Against Me! - Baby, I'm An Anarchist! Lyrics

Through the best of times,
Through the worst of times,
Through Nixon and through Bush,
Do you remember '36?
We went our seperate ways.
You fought for Stalin.
I fought for freedom.
You believe in authority.
I believe in myself.
I'm a molotov cocktail.
You're Dom Perignon.
Baby, what's that confused look in your eyes?
What I'm trying to say is that
I burn down buildings
While you sit on a shelf inside of them.
You call the cops
On the looters and piethrowers.
They call it class war,
I call it co-conspirators.

'Cause baby, I'm an anarchist,
You're a spineless liberal.
We marched together for the eight-hour day
And held hands in the streets of Seattle,
But when it came time to throw bricks
Through that Starbucks window,
You left me all alone.

You watched in awe at the red,
White, and blue on the fourth of july.
While those fireworks were exploding,
I was burning that fucker
And stringing my black flag high,
Eating the peanuts
That the parties have tossed you
In the back seat of your father's new Ford.
You believe in the ballot,
Believe in reform.
You have faith in the elephant and jackass,
And to you, solidarity's a four-letter word.
We're all hypocrites,
But you're a patriot.
You thought I was only joking
When I screamed "Kill Whitey!"
At the top of my lungs
At the cops in their cars
And the men in their suits.
No, I won't take your hand
And marry the State.

'Cause baby, I'm an anarchist,
You're a spineless liberal.
We marched together for the eight-hour day
And held hands in the streets of Seattle,
But when it came time to throw bricks
Through that Starbucks window,
You left me all alone.

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Against Me! Baby, I'm An Anarchist! Comments
  1. PenguinWaffle McHubbly


  2. Audrey Maroney

    i got the anarchy symbol tattooed on me in my friends garage (stick n poke) it’s pretty epic

  3. stat a87c

    Well this didnt age well.

  4. Nathan Dehnel

    Wait, "kill whitey" isn't a joke?

  5. srg xii

    That sounds really bad, lol!

  6. David Wagner

    Best Bop of 2019

  7. Lunar Dogs

    oh damn i know what im learning to play next

  8. bamalam21

    all the ancoms say the ancaps arent real anarchists
    all the ancaps say the ancoms arent real anarchists
    i just wanna eat seeds for gods sake

  9. bamalam21

    where my anprims at

    PenguinWaffle McHubbly

    ayyy finally a REAL ideology!

    Felix Jüttner

    I was a primitiv-anarchist once (without knowing), then I read a book.

    PenguinWaffle McHubbly

    @Felix Jüttner books? Sound like ooga booga magic. Grug go unga bunga smash bring pain on you. Grug get big fire stick, throw rock very fast.

  10. Rory Fisher

    Biji Rojava.

  11. Onixyros

    I've heard quite a lot of shitty punk songs this one is one of the shittiest xd look at me im so edgy covering my face while attacking random dudes at protest because they re sheeps and they dont see the way like i do

  12. normal Garlic bread TM

    Right lmao, try surviving a year without a government

    Rosie H

    tbf Catalonia did for like three years

  13. FPS Vulcan

    Who's ready for an Anarcho-Syndicalist revolution?

  14. Eric Olsen

    I don't care about these fucking political debates in the comments, I just want to see things get destroyed and listen to music. When you cut to the bone that's what it's really about.

  15. I Corinthians 2:14

    Anarchy is a utopia idea built on a lack of understanding human nature. I find it shameful folks are still indoctrinated with this thought that hierarchy is somehow ever going to go away, for it seems childish rebellion is a mindset of many and submission is a thing looked upon with negativity. In simplified terms, it seems anarchy is the flip-side of communism. Folks believe this fallen world can achieve peace by mere human effort where equality is a thing to be grasped and made manifest. We call this humanism and it is rampant in my country. Capitalism, along with aspects of socialism, shall also fail at a given point. Until folks recognize that all human structure and philosophy eventually fail and die you are forever a slave to the godless thoughts of fallible men.

  16. Darby Crash

    Anarchy = self coscience

  17. igot2poop

    I believe all anarchists should be put on a remote island somewhere. We don't want you here and you don't want to be here so just kindly fuck off.

  18. My Yummy Biologically Female Penis

    Racism will defeat racism lol.

