,
    come tomorrow
    to my window

    Emma Poux-olivet

    +Kyan Chiu tank's!

    Chloé Cabello

    +Kyan Chiu thank u so much !

  74. Felipe Santos

    "Irmão Pardal...Volte amanhã... a minha janela.. ^^"

  75. Sage Avery

    The 21st century music is losing its charm. Once songs with meaning, now songs only listened to for their beats. You used to go to an opera show as if it were the biggest privilege. Now people go the shows, wearing common clothing. What happened to our musical world? Agnes Obel is one of the few musicians who remember what music actually is. She knows that it about the meaning of the song, not the beats

    Sage Avery

    @Doctor Garbonzo To be quite honest, I disagree completely. Everyone always says music is the peace of our souls. I mean, can you imagine a world without music? To me, music is suppose to carry a message. Its a poem that is sung. Modern music, for example Work at home by 5 harmony (Which I like) carries over the meaning that woman must have sex at home. Now if you go back and think about music being the peace in your soul. How on earth is it then meaningful in life? Then again, many will call me butthurt and all the nonsense because they disagree, but this is only my OPINION.

    Taro Keefe

    man i love a good beat, so exciting, there are a few absolutely incredible songs only since the advent of electronic music, totally unmissable. agnes obel is from well honed tradition exploring the world through her own eye. i love her. she gets better and better. i could listen all day and then tomorrw

    Eternum Nocturne

    I think you forget about how a good chunk of music before was strictly instrumental, and it's fantastic.

    Adventure Time

    wonder what might be the (Cause) of this.

    Jason Burnett

    I need to apologize in advance and hope that you can read through this inappropriate rant and glean some good from it. I suddenly felt compelled to vent and I mean no disrespect or ill-will---your comment just struck me wrong and I had too much to say to not post it now. I would sincerely love it if you and the 54 people who agree with you were to really look at your statement. Your claim that 21st Century Music is losing its charm and yet you fail to explain how you have the authority to make that claim. Perhaps for you, it is, but that's not society's fault and it's certainly not "our music world" that is suffering from a lack of charm--it's quite objectively you. But let's ignore the fact that you have no right to make such a ridiculous claim (one that I would bet the artist doesn't agree with in any way since, in fact, she is a 21st century artist-) Let's just pretend that you do have that authority and then let's assume that you are right about the current state of music. This would mean that this artist (who is not old enough to remember the days to which you are referring) would be even more powerful and more profound than she is. In fact, if music is losing its charm, she should be happy to stand out as one of the few who remembers your fantasy about how people used to experience music. But let me be clear about Opera from the good ole days when people felt that it was a privilege, the pinnacle of entertainment as you claim. Opera houses were built in such a way as the average person (not wearing jeans cause they weren't invented yet) could crowd in on the main floor and get drunk during the opera. If they didn't like what they saw, they would toss rotted fruit at the performers. Sure, this was almost the pinnacle of entertainment for the average person--the real pinnacle being, of course, the public torturing and killing of a convicted criminal. Okay, so that's another technicality and perhaps you weren't aware that opera has only in the last 100 years become the civilized and cultured experience which you think all music, when it was good, was subject to. So, it could more accurately be said that the 21st century has elevated Opera to the point that it is only available to the very rich and connected. Opera is still around today and new operas are being written all the time--so it's not the music that's suffering, it's your view of the world. Get off your whiny ass and go to the opera and be judged and demeaned for not dressing appropriately and for having a visceral response to the performance--seriously how humiliating you would be as a guest if you actually shed tears... Or perhaps the truth of the matter is that we are graced with the most diverse and profound explosion of music ever experienced in history. At the touch of a button, you can listen to just about anything any way you want. And the equipment we have to hear music doesn't require us to go sit in a hot auditorium that smells like common people, excrement and vomit just to hear one or two pieces of pretty much identical and ridiculous music by a couple of fat people covered in stains from the tomatoes the drunken crowd used as a comment feature. Perhaps, it is your own lack of charm that and lack of appreciation for just how wonderful it is that you don't have to go see this artist in person to have your life enriched by her music. Seriously, when you read back through your comment, I hope you see that it makes no sense from any angle. This artist may reflect a style and appreciation of musical composition that reminds you of the complexity and beauty of classical music, but it is only enriched by the fact that you can sit there in your underwear in your air-conditioned flat, speakers cranked up, eating Ben & Jerry's icecream and letting the tears just flow down your face as you experience every note and savor every nuance that this artist so generously offers, or you can make some bullshit and false claim that the music world was better when you had to wade through vomit and excrement to listen to your favorite artist (out of the selection of maybe a dozen artists TOTAL) in a cramped and odiferous venue as an expression of your privilege. Please, if you can't celebrate the joy of what we have today, just don't try to bitch and moan about things that don't make sense on an artists page that you like. I am sure she would prefer that you keep your fantasy and lack of insight to yourself rather than just ruining music for everyone else because you have lost your way...


    something about her reminds me of lana del rey,i like her music

    Evelyn Ilosia

    +Mpumelelo Lindokuhle I don't mean to be rude, friend, but please don't compare her to anyone. She is beautiful and unique in her own ways, not from the ways she is recognized from popular artists who get more recognition then Agnes.


