Afterimage, The - Unseen Lyrics

Now I can see the only thing that's keeping me from you
I've tried to make the best of this time
But no one seems to know why you're making the same mistakes
And you know they're bringing us closer to a senseless end

In the midst of transition distant memories begin to emanate
You wish you had not begun this endeavor
Now the light begins to fade

Take a chance alter your destiny
Distant memories begin to dissipate
Take a chance alter your destiny

I hear the distant echoes of forgotten choices
Waiting patiently for a moment of inspiration
Trusting reflections of short duration
With the passage of time my opinion becomes useless
Am I wasting my time?
You've become the scattered remnants of who I thought I was
Am I wasting my fucking time?
Finding myself asking questions without answers
Am I wasting my fucking time now?

You wish you had not begun this endeavor
Now the light begins to fade
Reach into the unseen, seek to understand
When you said you were you searching I hoped that you'd find me now
When you said you were searching
When you said you were you searching I hoped that you'd find me now
When you said you were searching

I was chosen by name, generated by those who built me up again
But still, I refuse to let go without restraint
You're a part of much more than this

Now tell me, what the fuck was the point of this self-inflicted misery
Your reality is shifting from one moment to the fucking next

Now I can see the only thing that's keeping me from you
I've tried to make the best of this time
But no one seems to know why you're making the same mistakes
And you know they're bringing us closer to a senseless end

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Afterimage, The Unseen Comments
  1. Erik McCormick Comedy

    Will swan is smiling down on this track. He's not dead. he's just God.

  2. Hassan Saeed

    Reminds me of Veil of Maya

  3. mtayala

    I just saw an asshole dislike this video

  4. Sleep Serenity Media

    1:09 TAKE A SHIT

  5. tyler davidson

    Heard the beginning and was hooked instantly

  6. Aeiroq

    Sick !🖤

  7. Adam HaSheini

    I wish there was a clean version of this song

  8. Jana Isreal

    This sounds like Dance Gavin Dance mixed with Periphery

  9. zoe watson

    We almost at 666 comments

  10. ranknonewarrior

    I will listen to the afterimage the rest of my life

    Joey Thompson

    Always and forever

  11. Cristian Barreto Chavez

    Dat breidaun dude

  12. Joe Tanzi

    alright you guus have to shut the hell up no one cares about dgd *edit* after finally listening to dgd I take back my comment lol

  13. serrrgei

    this is a copy of the fall of troy!!!

  14. ryuu A

    dance Gavin dance is back I think

  15. Qurida Pearson

    🎸💕 🎶


    Qurida Pearson mama Pearson!!

  16. Matthew Rangus

    That guitar at 3:10 makes me want to bounce around my house destroying everything

  17. Fabius d. M.

    Now I finally understand what everyone meant when they kept saying "I liked the old mix better"...


  18. Metaphysics



    Nice picture :P


    @Dilidjent (:

    itztwuan _

    Distant memories begin to emanate

  19. Dakota Buller

    This sounds like so and so, shut the fuck up... they sound like Afterimage. They have their own sound. Fuckboys who can't even pick up a guitar or hold a note trying to talk about music. You don't know shit fool. Just enjoy the music.


    fuck yea

    Aesthetic Virtuoso

    Dakota Buller this sounds like periphery

  20. Xx soniclxrd xX

    Went from chon to safety fire to danza back to chon real quick, then ended up in polyphia. Lord help me

    Luke Vidacovich

    Nah this started as Polyphia then to Periphery then to chon then to Erra lol. it's amazing

    Auspicious Legend

    goth yugi you play jump force? Yugi is in it

  21. Jesse Rodriguez

    can't stop listening to this.

    Norman L.

    why would one stop. makes no sense!

  22. Jesse Hildebrand

    This is one of the only bands I can repeatedly listen to all of their songs for years and not get sick of them the slightest.