  19. Kurisupi Kurimu

    I like punk and think this song is great but honestly it's kinda sad seeing so many delusional people seriously believing in both anarchy and socialism/communism, it's so stupid I'm beyond disappointed

  20. Drew Jones

  21. Dirk Diggler

    Both are spineless pussies

  22. Cas Ambrose

    See y'all again when this drops into everyones recommended in 10 years

    Protogen Solus

    Cas Ambrose basically

  23. Jay Dub

    I personally would like to see some Starbucks being fire bombed...just saying


    Yeah breaking starbucks windows, real revolutionary lol


    Fuck you

  25. Dracovox

    Why are there so many ancoms here?

    The song literally says "You fought for stalin, I fought for freedom"

    Not Crazy

    @Felix Jüttner Marx wrote 1000s of pages, including concepts people still can't agree on what they mean (e.g. superstructure), and you give me one sentence?

    Felix Jüttner

    @Not Crazy Should I write an essay for you or what? I just wanted to say that idealism isnt part of marxism, marx despised blind idealism and wanted to distinct his work from the early utopian communism. so lenin not being idealistic is a compliment in a marxist sense. I thought this sentence would do it and nothing against you but this conversation isnt that important for me so I dont want look through mew for parts to quote.

    Not Crazy

    @Felix Jüttner That has nothing to do with what I wrote. Kropotkin was an anarchist and he didn't like Lenin. In other words, anarcho-communism is not communism.

    That's my point. I expressed no opinion on communism.

    Felix Jüttner

    @Not Crazy Youre confusing communism with marxism-leninsim. edit: also his personal feelings toward lenin have got nothing to do with anything. you can hate a person but still agree with their political stance. (I know that he didnt, just thought that argument is a bit impotent)

    Not Crazy

    @Felix Jüttner I used the quote as example.

    Yes, Lenin tweaked communism to fit the Russian society.

    Again, my point is that Kropotkin's anarcho-communism isn't communism.

  26. brian may is a legend

    me, a liberal: _surprised pikachu_

  27. Hardcore Guro

    I will say communist and anarchist that are against guns don’t make any since how the fuck are you gonna have a revolution without fighting

  28. Y J

    this is one of the most beautiful Songs ive ever heard <3

  29. Pagan Nationalist

    I'm not saying that if you're an Anarchist, you also enjoy men fucking you, but I would argue it goes hand and hand.


    fuck all governments, communists, neoliberals idgaf the real deal here is humanity and not these oligarchies who steal Daily and tell you what the fuck to do

  31. Tiffany Marie

    How do you go from this to a spineless liberal transgendered person?

  32. Generic Protagonist

    Well, at least they finally admitted they want to kill white people.

  33. Anarcho Pingu


  34. My Names Something

    Thanks google. This is what I get for yelling Anarchy in my Civics class every chance I get. ❤️

  35. lukas hernandez

    i’m a tankie but relatable

  36. A.J. Bell

    "Baby I still have a dick."

  37. CMCSS 2003

    You can't have no government, things would implode

  38. Captain Sum Ting Wong

    The best is when the ancaps misinterpret the "you're a spineless liberal" line. Fucking morons.

  39. psycher7

    This just popped up as a suggestion, and what's weird is I heard it for the first time last night - more like this morning - as I hitched a ride back home with a collective after their comrade and I were let out of jail for assaulting cops at a fash rally. FUCK YEAH!

  40. Owen Murphy

    Don’t like the kill whitey part

  41. max9x9

    oops, my anarchy symbol!

  42. JC Deton

    ancaps rise up

  43. Juan Manuel Tournet

    Oooo, you throw bricks to Starbucks...what a revolutionary act. Go to bed, kiddo

  44. Emerald Apple

    I feel like the FBI is watching me whilst I watch this video???

  45. pwer2dppl

    Crass - Bloody RevolutionsYou talk about your revolution, well, that's fine
    But what are you going to be doing come the time?
    Are you going to be the big man with the tommy-gun?
    Will you talk of freedom when the blood begins to run?
    Well, freedom has no value if violence is the price
    Don't want your revolution, I want anarchy and peaceYou talk of overthrowing power with violence as your tool
    You speak of liberation and when the people rule
    Well ain't it people rule right now, what difference would there be?
    Just another set of bigots with their rifle-sights on meBut what about those people who don't want your new restrictions?
    Those that disagree with you and have their own convictions?
    You say they've got it wrong because they don't agree with you
    So when the revolution comes you'll have to run them through
    You say that revolution will bring freedom for us all
    Well freedom just ain't freedom when your back's against the wall

  46. J Smith

    Pretentious angst

  47. Tyler Matters

    Anyone notice that's not an anarchy sign? That's a sign for an adulterous or adulterer. Not Anarchy.

