Afters, The - Ocean Wide Lyrics

Look outside
It's already light
And the stars ran away with the night
Things were said
Words that we'll try to forget
It's so hard to admit

I know we've made mistakes
I see through all the tears
And that's what got us here

If love is an ocean wide
We'll swim in the tears we cry
They'll see us through to the other side
We're gonna make it
When love is a raging sea
You can hold on to me
We'll find a way tonight
Love is an ocean wide

I'll stay right here
It's where I'll always belong
Tied with your arms
Days like this, I wish the sun wouldn't set
I don't wanna forget
What made us feel this way
You see through all my fears
And that's what got us here

If love is an ocean wide
We'll swim in the tears we cry
They'll see us through to the other side
We're gonna make it
When love is a raging sea
You can hold on to me
We'll find a way tonight
Love is an ocean wide

Love is an ocean wide enough to forget
Even when we think we can't, think we can't

Love is an ocean wide
We'll swim in the tears we cry
They'll see us through to the other side
We're gonna make it
When love is a raging sea
You can hold on to me
We'll find a way tonight
We'll find a way tonight
Love is an ocean wide
Love is an ocean wide

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Afters, The Ocean Wide Comments
  1. Rafael Almeida

    Amei essa canção😊

  2. Royal Reactions X

    I haven't heard this song in years now I know why I loved it so much

  3. Brendan

    Wont lie.. watched vampire diaries whole series 3 times.. 4th time after just seeing damon kind of kill Elijah, I'm here. 😌

  4. Dianna Woodbury

    Saw them in concert a few years ago

  5. Adriano Alves

    Beautiful song. praise God!

  6. Hurt Locker

    Love is ocean ... shit SHARK!!!!!

  7. Diego Alfredo Albornoz Rivera

    Hermosa canción

  8. Kati de Jungkookie

    I love you the afters

  9. Ada Arias

    2018 ...i love this song

  10. Lara Dolloff

    Love this song..but can I just say that this is the absolute weirdest music video ever?

  11. Mitch

    109 people drowned in the ocean. Pray they make it through the storm.

  12. Nicole Wangler

    "love is an ocean wide" so true with my long distance relationship with my boyfriend but he lives in a different city instead of a different country.

  13. Tony Bradly

    Charmed with the sea hag

  14. Aliyah Burnette

    I love this song.

  15. Anonymous Z

    I love you Josh. my ultimate crush...

  16. Aidana Rustanova

    Beautiful song😍😍😍

  17. De Cicco Garnica

    Che Dio vi benedica a tutti 😉

  18. Tipping Toast Media

    Massive budget. Who's with me?

  19. Roger Erh

    Cheapest video ever

  20. Anders Isaksson

    Love the song, but the video sucks!

    The Soundtrack Gap - HR

    He is about to be emerged in the love of God, that is why is a beautiful video

  21. BenjaminGib

    Still love this song.

  22. John Olawale

    Did he drown? He drowned, didn;t he?

  23. LunaPlays

    doing this song for graduation and im tearing up

  24. Troy Drummer Allen

    damn this messes me up... I miss my love. I hope our paths cross again soon so I can be with her for the rest of my life.


    +Troy Drummer Allen God bless, if you catch her make sure that you take care of her.

    Troy Drummer Allen

    +Joel Patterson she made it clear it would never work. we are still friends but nothing more. thank you for the uplifting words though


    Well its better to know than to forever wait in agony not knowing.

    Troy Drummer Allen

    +Joel Patterson thats true


    Well I wont say anymore feels like Ive stepped to far onto this topic and wont go anymore.

  25. Joy Torres

    Lady Midnight / The Blackthorn kids

  26. Zky Stream

    cant deny. Vampire Diaries Brought me here :)

  27. ADZ

    Koto & Haru Kinyo Club Brought me here XD

  28. ADZ

    The Afters ! Youre the best XD

  29. Hiba B

    I love this song <3

  30. jasper beverly

    This song isn't about u gays so chill the fuck out people

  31. Felipe Ferreira dos Santos

    Amazing song!!

  32. Terry Loke

    Vampire Diaries brought me here =)

    Rachel Biron

    me too haha

    let's be honest

    LMFAO me tooo

    mhd mohsin

    Terry Loke mee too 😅

  33. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    this song makes me wanna cry

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    Yes and like I went through a very hard trial around the time I first heard this song. God made it just for me :)

  34. Peerarat Na Chai

    The Afters !!!! #fromthailand

  35. Gabe Kelley

    Forever one of my favorite songs!

