Against Me! - Walking Is Still Honest Lyrics

Dear mother,
This is just survival.
Cannot promise your children everything,
But you would lie so they can sleep tonight.
Defeat tasted nothing like you said.
Still 22 days left till the end of the world.
My legacy was making you a man
For a justice I could not change.
This is one voice not to forget;
"Fight every fight like you can win;
An iron fisted champion,
An iron willed fuck up."

Can anybody tell me why God won't speak to me?
Why Jesus never called on me to part the fucking seas?
Why death is easier than living?
You can be almost anything
When you're on your fucking knees.
Not today,
Not my son,
Not my family,
Not while walking is still honest,
And you haven't given up on me.

Dear shithead,
This isn't happening;
The sky is really falling,
The paint's all made of lead,
There's asbestos in the walls,
Hell's coming to rip off the doors
To your priveleged heaven.
Do you want to love and feel it?
You can look but you can't taste it.
You can reach but you'll never have it.
We are untouchable;
Untouchable is something to be.

Can anybody tell me why God won't speak to me?
Why Jesus never called on me to part the fucking seas?
Why death is easier than living?
You can be almost anything
When you're on your fucking knees.
Not today,
Not my son,
Not my family,
Not while walking is still honest,
And you haven't given up on me,
And you haven't given up on me,
And you haven't forgotten me...

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Against Me! Walking Is Still Honest Comments
  1. DeviledEgginator

    Tom Gabel is a delusional faggot, his songs will always be more important than his SJW baiting "transition", leftists are cringe, you're all faggots for buying into this hack's politics.

  2. James Wilson

    A decade since I posted this and this song still hits hard 💪

  3. ASMLauRa Taps

    To answer your question, I would say, bc you lack humility, you reek of pride, and God don't owe you a damn thing.

  4. wtfpwnz0red

    It's amazing to me that the album version of this clocks in at more than three minutes long

  5. marco samia

    1:41 that scream...

  6. Tyler Murray

    Against me! Was one of the first bands I listened to, always great on the way to the skate park

  7. Mm K

    Last credible and marginal album was axl rose ... and even that was “rock” how long ago was that? There are some that really believed I your message ... then I guess money changed everything ...

  8. Kissy, Kissy!

    I like the song, but the verse lyrics are kind of stupid.

  9. Jack Bandit

    the sky is really falling

    Kris L

    The paint's all made of lead

  10. afauxican_american

    You can feel most _ANYTHING_ when you're on your fucking knees.

  11. Trevor Turner

    i like the newer one better
    from reinventing axl rose

  12. Frank Pierce

    it is easier for a rich person to pass into the kingdom of God than it is to thread a candle through the eye of a needle. Jesus


    Frank Pierce


    "You dont get to take all that fucking blood money with you into heaven. So whats the point?"

    -Jesus "fucking" Christos

  13. Brooke Comfort

    Still a favorite in 2017.

  14. Toon Lloyd

    The chorus is what makes this song.

    Corey Herrick

    Toon Lloyd
    Idk both verses are super powerful too... Maybe moreso lyrically

  15. johnnyscifi

    For someone that ended up coming out as a trans woman, this song has been my mantra in all things masculine.

    So...I thank a woman for writing my manly manifesto

    Salute Laura Jane Grace

    brian wright

    @Corey Herrick no diss but Laura didnt write this song, it's a cover.. ...

    Corey Herrick

    @brian wright
    A cover of whom? I can find no references to any other artist for this song.


    @Corey Herrick No, not a woman. Genetically a man is a man. I couldn't give a shit what people wish to be called, I don't mind but the literal twisting of facts is unnecessary and misleading. I'm sure you are to rebut me with 'gender is different to sex' which you cannot prove and as of now is only an opinion that directly opposes the majority of historical evidence ancient and modern.
    EDIT: I should not have expected I was about to reply to a person of sound mind, I decided to look at your channel content and good bloody lord you were just *that* desperate for money?

    Crimson_ Sean

    @brian wright its not a cover


    Not a cover, and no, not a woman.

  16. Clifford

    the lyrics man, these god damn lyrics..... feels bro.

    Roger Bickle

    fuck you

  17. ThinkLink

    Putting my heart out on the table here, but damn! This song still makes me cry...

    Jack Bandit

    +swedlink420 I don't think an anonymous confession of a somewhat embarrassing youtube comment is equivalent to laying your heart on a table.


    Maybe not to you...

    Jack Bandit

    Well no, not at all..."Putting your heart on the table" means to be vulnerable. You're not vulnerable at all... At least not from this.

    alex b

    me too man

  18. Athena Hitchin

    Honestly I have yet to find a song of this band that I don't like, Against Me! rocks!

    mike hunt

    yeah they did.

    Brian Jordan Bartels

    +mike hunt *do

    mike hunt

    no i said it right.
    everything from searching for a former of clarity on isn't the same or as good, and fuck that don't lose touch bullshit.
    you can all keep that bullshit.

    Katie Holt - The Awesome Autie

    +mike hunt - your opinion and your right to have it. personally to me Searching for a Former Clarity and everything they've done after it is some of the best music I've ever heard.

  19. twocatchtwenty_

    I could never hate Against me! they brought me up roughly but surely to be something else (good or bad, doesn't matter..) I wouldn't have been. But the music I was a teenage anarchist, breaks my heart :'/


    @3SkatingLibras i feel you, remembering youth feels weird


    @***** Then I choose it was a good thing, they inspired me to see beauty in odd places, with rough voices and bold lyrics (when I say bold, you know I'm not talking about "move bitch get out the way" type of bold.). I was trying to say that the depiction of being so over what he was when he meant so much to me, it's just a bit.. kinda... devastating.