  48. Chinggis Han

    The virgin liberal vs the chad anarchist
    The virgin conservatives vs the chad Nazis
    The virgin socialist vs the chad communist

  49. Dyo official

    Anarchism is the best way to go!
    Baby I'm an anarchist and you're a spineless liberal

  50. Sis

    Marx & Engels > Bakunin, Proudhon and Kropotkin.

  51. Lost UFO

    the trains require new management! nhs, all the things that are being accidentally devalued before the big buy up/sell off. Peace Brothers, Respect. Yorkshire and Clysewdale bank has also recently been 'aquired by Dickie Bransons gatekeeping services. Hopspitalised this disabled single parent once. God Bless each and every one of them in their new careers. May Branson live as long as a pickled penis and have the interesting life that came with some of thoise international trade deals. Innit. A

  52. Lost UFO

    Throw bunches of love at em Brothers. A beautiful, coreagous song full of spirit. But I only stand for Peace and need to help keep People safe in these dificult times. Peace Out

  53. Nina

    love this song, but that bit about the ballot kinda annoys me, as a brit, not american. you dont have to believe in the labour party but if you dont vote for them then things are only going to get worse. vote labour 12th dec, left unity! (opinion timestamped 27/11/19 because the party might change in the future)

  54. bonziebon 300

    Wow! I can’t believe you found something that topped tumblr in my list of edge! this is the edgiest, dumbest, most 14-year-edge song I’ve ever heard ahaha!

  55. N,N-Dimethyltryptamine

    What is a "liberal"

  56. Susan Kinnan

    Ahhh Seattle, home sweet home.

  57. Andrea Codoshian

    I am, "When it came time to throw bricks through that Starbucks window, you left me all alone."

  58. Quintin Blaklung

    What's the point in this shit, and why would anyone throw bricks to windows? These guys don't understand anarchy and, overall, give anarchy a bad reputation.

  59. AlHoresmi

    Ancaps are a fraud.
    Marxist-Leninists are a fraud.
    THE FFFFFUCKING LIBS are a fraud.
    Fascists lie. Always, always lie.
    And Conservatives have a smoooooth brain.

  60. Jay Veno

    I’m fourtein and I gotd to say..., this is awesom

  61. NOFX0890

    Love you Laura Jane....xo

  62. Elyse Moon

    Everyone here is fucking stupid! as soon as you say LEFT or RIGHT ANYTHING you are no longer talking about anarchy.....fuckin what the hell happened?! you stupid cunts forgot what it was all about for the comfort of a duality that only exists in the minds of the politicians you "used" to hate so much.

  63. Jeremy White

    Anarchism has been hi jacked by marxists. Anarchist communists are ultimately self defeating.

  64. The green tea Dragon

    Ok boomer

  65. The Fabulous Fish Stick

    Some days I just need an angry ancom song. Today is that day.

  66. Cloudy

    Take that libtards

  67. Osker

    My how times have changed...

  68. monke

    >Form Anarchist Society
    >Immedietly gets nuked
    Nobody is going to put up with a state of chaos

  69. Rex & Izzy Rox

    spain in 1939:

  70. Don Malik


  71. Snake Plissken

    Been a loooooong time since I've fallen in love with a song and it's lyrics.

    I desperately needed this, right now.

    Thanks for this.

  72. James Hedrick

    Everyone in the comments bitching about liberal or conservative. Isn't the point of anarchy to ditch all that shit?

  73. Steven Vail

    You are all fucking lames

  74. Tibor Keser

    Why would you throw a brick thru a Starbucks window? Just being irracional.

  75. Kenneth Steele

    I love all the retarded leftist anitfa dumbasses in the comments that think a catchy song written by ignorant teenagers somehow validates their retarded leftist conception of anarchism

  76. VorpalSpartan

    Anarchy is not capitalism or transhumanism, fucking deal with it

  77. OdysseyK

    Look at all these 14 year olds in the comments, acting like they know about politics, saying they're anarchist. Lmfao

    Soren Tea

    Anarchists do not suppose that all people are altruistic, or wise, or good, or identical, or perfectible, or any romantic nonsense of that kind. They believe that a society without coercive institutions is feasible, within the repertoire of natural, imperfect, human behaviour.


    @Soren Tea English, please?

    Soren Tea

    OdysseyK anarchism isn’t about everybody being nice to everybody else. Anarchism is about the removal of coercive institutions


    @Soren Tea Yeah and then what? If we have no police, people can just do anything they want. It comes back down to people being trust worthy in the end, we will be living life as if it was a Clint Eastwood movie.