  23. Blake Miller

    alot better than the release... its still great but the drops and grinding is so much more savage

  24. James White

    You wish you had not begun this endeavour

  25. Shiver

    i can see a jazz cove rof this.

  26. Electric Wolf

    DGD + Periphery

  27. Stu Dunn

    :((( So much better than the rerelease. Come back Jordan Valeriote.

    Joseph Lauletta

    +Stu Dunn this.

  28. John Olsen


    Taylor Alexander

    @John Olsen It's just standard tuning on a 7 string he uses in all of The Afterimage songs.
    A E A D G B E

    Kawaii Imouto

    @Taylor Alexander That's not standard 7 string tuning. That's drop A. Standard is a B on the 7th.

  29. AGFuzzyPancake

    I am satisfied.

  30. aphotophobic5

    This shit is good, love the cleans

  31. Swansen03

    Dance Gavin Dance should cover this.

    Blake Miller

    +Swansen03 afterimage should cover dgd :p


    +Blake Miller lol

    Joe Tanzi

    they wish this is afterimage buddy

  32. kelly love

    I love this shit. wish they knew how to write different chorus' though. this is the exact same as the seeking.

    Keegs Verme

    Well, it wasn't used as a chorus this time. They put the lyrics from The Seeking in the bridge because the songs are related. Like a 2 part thing. I think it works beautifully.

  33. foxxrider250r

    why does my volume keep going up..?

  34. Swansen03

    fucking mindless people always comparing and contrasting everything. sounds like this, no sounds like this, no sounds like this, no, its this...... ??? maybe they have their own sound? stop bitching about the cleans, open your damn mind.


    @Swansen03 bruh, the intro sounds like Dance Gavin Dance. You'd have to be deaf to not hear the DGD influence.


    @***** dude peep my guitar vid and tell me about music theory. You'd probably choke on your words. 

    By your logic, all music sounds the same because it abides by some form of theory or standardization (standard pitch for example)

    You're speaking in platitudes at that point. Get it through your head that this proggy/post rock intro is something you'd most commonly associate with DGD and their predecessors. If it was cacophony, you'd be hearing a myriad of Melodic Minor/jJapanese scales. Oh wait, there are none there, nice one genius.


    @***** I honestly can't take you seriously when the content you have is a bunch of minimalistic attempts at electronic music. How about actually playing something, instead of letting a computer copy and paste a bunch of repetitive samples for you?


    @***** You're. Fucking moron.


    @***** Bruh, your music sucks. GG

  35. J. Pehrson

    3:49 O.o

  36. ROINT

    If Chon, Erra and Tony Danza had a baby, this would be it.


    That intro riff sounds like something straight off of a Chon track.

    Soy Sauce

    @Swagu-Senpai, Yo It's just the chords.

  37. Jonathan Bédard

    Fake drums or not? I'm not quite sure


    @Jonathan Bédard real drums

  38. Mark Sciubba


  39. Budd Dwyer

    Man...some clean vocals are okay, but these are just killing the song. Sad day.

  40. Alex Walinga

    i thought i clicked on a dance gavin dance song.....

  41. CashmereFire

    Been jamming this for a long time now and its still fresh as fuck

    Glad to see its at over 100k views!

  42. Connor Hollingsworth

    I'm bias, clean vocals irritate the shit out of me. It's disappointing to discover that The Afterimagine incorporated them into their music. Other than that, I have much respect for them.

    Anthony Vitera

    They've had them for quite awhile o.O, In almost all of their songs. 
    This is just one of the first songs to be MOSTLY cleans.


    @Anthony Vitera Never listened to their EP?


    You got your shit mixed up, bro. The Afterimagine videos are that way -->
    You're on a The Afterimage video.

  43. Drew Andrews

    Half-Life 3 Confirmed..

  44. waren davis

    Wow they switched up im not hating it though..

    Preston Baez

    usually i would hate on cleans like this, but its just too good.