  36. N Saav

    Love this band man.......All there songs........The love of our lord thru music. Praise God.

  37. claudia smith

    when love is a raging sea, we'll find a way tonight...Love is an Ocean Wide.

  38. kellie taylor

    Its really not beneficial to hate on homosexuals. Its not beneficial to hate on transgender, or heterosexuals. Jesus never once walked this earth pointing fingers at others telling them how horrible they are. Instead he showed nothing but love and mercy. Why cant we be the same? Who came along and made us God to judge over everything a person does? We are not God we never will be so leave it in Gods place to judge that person. We are supposed to love everyone no matter where they are at in life.

    0MN1 Revis

    true but we need to respect there decision and keep telling them tyat were there for them and tell them I respect your decision along with telling them about Gds teachings but only thing is that we will except there choice but some of them wont accept our choice

    Dennis Douglas

    Exactly right Kellie

    Luna Bell

    kellie taylor true but in ways they don't like it. because its men and women to be together not women and women and men with men to be honest I don't care I have friends who are guys all the times and less having friends with women. some just don't know how to open up and except them for who they are

    Akilah Browne

    you probably never read the story of sodom and gomorrah in the bible.

    Lillie Peterson

    Lov e them and give them the gospel. Point them to the savior.......

  39. mayraa pincay

    como amo a este hombre <3

  40. Donna Strom

    This song is not about gays... its about being rooted and grounded in love and how we can make it through anything with it... 


    @Donna Strom I agree! I'm so glad someone saw that.< 3

  41. Natalie Bryant

    I fall in love with The Afters and Ocean Wide because of 3 things 1 i l fall in love their song all over again 2 i fall in love with their song lyrics and 3 i fall in love with The Afters because of them so this is The Afters and Ocean Wide.

  42. Matheus Andrade 《《《

    muito bom!!!!

  43. Faith Road

    Great song! We do covers of songs we would love it if you guys check them out at "Faithroad covers". God bless you guys! Thank you. :)

  44. Cesar Miguel Carrillo


  45. Life

    I love people, but I don't approve of homosexuality. I hate the sin, but love the person. I done bad things in life. But God is Love. That Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Sometimes we say the wrong words, we are all going to have troubles in our lives. We can pray, seek forgiveness, currently working on my 57 or 58th song this is week going to write it down. When I get older i want to become a Christian singer, but for now use my talent God has given me, use yours too. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. If you like this, then thank you. I want to encourage to stand up for what I think is right/wrong

    SaacAW - PS3

    +Life lol

    let's be honest

    Life you religious people are what's wrong with the world I understand you needing to believe in a higher power to grant you forgiveness but that doesn't make u less of a hateful person

  46. Ambar Barredes

    An original video, and such a a beautiful song :( <3

    Lirio Olivas

    Love it...

    Ambar Barredes

    :D .... Lirio ya vente :(

  47. Kristy Ssle

    I love this band so much, they are so talented, every song is amazing...<3

  48. Carol Dietz

    Love the "AFTERS"

  49. idil tomris

    Vampire diaries lead me to this song <33

    Kaleb Jalim

    idil tomris ikr I'm addicted I thought I would be the only one

  50. Sarah Williams

    This song really speaks to me thankyou lord for coming into my life.

  51. Sedona Allen

    we're singing this in choir. Great song.

    Kimberly DeWitt

    Hey Sedona its Kimberly xD

  52. Laura Pava

    Everyone hear what they want hear, so stop of make critical to that video. And remember that each artist have your own way of make  a musical video. 

  53. ichigolo

    on repeat 

  54. Kotipelto

    the song is not about gays. The lord can heal from being gay! IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Blood Of Jesus. Pore it now!

  55. Jacob McLean

    Great song!:)

  56. Victoria Dale

    This has become my favorite Christian band.

  57. Lucia Giuria

    I first listened to this song while watching the vampire diaries ♥

  58. Kyle Joultz

    Why is everyone bashing on homosexuals, this song clearly does not even mention homosexuals but rather how vast love is....

  59. Melissa Gammons

    This is an odd music video....


    I'd never do that..

