Afterimage, The - Wrath Lyrics

Chills in the air, awakened by the cold
I blanket myself in the warmth of your hold
Avoiding existence, not welcomed by nature
Pain becoming visible in my eyes
(You'll see it)
Your forged compassion is drowning in my mind
Alienated, starved, left behind
Your forged compassion is drowning in my mind
Sympathy overwhelmed, seemingly so fucking cold
Once floored by euphoria; darkness now holding me back
An endless struggle that consumes, leaving nothing but anguish
Stripped of what I loved, myself left to vanish

One foot after another you crush what I am
Echoing thoughts, connected with sorrow in the end
I will not be part of this

Reality lost as I hear your words
Reason left on the back burner, misguided by false empathy
Alienated, starved, left behind
I've seen into your eyes, your pain, your lies

One foot after another you crush what I am
Echoing thoughts, connected with sorrow in the end
I will not be part of this

Reality lost I will not seek the attention you crave, but to you it's all a game
Chills in the air, awakened by the cold
I blanket myself in the warmth of your hold
Avoiding existence, not welcomed by nature
Lost value in myself
Found in someone else
Coming from your ability to show no remorse

Your path is ruinous, a detrimental force

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Afterimage, The Wrath Comments
  1. Ilya Klimenko

    Kyle is one of the best vocalists out there. Insane range

  2. Severed Shadow

    This shit assaults my ears in the worst fucking way. I want to love it so fucking bad. But how in the fuck does a band get fucking worse and worse. This band went from mind blowing. To completely fucking flamboyant. To sounding like a flat fucking tire.

  3. Jordan Saks


  4. Joey Dymarcik

    Not their best track by far, great effort though, sick album

  5. joey BOYER

    (Semi tone intro riff)
    Fans: this sounds like it's from formless
    Guitar players:ThIS sOuNDs LiKE It'S fROm FoRmLeSs

  6. Patrick Miranda

    Found this song in Spotify Radio. Wow I am stunned!! Shits so beautiful. Feels like a OAA vibe.

  7. nickolie56

    This has got to be one of the most disappointing things I've ever heard, the whole song is one giant hard on until that vocalist belts out the fruitiest overproduced cleans I have ever heard. What a fucking shame, this band was god tier on the formless ep way back when.

  8. Joey Thompson

    Robs drums skills got a MF UPGRADE

  9. Joey Thompson

    But what's up on some tabs tho.

  10. Patrick Bateman

    Uh ........... Whoa!!!!

  11. xeyon

    part around 2:20 always reminds me of Ragnarok by Periphery

    Daniel Spitalnik

    Oh yeah! Deathhhhh has made its abode on my shouldersssss.

  12. Ryan Taylor

    I will not beee a bolognese...

  13. Sidney Smith

    more of THIS please THE AFTERIMAGE <3

  14. Sidney Smith

    2:14 is exactly what I fucking love about this band!!!!!

  15. Sidney Smith

    That intro is YUS

  16. Regen Commodo

    OAA, is that you?

  17. Derk Ender

    this song is orgasmic

  18. luke bailey

    Them cleans are bliss

  19. clint joseph antipas

    Gives me chills <3

  20. Devan Sobo

    This is what I'm fucking talking about.

  21. Drew Knoeller

    this is a fucking banger
    you guys are all insanely talented, and your drummer. My god dude.
    can't wait for the album drop.

  22. Chris B

    Super nasty in the way that only TAI can do

  23. Jordan Merkley

    Let's take a moment to reflect



  24. Garry Achmad


  25. Matthew McRae

    That Mid around 1:36 was nasty powerful and unexpected. loved it. Damn good tune overall

  26. alice margereta

    Back to that ol’ volumes two-one

    Joey Thompson

    alice margereta

    ON GOD.


    alice margereta

    So dissonant. Relentless and nihilistic. Lovely

  27. mcdangles89

    Would be a perfect band if it weren't for those awful clean vocals.

  28. Buried YoUx

    Honestly this is just another copy band. Meh


    Buried YoUx Clearly your first time ever listening to this band

    Christian Raffeck

    r u mentally ill Dude?

  29. Jackson Westbrook

    This is fucking filthy. Soooooooo good boys. This rips so hard.

  30. Alexander McYates

    This is nasty

  31. AtomicShane

    yesss this is amazing! actually sounds like it coulda came off of formless

  32. tristananvilcaster

    Reminds me of Oceans Ate Alaska's new album Hikari! So good 🔥🤘

  33. That Guitar Guy

    2:30 was just so sick oh my god

  34. † DEADLIGHT †

    G# tuning hehe

    The Afterimage


    Joey Thompson

    Will be covered


  35. NathanJ Rodey

    Awesome! More heavy content on this album than I was expecting and I see "Pursue" is being left off. Hope for a couple more tracks like that single, though, because minus the 3rd chorus repeat, it was amazing.