    Soren Tea

    OdysseyK police are able to do pretty much whatever they like. You know what was a non coercive institution that kept the streets safe, the Black Panthers. And when push came to shove, the police shot up the leaders of the black panthers

  78. fluffydragon3

    To all the "anarcho"-capitalists here, you are no different to the fascists, your ideology will lead to the deaths of millions, capitalism and anarchism are not compatible, anarchism is a fully leftist anti-capitalist idea, and the founders of it were against capitalism, you just took words like libertarian and made them right wing nonsense, so fuck you and burn with the rich.

    Chemichal Skull

    You should be a comedian cause ur jokes are awesome.


    Not an anarcho-capitalist, but if "the deaths of millions" make anarcho-capitalism indistinguishable from fascism, then couldn't the same be said about communism, which, in many cases (referring to Marxist-Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, etc.), *has* already killed millions? Also, how was the term "libertarian" made into "right-wing nonsense"?

  79. Dan Law

    The part about "kill whitey" is about the only part that seems out of place to me. Perhaps this has another meaning that I am not catching on to. I'm hoping someone will tell me I am ignorant to the meaning, and that it isn't meant as literal as it sounds, kill "white" people; which is ironic because the band is "white". It sounds familiar, I am thinking it is a reference, but I'm not sure. Better to ask than assume. If it is a reference and it has a meaning that is not literal, or there is more to it, please explain.

  80. Dark Blade

    Who's here in a just world/2019 ?


    I'm here, even though I know anarchism would never work, the songs good.

    Jake Lin

    ​@OdysseyK i feel the same:(

  81. Christian Montpetit

    Spineless liberal should be modified accordingly in 2019 with the proper term for it : Antifa .

  82. rusty shaklford

    This song sucks ass this is not the true definition of anarchy

    Federico Volpe

    Garrett Clements Sorry ancap, real anarchists are also against economical hierarchies

  83. SuperAwesomeWizard

    If you think Anarcho-communism is confusing, wait till you here about me, The Anarcho-socialist


    Read up about it, it has to do with personal freedoms but also to be benificial to the community


    @Francesco Salvatore I agree with most of what you agree with id imagine. I took the political compass quiz and thats what it said I was. Id rather just telly ou how I feel about certain issues than identify with any kind of political label because its just easier for me that way.

    Federico Volpe

    SuperAwesomeWizard There is nothing confusing about ancom. It’s just basic anarchism.

  84. Belisarius

    The whole idea of "Ancap" is rather complicated, so I will try to make it as easy to understand as possible. The "Ancap" is based on a voluntary society, where everyone would be able to make their own choices, without being forced to live according to some "dumb" and "idiotic" government legislative like nowadays. That means, the hiearchy could and most certainly would exists in Ancap, it would just be based on a "voluntarism".


    @Francesco Salvatore Erm...May I ask you why do you think so?


    ​@Francesco Salvatore Well, it largely depends on what you mean by "being exploited", as technically you're being exploited almost every time you pay for something. The other thing worth mentioning is the fact, that in 100% of world states you're being forcefully "exploited" by paying taxes for things that you don't need nor want, on the other hand "in Ancap" you would be able to choose what you really want to pay for without anyone forcing you to anything. So here is a question, do you really believe that it's better to be exploited forcefully than voluntarily?


    ​@Francesco Salvatore Christ...firstly, I don't think that you fully understand the actual meaning of "exploitation". In fact, there is nothing wrong about it, as long as you can choose who is going to be exploiting you and how much, because as I said before you're technically being "exploited" each time you fucking buy something and it doesn't really matter if it's a water or an overpriced IPhone, in both of these examples you don't have to pay for it, unless you really want to own that certain "thing". ( You can try to "create" your own source of water or move somewhere else in seach of it ) On the other hand, there is just literally no way how to avoid paying taxes...unless risking to be locked up in prison for 8-10 years. Do you finally see the difference?

    Federico Volpe

    Belisarius Wage theft is still theft. AnCaps are a joke, the only real anarchists are anticapitalist.

  85. LunarPhantasm

    So, my ex pretended to be a punk and all into anarchy to gdt with me. I lost all attraction when i realized they were just a spineless liberal who thought they were making a difference with their bullshit twitter posts n not using plastic straws. And thats inly after all the manipulation and shit n losing it when i tried opening up n losing it even more when i shut down. Ficking bitch.