  60. 0kazaki101

    For all of those posting about homosexuality and weather the bible says its a sin or not, please stop. This song has a special meaning, and it doesn't just go for homosexuals (in fact, this youtube video is the first one that I've ever heard about it being about homosexuals). The bible is to be interpreted by each reader. Also, each person's god is their own belief. This means that you should stop saying "my god is better than yours" or something of the sort. It just doesn't make sense. Also, the bible's term "homosexual" is referencing to a group of individuals who practiced homosexual things in the name of the devil. At the time, they didn't have any words for that group of people except for "homosexuals" (or the translation of that word). Therefore, you cant just say that all homosexuals are sinners, because it was only a certain group of people that were labeled homosexuals that were shunned for this. The reason it was put into the bible was for people not to be like the devil worshipers and practice homosexuality in the name of the devil. Lastly, who is to say that parts of the bible weren't just written by men, and not the "All powerful God"? Back in that day, anyone could've written something and said it was from God, and people would've believed it.

    lenny zaroff

    Sorry but the Bible is not to be interpreted in an arbitrary way, you dishonor the Bible for saying that. The Bible is the Word of GOD and is not subject to Relativism, as you said. The Word is Absolute in its message. That's why exist a science call Hermeneutic that deal with the Rules of Bible Interpretation. Seem to me that you never have a PERSONAL relationship with the G-D of the Bible.
    I'm a Bible teacher, you should not make conclusions from such heavy subject as is the Bible.I know what happen in biblical times, because the Bible tell clear what happen Now you pretend to use the intellect. Do you know how function every part in an airplane? No you don't, unless you're a aeronautic engineer, me either, but we have FAITH that the plane is gone to fly. Intellect and Faith together, are basic in Bible interpretation.


    *cough* Flight 370... *cough* I had FAITH.

    Moochan Lee

    Rereading the later parts of your original comment makes me think you're a bit misinformed and a little arrogant. I say this because you said "back in the day anyone could have written the parts of the bible" like the people back in history we're less than competent to come to agreement with others. If they were to add something to a historical record they would have had to be someone in record keeping with others and had to come to an agreement. You couldn't have just one person making things up and show it to the mass while they were still alive to oppose those texts that were written incorrectly. 

    And your argument about homosexuality: Yes, context and cultural time does play an important part in learning about the bible, but it is also important to know what it's trying to tell us with that cultural context. I am not sure about your explanation on "homosexual acts in the name of the devil," but first it's important to understand what the term sin means. Most would say to do something "wrong." But what is wrong? Do we have a standard for that? If you're a person who is a follower of Christ then you would say "yes." Now if that's the case, what is this standard? God's holy nature. Anything "wrong" would mean anything that goes apart, or against, what God has made it to be: In this case homosexuality, for God made that man and woman would come together to become one. Even if that homosexual act was without "in the name of the devil" it is still against what God has originally intended it to be, so in that case it is still sin. 

    Dagoodboy Isgood

    one question, have you read da book of Genesis? at da beginning, it states dat our mighty LORD created Adam and Eve, not a second guy named Steve. after dey sinned and got banned from the garden, dey had to sleep together to bring another guy to dis world, and im pretty sure dey never even considered da name Steve(his name was Cain).homosexuality Is a sin. even if da bible does not say exactly, "homosexuality is a sin."
    also, da bible could not be more accurate. like in da revelations, it says dat all da grass and trees and green things in da land shall burn. isn't it true? didn't it happen? yes, it happened during ww1. in france, all the green things died. READ DA BIBLE

    Edmond Dàntes

    +Moochan Lee I understand what you are saying, and personally, I agree. But we can´t reject people for being gay, sinners or drunk!! Jesus didn´t point at people"you are gay, you are drunk, you are mean". He did exactly the opposite, he accepted and loved them despite they sinned against God, whom He loved the most!! The definition of "Christian" it´s to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and according to His personality and attitude towards those "different", it is our duty as christians to be noble, generous and to accept people, like Jesus did, and that will make us Christians. I won´t quote the Scriptures, but Matthew, Mary Magdalene, Peter, Paul, they were all sinners, and Jesus didn´t reject them, he loved them, call them His friends and got them to know God, through love and acceptance.