    +Evelyn Ilosia (Bakemonoe) She reminds me of Nicki Minaj

    Luv Pit

    @Evelyn Ilosia nobody's comparing anyone to another shes just saying of some aspects she reminds her of Lana, it's not a bad thing

  77. ALex Andr Green


    Aida Eggo

    +ALex Andr Green ikr

  78. thierry ruiz


  79. Nurlan Muminov

    I discovered you today Agnes Obel, you are perfect

  80. foxbasealpha

    If you like her, also check out the similar-sounding El Perro del Mar.

  81. DezRaz

    I SO HATE ALL THE CRAP ON THE RADIO TODAY, why can't there be more music like this and just take off 1D they have no talent any where like this

    Art thur

    Dont Be so worry about this. Humanity is like this today. Pray for poeple there are lost and for the comming of love and beauty on earth. God bless you dear.

    Evelyn Ilosia

    +Desiree Schwalbach Oh my, we have a mot-normal girl over here! shes so different! no one is like her! So much, to the point where she has to share it all over the web and make it seem likes shes cool. FilthyFrank reference : OOoooOOOOh nobody gives a shit

    Evelyn Ilosia

    +Evelyn Ilosia Not* hehe

    Amanda Poyner

    Horses for courses, I guess... to be ordinary is to only look for the ordinary and to be satisfied enough with it. Fair and good. To find the extraordinary, one must look for it and to do that, one steps out of the ordinary world; one becomes changed by that journey and one finds true music, true authenticity, organic rather than synthetic creativity. This is why I think we do not find music and musicians like Agnes Obel on radio 1. Thank goodness, or we would never feel the pull or dissatisfaction enough, to step away from the ordinary, never discover the extraordinary … out there and in us. Celebrate being here now.

    Jason Burnett

    You obviously have internet access, so pull your head out of your ass and quit being so miserable on this artist's page. For fuck's sake, here is a Pandora station with 63 thousand listeners based on this artist. You will get LOTS of similar music and you don't have to yell.

  82. Haziq Rahmat

    please changes this song to instrumental...i want to karaoke this song...

  83. Eva Rodriguez

    She deserves more recognition than she gets!!!

  84. Ines navy blue

    I love <3

  85. Dorypowa

    Agnes Obel, je t'ai vue une fois sur scène: je connaissais par coeur tes 2 albums...ce soir là, tu as réussi à pulvériser le verre qui me sépare du monde, de l'existence
    tes chansons sont ce que je suis, exactement
    ta musique c'est celle de qui je suis, c'est indescriptible, si puissant en images...
    je suis si contente que tu existes

    Jack Matel



    Agnes Obel, I saw you once on stage: I knew by heart your two albums ... that evening, you managed to spray the glass that separates me from the world, from existence
    Your songs are what I am, exactly
    Your music is that of who I am, it is indescribable, so powerful in images ...
    I am so glad that you exist

    NICO And The Niners

    Tu m'enleves les mots de ma bouche à mon coeur 🔝 😊 💞

    Matygalaxy 2.0

    J'adore , Agnès Obel me fait rêver , surtout l'album Philharmonics , qui est le 1er que j'ai connu . Elle me rend Nostalgique ...

    Matygalaxy 2.0

    Je ressens les mêmes sensations c'est incroyable , si tu pouvais juste me répondre pour savoir si tu as lu mon message...

  86. sarah D

    toutes ses chansons ont le don de me faire voyager dans un autre univers... c'est magique!

  87. Minha Livroria

    Love you Agnes!

  88. Val Brindilles

    Magic tout simplement ! Tu es une plume qui vient nous effleurer où rien de mal ne peut nous arriver. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  89. Vera Ignatova

    How fresh and positive!

  90. Brandy Jones

    i love when commercials introduce me to amazing music like this <3 

    Kia 225

    I know right -- Verizon commercial thank you!!!! My new favorite artist! Can't believe I haven't herd her music yet!

    Tom Minkler


    Evelyn Ilosia

    +Kia Kuhn Heard* :p

    Evelyn Ilosia

    +cha cha cha I love her music it is amazing, her voice is just so soothing.

  91. greatsea

    Elliott Smith like.  In a good way.  This is my favorite song by her.

  92. maila patterson

    i love her song the curse

  93. Simphiwe Mshololo

    amazing, simply amazing

  94. Moe Al

    i can't stop listening to this song it's been 3 hours. i really love it. wow

  95. Cherylann K

    thanks sister :) up since 4 AM, :/ 6:30 now, hoping. her voice will lull me back to dream/ slumber, state of mind
    I miis you

  96. PopTart TopPart

    please come back to California! :(

  97. Nathália D

    Gente como eu amo essa musica, essa melodia perfeita!

    gabriel tb

    Br na área