  36. Michael Breuer

    I'm going to have to agree with everyone else in this comment section, this new shit is GOLD. Really digging how crisp it sounds instrumentally too. Looking forward to the rest of the tracks. Props TA!

  37. It's A Me, Dat Random Dick Butt

    I will not be part of this

    Reality lost I will not seek the attention you crave, but to you it's all a game
    Chills in the air, awakened by the cold...


  38. TheRealCharlesClark

    Haha and so many people were bitching "they lost their heaviness" and all that bullshit. This song highly exceeds expectations. Masterpiece 😍

  39. Ragnarok

    This makes me happy this song is most defiantly closer to the bands roots but still creative for 2018 \m/ ^_^

  40. Thomas Peladeau

    This was miles ahead of the other songs off this album. Incredible work! Would love to hear more of this.

  41. The Antarctica Project

    Good song, waiting for the album dudes. greetings from Chile 🔥🔥

  42. chris marq

    This song is awesome

  43. D I V I N I T Y Official Page

    Hella stoked for their new album!!!!!

  44. E T


  45. Luke Kelly

    *H e c k*

  46. OneConscious


  47. Brotimus Prime

    OoOoh so fucking good. When a new TAI song drops, its a fresh reminder that being alive is still worth it

  48. Joey Thompson

    Back to form

  49. Brendan Byrnes

    By far the best song released for the new album, I want more of this

  50. Koohey


  51. Mike Jacobs

    fuck this is nice

  52. Watch Me Breathe

    THAT ENDING! I really want to hear what comes next!

  53. Harrison Glenn

    Pathogen 2? Those leads are clean af

    Joey Thompson

    Harrison Glenn

    This song is goddamned sick

  54. A B

    Best song so far!!!

  55. CarlosSS

    This band never disappoint!!! Amazing!!!

  56. Shadows Paw

    I'm shocked at how epic this track is... Wicked good shit <3

  57. Antione Pena

    This track is a much better representation of what this band is. Please more of this.

  58. Tact.

    Best single yet can't wait for album one more week djent gentleman and djent ladies

    Donnie Darko

    ladies and djentleman

  59. Vaine

    New ASD Song?

    Alexander McYates

    Gamer Vaine ...

    Derk Ender

    LMFAO this is how I wished ASD would of sounded.

    Sean Powers

    What band is ASD?

    paolo evangelista

    a skylit drive bruh old chrsitian posthardcore band

  60. Ybwyn

    There's the MKKY.

  61. DeadMansBallet

    Fuck yes, this is awesome. Sounds a lot better than the last single.

  62. Tommi Kälkäjä

    These guys just impress me every time more! This is just so progressive that my brain blew off!! I love those contrasts of vocals

  63. Yudai Nakata

    Quite off-topic but I wonder why you put 2 whitespaces between words in most of the description.

    Tragic Hero Records

    A E S T H E T I C

  64. Spandan Bhattacharjee

    Almost felt like I watched Tom and Jerry on hardcore mode

  65. Stay Goulden

    my favourite djent band


    Stay Goulden They’re not a djent band.

    Sean Rutledge

    lets be honest djent isnt a genre. but it wont stop us from calling certain metalcore bands djenty and this certainly has that feel

    Norman L.

    let this boi call these bois djent. no problem here. bye.


    No its tech death/Metalcore/Deathcore/Pop Punk/Classical/Jazz/Dadmetal/ballooniecore #screwgenres


    It sounds not not like djent

  66. Tommy Cameron

    Holy fuck ❤

  67. Truenorth117

    Best single by FAR. Preordering the album now. Well done guys.

  68. Stu Dunn

    This is pure evil lads.

  69. Salvatration

    Definitely my favorite of the three songs. The issues with Kyle's cleans are way less pronounced because they show up so little, and this song is the perfect example of how everything else about The Afterimage is still 100 percent spot on and as good as ever.


    Nyxi oh hai

  70. allseeingowl 1220

    Fuck YEAH!!!

  71. Andrew Grover

    Loving it

  72. Scensatez Graphics


  73. RaVen Phantom

    Amazing. I still can't wait for the album

  74. Alicsander

    Definitely sounds like a song that would be in formless

  75. JN Perez

    This is amazingly awesome, can't wait to hear the whole album! \m/