  61. lucas george

    I still don't see how homosexuality itself afects a life in a negative way. The only difference it has brought to mine is that I date boys instead of girls... Just that. A boy can be as loving as any girl. I don't do drugs, I don't drink and i had the opportunity to do both (brought by straight guys) and i didn't. Don't blame homosexuality for the problems you used to have. :/ I also don't belive in God...Still the first of my class and as happy as a 17years old guy can be. :)

  62. Sinisa Balen

    And when I say "victim card" I don't mean things in our past. I am sure things happened in your life. My childhood wasn't all roses and walk in the park, most of us got hurt and we were victims of various circumstances. For some it was really tough and for some easier.
    The victim card that I mentioned is about that attitude "you don't like homosexuality, therefore you judge me and therefore I will feel bad and blame you." THAT is victim card and it does not help the person who says that,at all.

  63. Sinisa Balen

    Or it is you who are treating a twisted thing as normal.
    When I was gay no other person made my life harder than homosexuality itself did. That is the truth. For naive or not. The only difference is about what one will choose to be the truth. You are talking to former gay of 20+ years in homosexuality. Victim card doesn't work on me. I was there.
    And just as I was loved fully and unconditionally, so all other gays deserve that kind of love. Homosexuality kills, Jesus heal-. my experience.

  64. lucas george

    Yes. You are treating a normal thing as a bad one and naive people may think thats true. By doing that you are making other homosexuals life harder. There is the problem.

  65. Hornetpilot18

    Homosexuality is a demon, and God doesn't hate you for it. He just wants to release you from that demon. That is God. God is Love. Love that will never be defined by humans.

    Realising that like sinisbal did is what set Him free. You cannot abide in God's love if you do not adhere to His word. God hate's sin but loves sinners. We are all sinners who have chosen who to turn to Jesus for our salvation. Through Jesus, our demons will be cast out. Jesus rules MY Life, NOT me.

    Christina Johns

    Homosexuality is in the bible . god will forgive you if you repent and ask for forgiveness and god loves his child and he disciplines you out of love .

  66. Sinisa Balen

    Hmm I stirred you up. Good, keep searching and if you are searching in the right direction, you may find...
    As for choice, I didn't have choice, I simply had to follow my body and its demands, I was a slave. BUT I had the choice to believe the only One who was capable of healing me-Jesus. And I believed. That was my choice. Tough, ha? Yup. But it's tougher to stay in the illusion.
    Greetings from ignorant bastard!!

  67. Cepi Febriana

    i like it for song !!!!

  68. theV2Rocket

    What about the Muratorian Fragment? this piece of Luke (missing only the first and last few lines) is dated to AD 170 and is as equal as it could be (accounting for minor differences in translation) in English and other common languages. A primary source document can't be altered in the sense that you mean. What about the are documents from the new testament that passed through Muslim hands for hundreds of years, and yet turned out exactly the same as the Christian ones. What do you say to that?

  69. Sinisa Balen

    What are you hiding that bothers you so much that reading the words of the freaking mind made you reply?

  70. caio mendes

    Show essa música!

  71. Lucy Poveda

    I love you

  72. hachi

    dude... he should have cured your freaking head, not your homossexuality

  73. Vídeos Mike

    Simple video...but nice.

  74. 0kazaki101

    One of the main things that people misinterpret is the actual part in the bible that says "being gay is a sin." The only reason it says that is because there used to be a satanist group (way back) that used homosexuality as a way to defy God. In turn, the people back then didn't have any other words in the language to describe said satanists... so they used the most distinctive characteristic of the group, homosexuality. Hence all who practice it, (showing you are a satanist) will be punished.

  75. Noe condo

    The love is a ocean wide....!¡!¡ The afters i love you

  76. Sinisa Balen

    Thanks, John! Be blessed always!!

  77. John Vandivier

    I'm happy for you.

  78. PlanB027

    Idk but this dudes argument doesn't even make sense and it's ridiculous..
    It's people like him, that make religion look bad.
    Like how you said too, homosexuality isn't a disease or anything, and truth is, god doesn't hate you for being gay etc.. So why is that this "belief" has even come about? Like what's wrong with being homosexual? They're good/loving kind of people just like us heterosexuals..
    I'm starting to believe this sinisbal guy really is homosexual, but he's just in denial..

  79. 0kazaki101

    Wow, I just said something about this and didn't read this comment until now.

  80. 0kazaki101

    Honestly, I would not believe everything that the bible says like that. Many upon many verses of the bible have been misinterpreted and/or deterred from the original verse. This is because of translations between languages. The best way to actually say that this act of loving another person of the same sex is a sin is to actually read the original text with complete understanding of the language. And, who is to say someone may have misinterpreted God's words?

