Afters, The - Falling Into Place Lyrics

It was raining on the sun
The ground beneath my feet was crumbling
Day and Night had come undone
It was the season of my wandering

Somehow Somewhere
You found me there
It was the moment that it all became clear

I was on the edge
Of a distant world
A shattered life
With no where left to turn
Till I saw you there
And everything I thought had gone to waste
Was falling into place

It's finally quiet in my head
As I lay the pieces at your feet
It's finally starting to make sense
I guess I found the missing part of me

Oceans that I almost drowned in
I had to lose it all
Just so I could find out you were there to break my fall

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Afters, The Falling Into Place Comments
  1. Kirstine Mikkelsen

    This song makes so much sense to me. It's just perfect <3

  2. Ah Cat

    Sounds a bit like Cheaster's "Let Down" to me... still like it ;)

  3. Brett Haydu

    Religion is ignorance, because it puts chains on God.
    God is truth.

  4. Nora A.

    I'm not christian, but I love religious music!

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    are you still not a christian 4 years later? :)

  5. moto8519

    Love how all the religious fuck jobs have to ruin shit and always throw I. Their 1 cent...Its a song like it or not but are u really going to start an internet debate?! Nobody cares what you think and your definitely not going to make anyone change who they are because of a couple dumb comments you throw in...Smh....

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    woah someone got a lil angry

  6. Kimberley Depledge

    i don't care if this song is about god or whatever, it means so much to me because of my boyfriend. Zac, i love you, and everything you have done for me since i met you. <3

  7. Ari Elaine

    well you just ruined this band for me..thats for plastering religion everywhere...

  8. Abi Skywalker

    My atheist ex boyfriend loved this band, he didn't care for the religion the band was supporting but for the lyrics and so he dedicated it to me to express his love. I'm of a Christian faith and this song to me means more than just a love song from a boyfriend, it's a song demonstrating God's love for me.

  9. joetri10

    religion is ignorance, therefor i dislike it, its not ignorance, just not acceptance.

  10. joetri10

    It’s such a shame this band is religious :/.. such amazing lyrics yet one wouldn’t know it’s about god until they looked it up... One perceives how one hears words yet reading these comments makes me want to hate the song after finding out the true point of the song... -_-

  11. Vinyl

    Whether this is about god, or about someone you truly love and care for. It doesn't matter really. Songs are perceived by the ears listening to them. Everyone connects with a song differently yet we're all here because we love one thing.. and that's the song itself.

    I'm not Christian, nor do I believe in God yet this song moves me and sends shivers down my spine from its beautiful melody and astonishing lyrics. I'm surprised this song is so underrated. It's always been my favorite by them.

  12. Jay Arev

    i dont really care what people may say that it has to do, i just love the lyrics cause it reminds me of a certain someone <3

  13. brkngbnjmn14

    I'm gonna throw in a relevant tidbit here: atheists, Christians, Muslims, ...people of all beliefs have messed up somehow, due to ideas open to misinterpretation and being self-centered. Just as Christians persecuted back then, they are being persecuted today for their beliefs all over the world, This song is a redemption/acceptance song. Everything happens for a reason, to get to where we are now. Persecution wouldn't be a problem if we followed Matt 22:37-40. Now let's enjoy this song :)


    @TakeMeHomeTonightEM the bible says to spread the word in any means necessary and the afters are christian because at one of their concerts they talked about God and the bible !!!!!!!!!! so before you insult and point fingers and call names you might want to do research first!

  15. Alyssa Huang

    i hit a jackpot of songs on pandora >:D gonna go through all the bands ..
    really slow

  16. martinidanimal

    Well i just think this song sounds awsome, funny though i never thought it related to any religion

  17. Jonan

    @gridisraw why don't you look it this way: Why would we do all this suffering if there is nothing else to live for.
    In all this suffering you need to have something to look forward to and that is God. If we die you can go to heaven where is no suffering...

  18. TheAssGod

    @jstech84 I'm atheist my views is better, I never liked being a Christian. Family members telling me I'm blessed, while I see so many suffer. If we all can't be blessed then I will not believe in such a god

  19. supersonicskye

    @gridisraw hey two things one NOBODIES PERFECT. and two, this song and others say it all. that we need help, and were not always on our own.