    God, that song is terrible (teenage anarchist)...fuck!!!

  20. Tye

    yer a moron if the fact that the singer being trans is "so sad" people are people... its punk rock....its 2014. ftw

    Ri13y J0n

    2015 man

    Athena Hitchin

    Shouldn't matter what the year is, trans are some of the strongest people out there, and I'm not just saying so because of being one.

    Corey Herrick

    Tye Doudy
    (We have time travel)

    james packes

    I didn't know, and now that I do, I don't care c:


    my uncle works in trains, many problems but never rape! stay strong.

  21. easylivin schmidt

    Baretta Love from Berlin got "this" old against me vibe....

  22. thehidropony

    what a song... i miss this guys from my teenage years.

  23. Chad Joplin

    Lol brian! I didnt pursue music cause of that as well.

  24. brian king

    against me songs are the best to learn chords from, and you won't get bored as fuck of learning to play the guitar. cause i know the only reason i never picked it up before was cause i wasn't about to play fucking twinkle twinkle little star and mary a had a little lamb.

  25. NewKevr

    Someone is going to respond to this and say "WAS?!". I can't wait...

  26. Daniel Smith

    Remember when Against Me! was the best band in the world?

    Phineas Gage

    i am citizen!

  27. Jacob Rossman

    I won't be on my knees while walking is still honest.

  28. Jacob Rossman

    To me it means you can be ALMOST anything on your knees , but you can't be free.

  29. blahhayden

    what does "walking is still honest" mean? I understand all the lyrics except this part.

    Eric shumway

    they explained it a bit ago now. Walking is still honest is about how with all the shitty things everyone does in their lives, it sometimes feels like the only thing we still do that's honest is just walking.

  30. MormonJew

    somebody said morals wtf brah

  31. assflaps lopez

    This song is awesome :)

  32. TheLeftoverCrizack

    Saw them last night live for the first time, amazing. Ears are still ringing. This song and everything else they do sounds awesome live. Truly talented guys.

  33. Aaron Morris

    You mean "Hey guys, remember when they did the things I approved of?" Get over yourself, dude.

  34. Nathan Rigsby

    it is just survival somtimes

  35. franky b

    right... get over it, enjoy music!

  36. WhereDidItRun

    k, now gtfo

  37. metallhead94

    How have AM lost their honesty and morals? They're still the same band they were when they formed back in '97. None of the members have changed their philosophies, they've simply grown up and matured and its about time you did the same.

  38. cmazzec

    This is probalbly the worst song ive ever heard , what is wrong with you people... no talent

  39. mrcbone123

    think about what you say, how about that knob

  40. Tom

    And iron fisted champion, and iron willed fuck up. Fuck that's too good.

  41. mrcbone123

    you cant pay for food with integrity.....

  42. rik Stensrud

    I hope that all of Against me!'s fans are like me and you. I am here for them. No matter what happens I support them as people. They, through their music have supported me, so I could never turn my back on them. As a group or individuals I am here for them. I hope that the rest of their fans feel the same.

  43. rik Stensrud

    one dislike, show me another that has this ratio.

  44. matt foxly

    its weird this is the first time in a while im listening to this song and before i saw your comment i was thinking the same thing it must blow not being able to feel like he can speak out about what hes going through

  45. rik Stensrud

    i have always loved this song. I feel a different pain now. I wish that Tom never had to deal with what he is going through. I am angry that liberal media has attached him to the gay marriage movement. i am upset knowing that Tom has been dealing with this all this time and he hasn't come to his fans for support. We are here and I support him no matter what has happened. I feel that anyone in the band can come to use with their problems and we can support them. We are here.Everything will be ok.

  46. rik Stensrud

    one person is an ass

  47. Cody Kuntz

    Soon to be one of the greatest female singer/songwriters.

  48. Anthony Sandhu

    can anyone tell me why god won't speak to me, why jesus never called on me to part the fucking seas? why death is easier than living

  49. TehFrasssaa

    @CodyAllenmusic Dude it's about the movement, not the theory. Read Tom's twitter, or listen to one by one as well.

  50. Tyler Jump


  51. BEATmyguest31


  52. PrairieDon1021

    GOD THEY WERE SO FUCKING GOOD. i was 15 when i first heard them and they blew my mind i got goosebumps. they got me through those tough years of youth. searching for a former clarity was the death of against me! i knew theyd never be the same and theyve become a love i dont recognize. i pretend like they dont exist anymore and love them for what they were, my favorite band of all time.

  53. Yaur

    @CodyAllenmusic As a middle aged anarchist I think I hear that song a little differently. Specifically, I hear that what anarchism means to him has changed as he has grown up and not that he has abandoned the philosophy. That said, this song and this album fucking amazing a decade later.

  54. KlawDeeUhh18

    Lol Alex- Alan


    "I wrote the song just after moving out of my Mom's. I was realizing that a lot of things she had warned me about in life where in fact true."
    -Tom Gabel

    Scarlet Starlet

    Who's Tom?

  56. Nikolaicapstikovic

    this song is fucking ace. one of my faves ever.

    this is one of my songs watch?v=X84iEfkR8is ............ its a song!

  57. TheSkAlec

    Wonderful lyrics ! And Can't believe how nice is his voice.

  58. CodyAllenmusic

    @OpakeArawra2 agreed. I was SO PISSED when I heard "I was a teenage anarchist" Wtf dude. I respect Warren for leaving now.

  59. OpakeArawra2

    hey guys, remember when this band had integrity? ya those were the good days..

  60. matt peekor

    crime as forgiven by is against me's best EP

  61. James Wilson

    I'm with ya, buddy. It's amazing.

  62. bessdog79

    One of my favorite songs of all time. And I've heard A LOT of songs.