    It is what you believe.

  81. 0kazaki101

    That being said, this whole argument was created because someone believes the same as what I said, and was offended by someone calling it a disease and that there was a cure for it.

  82. 0kazaki101

    Honestly, even though I am a Buddhist/Christian, I still believe that homosexuals are not diseased or sinners. I believe that love is love and no power in the universe or beyond should deter it. I am glad you think you were "cured" as you say. And that is your opinion and belief. But, I would like to clarify that homosexuals have been around since the beginning of life. It can be said that it is love between two souls. In that sense, love is going beyond the physical aspect and still connecting.

  83. Sinisa Balen

    I am blessed that you are happy! Be blessed.

  84. Matthew Pancham

    dude it is a sin, read leviticus 20:13 but it doesnt mean god hates them..god created them he loves EVERYONE he just hates the sin...ever since the fall of man, sin entered into the world. we were given a choice but yet about it and ever heard the term we are born in sin? w/o christ dying on the cross we had no hope we are automatically sinners but with christ we have that hope and if we surrender our lives to him and trust him with everything we have, he's sure to change us.

  85. SkillzWings009

    They deserve wayy more recognition, this song is so amazing!

  86. Silliesunflower

    AMEN! i am so happy to have read what you wrote.

  87. Güneş

    Replay, replay, replay... I love song.

  88. PlanB027

    So God didn't create you?
    Wow you must really not accept Jesus then.. what he created, by that I mean YOU.
    Btw, I too believe in Jesus Christ; and I know he made me the way I am, just like he made you the way you are too. It's pretty sad how you don't see it; Therefore you're basically going against him.. why?

  89. Sinisa Balen

    Nope. Not Jesus Christ, he does not create perversion of love. He heales from it. Who your God is, I don't know and I don't care. Take it if you like it and live it as you like it.

  90. PlanB027

    Someone trying to get you to see that God and Hate are not meant to be in the same sentence..
    God already chose our fate; we don't know it, only he does.. and he also chose to create us a certain way.. whether homosexual, heterosexual.. etc.
    He made you like that for a reason, so why would he hate you if he created you like that?

  91. Sinisa Balen

    my my, you really respect my experience and comments. Who would reply this much unless he knows that what I say is the truth and it is serious?

  92. PlanB027

    And another thing.. By denial I meant, when you claimed that you were once "gay." Truth is, EVERYONE at point in their life has wondered their sexual desires etc. That's normal and it's NATURAL. You for example, either weren't really gay, but thought about it (This is what I mean by confused), OR you really are gay and are in denial from that. And that's sad if its really that. It's okay to be gay. God will always love you either way because we are his children and he CREATED ALL OF US !!! Okay?

  93. PlanB027

    How am I in denial?
    I believe in God too, and I know that he doesn't hate on anybody. As we are all his children.. would you agree?
    Why would he hate his children? Doesn't sound to logical..
    You see how your argument doesn't make sense?
    Please don't use god and anything to do with hatred in the same sentence. Because that's not what god is about (Regardless of religion). God always equals LOVE. And will never equal hate. Remember that

  94. Sinisa Balen

    The only one in denial here is you- trying to deny my truth, and the only one confused in this conversation is you- confused about who creator is and what He did and what He does and who he creates.

  95. PlanB027

    Did you notice I put "create" in quotes ?
    He created us all, would you agree?
    I mean it's how we humans came to be.
    And like I said, if he didn't want things a certain way, they wouldn't exist. In this case homosexuals, agree?
    I mean hey, you claim you were homosexual, if he didn't like them, he wouldn't have given you a "chance" , you wouldn't exist. Right?
    He didn't cure you btw, because either you're still homosexual but you're in denial OR you were just confused at the point..

  96. Thomas Kop

    and so everybody is claiming how badly everybody brainwashed everybody because their God would be more false or real than the other. come on people this is just a place of love, this place is for everybody who likes this song and who believes God is just in the love of this vid, not in stupid discussions in the comment section.

  97. shuppypuppy17


  98. Sinisa Balen

    Your reasoning is on the wrong premise. God didn't create homosexuality. Who told you that He did? If you believed them, they brainwashed you very successfully.
    God did not create poverty and sickness of any kind. People did.
    God=Love, yes, for sure, for those who want His love. And when people want someone's love, they go and please that one. And what He said is that who loves Him, obeys Him. That's it, simple.
    Who do you obey?