  45. Ollie Todd

    This town needs guns meets the fall of troy meets monuments

    jay hundley

    Ehhhhh someone else who knows about this town needs guns

    Mangus Steed

    @jay hundley You mean everyone..?

    jay hundley

    @MrAlistairGrout dude no one where I live knows who they are, or moving mountains for that matter... Didn't think too many other ppl j ew about them either

  46. Benny Castillo Moreno my small fish tank

    These band are great

  47. CloudCosmonaut

    I dunno what you peeps are talking about?
    Sounds like The Afterimage to me. :D


    @CloudCosmonaut yep, exactly what i'm saying

  48. Patrick Brokaw

    its like Ambidjent meets metalcore.

  49. dank grill

    At first I didn't hear the DGD in this band. Then I heard that intro and it's permanently imprinted in my mind. I love DGD and I love The Afterimage. Fuck yeah.

  50. Nibbly Nobbler

    Jesus wouldn't approve of this. I'll pray for all of you that you may have everlasting love in his arms. God bless.

    Erick Gutierrez

    Get outta here dickwad


    Hail Satan!

    Anthony Vitera

    Wait, you're obviously a troll, but i'm curious, what is the logic behind this though? Even if it's an ironic thought, i can't follow it.
    Just cause it has screaming? Cause thats weird. Lol

    Marcus J.

    @Anthony Vitera What he said.

    1 Corinthians 1:18

    Anyone is allowed to worship in their own way.

  51. Logical FilmsPR

    the screams are inecesary in this band!! the rest is nice

  52. Alex

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is better than their EP.

  53. NarukeSG

    Djent Gavin Djent

    Ollie Todd

    fuck dgd was all about tfot


    lmfao i was just thinking of dgd too


    @ollie todd it's like tfot but without the craziness. 

    Mangus Steed

    @CHUN BUNS Lol, there's literally no point in ripping on DGD, they're both good bands.

  54. Christopher Thomas

    Reminds me of the singer from "The Messenger."

  55. Paul Strong

    Wait til you hear their new stuff!! Sooo sick

  56. DedLordSoth

    Hmm, was a little iffy at first, but liking this band more and more. The clean vocals aren't my favorite style, but they are definitely talent. Some songs I feel they fit more than others, such as this one. But ya, this band is growing on me more and more.

  57. Nolan Davis

    Metalcore in its truest form. Amazing


    Not really it's 'true' form but that's why it's great.

    Josh H

    Progressive Metalcore in its truest form, I'd say. But that's kind of an oxymoron, considering the whole progressive thing is supposed to mean "progressing and changing as a genre". Haha.

  58. Tommy Wertz

    Dance Gavin Dance meets Danza, fucks, and gets adopted by Erra. This is fucking beautiful :-D 


    @jrroelle FoT was masturbating in the closet while watching.

    Nothing No-one

    I just saw you post a similar comment on another video.

    Andromeda is Coming

    @Ben Lindblom maybe he really wants it to be noticed lol

    raven borsh

    @Tommy W. add some periphery with the technicality


    Replace DGD with Chon and this is pretty dead on.

  59. Luu Abbruzzese

    Amazing <3

  60. Johnny Lumaad

    so love the searching searching from the song the seeking ! so love that song being added into these song so epic! 

  61. J.M. L.

    currently buying the album after just a quick listen

  62. Seize The Moment Official

    Reminds us of both structures and dance gavin dance! Keep this up boys, ultra groovy! 

  63. Autumn Severed

    Your influences could be One Direction for all I fucking care, you guys sound amazing xD

  64. Erik Cole

    although the clean vocals in the second part of the song are amazing

  65. Erik Cole

    Awesomeee, I'd like to hear a bit less of the clean vocals or at least in more combination with screaming. Personal taste I guess but i still can't stop listening!

  66. Deylan Engel

    Fuggg yes

  67. Jay Melvin

    The dissonant riff at 3:32 is just the biggest piece if shit ever but it's perfect I love it


    Mmmm.... Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza!!!