  20. TheAssGod

    You Christians can't even live up to your god expectations

  21. LiterallyNoLife

    @janieisanerd OH noez! D= I'm sorry TT^TT

  22. janie hatley

    "God" is spelled with a CAPITAL "G"

  23. janie hatley

    Mark 12:31, Luke 6:35, 1 Peter 4:8, 1 John 4:7, 1 John 4:19

  24. LiterallyNoLife

    Can you all stop about all this religion stuff? >.> this song is for all people, if you're Christian you know this song is probably about god, if you're not you can easily think of it as a love song >.>;;

  25. Steve

    @chigracelin hahah i dont even know this song, i was on my computer and my brother came in and told me to look this up so while i was playing i typed that in to see a reaction from him.

  26. Steve

    This song is gay

  27. Drew Jaffe

    wow i always thought the awakening was the best song. i stant corected.

  28. Amy Schunemann

    Honestly, if you think that Christian music, or Christians in general are oppressive, don't go looking for Christian songs on Youtube to comment on negatively.

  29. Eunnette

    Even today people commit hate crimes against homosexuals because they are "going against god". The Christian god is just an excuse to further power and oppress others. Even dating back to the time of Hebrews, a single masculine god was just an image created to eradicate the idea of feminine power. If it weren't for oppressive people Christianity would never have existed, so you can't act like they aren't the same thing. Also, being a 13 year-old girl is no excuse for ignorance.

  30. Daniel Lin

    hey! freedom of religion, nuff said

  31. Eunnette

    For 1700 years the church has oppressed free-thinkers, such as Galeio or Issac Newton, who spoke against church teachings. The Holy Inquisition would torture and kill anyone suspected of being a heritic, any women who gained to much power were burned at the stake for witchcraft, because the church promoted male power (i.e. Joan of Arc), and if anyone did anything the church didn't approve of they were excommunicated. I'd call that oppressive, wouldn't you?

  32. kenbear2725

    soo addicting!!

  33. kenbear2725

    i feel ya...have to check and check again to make sure :)

  34. Eunnette


    Fan of random capitalization? Don't get me wrong, I support that 100%. The rules of capitalization are so unfair to words in the middle of sentences.

    However, I don't support the clause that Christian music is inspirational. I've personally always found Christianity to be oppressive.

  35. Marghi R

    Bellissima canzone!

  36. stephenie77

    i LOVE family force 5!
    i saw them over the summer!

  37. XxTechX7xX

    Well even though they are Christian Genre They still play and sing nice music :D I have their whole album :P

    This song is my fav and also One Moment Away

  38. LilMizzLae

    The Fray CANNOT be a Christian band even if they have claimed to be (I don't know if they have). If they were a Christian band they would not have included in the lyrics to "You Found Me" a part that says he found God all alone smoking His last cigarrette. What "Christian" band depicts God as a smoker ?? And not to mention saying that "just a little late, you found me"... God is NEVER late. He's always on time. It's a nice song tho but i dont think they're really a "Christian band"

  39. poormomma100

    im going to to there concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Khaloc

    You wouldn't even listen to them if they didn't have the christian label stuck on them.

  41. Amber Nichole

    Not necessarily. Look at Family Force 5 and The Fray. They're both Christian bands. Just because you are a Christian band doesn't mean you HAVE to write all- or most- of your songs about the Christian faith.

  42. julissa M


  43. P Davis

    i just love the opening guitars!!! awesome rock/alternative band

  44. Yadira Ramos

    this is a great song

  45. Pocket Chocolate

    HELL YEA! lol This is my favorite song by The Afters... this was the first song i heard from them, and i almost cry listening to this song XD!!

  46. Emily Potter

    i just heard of them! i'm liking them a lot!

  47. Jennifer Blodgett

    i love this song <33

  48. justbeehappy

    theyre like my new favorite band too! theyre so good! (:

  49. Daniel Rhodes

    The great thing is there a christian band and there pretty friendly i got to meet them after a small concert

  50. margaux carle

    i love the afters

  51. surrenderurall

    ocean wide is also one of my favorites.
    hope you find that while you're "splurging" them as well :]

  52. Jennifer Blodgett

    love love love it :)

  53. zuzhonney

    wow, I love this song. Thanks for posting it.