Age Of Information, The - Outside Lyrics

We'll settle this tonight
For every single minute that
We anger
Burn me to your side
That every drop you bleed
Could never ever santuate
The hunger that eats away at me
So release me
Release me
Just release me
The line
I'm stretched and open wide
Has thrown me to this
Ever constant darkness
Keep secrets I can't hide
So release me
Release me
Just release me
What is done
Can never change
And all your words just make this harder
Faithless martyr
Who has lost so much along the way
His bloodied hands can not escape this
But I can't take this anymore
Release me
Release me
Just release me
Release me
Release me
Just release me

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Age Of Information, The Outside Comments
  1. Kaye Pereira

    this is just great. omg
    it's so relaxing(for me atleast) that i really don't feel like doing anything but to listen to their songs and fall asleep.

    actually no. i just want to listen to this geez.

  2. Intense Pein

    Bring back Trading Yesterday!!!

    Korey Kobain

    i only heard them the other week love there music its incredible like with Ben Moody he HAS GOT TO DO A NEW SOLO ALBUM to talented not to

  3. Vinnie Torres

    Crazy wonderful song

  4. algunadesconocida

    @pussiepie1470 I agree. TY wrote songs that, the first time you heard them, you love them. but with TAOI you don't feel the same. In my case, I prefer when they was TY.

  5. DragonZombie2000

    @ShotUpMidair They are the same people, but their sound is as different as night and day. Trading Yesterday made songs that were soft, comforting but so so romantic and simply perfect. I dont feel that with Age of Information.

  6. ShotUpMidair

    @DragonZombie2000 WOW, you are stupid. TY and AOI are the same people... under a different name... Please, people, thumbs this up so that everyone can understand that band names don't matter (as cool as they can be), but the people that make them up do.

  7. RedRoses

    @rukia3nrya I couldn't agree with you more. I like the new sound compared to the old; which is opposite of what most others seem to think.

  8. S.Bajwa

    @DragonZombie2000 falling out of love is kinda sorta decent aswell. Though nothing could ever ever ever beat shattered and one day and may i!! No matter how many artists i listen to, no one sould beat that and now these stupid guys change too, =(

  9. Sarah M

    I love this song

  10. yourguardianangel

    I like their old stuff better but it's nice they're tryin out new styles etc

  11. 666ninetails

    might be cuz i listened to Trading Yesterday more....but i liked there old stuff...not saying that this isnt great its fantastic, just not as powerful tis all but they should keep it up maybe theyll get the hairs on my body to stand again, still love the guys though!

  12. Eorendel

    Awesome! Awesome! D: Awesomeness! :3

  13. ninnyfishbub

    I say they deserve congratulations for changing their style of music if all they then get is comparisons and no credit. Keep going.

  14. Sparky Summers

    @CandyPop777 I've listened to both bands a whole load...I prefer TAOI to TY

  15. TheHeroisAlone

    @CandyPop777 I agree especially Shattered (MTT version) and Love song requiem.

  16. Evoral

    @CandyPop777 Okay I will XD

  17. Evoral

    @CandyPop777 REALLY??? Oh fuck XDDD I didn't know that... Well I haven't actually listened Trading Yesterday much (just few songs) so that could be a reason why I didn't get it. I feel so stupid now XD But thanks for telling me.. >_<

  18. Evoral

    This song is beautiful. I'm so glad I found this. I don't get why people compare this band with Trading Yesterday. I don't find them similar at all ?

  19. Wyomingspirit

    I think I like Trading Yesterday a little bit more but AOI is also really good. Their lyrics are still beautiful and heartfelt and that's truly what matters.

  20. Noura M

    Amazing song, i really love the haunting kind of feeling it gives me :)
    This band needs more views because they're fantastic.

  21. winterz1000

    i hope that they did have a reason to CHANGE a bit...

  22. ELUNE8888

    Does anyone know how to download this album, ...please ? thx in advance ....

  23. SkylarkLaw

    I like there new and old stuff, there older stuff was all lovey dovey stuff mostly, and the new stuff is darker.

    Change can be good :3

  24. andromedhah

    I love so much this song!!! congratulations from asturias(spain)

  25. 7Write4This9Heart7

    My sentiments exactly!!

  26. DragonZombie2000

    great song, but I still prefer Trading Yesterday....TY was perfection, while AOI are just decent. Actually this is the only song by AOI I really like, the rest are just mediocre.

  27. Renn Gallardo

    it's so good this song i loved it :3

  28. Hamza Palestine

    awsome.. i love all their songs