  86. SUBÍNDICE 18 Charle pideregas

    this lirycs seems like some pussy writed down

    Anglo Commando

    They're weak aren't they?

  87. Cian McCabe

    The only problem here is I'm pretty sure no liberal ever fought for Stalin.

    Federico Volpe

    Cian McCabe Idk but I think they were talking about two different things. In particular when they said “you fought for Stalin”I believe they were referencing the Spanish Civil War (of 1936) when authoritarian communists betrayed the anarchists, who had established an anarchist society in Catalonia, instead of joining them to fight the fascists.

  88. Uorroso Knup

    C,  Am,   F,   G,    **REPEAT AS MANY TIMES AS NEEDED**

    *strum chords a few times each and listen for beat and rythym*

    Em,   F,    C,     G

  89. PirateoftheTouYube

    I almost feel like this song is making fun of anarchists - like Anarchy in the UK

  90. Biggs AARON

    To call yourself an anarchist and a socialist is totally retarded. Anarchy-the complete lack of authority of any sort and Darwin’s survival of the fittest at its most brutal is far from the moronic uneducated thought that governing concepts can exist with in anarchy.

    Federico Volpe

    Biggs AARON Read Bakunin, or Kropotkin. Or just open Wikipedia really.

    Biggs AARON

    Federico Volpe or you can read the dictionary and learn the real meaning of anarchy. You dilute the truth of it by saying it’s one thing or the other with a sub genre.

    Unpopular opinion

    @Biggs AARON That's not how it works. Dictionary definition doesn't do justice to what the Anarchist historian Rudolf Rocker puts as:

    "anarchism is not a fixed, self-enclosed social system but rather a definite trend in the historic development of mankind, which, in contrast with the intellectual guardianship of all clerical and governmental institutions, strives for the free unhindered unfolding of all the individual and social forces in life."

    The definition fails to do justice to the multiplicity of Anarchist thought. It merely defines the word anarchy and not the "definite trend in the historical development of mankind" .

    Another thing is that the Anarchist thinker, Kroptokin (who was also a scientist) actually debunked that myth. Anarchism is based on co-operation not competition like in a capitalist system.

    Also, that phrase is innacurate and modern scientists refrain from using it.

    "While the phrase "survival of the fittest" is often used to mean "natural selection", it is avoided by modern biologists, because the phrase can be misleading. For example, survival is only one aspect of selection, and not always the most important. Another problem is that the word "fit" is frequently confused with a state of physical fitness. In the evolutionary meaning "fitness" is the rate of reproductive output among a class of genetic variants."

    Biggs AARON

    Unpopular opinion I just don’t believe that if you are a true anarchist you can dissect it to one persons translation of a sub genres. That’s weakness and has not true place in true anarchy. It’s a very black and white definition and to dilute it delusional and at best small to interpret it as anything less. It one of the last true forms of absolute revolt. It’s not to be embraced to water down. It’s raw and savage. What a travesty to try to kill it in such a way that it becomes controlled.

  91. LoesungFeuer5

    I would side with people who fight for Stalin. *shrugs*


    @Moose :) and i greet all my anarchist and other leftists comrades! <3


    I'm ok with MLs as long as they don't murder us like Trotsky in 1921


    @AlHoresmi Yeah. I am pretty much for a no-murder stance when it comes to interactions between different leftwing ideologies. ._.

    Captain Sum Ting Wong

    I would side with tankies who fight for China too, even though I despise them.

    Drew Jones

    Worth watching. Not a tankie or proponent or soviet style communism, but as Richard says, its important to look at the good and the bad.

  92. Aokusa Zimniy


  93. Lil AK

    imagine hearing this and saying anarchism is right wing lol ok "an"cap

  94. Ultra_cinderace

    Revolution against America

    Anglo Commando

    Get a job.


    Get a life

    Anglo Commando

    @Ultra_cinderace Dude, you couldn't start a lawnmower, let alone a revolution you fucking loser lol.

  95. sTmPanda

    Anarchism is pretty meaningless, to be associated with anti-fa, or any organized movement.Anarchy has to global meaning. Pushing for leftist policy is the the direct opposite of government. You fake fucks want government you just want it to govern you. Anarchism is no gods, no rulers.

  96. Jimmy_K

    Fuck the system!

  97. Elyse Moon

    We used to have to protect the first amendment from the right and the second from the left. Now we have to protect BOTH from the left

    Federico Volpe

    animeisart1 Wrong video to criticize the left. This is left anarchism. Btw nothing wrong with the liberties of the first two amendments.

  98. Meik

    earth angel