    @CRXSi86 I wish DANZA would go on tour with the AFTERIMAGE

    Garrett Brown

    @hardcoremofonigg Didn't TTDTE break up though?

  68. meatw4d

    Its like tony danza and dance gavin dance had some fucked up baby thay was really smart but ugly af

  69. lil_eidos

    Sounds a lot like Dance Gavin Dance during the "Happiness" album

  70. Эскендер Григорович

    @cdm100488 your English is just...stop talking shit.

  71. AsmoDecoLouS de Inferno

    good boy.

  72. Darryl Williams Jr.

    New fall of troy album?

    Neil Howard

    This is Fall of Troy on muscle relaxers.  FOT is back together btw

    Darryl Williams Jr.

    Whaaaat?!!? @Neil Howard hope they come out witsome new shit the doppelganger and ghostship albums are getting kinda stale oldies but Goldies though

    Neil Howard

    They are currently working on a new album last I heard.  May want to double check me on the facts though, but I do know they are back together.  And yeah man those are goods by them for sure!

  73. daniel fishkind

    that chorus was in two of their songs... why?

    Jordan Taylor

    I'm guessing this release is a concept oriented release so that all of these songs share a lyrical theme

    Benjamin Camden

    The songs are connected. The verses are similar lyrically, too.

    ZIon Anderson

    cause its epic and meaningful. !oh my breakdown! (sorry listening as i write obviously)

  74. Eduardo Sanchez

    Hands down just found a new favorite band worth spreading the word on! :D

  75. Justin DeMurias

    does anyone know who is doing the clean vox?, I've watch a few live videos and there is no singing, just the screamer, is it the same dude doing both?

    Dallas Bricker

    Yes sir!

    ZIon Anderson

    yeh man

    Fred Jonsson

    Yes indeed, Kyle is a fucking beast at vocals! 

  76. EggInYourBeer

    Went in a totally different direction than before guys. You pull it off very well. It has aspects of bands that other people have mentioned but still is distinguishable from them.

  77. kyle heim

    Especialy when it gets all dance gavin dancy at the end for a sec

  78. kyle heim

    Dance gavin dance was definitley thought of when I herd this dudes voice lol

  79. DAW2ON

    At first I was like "YES!", but then the cleans came in... >:(

  80. xIrrelevantlyx

    i would rather compare this to Lower Definition with a more aggressive take which is fucking awesome.

  81. jDKg1337

    You guys are everything a band is supposed to be. This is amazing.

  82. shark puppets cousin

    Im glad im not the only one whos sees the fall of troy influence but did anyone pick up on the a black rose burial influence?

  83. Mike D

    that's so cliche' of you to say.

  84. cBrutalBreew 614

    I did too, mixed with Animals as Leaders...this is sick!!!!

  85. Branden Franklin

    This band has so much potential! They're ridiculously good!

  86. Jake Bricker

    I think it is mostly just that opening intro riff. It sounds very DGD inspired but with a heavier take on it.. and it's fucking amazing.

  87. Billie Helton

    Why does everyone compare this to Dance Gavin Dance? I can kind of see it, but not as much as everyone else is saying. They are both good bands with their individual talents.

    Erik McCormick Comedy

    Its because of that blue swan guitar riffs. Sounds like will swan in more than one way... Also the set up of the song is 100% dgd blue print

  88. Christopher Thomas

    I thought of The Messenger the whole time! Same singer?

  89. NSMedia


  90. jon hemmen

    totally thought of dance gavin dance

  91. Ryan Ryno


  92. Payden Keen

    If jimi Hendrix could have a baby with Misha mansoor and toxin abasi, that would make me believe in jesus.

  93. Payden Keen

    Yeah this does give me a incubus vibe with volume, pretty oddly similar.

  94. Aurora Vargas


  95. afterstars

    Is there any connection with this band and Fall of Troy? Sounds like a heavier version.

  96. David Becht

    nope. haha. this track is a perfect blend of brutality, beauty, and musicianship.